Best Train Table for Kids

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best train table for kids is, I’d recommend the KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table.

If there’s one toy that’s sure to keep your kids busy for hours, it’s a train table. But there are so many different train tables available, and the prices range from affordable to shocking. To make sure you get your money’s worth, we’ve considered which product is the best train table for kids. You can find a train table that provides years of entertainment for your family.

Here are the Train Table for Kids I will be reviewing:

Everything You Need to Know About Train Tables

You’re probably eager to get your kids started with their first train table. But before you make a purchase, there are a few things you should know. 

The Benefits of Using a Train Table for Kids

A kids train table is one of the most useful toys you could have. While some toys are purely for fun, a train table is also an educational tool. Before using the trains, kids need to figure out how to layout their tracks. There are only so many configurations for the tracks and the other features. To properly set up the table, children need to use problem-solving skills. More importantly, your kids won’t realize that their new toy is an educational toy. 

While the little ones put together their train tracks, they improve their fine motor skills. Long after the set is together, they’ll continue to use those skills as they push trains along the track. At first, your kids might need some help. But it’s only a matter of time before you can sit back and sip your coffee as your kids enjoy their new toy. 

There’s also the issue of creativity. These days, so many toys don’t leave room for creativity. With a train table for kids, the main focus is imagination. Your children create a new world and can fill it with whatever they want. As their collection expands, your kids can continue to create their world. 

As a final benefit, a train table encourages teamwork. While it’s perfectly acceptable for a kid to play with a train table on their own, it’s a fun group activity. If you have multiple kids, they all can join in on the fun. And no one is ever too old for a train table, so your older kids can enjoy the toy. 

Features of the Best Train Tables

If you do a quick search for train tables, you might be overwhelmed by the options. There are many tables available, and each one has unique features. Before you buy a table, it’s crucial to understand those features and evaluate your options. 

Perhaps the most important feature is durability. Let’s be honest. No six year old is easy on their toys. Despite the emphasis you place on taking care of their toys, your kids won’t be easy on them. You need a train table that’s built to last, or you may need to replace it after only a few months of use. 

Another feature is the height. If you’re buying a train table, you should know that the audience age varies. While some tables are meant for toddlers, others are for teens. The broad range age means the tables are available in a variety of sizes. Buying the wrong size could mean your kid needs to hunch over, or needs a step stool to use the table.  Although it’s rare, some train tables have adjustable legs.

One often overlooked feature of a train table is the side lip. If your table doesn’t have a lip, parts won’t stay on it. Your kids will get frustrated and there will always be a mess on the floor. It’s a minor detail, but can make a major difference.

Of course, the size of the table also matters. With train tables, bigger isn’t always better. You need to consider the size of your room and how many tracks and trains your child has. If you get a table that takes up most of the room, you might want a table that folds down. Consider how it folds down and where you can store it. 

As you think about table storage, also think about train storage. Where will you keep your trains and tracks? Some permanent tables come with drawers for storage. Although this feature doesn’t matter much for collapsible tables, it’s an asset for more permanent fixtures. You might also want a table with wheels for more portability. 

How to Pick the Right Table

Now that you know more about the features of train tables, how can you pick the best train table for kids? There’s not just one supreme table that’s right for everyone. Instead, there are tables better suited for certain children and situations.

As you look at your options, think about what your kids want and need. If they’re highly creative, your child might enjoy a bare bones table. But some kids prefer the bright colors and minute details of complex tables. 

Because there are so many train tables out there, you can be sure there’s one that will appeal to your kiddo. Take your time shopping for a table, and you might buy them a toy that they never forget.

My Train Table Reviews

We’ve reviewed our favorite kids train tables below.

KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

As one of the most popular train tables, the KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set includes 120 pieces. There are three storage bins that fit underneath the table, which provides plenty of room for your toys. And you might need the space, considering the dimensions are almost 50″x35″x16″.

The table is made with melamine, MDF, and T-molding. As a result, the set is pretty durable. It can withstand hours of rough play. When it comes to the assembly, you and your spouse or other helper can expect to put about two hours into it. Once assembled, the table is a slate for a mountain village. While assembling their village, kids can use a functional crane to stack blocks. One of the highlights of the table is a waterfall mountain that serves as a tunnel for the train tracks. 

The waterfall isn’t the only unique feature. In the multiple play areas, the train table has a helicopter pad, a runway, and a suspension bridge. You can expand the set by combining it with other popular train brands. Equipped with a lip, the table allows your kids to play without losing their trains. The magnets on the trains keep them secure to one another, which reduces frustration. 

With surprising detail and brightness, this kids train table encourages imaginative play. The landscaping on the board is silk-screened and transports children to a picturesque location. For children young and old, the design of this table is highly appealing.


