Best Baby Carrier for Twins

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby carrier for twins is, I’d recommend the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier.

Whenever you go anywhere with twins, you need a good way to transport them. A twin stroller is a great option in some cases. But, if you’re going to be climbing lot of stairs, or going in and out, a stroller might not be ideal. In those cases, a baby carrier might just be a life saver.

In this article, I am breaking down the best baby carriers for twins, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the twin baby carriers I will be reviewing:

Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Carrier For Twins

There are tons and tons of different baby carriers out there. However, when you’re shopping for a baby carrier for twins, your options are a bit more limited. That said, there are still good options and bad ones. So, here are the things you should look for when making a choice.

How Easy Is It To Put On?

Putting on a baby carrier with twins is quite a bit more challenging than putting one on with one baby. So, this is something you will want to consider when making your choice.

Some of these are easier to put on than others. In fact, some are quite difficult to put on without assistance. One of the key things to look for is the location of any buckles since the ones in the back can be hard to snap on your own. It’s also good to consider how you will get the baby into the back if you’re looking at a carrier that has one child in front and one in back.

What Does The Fabric Feel Like?

Since you’re going to be walking around with precious cargo, it’s worth considering what the fabric will feel like. Naturally, soft fabric is going to feel the best.

Is It Adjustable?

Some carriers are adjustable and others must be ordered in the proper size. Personally, I like the adjustable ones better since they can be made to fit you or your spouse. These are also nice in case your weight changes over time after your little ones arrive.

Does Is Have Pockets Or Storage Space?

Since you’re already carrying twins around, it can be nice to minimize the number of other things that you need to take with you. Some carriers have built in pockets and others have built in diaper bags. If you’re carrier can save you from having to take a diaper bag with you when you go out, it’s a big plus. That said, if you’re heading out for a long time, you’ll probably still need to take a diaper bag since it’s hard to travel light with twins.

What Type Of Carrier Do You Want?

When you’re looking for a baby carrier for twins, you generally have two options. You can go with a wrap, which is basically a long piece of stretchy fabric that wraps around your body and holds your little ones. Or you can go with a structured carrier, which has buckles and straps.

My Top Baby Carriers Reviews For Twins

While there are lots and lots of great baby carriers on the market, there is a relatively small number of options for twins. I have taken a hard look at the options available, and narrowed it down to my fop 5. I’ve also picked my favorite.

TwinGo Original Baby Carrier

The TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is well designed and well made. In fact, it’s my favorite baby carrier for twins.

One parent can wear this carrier and carry both twins. Or, you can separate it into two separate carriers so that mom can carry one and dad can carry the other. As your little ones grow a little older and a little heavier, you’ll appreciate having the flexibility to lighten the load by having each parent carry one.

It’s adjustable, so it should fit both mom and dad well. This is a good thing to look for since some carriers are adjustable, and other come in different sizes.

There are extra large pockets that are big enough to hold diapers, phones wipes, keys and other small items. For some outings, you won’t even need to take a diaper bag. This is a big plus since you’re already carrying two babies around.

It comes with a sleep hood for head support and protection from the sun. So, your little ones will be comfortable and well protected in the early days when they can’t wear sunblock.

The biggest drawback with this one is that it’s on the expensive end of the range. Another more minor issue is that your little ones will need to face toward you. So, you won’t have the option to have them face out. While this extra versatility would be nice, it isn’t really a big deal.


  • Adjustable to fit different size parents
  • Can wear both twins in the same carrier, or separate so each parent can carry one
  • Extra large pockets for diapers, wipes, keys, and mobile phone
  • Sleep hood to support head and provide protection from the sun


  • On the expensive end of the range
  • Babies must face toward parent

Twingaroo Twin Carrier

The Twingaroo Twin Carrier has a couple of outstanding features, but it also has some fairly significant drawbacks.

The best thing about this carrier is that is actually has a built in diaper bag with two insulated bottle holders. This is huge, since it really can replace your diaper bag in some cases. It also has an extra pocket for your keys, cell phone, and other small items.

The shoulder straps are well padded. So, even as your twins grow, you’ll still be comfortable carrying them.

