Best Baby Bath Tubs

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby bath tub is, I’d recommend the First Years Sure Comfort.

Are you looking for the perfect bathtime solution for your baby? There are so many things for new parents to consider when it comes to bathing their new baby, from the right soap to use to the best baby bathtub to buy. 

This article will take you through detailed reviews of several of the top-rated infant bathtubs on the market.

Here are the baby bath tubs I will be reviewing:

The Benefits of Bath Time

From the earliest days, bathtime is an opportunity for parents to bond with their children.

When they are small, baths are an excellent sensory experience. The warm water trickling on their skin is a new and often comforting sensation. 

For newborns, baths in the evenings are an opportunity to start the bedtime process. Warm water is soothing to babies and can help them relax. The warmth in the bathroom environment is sleep-inducing, allowing both parents and babies to calm down before bed. 

As your child grows older, bath time allows you to talk and play with your child. You can identify body parts as you wash, explore cause and effect with splashes, and generally have a good time. 

Some babies aren’t big fans of the water, and bathtime can be stressful for both child and parent. Choosing the right tub can make a difference in the bathtime experience for the whole family. 

Tips for Baby’s First Bath

In the beginning, you will want to give your baby a sponge bath, so a tub isn’t essential. After your child’s umbilical stump has fallen off, they are ready for their first real bath. 

First, gather all of your supplies in one place. You’ll need soap or shampoo, two washcloths, a towel, a blanket, and a clean diaper and clothes for after the bath. 

Next, make sure that the room is warm. New babies get cold quickly, so the room temperature needs to be between 75-80 degrees. 

Water should be warm, but not hot. Test the temperature with your elbow, or the inside of your wrist. These areas are more sensitive than others and will help you identify if the water is too hot. 

Once the bathwater is ready, turn off the water and hold your baby tightly, easing them in feet first. Always make sure that one arm or hand is supporting your baby’s head

With wet skin, your baby will be slippery, so be prepared to keep a firm grip on them at all times. 

When you’re ready to wash, start with your baby’s face. Use a washcloth to clean their eyes, then move on to the rest of their face. 

Next, wipe down their neck and torso. Pay special attention to under the neck, where little creases can trap moisture, milk, and dirt. Clean their arms, hands, legs, and private parts. 

It’s a good idea to leave their head until last. Keeping their head dry will help them preserve body warmth. 

Rinse your baby off gently, with clean, warm water. Pat them dry with a towel, making sure to wipe any skin folds well. 

Make sure you put on a diaper quickly afterward, to avoid any post-bath surprises! Then dress or swaddle and enjoy the clean baby snuggles. 

What do you look for in a baby bathtub?

There are several things to consider when it comes to your baby bathtub purchase. 


Where will you be bathing your child? If you plan to give most baths in the bathroom, you’ll want to find a tub that works inside the adult tub, or in the bathroom sink. 

If you would rather have bathtime in the kitchen, consider countertop options and inserts that work in a bigger sink. 

Developmentally Appropriate

Some tubs and inserts are geared more toward the newborn stage, while others are made to use once your child is sitting up.

If you would like to purchase one product that will take you from your first bath through your first year or two, then look for items that have different inserts or ways to make it work for babies of various ages. 


The standards consider many things, but not every product has all the features and amenities that are available.  

Keep your eyes open for non-slip options with textured surfaces to help cut down on the tub’s movement and keep your baby safely in place. 

In order to make it easier, you might want to seek out options that have more support for your little one. However, too much support can make it hard to reach when washing, so keep that in mind when you’re making your selection.  


As with any baby product, there are a ton of tub options out there. Some have lots of extra features that may come in handy, while others focus on the most critical functions. Determine what is important to you when it comes to features. Do you need multiple positioners? Do you want a removable sling? Is storage an issue? Knowing what your priorities are will help you make a choice that is a good fit for your family.

My Baby Bath Tubs Reviews

When it comes to baby bath tubs, there are lots of options out there. We’ve reviewed our favorites below.

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub works for multiple stages of your child’s life. It’s a budget-friendly choice, and it comes in two different colors and gives you several options for bath time.

The tub fits securely in your sink, or across your tub. Both of these options are great for keeping parents from bending over for all of bathtime.  Since all bathrooms and sinks are different, you should definitely check the measurements to see what will work for you. 

If it doesn’t work, set across your tub, you can place it inside the large tub. This works well and contains any splashes, but the drain will not work as well without the added height. 

The newborn sling is a good concept. It is machine washable and dryable, so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew. It also has a weight limit of 25 lbs, so even if you have a big baby, you are likely to be able to use the sling for a decent period of time. 

