Best Baby Doll Stroller

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best doll stroller is, I’d recommend the My First Doll Single Stroller.

Have a child who loves playing with dolls? A doll stroller can help them feel a little more like the parent they’re modeling. If you’re in the market, take a look at our doll stroller reviews below.

Here are the doll strollers I will be reviewing:

What Are The Benefits Of Having And Using A Doll Stroller?

Think you already have enough toys strewn through the house and that you don’t need another? Here are some great reasons to put those thoughts aside and bring home a baby doll stroller:

  • Doll strollers can encourage imaginative play: Fun props can help your little one create elaborate plots and storylines. This kind of play is great for helping your child reach social and developmental milestones.
  • Using a stroller can help your child learn spatial skills: Navigating a larger object like a baby stroller can be challenging for a young child. They’ll have to work around furniture and learn where they can—and can’t—fit.
  • Toys like doll strollers can encourage problem-solving and logic skills: Is your little one struggling to strap their doll in? Do they need to figure out how to fit multiple items in a small space? Toys that allow for open-ended play— like the doll stroller—can encourage your child to work through the difficulties they encounter.
  • High-value toys teach children how to be patient and how to share: You’re less likely to have two of a toy like a doll stroller. This means when multiple children are playing together they’ll need to take turns and learn to compromise. These are great skills your child will need their whole life.

What To Consider When Shopping For A Doll Stroller

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the best doll stroller. This will make the process easier and more successful:

  • How much space do you have? There are doll strollers in all sizes. If your storage is limited, you may want to opt for a collapsible stroller.
  • What kind of budget are you working with? Have a clear idea of what you want to spend before you go shopping. This can help you avoid overspending and narrow down your options.
  • Will the stroller work with what you already have? Check to make sure the stroller is the right size for your little one’s favorite toys.

My Doll Stroller Reviews

Have a better idea of what you need in a doll stroller? Here are some reviews of our favorites on the market.

​Doll Stroller Pro Deluxe

This doll stroller features the classic look of a pram-style stroller. The stroller is convertible and offers multiple positions for a doll to sit in. This allows your child’s doll to face your little one during use or face out in the same direction they’re heading—simply move the handle to switch positions. This feature can up the creative play factor and help create fun role-playing scenarios.

Not only can you change the way the handle is oriented, but you can also adjust the height of the handle. This helps make it a good fit for your child, regardless of how tall they are. It also helps make this toy one that will suit your growing child for a long period of time.

This stroller comes fully assembled and you’ll just need to make sure the wheels are in place before using. It’s designed for use with 18-inch dolls and features a canopy that opens and closes.

This deluxe stroller also has an open basket down below for storing your little one’s pretend shopping. It’s readily accessible and easy to get things in and out. A small, matching carrying bag for doll accessories is included.

The fabric can be entirely removed from this stroller and is safe to machine wash. This is a great feature for those times where spot cleaning just won’t do the job. The wheels are a softer plastic that are easy to maneuver. When it’s time to put the stroller away, it can collapse for easy storage.


  • Adjustable handle to help make the stroller the perfect height for your child
  • Plenty of storage in the bottom bin and the included toy diaper bag
  • Offers multiple positions
  • Can be folded for storage


  • Can be challenging to switch between positions
  • This is a smaller stroller that may not be suitable for an older child

My First Doll Twin Doll Stroller

This unit is made to work with 18-inch dolls like the popular American Girl dolls. Your little one won’t need to choose between their favorites because this stroller seats two. It comes fully assembled and all you need to do is attach the wheels. Then it’s ready for hours of fun for your little one.

This stroller also features a large storage basket at the base of the unit. This is a great space for all the accessories your little one’s dolls needs. Clothes, blankets, and baby bottles can all be stowed safely for the dolls’ journey.

Though this doll stroller is built for two and offers plenty of storage, it’s also designed to be put away. Play space is usually limited, and this stroller helps keep your little one having fun by folding. When it’s time to put it away, simply fold it up and it takes up a small amount of space that’s perfect for storing.

This stroller features a safety belt for your little one’s dolls. This helps the toy feel more realistic while letting your child practice buckling and unbuckling. The seats are not adjustable but offer sufficient space for getting the dolls in and out easily.

All materials used in this stroller are of high quality. The unit is safety tested and meets the United States’ safety standards. It’s designed for use by small children and special care has been paid to the choice of wheels. They roll smoothly and help make navigating a little easier. This stroller is lightweight, as well, which makes it easier for small children to play with.


