Best Bottles For Gassy Babies

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the best bottles for gassy babies, I’d recommend the MAM Anti Colic Bottle.

As parents, we all know how overwhelming it can be when an infant has episodes of intense crying and is difficult to soothe. With bottle-fed babies, this could be caused by gas bubbles forming in the baby’s still-maturing digestive tract—leading to discomfort.

One option to avoid this irritation is to feed your baby with an anti-colic bottle. Not all bottles will reduce colic in all babies, so it might turn into a process of trial and error when choosing your preferred one.

In this article, I review the best bottles for gassy babies available and explain what you need to look out for when shopping.

Here are the bottles for gassy babies that I will be reviewing:

What To Consider When Choosing Bottles For Gassy Babies

As a two-time baby-feeding mom, I have a fair share of experience to lead on some of my personal recommendations.

First of all, it’s essential to understand and recognize the symptoms of colic. If you think your baby suffers from this, visit a doctor first.

Most of the things to take into account are the same ones as when choosing any other baby bottle. However, there are some specifics to think about when you’re shopping for bottles for gassy babies.


The goal of bottles for gassy babies is to keep as much air as possible out of the bottle and the infant’s milk. The result is less of it being swallowed by the baby and leading to its digestive system. 

There are different types of bottles for gassy babies on the market:

  • Air vents in the bottom of the bottle
  • Air vents in the bottle itself, connected to the bottle’s nipple
  • Internal vent systems
  • Adapted nipples with one or more vents in the teat itself

All of these systems lead the air out of the milk and most bottles use one or more of them. Sometimes, the anti-colic vent can be removed and this lets you use the bottle without it as well.

With all these different types, it’s hard to make your choice. The question is, which one has more benefits? A study compared an air valve in the bottle with an internal venting system but didn’t find any significant differences concerning colic. Therefore, as long as the bottle features one or more of the above methods, it should be good to prevent gas.


You’ve probably set a budget for when your little one arrives. Only, the amount you plan to spend mostly isn’t equal to the amount you actually spend. Adding anti-colic bottles to your shopping list will take a more significant chunk out of your budget compared to “regular bottles”. 

Some great advice I was given is to consider loss of the bottle and to anticipate your child going to daycare. So, buy some doubles. Imagine the pity of not having a spare one once you’ve found the bottle that your infant prefers.

One way to save costs is to buy a bigger bottle from the start. You’re not obliged to fill it up entirely anyway.


When picking out a bottle for gassy babies, keep in mind that no matter how much you might like the design, it’s your little one that will make the final decision. For my youngest one, I bought a whole series of one brand from newborn to toddler and in the end, she never drank out of even one of them. 

It’s often a process of trial and error to find the perfect bottle and babies can even change their preference over time.


As you’ll undoubtedly agree, a new parent’s comfort is important. There is a drawback with bottles for gassy babies: They often consist of several small parts and this creates more work while cleaning them. Choosing one that is easy to take apart and reassemble will save you precious time.


Avoid rushing to the nearest Walmart to get supplies once the baby has arrived. Otherwise, you might overspend in your hurry or urgent need. It’s best to purchase a selection of bottles in advance.

Try to buy a bottle which will probably not be taken off the market soon and buy somewhere you have easy access to. After finally having found a bottle for my little boy, one broke and another one got lost. I wanted to restock (and fast!) but couldn’t find it in any supermarket. I finally found it in a small online shop, but it cost me a lot of time and stress.

All of this might seem like a lot to think about. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that for the comfort of your baby, it’s worth it.

My Reviews Of The Top Bottles For Gassy Babies

I have reviewed my top bottles for gassy babies below and picked my favorite. I believe all of them are a great option but your final pick depends on your requirements and budget.

MAM Anti Colic Bottle

These reasonably priced bottles for gassy babies can be purchased in a few different colors. What stands out even more is the cute and cheerful design which also comes in different varieties.

In the MAM Anti Colic bottle, the air vent system is to be found in the bottom of the bottle, making the air move out while your baby is drinking.

This vented base unscrews so cleaning can also be done from the bottom side, this is a big help considering it consists of six different parts. And as you might already know, the more pieces, the more time you’ll need to wash.

What’s unique to this bottle is the nipple. MAM has a patent on the “silky surface” and it’s also slightly flattened. A good option for parents whose baby has rejected all other bottles that come with regular nipples.

The assembly of all six parts is the biggest downside. Pay special attention to the base. It’s advised to make sure it’s screwed on tight to avoid milk leaking out from it.


  • The air vent-bottom comes off
  • Special nipple
  • Nice design
  • Affordable


  • Six parts to clean and put together
  • Base needs to be tightened to avoid leakage

Dr. Brown’s Options + Wide-Neck Bottle

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow bottle doesn’t only have a stylish design but is also available in different colors.