If the sling doesn’t work for you, the tub itself has a comfortable recline and padded headrest. This will help during that 4-6 months time table when your baby has outgrown the sling and wants to look around more, but can’t sit up solo. 

Once little one can sit up solo, you can set them against the upright side of the tube (opposite the reclined portion), so they have just the right amount of room to splash and play, without toppling over. 

All in all, this is a pretty good choice, as long as you have a place to store it in between baths.


  • Mesh sling makes it infant compatible
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable newborn sling
  • Baby tub – recline and padded headrest
  • Switch directions for toddlers
  • Can fit in sink or tub


  • No flat surface for easy storage
  • Drain can be difficult
  • Sling is hard to dry
  • Sling hits bump in middle

Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa and Shower

The price of this tub is definitely on the higher end of the market, but it has a ton of functions that might make it worth it.

The Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool brings the “spa experience” to your baby. From the sink insert to the jets inside the tub, this one has all the bells and whistles. If your baby isn’t a fan of bathtime, the bubbles and jets might just turn that experience right around. 

In order to accommodate all the extras, it’s a bit bulky. While each portion can be used together or separately, it’s still a lot of stuff to store. If space is at a premium in your home, consider where you might store the tub before purchase. 

Because each piece can be separated, this tub will last for more than your standard 4-6 months. You can use the sink insert when they are itty bitty. Then you graduate to the infant tub when they can sit up. After they outgrow that, place the shower hand sprayer in your regular tub, making rinsing both hair and body off a breeze. 

The sink insert is handy, especially at the newborn stage. It gives your newborn a safe space to lay during bathtime, no matter your set up.  You can use it in your kitchen or bathroom sink, the infant tub itself, or the adult bathtub. 

The shower wand is probably the biggest draw for me. Scrambling to find the cup can get old, and this makes rinsing your baby’s hair much simpler. The wand can be attached to the infant tub, or simply sit in your regular bathtub. A drawback is that the fill reservoir can run out, leaving you high and dry in the middle of a rinse, so make sure it’s full before you start.


  • Will last through newborn, baby, toddler stages
  • Sink insert included that can be used in multiple places
  • Tub is portable to use
  • Hand sprayer
  • Whirlpool function
  • Double walls keep in warmth


  • Bulky, takes up a lot of room
  • On the pricey side
  • Uses “D” batteries to operate hand sprayer
  • Whirlpool takes away from fill reservoir
  • Reservoir runs out during bath time possibly
  • Mold/Mildew potential
  • Slippery bottom of the tub
  • Hard to put together
  • Refill in middle of a bath

Fisher-Price 4 in 1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

You can tell that the developers of the Fisher-Price 4 in 1 tub really tried to think of everything. Fisher-Price is known for products that grow with your child, and this tub is no exception. There’s a configuration for every stage, from newborn to toddler age.

Like many others, this tub is meant to be set on the sink or put into a regular tub. When placed on top of the sink, it’s at a perfect height to bathe your baby without bending over. However, if you plan on using it in the tub, make sure to get a non-slip mat to put underneath it, as it gets slippery and slide around the tub. Not ideal. 

The tub does have a hook on it for you to hang it up in the shower for easy storage, a great option since it’s pretty bulky. You’ll also want to make sure you take out the inserts (the sling or sitting support) to ensure that they dry completely and avoid mold and mildew growth. 

At the newborn stage, the sling works better than some others, fitting snugly into the tub itself and offering a good amount of support. If your baby is on the longer side, beware, as they may outgrow the sling before they are strong enough to move into the next stage. 

The stopper portion works as both a reclining option for the time in between newborn and sitting up and a way to add extra support to your new sitter.  The soft foam seems like a comfortable choice, but there is a texture to it. If your baby is a big kicker, the repeated friction may cause small cuts or burns on their toes. 

Once you hit the toddler stage, take all the inserts out to allow your kiddo a roomy tub to play in during bathtime. The included squeeze bottle and whale scoop will double as both tools and toys as your child grows.


  • Mesh sling for newborns
  • Baby stopper insert – recline and soft foam
  • Sitting support
  • Large enough for toddler
  • Squeeze bottle/Whale scoop included
  • Hanging hook for storage
  • Easy to drain


  • Insert can cause friction on baby’s toes
  • Must remove inserts to dry completely
  • Slides around inside large tub

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath

If you are looking for a more comfortable way to bathe your baby in the sink, without adding another piece of bulky equipment to your baby supplies, I suggest the Blooming Bath Baby Bath.