  • Collapses for storage
  • Easy to maneuver with quality wheels
  • Fits two dolls and has storage
  • Offers realistic details like safety belts


  • The fabric seats may slip off the unit
  • This stroller is short and may not suit a taller or older child

My First Doll Single Stroller

Looking for something other than pink in a stroller? This great single stroller from the New York Doll Collection is a great shade of denim. It’s suitable for both boys and girls and sports a fun, oversized heart applique on the seat.

This unit is sturdy and collapses to save space when not in use. There is a locking mechanism that helps keep it set up. You won’t need to worry about it folding in on itself while your child is playing and potentially pinching fingers and hands.

This unit is designed for 18-inch dolls, but at only 20.5 inches tall, it’s going to be a better choice for a younger child. The fabric used in this stroller is heavy-duty and resists tearing.

This stroller has a canopy and a storage basket under the seat. It also features a working safety belt to keep your little one’s doll securely in place.

Double wheels on all four legs help give this unit more stability and make the stroller easy to steer. The wheels are a hard plastic and do not swivel, which makes it easy to keep the stroller moving forward. It does compromise the turning radius, though.

Though this stroller is sturdy and easy to maneuver, it may not be a great choice for a child who’s learning to walk. Though it’s a smaller unit that’s lightweight, it can also tip if it’s leaned on for support. You’ll want to make sure your little one is already a confident walker before introducing this stroller—it’s geared toward children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.


  • Fun, gender-neutral colors
  • Lightweight
  • Folds for storage
  • Double wheels for additional stability


  • The wheels don’t turn or swivel, which can make turning frustrating
  • Might be too lightweight for a new walker

Precious Toys Umbrella Stroller

If you’ve been searching for a basic doll stroller, this model from Precious Toys may fit your needs. It’s a simple umbrella stroller that still gives your child a realistic stroller experience. When not in use, this unit can be collapsed to take up less space, which makes storage simple.

Unlike other strollers that fold flat, this one collapses like its namesake, the umbrella, and can be stored almost anywhere. There’s no complicated assembly with this stroller. It comes fully safety tested and meets all current United States’ safety standards.

This stroller features realistic detailing, including curved handles that are equipped with hand grips. A safety belt helps keep your little one’s doll securely in the stroller. Four sets of plastic double wheels help give the stroller extra stability.

This stroller is lightweight. This is good because it makes it a little easier for your little one to move the stroller around. The wheels don’t actually swivel or pivot, so the stroller’s lightness is also helpful for steering. However, its lightweight status can make it easier to tip over as well. You’ll want to make sure your little one is a proficient walker before handing over this baby doll stroller.

This stroller is geared toward children ages 1–8 years old. However, it’s quite petite and the handles are not adjustable. It may not suit a taller child well. Since it also requires a proficient walker, you may find the true useful age range to be smaller.


  • Lightweight and extremely compact
  • Double wheels for extra sturdiness
  • Realistic features
  • Meets all U.S. safety standards


  • Can be prone to tipping
  • Might be too short for older or taller children
  • Wheels do not turn for easy steering

Babyboo Adjustable Twin Stroller

This fun baby stroller allows your child’s dolls to sit side-by-side. This does mean the stroller is a little wider than some others that are on the market. However, its wideness also creates some stability and helps prevent tipping.

This unit features great wheels. They’re plastic, but they turn easily and make steering fun and simple. The back wheels on this stroller are larger than the front wheels. This helps make steering easier and gives the stroller additional stability.

The seat on this stroller can change positions. Your dolls can sit upright or tilted back while facing out. The handle can also be turned so your little one is able to face their doll while pushing. This stroller features a zip-up piece that gives the stroller a classic pram-look when zipped closed.

Each doll seat has its own safety belt. This stroller also features storage space underneath the stroller. This space is open and easy for your little one to access. A coordinating doll diaper bag is included for all your child’s doll accessories.

Though this unit is larger, it does collapse for easier storage. Folding is fast and simple and creates a compact, silhouette piece for easy storing. The handlebars are adjustable to help get just the right height your child needs.

This stroller weighs 7 pounds and is designed for children ages 3 years old and up. It is safety-tested and lead-free. The stroller arrives fully assembled, but you’ll need to put the wheels on prior to using it.


