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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby jumper is, I’d recommend the Skip Hop Baby Jumper.

Baby jumpers have come a long way since they first made their appearance on the market. If you’ve been looking for a baby jumper for your little one, start here. We’ve put together a list of some of the best baby jumpers out there for your consideration.

Take a look at our favorites here—and what you’ll want to look for when you bring home one of your own.

Here are the baby jumpers I will be reviewing:

What Is A Baby Jumper?

A baby jumper is a toy designed for young children. It helps encourage balance, core strength, muscle development through the legs, and beginning walking skills.

Baby jumpers are usually designed to keep your child in a single space and occupied. They can be a great way to get a few minutes to make a meal or get another child dressed for the day.

Baby jumpers usually have a cloth seat with holes for your little one’s legs to fit through. The cloth seat provides great support for your child’s upper body. Most baby jumpers offer an activity tray at chest level. This area will have stimuli and activity to keep your child busy and learning. It can also provide additional stability.

Most baby jumpers are adjustable—this allows you to drop the seat to an appropriate height for your child. You want your child’s feet to be able to touch the floor to avoid unnecessary pressure on your baby’s pelvis and hips. When set at the right height, your baby can usually bounce off the floor, which is how the baby jumper got its name.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Your Baby Jumper

While shopping around for the best baby jumper, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Age of your baby: Are you looking for a baby jumper that suits a younger child or an older one? Are you interested in one that will grow with your child and offers extended height options? Knowing exactly what you need from a baby jumper will help you rule out the ones that won’t work.
  • Extra features: Some baby jumpers offer lights, sounds, and other activities that rely on battery power. Are you looking for something high tech, or something more traditional for your little one?
  • Portability: If you plan on traveling with your baby jumper (or even moving it from room to room) you’ll want something that’s easily portable. Factor this into your selection choice.

My Top Baby Jumper Reviews

There are a lot of good baby jumpers on the market. So, I narrowed the field down to my top 5, reviewed them, and then picked my favorite.

Skip Hop Baby Jumper

This baby jumper is for babies 4 months and older and offers music to enrich your child’s playtime. Its modern and simple aesthetic offers a nice change of pace when your home is becoming dominated by baby items. While integrating nicely into your living space, it also offers three different stages of play to better suit your growing child.

For younger children up to 25 pounds, you can use the sit, swivel, bounce, and play mode. This is the traditional baby jumper setup. A raised platform serves as a base for your child to use as their bouncing surface.

This platform is also equipped with a small piano with pedals your little one can use their feet to press. A window on the tray gives your child easy viewing and encourages the development of spatial awareness. The seat can rotate a full 360 degrees for your child to fully explore the included toys.

When your child has aged out of the baby jumper, you can convert it to cruise and interact mode. The platform that had previously performed as the base can raise up and fill out the table. The activity toys remain in place on the edge and encourage your child to move around the table. This builds the walking and balance skills they need to become truly independent walkers.

Finally, the toys can be removed altogether. Then the baby jumper transforms into a raised table with a flat surface for your child to play on. Have you been looking for an item you can invest in that will remain useful for a long period of time? This may be what you’ve been looking for.


  • This unit has a sleek and modern design
  • Transforms to suit your growing child
  • The seat can be removed for easy washing


  • Not designed to be portable
  • Batteries may need to be replaced frequently

Baby Einstein Discovery Jumper

This baby jumper swivels a full 360-degrees so your child can move easily from activity to activity. This also offers a great opportunity for lower body muscle building and gross motor skill development.

This unit is chock-full of fun activities for your little one. In all, your little one will have access to 15 different activities. Rattles, spinners, sliding beads, and other themed games await your baby. Some of these are electronic and this baby jumper does require three AA batteries for operation.

The different textures and sounds of the activities entice your baby to reach and develop hand-eye coordination. They also offer great sensory experiences that help provide healthy cognitive development. This baby jumper has lights and has multiple language options to choose from.

This unit is designed for children ages 6–12 months of age. While it’s not easily collapsed for storage or travel, it can be partially disassembled for such purposes. The electronic sea turtle activity is removable, though, and can be a great floor or travel toy.

Your child should be able to sit unassisted and be less than 30 inches tall to use this baby jumper. There are four different height settings on this jumper to help you customize exactly to your child’s needs.

Assembly is required with this unit, but it is straightforward and no additional tools are required. When needed, the seat can be removed for cleaning. Do follow the included cleaning instructions to help preserve the integrity and vibrant colors of the fabric.


  • Offers both electronic and manual activities for your child to enjoy
  • Full 360-degree rotation helps avoid frustration and encourages large muscle development
  • Offers four different height positions to create the perfect play space for your little one


  • Not designed for easy storage or travel
  • The seat area is on the small side and may pinch through the thigh area

Fisher-Price Jumperoo

This baby jumper is jungle animal themed and offers music, lights, and sounds to help encourage your child to jump and play. This unit also offers three different heights to choose from to ensure your baby’s where they need to be.