  • Elaborate design featuring a waterfall mountain
  • Bright colors to attract your kids
  • Great for children of all ages, including older kids
  • Works with most major train brands


  • Assembly takes about two hours
  • May be tall for very young children
  • Takes up significant space and doesn’t collapse with ease

AmazonBasics Wooden Multi-Activity Play Table

Recently, Amazon has moved into manufacturing a variety of items. They’ve delved into the realm of kids toys and now have a wooden multi-activity play table. And, although the AmazonBasics brand may not be as renowned as some of the other makers of train tables, it produces a high quality product.

This wooden table is an ideal size for kids and measures 50×32.5×16. Although the table weighs 42 pounds, it’s relatively easy to move. The weight also makes the table sturdy enough to handle tough play. It won’t break with ease. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this table is the fact that you can use it for more than just trains. When your kids tire of trains, they can use the table for puzzles, arts and crafts, or other activities.

At the edge of this table, there’s a wooden lip. Underneath it, there’s a storage drawer. It’s large enough to hold quite the collection of trains and tracks. For safety, the table has an anti-tip design. While you might not be able to keep your kids from pulling on this table, you can keep them from getting hurt. When the table gets dirty, you can remove the surface panels and clean them with ease. 

The main drawback to ordering this train table is the fact that you need to supply your own trains and tracks. If you inherited a box of train supplies from the neighbors or want to pick out your own set of tracks, then this is an ideal option. But, for an all-inclusive set, you may want to consider one of the other train tables on this list.


  • You can also use it as a crafting table or for any other purpose
  • Comes with built-in storage
  • Very durable build prevents it from failing you
  • Large size for elaborate train creations


  • Doesn’t come with any trains or tracks
  • Weighs over 40 pounds, so moving the table isn’t easy

KidKraft 2-in-1 Reversible Top Activity Table

This train table doesn’t just have one surface for setting up a world of trains. It has a reversible top that reveals a second surface. On one side, there’s a vibrant illustrated surface. Meanwhile, the other side features a surface for building bricks. The train table comes with 30 pieces of wooden trains and tracks, and 200 pieces of building bricks. The bricks are compatible with the major building block brands. With this versatility, your kids can create everything from train tracks to full cities.

After your kids are done playing, they can open the top of the table to access a large storage space. There’s plenty of space for everything in your kid’s train collection. In addition to having storage, this table is safe. The corners are round, which prevents the risk of bumps or bruises. And under the almost certain circumstance of a child knocking the table, you can rest easy. KidKraft is known for making quality train tables. The sturdy design means you can expect this table to last for years.

This table is great for children who are three or older. Because it’s relatively small in size, the 2-in-1 table doesn’t take up too much space. It only measures 25″x23″x17″. Assembling it is pretty easy, as there are four legs that bolt together. The bolts and most of the necessary tools are included, with the exception of a screwdriver.  In total, the instruction manual is only one page long. 

Overall, the design of this table is simple. If you’re looking for an elaborate painted scene, there are other better options. But, sometimes simple is better. The painted scene features green grass and water. Along with the table, you get some figurines, signs, and a building. It’s enough for young kids to have a blast.


  • Reversible top allows kids to play with blocks
  • Comes with train pieces as well as building bricks
  • Is small, and doesn’t take up much space
  • Pretty painted scene on one side
  • Has rounded corners for safety


  • May be too simple for some
  • Can’t fit many tracks or trains on the board

Imaginarium 100Pc Wooden Ready to Play Table

Although this train table isn’t as popular as some of the other options on this list, it still ranks as the best train table for kids. It has a very unique design and comes with more than 100 play pieces. Kids can mix and match as they choose, allowing for maximum creativity. Because the toys are made of wood, they are very durable.

Intended for children as young as three, this train table is better for younger kids. It’s very low to the ground and easy for everyone to reach. The tracks are painted onto the board, so young kids don’t need to worry about putting tracks together. Because there’s less frustration, your children can have more fun. When your kids feel like a change of scenery, they can flip the top and draw on a chalkboard. 

Underneath the table, there are four fabric bins. They’re multi-colored, which makes it easier to organize your kid’s train toys. After you fill the bins, you can tuck them nicely under the table. The total dimensions of the table are 26x26x13, which is enough for more than one kid to play at a time. 

This ranks as the best train table for kids who are young because it’s made with MDF wood. As a result, the table is durable enough to take on a toddler and survive. Despite being made for kids, the table has a clean white finish. It comes with 18 train pieces, a 36 piece puzzle, and 30 wooden building blocks. There are also 12 wooden animal figurines. For use on the chalkboard surface, colored chalk and an eraser are included. This is one of the most versatile train tables and comes with everything your kids need.