  • Sturdy and not prone to tipping
  • Great wheels with easy steering
  • Can be used with multiple dolls at a time
  • Can fold for storing or travel
  • Features an adjustable seat and handle


  • The frame is sturdy and made of metal, however, the joints are made of plastic and can be damaged
  • The stroller may be too hard for a child to adjust on their own

Fisher-Price Stroll Along Walker

Overall, the great thing about the Fisher-Price Stroll Along Walker is that it’s the perfect toy for a small child who’s still a bit unsteady on their feet. It has a wide base and large wheels, so it’s sturdy.

The handle is easy to grip so little hands can grab it easily and walk along behind with all of their dolls in tow.

It’s also a more interactive toy than a lot of other strollers for older children because the bear bounces and plays three different songs as you push him. There’s also a roller, a flipbook, and two animal spinners.

For children who struggle to take steps on their own just yet, this will offer a bit of support, but it’s also a fun way for your child to imitate the way you push them in their stroller. It’s imaginative play at it’s best when they are first beginning to explore a wider range of toys and their accessibility.

The seat fits up to 12” dolls with a front safety guard so the dolls won’t fall out. Fisher-Price makes one that fits this stroller perfectly, but your child will be just fine using stuffed animals and other toys that fit the seat.

It can help your child build coordination and confidence to take their first steps, but long after they’re walking, they may still love to play with this favorite.

The sturdy base is something they can lean and balance on as their leg muscles grow, and adding a favorite doll or stuffed animal that can come along for the ride may make it even easier for them to get motivated.


  • Wide, sturdy base with large wheels
  • Large handle is easy to grip
  • Musical bear with other fun toys attached to the front
  • Can be used with a wide variety of dolls or other animals


  • Wheels don’t brake or lock
  • Some parents aren’t comfortable with rolling toys when children are first learning to walk

Mommy & Me My First Doll Stroller

If your child has just mastered the art of walking, the Mommy & Me My First Doll Stroller is just about perfect. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s a great transition from a walker to a larger stroller.

It features a classic design that looks more like a real stroller, so it feels less like pretend. It makes it a much more wonderful imaginative toy for your child’s mind. It’s an affordable, no frills stroller that is perfect for pretending.

It’s simple and classic with a basket underneath for all of baby’s extras, like bottles, diapers, and toys. Your child can make use of the fully retractable hood, just like on a real stroller, and the ruffled piping adds an adorable touch.

You’ll enjoy the frame’s high-quality construction, and it comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to put it together yourself. It’s narrow, so it won’t take up too much room in your child’s play space.

If you find that your child loves this one, you can also upgrade to the Mommy & Me My First Doll Jogger or the Mommy & Me Twin Doll Jogger. Both are awesome choices for imaginative play and feature the same sturdy construction and affordable price, without all the bells and whistles.


  • Easy to fold and put away after playtime
  • Double wheels increase stability and support
  • Classic design
  • Affordable


  • Handle is not adjustable
  • Only comes in pink

Precious Toys Doll Stroller Jogger

If you’re looking for a sizable jogger for your child and their dolls, the Precious Toys doll stroller jogger could be it. Your child can now go on a walk or a jog with you. It comes fully assembled except for attaching the wheels.

It’s also designed to fold so when you’re not playing, you can pack it away or put it in the trunk and take it to the park or to the trail for even more adventurous fun.

This jogging stroller really takes your child’s imagination to the next level because not only can they pretend to be like you, but their stroller is a step above the traditional stroller designs.

It has a storage basket for all of your child’s necessities, a seat belt to keep their dolls safe, and a foldable hood to protect their dolls from the sun. Your child can play parent to their dolls just like you with all of these features.

The stroller can hold large dolls up to 18 inches. It’s made of plastic and it’s lead free. It’s been tested and passes all USA safety regulations. These high-quality materials ensure the durability of the stroller, so it won’t break, even after countless jogs.

Your child should enjoy pushing the stroller on countless escapades without it hurting the stroller or their hands.

The plastic wheels are durable enough for outside but gentle enough to be used indoors as well. They won’t leave marks or scratch the floors.


  • Foldable and extremely portable for endless adventures
  • Safe and easy for kids to use
  • Lots of features for pretend play
  • Wheels are durable and won’t scratch the floor


  • Front wheel doesn’t swivel
  • Only comes in one color

Exquisite Buggy Doll 3-in-1 Play Set

Strollers are awesome toys for imaginative play, but the Exquisite Buggy Doll 3-in-1 Play Set is so much more. It’s a whole set of equipment that your child can use for their dolls to spark imaginative play of all kinds.

