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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby memory book is, I’d recommend the Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book.

If you’re an expecting parent or looking for the perfect gift for expecting parents, you might be searching for the best baby memory book. They are a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful personal keepsake, which you and your family will take great delight in looking at forever. 

The variety and choice can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we have reviewed the most popular baby memory books for you.

Here are the baby memory books I will be reviewing:

What Is a Baby Memory Book?

A baby memory book, also called a baby journal, is dedicated to remembering all stages of a child’s life. With the help of prompts and pre-designed photo frames, you can create a beautiful piece of art, even if you’re not a talented artist.

Most memory books include sections to cover the time from pregnancy. On themed pages, you’ll find space to write down your baby’s firsts and favorites, i.e., the first laugh, the first bath, or favorite food.

Most baby journals include a page for the family tree, so your child will remember all their relative’s names. Many of the reviewed baby journals have monthly pages for the first year. These help to keep the memories of all the precious milestone moments of your child’s development.

Another crucial part of memory books is photos. You can customize your baby journal with lovely snapshots. You can also insert your child’s first drawings or foot- and handprints.

Who Are Baby Memory Books For?

Baby journals are for expecting parents—whether that’s you, a friend, or relative who can’t wait for the arrival of a child. A baby memory book is a great way to show your shared excitement for the coming baby. 

If you’re expecting yourself, it could be a great present for your parenting partner. The two of you can fill out the memory book together and start during pregnancy.

How Do You Use a Baby Memory Book?

Take your time to fill out the prompts regularly, write down your thoughts, and print and glue in photos. By the time your child grows up, you will have created a unique memory book, which you both can look at forever.

Be creative! There are no rules for designing the best baby memory book, so grab your pen and glue stick and start!

What Is Important When Choosing the Best Baby Memory Book?

Depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle, you might want to have a closer look at the following parameters:


How thick is the paper? Is the ink high-quality, eco-friendly, durable, and easy to write on?


Is the journal book bound or spiral bound? Spiral-bound books provide the possibility to remove pages if not needed. They are simpler to use if you plan to glue in a lot of photos and other items. Book bound journals have the more traditional, classy look.

Gender Neutrality

Do you care for traditional color combinations for your child? Or do you prefer a gender-neutral design? If you’re an LGBT-family, it might be relevant to dismiss traditional family designations in the book (especially in the family tree).


Is the cover sturdy? Is it possible to insert and / or exchange the cover photo?


Do you expect certain extras in the book? Commonly found extras in baby journals are:

  • A keepsake envelope for the hospital bracelet or milk teeth
  • Monthly stickers to personalize the journal
  • An ink pad to create hand- and footprints 
  • A sleeve or storage box
  • Blank pages to write down further personal notes

My Baby Memory Book Reviews

We have looked at the top baby memory books and summarized the most important facts below.

Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal

The Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book is a gender-neutral, giraffe-themed baby journal. Among the 60 pages, you’ll find several themed-pages.

There are detailed monthly pages for the first year up till the age of five. The book comes with 12 stickers for the first year to create an individual appearance of the baby journal. 

The baby journal includes room for photos and memories of your pregnancy and ultrasound pictures. The family-tree page provides space to write down all the names of your baby’s family members. 

You can record milestones in your baby’s development in the firsts pages, such as the one for the first crawl. Foot- and handprints of your baby will also find a place in this book. For details and other memories, there is an empty page for something unrelated to the pre-designed pages. 

A keepsake envelope at the end of the book provides space for small items, such as milk teeth or the hospital bracelet. To ensure you print your photos in the right size and hustle-free, the manufacturer included a separate photo guide. 

The spiral-bound journal is printed on eco-friendly paper and uses colors that last for a lifetime. The included gift box can help to keep the book clean and safe for many years. We love everything about the Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book and declare it the best baby memory book on the market right now.