This bottle for gassy babies has a wide neck, which makes the prepping so much easier and faster. For new parents, that’s most probably a considerable advantage during drowsy night preparations.

The hourglass shape makes it comfortable for you to hold while feeding your little one. Even if you were to drop the Dr. Brown’s Options bottle, it’s plastic and shatterproof so it should be unbreakable.

Inside the bottle, you’ll find the anti-colic vent system designed to keep the air flowing to the bottom. This will not only decrease gas but also preserve the vitamins in the milk. 

What I like about this bottle is that the vent system also can be taken out. So in case your baby’s feeding needs would change, you’d still be able to use the same bottle.

A downside of the vent system is that it’s often the cause of the bottle leaking. Once milk gets inside this vent, it seems to drip out faster. What might help is to make sure not to overheat the bottle. Also, try stirring the formula with a spoon instead of shaking it.

Secondly, you’ll have to plan in some extra time when it comes to cleaning the bottle. The wide neck does make it possible to get inside, but the bottle still consists of several separate pieces.


  • Wide neck facilitates adding formula and cleaning inside
  • Shape makes it easy to hold
  • Shatterproof
  • Anti-colic vent system can be removed


  • Leakage is possible
  • Takes time to clean

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle

The Playtex Baby Ventaire bottle is an affordable option that has a different look than other bottles for gassy babies.

It’s angled, which makes it possible to feed your infant in a more upright position. The most significant advantage is that this doesn’t only help with colic but also with reflux. Research has even shown that it also results in fewer ear infections. 

A nice extra is that this difference in angle also makes a comfortable change for your wrist when holding the bottle while feeding. No need to worry, even with its unusual shape, the bottle can fit in most standard bottle warmers.

It’s not just the angle that could help your gassy baby, but the Playtex Baby Ventaire bottle also comes with a venting system that is built in the bottom. 

As this bottle consists of six pieces, it’s helpful that this bottom part comes off. This will make the cleaning easier in spite of the bent shape and the number of components. A drawback, as with many bottles, is leakage so make sure to tighten the bottom securely.


  • Angled for upright feeding
  • Shape makes it easy to hold
  • Priced on the affordable end of the range


  • Leakage through the bottom
  • Six separate pieces

Comotomo Baby Bottle

The Comotomo Baby Bottle’s biggest advantage is that the whole thing—base and nipple—are made of squeezable silicone. This feature gives your baby a breast-like feel. Babies tend to reject the bottle much less than standard bottles because of this.

Comotomo bottles for gassy babies are equipped with an ultra-wide neck so you can quickly prep them, even with a sobbing and hungry infant on your arm. The neck and the flexible material also reduce the time you’ll spend cleaning this bottle.

I tend to be quite clumsy. Add some new-parent-sleep-deprivation to the equation and it gets worse. I bump into the table or accidentally brush against a bottle very often, causing it to fall over. This bottle’s round shape often makes it roll faster and harder so in my case, it ends up on the floor more often than regular shaped bottles. 

When considering buying this bottle for gassy babies, keep in mind that the broader shape makes it a tighter fit when using a diaper bag. Especially one with pockets designed for standard bottles. If you’ve already bought such a bag it might be a good idea to take it shopping with you so you can put it to the test. 

The same complication might occur with standard bottle warmers. It might occur that the bottle doesn’t easily fit in all of them. Its trendy style and different materials come at a price.


  • Ultra wide neck makes adding formula and cleaning inside easier
  • Breast-like soft and squeezable body
  • Less rejection
  • Stylish


  • Tight fit in standard diaper bags and bottle warmers
  • Rolls easily when falling on its side

Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle With Air Free Vent

The Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle is an excellent option in the range of bottles for gassy babies because it uses two separate techniques to try to reduce colic. The air-free vent—flexing while your little one is feeding and that way pushing the air to the end of the bottle—is combined with a nipple that will fill up entirely with milk, and therefore without air.

The bottle only consists of four pieces so you can imagine the time you will save when cleaning and how easy this one is to use. As your baby progresses, you can even use the bottle without the vent instead of having to buy a whole new set.

One downside is that even the included nipple for newborns has a fast flow for some babies. This way, infants often get too much air, not from the milk but from having to drink too fast. Connected with that is the other disadvantage of the milk possibly leaking.


  • Complete nipple fills while feeding
  • Less pieces
  • Can be used without vent


  • Overflow and leaking due to filling nipple

Tinukim Handless Anti-Colic Bottles

This was one of my favorite bottles to alleviate gas in my children. I can’t tell you how cool and convenient this unique design is. You just have to try it yourself. You really can go hands-free with feeding and trust that your child won’t choke or swallow too much air.