It’s a great set for small dolls, but it won’t hold very large dolls or animals. For kids who are just getting started playing with dolls, it’s a fantastic starter set. It comes with a stroller, a crib, and a high chair.

It’s a unique set with a pattern you won’t see in other strollers. The blue background with pink, yellow, and white flowers is cute and fun, which sets it apart from all of the other solid pink options on the market.

You can also purchase extra accessories like mobiles for the crib, utensils, and other non-stroller items. While you’re getting more than just a stroller, you probably aren’t getting a stroller as sturdy as you would if you were purchasing it alone.

The stroller has cool features like a carrying container, a crossbar for extra support, and a sunshade. However, the wheels seem to be vulnerable to small rocks or pieces of dirt and gravel.

The fabric of the stroller is very easy to wash, but it’s prone to tearing, so if your child has a tendency to play very vigorously, the set may not last long.


  • Cute design
  • Complete set with more than a stroller
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Easy to clean


  • Not very durable
  • Won’t hold large dolls

Baby Alive Classic Pram

Most of us probably remember the Baby Alive dolls from our childhood. Well, now you can let your child in on the fun, too. The Baby Alive Classic Pram holds dolls up to 18 inches, and while the doll isn’t included, you can also use stuffed animals or any other toy.

This bright purple and pink stroller modernizes the classic design of the pram, so your child can pretend to take their sleeping baby on a walk or show their baby off to friends and relatives.

The steel frame folds up so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go or store it when your child isn’t playing with it.

The handle is covered in soft foam, so it won’t hurt your child’s hands, even after hours of play.

Plastic wheels offer a smooth ride for baby and a retractable canopy offers shade or privacy and tons of options for imaginative play.

The pram includes a large shopping basket and the cot can be removed to carry by itself, giving your child even more options. This pram is designed for children ages three to eight.

It’s a great toy to spark nostalgia among those who used to play with Baby Alive dolls and want to bring that into their child’s life, too. It’s also a great stroller for those who want their child to see a wide variety of stroller designs and understand that there’s a lot of diversity in the world.


  • Soft foam handle offers a comfortable grip
  • Steel frame is durable
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Includes features like retractable canopy, removable cot, and large shopping basket


  • Storage basket is low to the ground
  • Doesn’t come with Baby Alive Doll

Joovy Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller

Joovy tends to outdo themselves, and they’ve definitely done it with the Toy Doll Caboose Tandem Stroller. It has such a realistic look that even you might be tempted to play with your child’s dolls.

The padded handle and the footrest look just like a real stroller. It has a wide body that can fit two tandem 18-inch dolls, one in front of the other.

Underneath the main carriage is a mesh storage container that can hold accessories, just like the basket on a real stroller.

Even though it’s a tad larger than other play strollers, it’s easier for your child to maneuver than a lot of others. Joovy put a lot of thought and care into the design of the wheels. The front wheels swivel an entire 360 degrees to offer ease of maneuverability over most surfaces.

The adjustable five-point harness will keep your child’s dolls safe and deluxe padded handles mean hours of fun play without blisters. Two-position footrests will keep dolls comfortable as well.

What I love about this stroller is that it comes in both pink and blue. Some girls don’t like pink, and it seems to be a major oversight in the manufacturing of baby doll strollers these days. Not only that, but boys like to play with dolls, too, and we need more blue strollers out there!


  • Front wheels swivel 360 degrees
  • Easy to clean
  • Deluxe padded handles and 2 footrests for extra comfort
  • Removable canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • Comes in two colors


  • Expensive
  • Large in size

Badger Basket London Doll Pram

If your household seems to have an affinity for all things royal, the Badger Basket London Doll Pram is the perfect stroller for your child. Its design is a blast from the past and is an excellent way for your child to pretend they’re a part of the royal family.

The color choices are amazing, with all white and silver fabric. It’s a great choice for either a boy or a girl, which I just love. I think everyone should get to play with strollers. The styling comes from prams of more than one hundred years ago, and it’s as elegant as a real pram.

Badger Basket spared no detail here, and I think it sparks so much more imaginative play than so many other toy prams. It has such a wealthy, classic look that you can hardly resist adoring it every time you look at it.

The fixed wheel position makes it a lot easier to move around, the plastic body makes it lightweight, and the fabric is high-quality. It fits dolls that are 18 inches large or smaller, so it’s great for nearly any doll or stuffed animal.