This one is adjustable, so in theory it should work for parents of different sizes. However, a fair number of parents have had trouble getting it to fit right.

It’s also a bit complicated to put this one on and get your twins into it. So, it will definitely take a little time to get used to it. To make matters worse, the instructions that it comes with leave something to be desired.


  • Built in diaper bag in back with two insulated bottle holders
  • Extra pocket for keys and cell phone
  • Lots of padding on shoulder straps


  • Some parents have a tough time getting it to fit even though it’s adjustable
  • Complicated to use, and instructions aren’t great

Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier

The Malishastik Twin Baby Carrier is a reasonably priced option, and a good value.

With this carrier, you can carry one twin on each side, instead of having one in back and one in front. That can be nice, since it lets you keep a close eye on both of them.

It’s adjustable to fit parents of different sizes. This is pretty important since there is a good chance that you and your spouse will want to take turns carrying the twins. After all, carrying two little ones around does get tiring after a while.

It’s ergonomically designed so that you and your babies will be comfortable.

Keeping this one clean is a breeze since it’s machine washable. With all of the messes that babies make, this will save you a ton of time.

On the downside, it takes some time to put this one on, even after you get used to it.

Another issue is that it doesn’t provide any head support. So, your little ones need to be 4 – 5 months old before you can start using it.


  • Lets you carry one twin on each side
  • Machine washable
  • Ergonomically designed so you and your babies are comfortable
  • Adjustable to fit different size parents
  • Reasonably priced


  • Takes some time to put on
  • No head support, so infants need to be 4 – 5 months old to use

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

The Boba Bay Wrap Carrier is a wrap style carrier (as the name would suggest) that works quite well for twins.

Like all wrap carriers, you will need to get the hang of wrapping it on. With a little practice it’s actually pretty easy, though it does still take some time to put on.

It has very soft fabric, so your twins will be comfortable. It’s also machine washable, so keeping it clean is no problem. That’s a pretty nice feature since babies have such a knack for making a mess.

The fabric is a little on the thick side. That can be nice in cool weather to help keep your little ones warm, but it can also get a little hot in the summer.

One bonus with this wrap is that it can be used as a nursing cover as well. That way, you can breastfeed comfortably and discreetly.

All in all, this is a very affordable option that can work quite well for twins.


  • Affordably priced
  • Machine washable
  • Soft fabric
  • Great for breastfeeding discreetly and comfortably


  • Need to learn to wrap this one
  • Fabric is thick so it can get a bit warm
  • Takes some time to put on and take off

TwinGo Air

The TwinGo Air is a great carrier for hot weather or cool weather.

It has a ventilated seat that provides great airflow and keeps your little ones cool when it’s hot out. When the weather cools off, you can simply zip up the cotton panel to help keep them warm.

This carrier can be worn by one parent to carry two twins. Or, you can separate it into to carriers so that each parent can carry one. Sharing the load can make a lot of sense as your little ones grow.

It’s adjustable, so both parents should be comfortable wearing it.

There is a small pocket on the waist band. So, you have a place for your phone and keys. It’s not so much space that it’s going to replace your diaper bag, but it’s nice to have in case your clothes don’t have pockets.

There is a cotton sleep hood for head support and protection from the sun. So, you’re little ones will be comfortable taking a rest, even when it’s sunny out.

The biggest issue with this one is that it’s priced at the high end of the range. On a more minor note, babies must face inward with this one. But again, that’s not too big  a deal.


  • Has a ventilated seat for warm weather and a zip up cotton panel for cool weather
  • Adjustable for different parent sizes
  • Cotton sleep hood for head support and shade from the sun
  • Small pocket on waist band for phone, keys, and other small items
  • Can carry both twins in the carrier or separate into two separate carriers


  • On the expensive end of the range
  • Babies must face toward parent

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the TwinGo Original Baby Carrier is the best baby carrier for twins. Having said that, if you prefer the wrap style, want something more affordable, or want something that it great in hot weather, there are certainly other good options. At the end of the day, I think any one of the choices included in this post would be a good one.

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