  • Spiral-bound is great if you want to remove a page
  • Gift box included
  • 12 stickers included
  • Keepsake envelope included
  • Printed on thick, eco-friendly paper
  • Different versions available: two unisex, and a girl and boy version
  • Includes milk teeth page


  • Not LGBT-family friendly
  • Only one empty page

Pearhead Animals Baby Memory Book With Clean-Touch Baby Safe Ink Pad

The Animals Baby Memory Book by Pearhead is a book bound, gender-neutral baby journal. It’s composed of 50 guided pages, which include a family tree, and a weight and growth chart.

You’ll find plenty of space for your baby’s firsts, such as the first three birthdays, first food, and first day of kindergarten. Besides the pages for accomplishments, sleeping patterns and discoveries, the book provides one page for each of the first five years.

There is space to write down the story of the baby’s mom and dad. An included ink pad allows you to make prints of your baby’s hands and feet. It’s designed so your baby doesn’t touch the ink for health and safety purposes, and keeps them ink-free, too. 

The book includes pages to note memories of your pregnancy and baby’s arrival. One page is dedicated to describing the world your baby has arrived into, i.e., popular music, prices, and current events. 

The book has a plain animal print design, which leaves enough room and possibilities to customize it. Several blank pages provide space for art your baby creates or other memories you want to keep in this book. The plastic storage box helps to keep this baby journal clean and safe for many years to come.


  • Includes clean-touch ink pad for foot and handprints
  • Page for parent’s (relationship) story
  • Page for “the world the baby came into”
  • Blank pages for baby’s first drawings
  • Affordable option


  • Book bound (removing pages isn’t possible)
  • Compact, yearly design with no monthly pages

Baby Journal and Photo Album Baby Memory Book of Firsts Little Camper Memory Book

The Baby Memory Book and Photo Album by Lucy Darling is a cute forest-, bear- and camping themed baby journal of 48 pages. It’s made of thick, durable paper and printed in a sketch style with soy-based inks.

This baby journal stands out due to its LGBT-friendly design, which spares labels for family members. Instead, the fields on pages, such as the one with the family tree, are blank. This means you don’t have to cross out non-existing family members. 

The baby memory book includes two pages to document the time of pregnancy, provides space for footprints and the hospital bracelet. Additionally, there’s a specific space to write a little note to your baby before birth. 

Each of the first 12 months of your baby’s life gets one page to design with photos and notes. The Lucy Darling baby journal includes pages for the many firsts of your little one, as well as five birthday pages. An extra page covers the first day of school.

Eleven blank pages at the end of the baby journal provide space for more individual notes and memories. Customizing your baby journal further with stickers is easy, since the manufacturer Lucy Darling provides them for separate purchase. If you care for an eco-friendly, durable quality, and a neutral design for baby and parents, this journal might be a great option for you.


  • Responsibly printed with soy-based inks
  • Eco-friendly, durable thick paper
  • LGBT-friendly design
  • Stickers available for separate purchase


  • A bit pricey regarding size and scope
  • Book bound (no invisible removing of pages possible)

Little Blossoms by Pearhead Five Year Memory Book with an Included Clean-Touch Ink Pad

The Little Blossoms memory book by Pearhead is a baby journal in pink and comes in a vintage design. It includes pages for pre-baby times, such as the first date of the baby’s parents and the parent’s personalities.

You’ll find space to document the pregnancy, doctor visits, and the baby shower. This is great if you’re creative and want to start your baby’s journal process before they’ve arrived. One page requires a description of the world at the moment of the baby’s birth. 

The baby journal includes a growth chart and pages for the first five birthdays. Even your baby’s first friends find space in this journal, as well as photos of favorite activities and family moments. 

The front cover includes a photo insert and an opening for a footprint. Therefore, the manufacturer includes a clean-touch ink pad with the journal. It takes hand- and footprints of your newborn. 

The baby journal provides plenty of space for individual notes and thoughts on the blank pages. The enclosed protective plastic sleeve secures your baby memory book for many years from being damaged. If you’re looking for an affordable, plain-designed baby journal, the Little Blossom by Pearhead could be the right choice for you.