Unlike the hard, plastic tubs, this is soft and cuddly, immediately feeling more like a baby item. It comes in many bright colors. The petal design is genius. Because they can be arranged in many ways,  you can easily use it in sinks of all sizes and depths. 

While the insert doesn’t give a lot of extra support, it does make the sink smaller and more snugly for baby to be comfortable. It’s more relaxing for baby to be laying on something soft and cozy, and it takes away the possibility of any head bonks against the hard sink. 

Of course, there are some drawbacks. The snug fit is comfy for your baby, but it doesn’t allow for easy access to your baby’s back or bottom when washing. Since you have a little more freedom of movement with your hands, thanks to the extra support, you can get around this, but it can be cumbersome. 

Once your baby gets too big for the sink, consider moving it to the tub. It will lay flat, allowing you to sit your baby on top, giving them a soft place to play. 

The biggest issue with the Blooming Bath is that it can be difficult to get dry. You have to squeeze out as much excess water as possible (and it still may be dripping) and then put it in the dryer for a while in order to get all the moisture out and avoid mold growth. Not ideal for post bathtime clean up.


  • Super cute
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Fits in bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Cradles baby and helps them relax
  • Can be used for sponge baths
  • Works for pets too
  • Easy to store


  • Hard to access back and bottom
  • Difficult to get dry
  • Made for younger babies only, not toddlers

Summer Fold Away Baby Bath

If you want to use a baby bath for your little one, but don’t have a lot of extra room, the Summer Fold-Away Baby Bath might be your solution.

Unlike the hard plastic tubs that need to be stored away or hung somewhere in between uses, this tub can be compactly folded for storage in between uses. It’s very lightweight and easy to clean, making it a simpler option than some of the heavier models.  

With the inflatable base,  you have an extra cushion, without having to worry about mildew or mold growing on inserts. The base can stay inflated even while folded, so there is no need to let the air out after every use. 

Not only can you lay your baby entirely down in this tub, but there is also an adjustable positioner. Move the base up to a reclining position so your little one can sit up and look around during bathtime. 

This is probably my favorite option when it comes to cleaning. A little bit of soap and water with a wipe down after, and you’re good to go. It’s quick to dry and then can be folded up and put away between uses. 

Because the surfaces aren’t rigid, it is essential to have a hand on your baby at all times (as with any baby bathtub) to make sure they are safe and supervised. The more flexible plastic can come in handy when it comes to reducing any accidental head bumps or if your baby is more comfortable on softer surfaces. 

There have been some issues with the plug coming loose during bathtime, so make sure it’s securely in there before you add the warm water!


  • Compactly folds for easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable positioner
  • Inflatable base for extra cushion
  • Quick assembly and clean up
  • Travel-friendly
  • Hook closure to stay folded
  • Safe through age 2


  • Doesn’t fit on a sink
  • Slippery bottom
  • Not very sturdy
  • Plug can come loose

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

The Munchin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub has a different design than many of the other tubs you might see. The tub is smaller around and deeper, making it quick to fill up and drain with every use.

The bucket-like design makes this tub more compact. It can fit inside most kitchen sinks and can also be used in an adult bathtub. The handle makes it easy to carry from place to place and double as a storage hook. 

The deeper tub allows your baby to sit in water that comes up to their chest. We know how quickly babies can get cold during bathtime, so this will help your little one stay warm and more relaxed in their bath. 

The closer sides help to keep your baby upright instead of slumping to one side or another. It can be difficult when your baby is tiny, but like always, you will need to make sure you have one hand on your baby at all times to keep them safe.

One of my favorite features here is the pull plug drain. This tub drains really quickly, and you can do so even while your baby is in the water. Very convenient for when those poop accidents happen!

If your baby loves to sit in the water and splash, then this is a great option for you. It may be a bit difficult to use at the beginning when your little one is itty bitty. Once they have a little more core strength, then it can be a happy place for your baby to sit and soak.


  • Non-slip material
  • Compact design
  • Keeps baby warm
  • Easy to drain with pull plug
  • Padded foam backrest for extra comfort
  • Handle for storage and easy moving
  • Dries quickly


  • Too deep to easily wash
  • More difficult for very young babies
  • Bump can be in an awkward place
  • Not a lot of room to play as they get older

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

The Skip Hop Baby Bathtub might catch your eye at first because it is so cute. The whale-inspired design is cheerful and fun, making you smile even as you prepare for baby’s bath.

In addition to being cute, this tub has some great features. The mesh sling is similar to that of others, but it has two different ergonomic positions. The first you can use during the newborn stage, letting your baby lay in a reclined position as you wash. The second works for when your baby is closer to sitting up, giving them a bit of extra support. 