This baby jumper is specifically designed to encourage play. It works on a reward-style system where the child produces sound or light effect with each bounce. This serves to motivate your child and helps keep them interested in their playtime activities.

If your child has favorite toys, they can be hooked to the top of the jumper poles. This can encourage stretching and reaching to better build those balance skills. When needed, the inner seat can be removed for washing and sanitizing.

The leg holes on this unit fit snugly. While this is great for giving your baby security and preventing accidental tipping, it can lead to chafing. You may want to keep your little one in pants while using this baby jumper for long periods of time.

This unit is not designed to be easily moved or stored. It can be partially disassembled to do so when needed, though. Though it’s less than 20 pounds and not too heavy, it’s large frame does make it more awkward and difficult to move. This is especially true if you’re also holding your baby. For the easiest use, plan on setting up in the area where you’ll be using the baby jumper most.

Three AA batteries are required for this baby jumper. Each set of batteries will give you approximately 20 hours of active use. This jumper is suitable for children who weigh less than 25 pounds.


  • Offers adjustable height settings
  • You can easily incorporate your child’s favorite toys into their playtime
  • The jumper seat is easy to clean and quick-drying


  • This unit’s not designed for quick and easy storage
  • This baby jumper has a lower weight limit and small leg holes—it may not suit a baby with larger thighs

Summer Infant Portable Activity Center

Have you been looking for a baby jumper that’s easy to bring along with you? Whether you’re visiting, friends, family, or just spending the afternoon outside, this can be a great option for you.

This unit is designed to collapse and fold down for easy travel. Setting it up and taking it down takes just a matter of moments. It’s lightweight and has a small footprint for easier travel. It’s also equipped with a sunshade, which is great to have when you’re using your baby jumper outside.

Another great feature for outdoor use is the fabric base. It fits at the bottom of the baby jumper and sits directly on the ground. This can turn any surface into one that’s safe and clean for your baby’s feet. Later, this fabric base can be removed and washed as needed. Metal washers help keep this base in place and they may damage unprotected floors. There are springs in this unit that allow your baby to truly bounce while in it.

This unit is designed with manual toys and activity spaces for your little one. The activities included are predominantly soft, like the fabric flip book. This helps cut down on weight and makes portability easier. With no hard plastic, lights, or music, this unit does not require batteries.

This unit also offers height adjustability. This feature helps you get the perfect fit for your growing child. When needed, the individual fabric components of the baby jumper—including the seat—can be removed and cleaned.


  • Easily portable and great for travel
  • Washable
  • Offers different height adjustments
  • Great features for outdoor use, including a sun canopy and a baby jumper base


  • Does not integrate music or other stimuli into the included activities
  • This unit is on the shorter side—even at its tallest setting, this product may not work for a taller child

Disney Finding Nemo Jumper

This baby jumper is designed for children 6 months of age and older who are under 25 pounds. To keep your little one safe and prevent accidental tipping, make sure your child is under 30 inches tall.

This fun undersea Finding Nemo-themed baby jumper offers bold, eye-catching colors and more than 13 activities for your little one. The seat on this baby jumper can move a full 360 degrees to give your child great access to the activities. When needed, this seat can be removed for cleaning.

Your children will recognize their favorite characters from the movie. Nemo, Dory, Bruce the friendly shark, and Mr. Ray are all prominently featured. Two of the toys—Tad and Pearl—can be removed from the baby jumper for on-the-go fun. This unit also offers a spot where you can hang your child’s favorite toys to help encourage interaction and play.

In addition to the manual toys like the spinner and teethers, this unit also has lights and sounds. There are four different height settings to choose from and changing the leg height is quick and simple. Just press and slide the latch to the desired position and the baby jumper is ready for your little one.

This unit is not designed to fold up for easy storage. It is a larger piece, so you’ll want to make sure you have a significant amount of room to dedicate to it. It requires six AA batteries, but a single set of batteries will provide nearly 300 hours of entertainment.


  • This unit offers adjustable height to suit your growing baby’s needs
  • Sturdy and not prone to tipping
  • Assembly set up is quick and easy


  • Not all of the toys can be easily rotated to face your baby
  • Suspension cables may be prone to snapping—check your baby jumper frequently for damage

Picking The Best Baby Jumper For You

A baby jumper might be just what you’re looking for to give your little one some extra play incentive. The added muscle development is just the icing on the cake. If I were choosing only one of these baby jumpers to bring home, it would be the Skip Hop Baby Jumper. I love the modern aesthetic and how my little one can continue to use it once they’ve graduated from the baby jumper.

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