  • Affordable
  • Includes clean-touch ink pad
  • Available in more colors (yellow and blue)
  • Sturdy binding
  • Includes protective plastic sleeve
  • Includes a photo insert in the front hardcover


  • Not LGBT-friendly, suitable for traditional families only (many mom/dad pages)
  • No monthly pages for the first year

Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever

Letters to my baby by Lea Redmond is an album to help you collect your thoughts and memories to share with your child. It’s designed as a treasured memory book that you hand over for a special birthday or graduation gift.

The concept of this memory book works on a personal level, rather than on milestones and facts about your baby, such as firsts and favorites. Imagine, in 20 years’ time, you’re going to hand it to your child who gets to know about your younger self.

It has a different setup than the other baby journals in this review: it contains 12 letters, bound into a book. On 10 of these letters, you find prompts, i.e., “My wishes for you are”, “What I want you to know about me”, “My first impressions of you were”, etc. The responses are your personal messages to your baby. 

This book has much fewer space compared to others on this list, especially for photos. However, there are two blank pages for more individual designing. It suits great as a baby-shower present since it’s in the lower price range of all reviewed products.


  • Creative, different concept
  • Gender-neutral
  • Included stickers to seal the envelopes
  • Affordable
  • Personal character
  • Neutral design and LGBT-friendly


  • Limited space, especially for photo attachments
  • Due to its small size, it would be easier to write on if pages were removable

RubyRoo Baby First Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal

The First Year Baby Memory Book by RubyRoo Baby has a beautiful, gender-neutral floral design. The hardcover reads “All about me” and includes 56 spiral-bound pages.

The baby memory book guides you through the first year, including pages for major milestones in your child’s development up to the age of five. There’s space to write down the first holidays, birthdays, and personal stories. 

The photo frames are Instagram-friendly and square-shaped. Furthermore, this baby memory book provides space to record monthly memories for the first year. Photos and memories of your baby’s first birthday find space in a two-page spread. 

This baby journal is specifically LGBT-friendly and makes it super easy to use for all families: you’ll find many blank fields to fill out, based on your family. 

The thick, eco-friendly, archival quality of the pages ensures to preserve memories for many years. The album is also available in two other designs, along with fitting stickers.


  • Different designs and stickers available separately
  • Instagram-friendly, square photo frames
  • Space for personal stories
  • Neutral design and LGBT-friendly
  • Eco-friendly quality paper
  • Spiral-bound


  • Limited space for individual customizing
  • Photo frames are rather big, mainly only one photo per page

Lil Peach Train Baby Five Year Memory Book

The Lil Peach Train Baby Memory Book by Pearhead is a classic baby journal and photo album. It contains several non-gender-neutral pages about the baby’s parents, the pregnancy, and the baby shower.

There’s plenty of space to record memories from the delivery, the time in hospital, and first visitors. The journal helps you to keep track of your baby’s firsts, i.e., the first laugh, words, and steps. Furthermore, your first holidays and baby’s favorite things have space in this book. 

One page is dedicated to recording the growth development of your child. Plenty of photos of friends, baby’s mom and dad, activities, and more find room in this baby journal. 

Up to the age of five, there are pages for major milestones, such as kindergarten, pre-school, and all birthdays. This baby journal is situated in the lower price range and offers an affordable option if you need a baby memory book. 

It has a plain design of mainly blue colors. Although, other designs are available from the same manufacturer. Please note that all pages, especially those with the family tree and parents, clearly follow the traditional family model. As a result, this book isn’t gender-neutral and might be frustrating to use for LGBT families.


  • Affordable option
  • More designs available by the same manufacturer (i.e., for further children or siblings)
  • Compact size
  • High-quality cover


  • Not gender neutral or suitable for LGBT families
  • Book bound (no pages removable)
  • Little room for creativity

Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

The First Year Memory Book by Lucy Darling is a square baby journal, titled with “Baby’s first year” and “A simple book of firsts”. The spiral-bound baby memory book has a beautiful floral, and plant layout in pinkish colors. The book is designed unisex and suits for baby boys and baby girls.