Since the sling can be adjusted, there aren’t any bumps at the bottom of the tub like in other models. The sling positioner seems to be a little less awkward and just more comfortable in general. 

A drawback of the sling is that it is difficult to clean and dry. If you can’t get it dry in between baths, then it is likely to begin growing mold or mildew. Not good at all, so if you’re using it regularly, make sure to hang it in a non-humid place. 

Once your baby can sit up solo, you can remove the sling all together and have a spacious tub for them to sit and soak. However, the holes where the sling attaches are still there and can catch a baby’s toes or fingers if you’re not careful. 

This tub is also not designed to be used on top of a sink but is more of an in-the tub or shower situation. It’s not very deep, so you’ll definitely want to be somewhere that extra splashes won’t cause problems!


  • Works for different ages and stages
  • Mesh sling included
  • Drain plug
  • Hook to hang dry and store
  • Non-slip interior texture


  • Small holes can catch baby’s toes
  • Hard to clean
  • Netting is hard to dry
  • Mesh sling can be challenging to use

Angelcare Baby Bath Support

The Angelcare Baby Bath Support isn’t precisely a tub but is a little more than a sling. It’s more of a hybrid design. A typical sling needs to be used with an infant tub, while this can be put directly into your regular bathtub, which is nice.

The mesh itself is soft and snuggly, very gentle for sensitive baby skin. It also seems to dry faster and quicker than many other products, so the likelihood of mold is much lower, a major plus. 

Since the support system is on the larger side, it is unlikely to fit inside your standard sink. Depending on your set up, you might be able to position it over the sink, so the water drains into the sink through the mesh. This works well for those early days when you need to do a sponge bath because of the umbilical stump. 

If your sink doesn’t work, then the adult tub is your next option and that can cause some other issues. To keep your baby warm, you’ll have to fill the bathtub quite a bit, using more water than you might in a sink. You’ll also need to be bending over the tub, which can be difficult for parents, especially moms recovering from pregnancy and delivery. 

Overall, this is a good option to support your baby in a big tub or shower while they are small. It doesn’t last much past six months, less if your baby is big. There is a booster seat version of the seat for when your baby starts to sit up, and they’re both very budget-friendly.


  • Drains easily
  • Dries quickly
  • Use directly in tub or large sinks
  • Doesn’t slip around in tubs
  • Soft-touch material
  • Loop for easy hanging
  • Lightweight


  • Outgrows after six months
  • Have to bend over to use in a bathtub
  • Hard to keep baby warm without a lot of water
  • Too big for a standard sink

Primo Eurobath

The Primo Eurobath is one of the largest baby bathtub options out there. It’s about 75% of your typical bathtub size, so keep in mind when you are making your purchase. Thanks to its size, this tub definitely has the ability to grow with your child.

The newborn position allows your baby to recline comfortably. It has supports under the arms and for the legs, giving a little more structure than your standard sling options. With the extra room in the tub, it is easy to maneuver your baby around, ensuring you can clean all those hard to reach places. 

The easy to clean surface doesn’t have any non-slip texture to it, which can make it easier for your baby to slip around in the tub. The supports keep them mostly in place, but it’s something to keep in mind during use. 

As your kiddo gets bigger and stronger, they can switch to the other side. This allows them to sit in a more upright position and have room to play. The tub’s support structures can cause issues as they get older since there’s really no flat surface. Definitely be wary and keep an extra eye on your child if they like to stand up!

Since this tub has no mesh, fabric, or foam, it’s very easy to wipe down and keep clean. The hole allows you to hang it on a hook. It will dry quickly, making mold unlikely and keeping your baby’s bath environment clean and fresh. 

If space isn’t an issue in your home, then this tub might be a winner for you!


  • Spacious
  • Newborn to Toddler
  • Reclined position for infants
  • Easy to clean and drain
  • No fabric or mesh
  • Hanging hole for storage
  • Can be used on table, counter or tub


  • Bulky design
  • Very big for small babies
  • No smooth, flat surface for bigger kids to sit
  • No non-slip features

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

The Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub is a simple design that is effective and easy to use. The tub is a single-piece design, without any removable inserts. There aren’t any extra bells and whistles with this product, but it is functional and works reasonably well.

This is another tub that doesn’t really work with a sink, but you can place it on a nearby counter, or in the big bathtub, whichever works better for you. 

When your baby is a newborn, there is a metal brace underneath that can be locked into place, creating a reclined position. This will help support your little one when they are very young. However, it’s not quite as snuggly as some of the sling insert options. 

