Welcome to Smart Parent Advice!

Smart Parent Advice was started with one simple goal. We wanted to make parenthood more rewarding and enjoyable, while removing the excess stress and uncertainty.

Our Team

Ryan and Cristin Howard are the husband and wife team behind Smart Parent Advice. Ryan and Cristin live on the west coast with their son and daughter. In his free time, Ryan can often be found on the tennis court or grilling up a delicious meal. Cristin prefers catching up with her friends or the latest reality show, and also has a life long passion around all things baking.


The Beginning

Our parenting journey started in early 2015 with the arrival of our son. While our first few days as a family of three were exhilarating, they were also terribly overwhelming. I can remember distinctly that we were a little nervous about leaving the hospital after our son arrived. All of a sudden, we were in charge of taking care of a new life, and we no longer had a team of doctors and nurses around to answer all of our questions.

We had both done our homework in the months leading up to parenthood, but now that our son had arrived, it seemed that we knew almost nothing at all. Should we give our son a bath? If so, how do we go about it? Should we use soap? Can the umbilical cord stump get wet? This represents one of the millions of small strings of questions that we had in the early days.

So, we did our best. We researched every trivial detail and then methodically mastered one part of parenting after another. By the time our daughter arrived a couple years later, we were pros. And while our daughter’s arrival in this world was just as exciting, it came without all of the stress we experienced the first time around. As a result, we were able to soak up every second of parental bliss.

Our Mission

We started Smart Parent Advice as a trusted resource for mothers and fathers. While there is no shortage of parenting information on the Internet these days, this vast amount of information can be overwhelming. What’s more, if you type a simple question into the search bar, you might find dozens of different answers and it can be hard to know which one is best.

At Smart Parent Advice, we do an extensive amount of research in answering every question. However, we take things a step further by bringing in our own personal experience to provide practical real life advice. While some parenting sources might provide good advice to super parents, we try to also layer in practical advice for real life that takes into account the significant shortage of free time that new mothers and fathers suddenly have in their lives.

Ryan & Cristin Howard