  • Comes with over 100 train pieces
  • Colorful bins fit underneath the table
  • Has a reversible top with a chalkboard
  • Tracks are painted onto the board
  • Very durable design for tough kids


  • Doesn’t come with pieces of track
  • Not a very large play surface

KidKraft Wooden Play Table Train Table

If you want a simple table that allows you or your kid to be fully creative, this natural wooden train table is a great option. Unlike some of the other options on this list, this one is bare bones. But don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s not worthy of being on this list. Measuring 47.5×31.75×15.75, the train table is large enough for your kids to build a city.

Although this table doesn’t come with trains, it has a built-in drawer for storage. It’s made with wood and MDF, and has a natural look. While there is some assembly required, this train table doesn’t require too much effort to put it together. One person can handle the assembly and it only takes about an hour to get a complete train table.  

On one side of this table, there is a white board. Your kids can draw on it to create their own scenery, and then put their tracks on it. Or, they can just use the blank side for their arts and crafts. With some dry erase markers, this table becomes a canvas for aspiring artists. The other side of the board is a brightly colored landscape. Children can put the tracks across a beach, parking lot, and grassy area. 

As with most KidKraft products, this one is made to last. It’s sturdy and encourages kids to make the most of their imagination. The table allows your children to play on all four sides. If you have a few kids, they can enjoy the large play surface.


  • Large size for massive constructions
  • One side features a blank whiteboard for arts and crafts
  • Landscape side of the board is vibrant
  • Assembly only takes one hour
  • Four sides of play for multiple kids


  • Trains not included with purchase price
  • Simple design that’s not as creative as some other options

Conductor Carl Train Table

An elaborate train set, the Conductor Carl train table comes with 80 pieces, as well as the he table. The wooden train set features one Conductor Carl engine, 43 track pieces, and various decorative elements. Kids can take trees, houses, and signs and incorporate them along the track. While most other sets have attached pegs to connect tracks together, this set is different. The tracks in this set are single, complete pieces. As such, there’s no risk of the pegs falling out and becoming a choking risk.

The tracks fit tightly together and this allows the trains to remain on the tracks. Despite having this interesting design, the Conductor Carl train tracks works with other train sets, including Thomas the Tank and Brio. If your child has dreams of creating grand cities and expansive tracks, they’ll enjoy this train table. 

As a major manufacturer, Conducted Carl produces sets that meet government standards. All of their train tables undergo safety testing. In total, the train set measures 24x3x48. It features blue legs and has a colorful landscape on the table surface. There’s a road, several water features, and a large grass area. The tracks include a suspension bridge as well as some hills and flat sections. 

At a rather low height, this train table is easy for even your youngest children to access. The older kids can comfortably sit on their knees as they play. Thanks to the included instructions, the tracks fit this table are easy to put together. Of course, your kids can get creative with it too. Unfortunately, there is no built in storage. You need to provide your own storage bins and sit them under the table. That said, the table doesn’t weigh much and you can move it away when you’re done with it.


  • Vibrant blue legs make this table appealing
  • Comes with 80 pieces for hours of play
  • Low height makes it easily accessible to young kids
  • Light weight makes it easier to move the table
  • Includes suspension bridge
  • Tracks are less of a choking risk


  • Older kids may find the table too low
  • No built-in storage

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

A multi-level train table, theStep2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train and Track Table isn’t your traditional train table. Unlike many other train tables, this one features a poly construction. This makes it scratch-resistant as well as easy to clean. At 47.01×25.98×15.98, this table is large in size. The tracks feature permanent bridges, so your little ones won’t destroy the track in one fell swoop. Instead of coming to you every five minutes to reset the track, your kids will constantly play.

Large enough for multiple participants, this train set forges group play. After your kids are done setting up the tracks, they can put on the lid and use it for snacks or crafts. This feature makes it a versatile addition to any playroom. When assembled, the table is large enough for your kids to use it while standing. This makes it a little more comfortable for everyone to use.

This table comes with a molded-in track and seven bridges. Everything remains in place, which means you won’t have any lost pieces to deal with. It matches practically any decor. Thanks to a deep tray, this table has a place for your accessories to go when your kids aren’t using it. 

The table doesn’t come with many accessories, but it does come with a three piece train set. Directed more towards young children, this train table is a nice contrast to the traditional wooden ones. When it comes to durability, permanence, and ease of use, the Step2 is a winner. If you have multiple toddlers or little ones, this train table can withstand the abuse.