The reclined position works for assisting your child in sitting up as well, but there are no other positioners available. This means there aren’t any bumps or hard surfaces that might be uncomfortable, but there also isn’t much additional support available, so your baby might struggle to stay in place. 

This bathtub isn’t extremely big. It has extra room once your baby is sitting up, but that in-between stage where your baby is bigger, but not sitting up, it might get a little bit snug. That can be a plus, but be sure to take your infant’s size into consideration. 

The big draw here is the collapsible storage option. It’s great if you don’t have a lot of space, or just don’t want to store a large baby bathtub. If your first priority is to have a small, space safe to bathe your baby, as opposed to looking for those extra features, then it might be a good match.


  • Rotating support brace for newborns
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Drains quickly
  • One-piece design
  • Slip-resistant base


  • Hard to use for bigger/older babies
  • Hook seems to break easily
  • Legs can be hard to fold down

Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath

The Puj Flyte Compact Infant Bath is another support system, as opposed to a stand-alone bathtub. This works as an insert for small sinks, making it more comfortable for your little one to lay down during bathtime.

The material is flexible and soft, cradling your baby during their bath and softening the hard sink and counter. The bottom is textured so that it won’t slide around on the bottom of the sink. It’s a smaller insert, made for shallower sinks as opposed to super deep ones. 

Since it is smaller, this product works best for younger babies. If your baby is on the larger side, then they are likely to outgrow the insert before they are really ready to sit up and move to a larger tub. 

A significant plus of this product is how well it travels. If you’re taking your little one to visit family, or going on vacation, then this will fit nicely into your suitcase. It’s a simple solution for bathing your baby when you’re not at home. 

Unlike many softer options, this material doesn’t absorb water. It is easy to clean with a little soap and a simple wipe down after bath time. Then hang it up and it will dry quickly so mold isn’t much of a concern. 

This infant bath insert doesn’t offer a lot of extra support, but it will make bathtime more comfortable for your baby. It’s definitely a plus if you would like to avoid purchasing an infant tub and stick to bathing your baby in the sink. Remember that it doesn’t hold water on its own. You’ll want to make sure that the room is warm and work quickly to keep your baby from getting cold.


  • Fits inside sink
  • Great for home and travel
  • Cradles and protects baby during bath
  • Grippy texture to stop it from sliding
  • Hangs easily for storage
  • Dries quickly
  • Mold and mildew resistant


  • Only for sink use
  • Outgrows by six months
  • Won’t work with larger sinks
  • Doesn’t hold water to keep baby warm

Summer Comfort Height Bath Tub

The Summer Comfort Height Bathtub allows parents to bathe their baby safely, without continually bending over. This tub comes with a removable base that can be used to raise the height of the tub. If you’re bathing your baby in your big tub, then this may save your back during bathtime.

The base has a non-slip bottom so it won’t move around in the tub and can be used on its own as a step stool once your child is older. I really love it when designers work to make products usable for many stages of development. 

A major drawback of this design is that the base portion doesn’t have a drain. You will have to remove the white tub from the base in order to drain the water from the bath, making it a little complicated at the end of bathtime. 

The infant insert for this tub is removable. You can use it in the tub itself, or place it in the sink if that is easier for you. The padded back is for the baby’s comfort, and the plastic is easy to wipe down and dry off after each use. Be careful when using the infant insert, as it may slip around in the tub or sink since there is no way of securing it. 

The bathtub is on the bulkier side so that space might become an issue. It also doesn’t have any of the handles or hooks that other models have to make storing the tub easier in between uses. 

Overall, this bathtub is one of my favorites because of the raised height option, but the draining and storage issues are drawbacks that you should consider before purchase.


  • Raised height makes it easier for you to reach
  • Comfortable incline
  • Removable infant insert
  • Designed for use in sink or tub
  • Works from newborn to toddler ages
  • Converts to step-stool


  • Draining is complicated
  • Infant insert isn’t secured in tub or sink
  • Tub portion isn’t non-slip
  • Large and hard to store

Final Thoughts

The First Years Sure Comfort is the best baby bathtub. The price is reasonable, especially considering it will last for at least your baby’s first year. It is easy to keep clean, including the machine-washable mesh insert. 

You want bathtime to be a relaxing experience for both you and your baby. Choosing the right bathtub will allow you to focus on the fun, as opposed to worrying about the function.

Emily is a former language arts teacher, turned professional stylist and freelance writer. She and her husband are high school sweethearts, raising their three boys in the same neighborhood where they grew up. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, baking, and singing along to Broadway soundtracks.