You get safe and controlled feeding all the time while getting back your freedom. Your child can eat in the stroller, car, high chair, or anywhere else without you having to hold the bottle for them. As an added bonus, they don’t have to hold it themselves either!

The nipples are attached to a long, soft tube that gets submerged in the bottle full of milk, much like a straw. Because it’s flexible, you can place the bottle in your child’s lap or on their tray table while the nipple is in their mouth, and the tube acts like a straw to get the milk to their mouth.

The nipples are soft enough to encourage latching and with leak-free technology, the bottles will keep air out and reduce air build up. The other really great thing is that your child can literally be in any position to use this bottle, because of the straw. They don’t have to be lying down.

The caps make traveling easy and promote motor skills so your child can learn to hold bottles on their own. The benefit to your child playing with this bottle is that even if they drop it, it’s unlikely they’ll lose their milk flow, which we all know results in crying.

The unique design allows you to use them with the straw or like a traditional bottle. They’re versatile and safe to use. They’re lead free, BPA free, and PVC free. They’re also freezer safe, microwave safe, and you can boil them in water on the stove.


  • Hands-free design
  • Promotes learning and dexterity
  • Freedom of feeding position
  • PVC free, BPA free, and lead free
  • Microwave safe, freezer safe, and boil safe
  • Can be used with or without straw


  • Small capacity
  • Tubes can be hard to clean

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

This bottle design is low flow, which helps reduce the amount of air that comes through the nipple, especially for very young babies. Because swallowing is one of the leading causes of tummy trouble, gas, and colic, reducing the speed at which they drink can really help.

Bottle feeding often leads to guzzling, which makes the problem worse, so Tommee Tippee designed these to mimic slow eating from a breast. It comes standard with a slower flowing nipple to keep your baby from eating too fast.

Not only do they have a low flow, but these Stage 1 nipples have a valve that releases pressure from air buildup within the bottle, which can also cause your baby to swallow air while eating.

One of my favorite things about all Tommee Tippee nipples (not just the slow flow option) is the wide base that also mimics the shape of a breast. It reduces the chance that your baby will swallow air or develop a shallow latch.

The tip is made of silicone and it flexes naturally to mimic a natural breastfeeding experience even further. The volume markings help you measure what your baby is eating to avoid overfeeding, which can also cause gas and belly pain.

A wide belly shape makes these bottles a breeze to clean. They don’t get gunky in the corner like so many other designs, which I also love. You can also be a lot closer to your baby when feeding because a wider body means a shorter stature.

It’s the next best thing to your breast, if that’s what you’re looking for, so it’s a great option for anyone who’s exclusively pumping, feeding with formula, or who wants to switch back and forth but also wants to avoid nipple confusion.

It’s a really comforting experience for your baby and promotes excellent bonding. I can’t say enough great things about Tommee Tippee bottles. However, just be aware that if you don’t get the lid on just right, they do leak. Sanitizing in boiling water can help to reactivate the seal and fix this problem.


  • Best at mimicking the breast
  • Wide base makes them easy to clean
  • Slow flow and special valve prevent swallowing air
  • Wide nipple creates excellent latch
  • Clear markings help with accurate feeding
  • Simple design with very few pieces


  • Not safe for the dishwasher
  • Nipples that are too slow can cause more gas
  • Lids can leak

Munchkin Latch Bottles and Transition Cup

Your baby won’t be using a bottle forever, but that doesn’t mean your baby won’t still struggle with gas as they’re transitioning to a sippy cup. It might be time for you to find a cup they can use that will allow them to wean off of the bottle while still taking in a limited amount of air.

The Munchkin Latch bottle and transition cup is great for older babies because it will grow with your child and can ease the transition to using a cup. While most babies eventually grow out of gas or colic, it can take others some time.

These cups still have anti-colic valves that can help your child learn how to use a regular cup without taking in too much air as they sip. They make high-quality baby bottles and sippy cups that can help prevent gas at all stages.

These nipples stretch and move for a natural feeding experience. They allow your child to latch properly and feed well. The benefit here is that if you’ve been using Munchkin Latch bottles all along, your child will transition to the cup well without any trouble.

The detachable handle is easy for little hands to grab but it has the same anti-colic mechanism at the base to prevent air buildup in the cup.

Your little one can learn to master their own feeding technique and drink from a cup without gulping or taking in too much air that will hurt their tummy later. With some experimentation, you may also find that the handle can also work on a variety of other bottles and cups.

However, sometimes this transition cup can be too slow and frustrating for some toddlers because they have learned to drink much faster. On the other hand, the nipple is quite large and may be too big for some children’s mouths.