It comes with a padded mat and a pillow to keep dolls comfortable. The boot cover can be removed or added for extra privacy for a sleeping doll. The canopy raises and lowers as well, and you can lock it into place to keep it open.

The handle is padded for comfort, to allow your child hours of play without calluses.

It doesn’t fold up, but it’s gorgeous and it comes fully assembled and ready to play. It’s a fun toy, but it also makes a lovely piece of antique decor in any room. It can spark nostalgia, especially for those who may have rode in one as a baby.


  • Stylish, historically accurate design
  • Easy and comfortable to push
  • Neutral coloring
  • Comes with excellent features and accessories


  • Doesn’t collapse
  • Large

Imagination Generation Pretty in Pink Wooden Stroller

The Imagination Generation Pretty in Pink Wooden Stroller is a bit different than the others. If you want something that might actually last for a few generations and become an excellent family heirloom, you might want to consider something like this.

It doesn’t quite look like a modern stroller, but it has a design that’s so easy to use, it’s perfect for little kids. There is enough room in the bucket for 18-inch dolls or plenty of smaller stuffed animals to take a ride.

Natural wood gives this stroller an endearing design and custom, water-based paint will ensure that your child is safe, even if the paint fades or chips over time.

The rubber rings around the wheels will keep them from scratching the floor and the solid wood construction make this stroller much more durable than the other plastic design options.

It’s lined with a sweet pink and white polka dot pad, so your child’s dolls will be comfortable, but your child can also fold it up and use it as a blanket.

While it’s not collapsible and it takes up a bit more space than other strollers, it’s wide wheel base makes it a sturdy option for smaller children who may have just learned to walk. Because it’s so durable, they’ll be able to love it for years to come.


  • Durable wooden construction will last for years
  • Water-based paint is safe
  • Large enough for dolls and stuffed animals
  • Wheels won’t scratch the floor


  • Large footprint
  • Rubber rings around the wheels may come off

Adora Zig Zag Twin Jogger Stroller

The Adora Zig Zag Twin Jogger Stroller features more gender neutral colors I love. The zig zag pattern is beyond adorable, and I think it’s something that any child would gravitate toward.

It’s a jogging stroller that fits two dolls, so your child can cram all sorts of dolls or animals in there for play time! It only holds dolls up to 16 inches long, but that’s still plenty big for almost anything.

The large handles are easy to grab and they’re covered in foam, which makes them much more comfortable for extended play time.

It has a large basket for extra accessories, which we all know your child is going to want to bring along, just like Mom. Each seat has a seatbelt so every doll or animal will be safe, and the stroller folds up for easy storage or so you can take it with you in the car.

The canopy collapses so the dolls can have extra visibility, and the calf support and footrest will give everyone just a bit more comfortable ride. The large wheels make it easy to push.

One of the other things I like about this stroller is that it’s very realistic. Your child will have such a blast pushing their dolls around in this stroller because it’s so much like the real thing.

You can’t beat an imaginative play time that features something allowing them to imitate you, someone they admire most in the whole world.


  • Gender neutral coloring and cute pattern
  • Holds two dolls
  • Folds up for easy storage or transport
  • Padded handle for extra comfort during play
  • Large basket for accessories


  • Not very durable
  • Won’t hold large dolls

The Buddy Stroller by Lovevery

The Buddy Stroller by Lovevery is another stroller made from wood that features simple, natural construction, cheery fabric, and a classic toy for imaginative play with no frills.

Children as young as one year can use this stroller to develop their gross motor skills by learning to push along. The bright colors are visually stimulating and make it a great toy for either gender.

It’s made of FSC-certified wood with a non-toxic finish. It’s a stroller smaller in size and folds down so you can store it easily when your child isn’t playing or you can take it with you wherever you go.

The wheels are covered in rubber so they won’t scratch your floor, and they’re durable enough to take it outside. The seatbelt will hold any doll or stuffed animal in place easily.

The fantastic thing about this stroller is that it’s a great choice for families who are worried about purchasing toys that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The build quality is fantastic, so you can feel confident in purchasing something that won’t harm your child or the environment.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Cheery, gender-neutral fabric
  • Wheels won’t scratch floor
  • Folds down for easy transport and storage


  • Won’t grow with your child
  • Only holds small dolls

Final Thoughts

A doll stroller can be a great addition to your child’s toy collection. If I were shopping for one, I would choose the My First Doll Single Stroller. I love how easily it folds up for storage, and also love the way it looks.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.