  • No frustration, as the tracks are attached to the table
  • You can place lid on the top of the table and use it for crafts
  • Trains can store underneath the lid
  • One of the most durable best train table for kids


  • Less room for creativity because tracks are built-in
  • Only comes with three trains

Bigjigs Rail Magical Train Set and Table

As one of the most colorful best train tables for kids on this list, the Bigjigs is bright pink. It’s made of wood and measures 4.33 x 43.5 x 15.35. Created to withstand tough use, this train table has a quality construction. It comes with 59 pieces, 27 of which are track pieces. The remaining pieces include a pastel engine with two carriages, fairy figures, and unicorns.

This set works with most other wooden train rail brands. In addition to using the trains table with other trains, your kids can use the set with other kids. There’s plenty of room for multiple kids to get involved with the fun.

Before your children can get started on their play time, you need to set up the train table. The instructions for assembly are simple and you can expect to get the table up and running in approximately one hour. Once the table is together, it’s not very portable. While it’s not too heavy, the table is awkward to move. It also doesn’t come with any storage space, so you may need to find your own method of keeping the train tracks and trains organized and accessible. However, you do have the option of buying separate Bigjigs drawers and sliding them into one side of the table. 

Where this table really stands out is in the design. As the name implies, this table is somewhat magical. If your kid enjoys pink and purple or has a vivid imagination, they’ll appreciate the design of this table. It’s a fun and whimsical train table that comes with enough accessories to get your kids started in the wide world of trains. However, this table isn’t very versatile and doesn’t come with other features.


  • Comes with tracks and trains
  • Has bright pastel colors that are appealing to the imagination
  • Includes a tunnel and a helipad for added fun
  • Option for including drawers in one side of the table


  • Only one sided
  • Need to pay extra for the storage drawers
  • Not easy to move around once you assemble the table

Maxim Wooden Train Set with Play Table

When you order this set, you get 62 wooden pieces for your kids to play with.the pieces include an upbeat engineer, three trains, and more. The wooden tracks come with  two bridges and an underpass. Because this set works with other wooden train sets, your kids can easily grow their collection.

The wooden table and accessories are made with quality wood. Furthermore, this set is made to comply with all of the current safety standards. Equally important is the fact that your kids can get creative with it. As they play, your children can position street signs, trees, and houses wherever they want. The surface of the train set features a road, a river, and greenery. On the sides of the train table, there are decorative train cars. 

As far as portability goes, this train table reigns supreme. It’s one of the only popular train tables to feature four wheels. When your family isn’t using the table, you can wheel it into a corner somewhere. You also have the potential to move the table into different areas of your home without needing at least two adults.

At 32.8 x 24.8 x 10″, the Maxim table isn’t very tall. In fact, your older kids can probably sit down as they play with the trains. The major drawback with this table is the lack of storage. Unfortunately, there’s no included storage drawers or bins. But the wheels and the fin design of this table could make you overlook the lack of storage. It’s an ideal table for small spaces and for people who want a table that moves easily from room to room.


  • Comes with wheels for extra portability
  • Small enough in size to fit in most homes
  • Includes 62 wooden play pieces
  • Sides of the table are beautifully decorated


  • There are no built-in storages areas
  • The track isn’t very stable, and won’t remain in place

Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set for Kids

Little Tikes manufacturers quite a few kids toys, including wooden trains tables. Included in the Little Tikes train table set is 80 pieces of tracks, trains, and accessories. There are signs, bridges, and figurines included in this set. Almost everything is made with real wood, which contributes to its durability and traditional nature.

The pieces in this set are hand-painted, giving them a nice touch. Furthermore, the variety of characters makes it easy for your kids to relate their set to the real world. Among the characters represented are a construction worker and a police officer. After play time, your kids can place everything in the rolling trundle. When the trundle is full, your kids can roll it underneath the table’s surface. 

The table reverses to reveal two different landscapes. On one side, there’s a fall foliage scene with a road and two ponds. The other side features a more urban scene, with multiple roads and painted buildings. Every time your kids play, they can design something different. 

Like many of the other sets on this list, the Little Tikes table and accessories work with other wooden train sets. With dimensions of 30.75” W x 25. 5” D x 13. 5, the table can work with more tracks than the ones included. Overall, this table is an appropriate size for kids of all ages. It also isn’t really lacking in much, other than portability. The storage drawer is extremely easy to use and even your youngest children can put away their toys when they’re done with them. Although it’s not the largest train table on this list, it’s still a great option for you and your family.


  • Has two sides, each one with a different landscape
  • Includes storage drawer that’s easy to use
  • Has a traditional wooden feel
  • Includes 80 hand painted figurines for more creative play
  • Large lip on the side


  • Not the largest table
  • Difficult to move around and doesn’t collapse for easy storage


It’s hard to pick a clear winner for the best train table for kids. However, there are a few features that make the KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table stand out. The waterfall mountain makes this table really stand out. And the built-in storage and opportunity for creative play make this a train table that can help your little ones build their imaginary train village.

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