  • Forgiving and flexible nipple
  • Sturdy lid and portable design
  • Wide range of compatible nipples for different ages and drinking stages
  • Trainer cup is removable
  • Handle may fit other bottles and cups
  • Handle is ergonomic to promote good holding


  • Transition nipple is large
  • Flow is too slow for some children

Nuk Simply Natural Bottles

Much like the Tommee Tippee bottles, these bottles feature a simple design that helps you get closer to your baby while feeding. They’re short and squat, although they do come in a larger size as well.

It’s made of a hard, durable plastic called Tritan that’s BPA and BPS free. It doesn’t contain any other chemicals or hormone disruptors either. They’re all natural. They also have large, soft nipples that mimic the shape of a breast.

The slow flow nipples have several holes that are also meant to mimic the flow of milk through a breast. The flexibility of the nipple helps encourage good latching so your child doesn’t swallow as much air.

The quick, comfortable latch and the shape and flow similar to a natural breast all work together to promote easy feeding, which prevents gas and tummy trouble. It’s also much easier to switch between breast and bottle.

The wide mouth of these bottles make milk prep and cleaning up after feeding much easier. The simple design with very few parts makes your life as a busy mom a lot less complicated, too.

The volume markers on the side are easy to read and the wide base makes it harder to tip over, which means much less heartache over spilt milk.

There are three different nipple flow rates, and each has multiple holes, to allow your baby to adapt to a growing appetite, all while transitioning easily from breast to bottle whenever you feel comfortable.

While there is an anti-colic vent that allows air to escape, it has to be placed upward, under your baby’s nose, or it won’t work properly. This can be a little more difficult when you’re feeding late at night in the dark.

You also need to ensure that you line up the nipple with the small circle underneath the travel lid so you don’t encounter any spills.

Other than that, the entire bottle is easy to clean. You can even leave them in the sink to soak overnight while you head off to bed, and they’ll be good as new in the morning.


  • Natural shape encourages good latch
  • Multiple nipple holes for natural flow
  • Chemical and hormone free
  • Wide mouth for easy pouring and wide base for less spilling
  • Easy to read volume markers
  • Easy to clean


  • Anti-colic vent must face upward to work
  • Nipple must line up with travel lid to prevent spills

Nanobebe Bottles

The truly remarkable thing about these bottles is that, not only do they mimic the breast to reduce gas, but they spread the milk into a thin layer that makes it easier to store and easier to warm up without damaging the nutrients.

The best thing about breastfeeding is the nutrients that you’re providing your baby. But warming your breastmilk up too quickly or too much can zap the nutrients right out of it.

However, with these bottles, the milk is distributed throughout the bottle in just the right amount that it will heat up faster and more evenly, so you can protect the nutrients and get them to your baby faster, and with less fuss.

Nanobebe bottles go beyond resembling the breast in just the nipple, though. They resemble the entire shape of the breast throughout the bottle. It’s a rounded cone shaped bottle that looks much like an extension of the nipple. There’s no elongated bottle on the end.

If you’re switching back and forth from breast to bottle, this really is the best bottle for your breast milk because it will cool down and warm up faster than a standard bottle, preserving the nutrients.

Because the milk cools down to the appropriate storage temperature two times faster than in a normal bottle, it stays good much longer. When it’s time to feed, it warms up much faster, so you reduce the risk of overheating and your child will be fed much sooner.

You can pump directly into the bottle with a pump adapter, making it an all-in-one feeding system. Just pump, store, warm, and feed, all from the same bottle.

These bottles are also stackable, so they take up way less room in your refrigerator or cabinet. An anti-slip silicone bottom keeps them from tipping over and the storage cap will keep them from spilling.

The advanced nipple venting system reduces gas and can keep your baby from swallowing air. The nipple has a non-collapsible design and a slow flow teat to prevent guzzling, but you can upgrade to a faster flow as needed.


  • Mimics shape of breast for better transition
  • Milk cools and warms much more quickly to preserve nutrients
  • Pump adapter turns bottles into an all-in-one feeding system
  • Comes in 5 flow rates from preemie to Y
  • Anti-slip silicone and storage cap
  • Stackable


  • Pricey
  • Limited capacity

Final Thoughts

With baby bottles, personal preference plays a big role. Not only yours but even more your baby’s will play a significant role in your decision. My favorite of the reviewed bottles for gassy babies is the MAM Anti Colic Bottle.

It’s well designed, not too pricey and has a unique nipple. However, there are a lot of other strong products on the market so think about which features are essential to you when you choose your own bottle for gassy babies.

By the way, if you want to know how to keep these bottles clear, check out these baby bottle soap reviews.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.