The baby journal offers plenty of space on monthly pages for the first year to record your baby’s development. On birthday pages up to the age of five, you’ll find lots of room for photos of your little one. 

While your baby is growing every day, you can keep track of firsts, such as the first crawl or the first bath. The square-shaped photo frames complete the overall modern design of this pretty baby memory book by replicating Instagram’s photo model. 

There are opportunities to be creative and capture additional memories of your child on the 11 blank pages. The structure of this journal is similar to the memory book by Lucy Darling, which we reviewed above. 

Please note, that this version is not LGBT-friendly, since it has “mom” and “dad” labels such as on the family tree page. The thick, sturdy paper and soy-based inks used in the baby journal are eco-friendly and provide long-lasting quality.


  • Spiral-bound
  • Modern, unisex floral design
  • Eco-friendly, soy-based ink
  • Thick high-quality paper


  • Not LGBT family-friendly: family tree follows traditional mom-dad-scheme
  • Photo frame size is rather small

Promptly Journals – Childhood History Journal (Blush Pink)

The Childhood History Journal by Promptly Journals is an extensive keepsake to collect memories of your child from pregnancy to graduation. With its 254 pages, this journal differs from the other reviewed products.

The journal starts with prompts about the pregnancy, and there’s space to make notes for each of the three trimesters. This is followed by the sections from birth to the first 12 months. 

You’ll find room for photos, footprints, and important milestones of your baby’s development. The book continues with the toddler and childhood years. This section includes space for memories about funny things your baby says and your thoughts on what your child may become.

You can name your child’s favorite friends and books, and describe how you celebrate birthdays. The next section covers the school years, including favorite teachers, school name, and your child’s talents. In the teenage years’ section, there are prompts to write about your child’s character and what makes you proud of your child. The last section dedicates itself to graduation memories and the dreams you have for your child.

This journal has a vintage pink leatherette hardcover and an integrated bookmark. Compared to the other baby memory books, there is little space for photos. The written memories combined with the elegant look makes it a stylish, timeless present.


  • Elegant vintage pink hardcover of leatherette material
  • 254 pages
  • Integrated bookmark
  • Covers from pregnancy to graduation
  • Includes prompts to write to your child
  • Journal has a personal attribute


  • Little room for photos
  • Plain layout

C.R. Gibson Elephant ‘Hello World’ First Five Years Memory Baby Book

The Elephant Hello Word Baby Memory Book by C.R. Gibson composes of 64 pages. The cover shows a little elephant holding a balloon, decorated with detail-orientated embroidery, which follows throughout all the pages. These pages include the child’s first five years with monthly pages for the first year.

There’s room to describe the time of pregnancy and the baby’s parents in this memory book. A page for the family tree is designed without gender-specific labels. Though, please note that the memory book is not fully LGBT family-friendly, since there are pages that reference “mommy” and “daddy”. 

The journal provides room for hand- and footprints as well as pages for firsts and favorites. The same manufacturer offers several other items, which have the same embroidery design. Among them, there are stickers, a photo album for grandma, and a yearly wall calendar. This cute series of products would be great as a present for a mom-to-be. 

This baby journal includes more pages than most other baby memory books in this review. Therefore it has an excellent value-for-money proportion.


  • Provides more pages than most memory books
  • Detail-oriented
  • Cover photo can be exchanged easily
  • Included plastic cover for storage
  • Long-established, well-known publisher company


  • Not gender-neutral or suitable for LGBT families
  • Spaces for writing could be bigger

Which Is the Best Baby Memory Book for You?

The clear winner of our review is the Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book. We love its giraffe-themed design and that it’s gender-neutral. The envelope at the end of the journal is a great way to keep small items.

The spiral binding and included stickers make it extra fun and easy to personalize. Last but not least, we appreciate the durable yet eco-friendly quality of paper and ink. We hope you enjoy filling out the pages!

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.