Best Baby Nail Clippers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby nail clippers are, I’d recommend the Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer.

Your newborn’s nails are surprisingly soft and flexible, which might make you think that they can’t get too sharp. Think again. The jagged edges of baby’s fingernails can leave scratches all over their body, so nail care is important. Stock your nursery and diaper bag with the best baby nail clippers so you can keep those tiny fingernails and toenails short and smooth.

Here are the baby nail clippers I will be reviewing:

Baby Nail Care Basics

Even before you leave the hospital with your newborn, you’re inundated with baby care advice from nurses. If you’re like me, you probably left the hospital with a packet of papers filled with tips on general care, from how and when to bathe your baby to when to call your pediatrician or lactation consultant. One piece of information often lacking from this pile of papers is advice on how to trim your baby’s nails. 

However, baby nail care is important. Often, your baby arrives with surprisingly long nails. You might have packed a couple of pairs of newborn mittens in your hospital bag to protect your baby’s face and eyes from scratches. While these mittens can certainly be helpful, they don’t always work. My squirmy newborns always managed to wiggle their way out of the mittens, leaving them at risk of unintended face scratches caused by jagged nails. As a result, early and frequent nail trims were especially important.

How to Trim Your Baby’s Nails

I won’t be the first mother to admit that trimming your baby’s nails for the first time can be a seriously nerve wracking experience. Sharp clippers, squirming hands that just can’t seem to stay still, and tiny fingernails certainly make it a challenge. Understanding the basics of nail trimming can give you more confidence as you begin.

Follow these tips as you learn to care for your baby’s nails:

  • Check baby’s nails every few days for jagged edges that can lead to scratches. Use a cushioned emery board to file away those edges.
  • Trim baby’s nails at least once a week. Make sure they’re long enough that you can easily trim the nail without getting too close to the finger.
  • Trim nails when your baby is distracted, such as when they’re sleeping, nursing, or taking a bottle. 
  • Firmly hold your baby’s hand so that it doesn’t wiggle away when you’re trying to trim. Once your baby’s hand is steady, use your dominant hand to trim.
  • Don’t forget to check the toenails. They don’t grow as quickly as fingernails but will probably require a trim or filing once or twice a month.

Types of Baby Nail Clippers

Like other baby products on the market, nail clippers come in many varieties. If you’re a seasoned parent, you probably know which type of clippers you prefer to use. However, if you’ve never trimmed tiny baby fingernails, you might not be sure where to start. Use this guide to evaluate different types of clippers to find the one that you’re most comfortable working with.

Nail Clippers

Traditional nail clippers are going to be the most familiar style for you. They look much like the clippers you use on your nails, only smaller. These clippers usually have stainless steel blades that make it easy to cut through baby’s nails. 

Many of these nail clippers are outfitted with other safety features. Handles feature non-slip grips using materials like silicone that make it easy to hang onto. Rounded edges add a layer of safety, which can minimize the risk of cutting the baby’s finger. Typically, baby nail clippers are going to be smaller than adult sizes, so they’re going to fit in your hand better for easier use.


Scissors are another way to trim your baby’s nails, and many parents find that these styles are easier when you’re working with newborn hands and feet. These petite scissors usually have stainless steel blades with a rounded tip so that you can maneuver around the baby’s fingertip with ease. Handles feature holes large enough for mom’s or dad’s fingers to fit through easily. They’re equipped with non-slip grips as well, which add another layer of safety to these scissors.

Nail File

Paired with clippers or scissors, a nail file can serve as the finishing touch to your baby’s manicure. While traditional emery boards can do the trick, you can also find styles designed just for a baby. Some feature a unique “S” shape that follows the natural curves of little fingernails, while others are simply smaller in size so that they can buff away jagged edges with ease.

Electric Styles

Another option when it comes to caring for baby’s nails allows you to go high tech. Electric styles take much of the guesswork––and anxiety––out of trimming. These battery-operated styles use sandpaper pads, much like emery boards, to file baby’s nails. But, you don’t have to do any of the work. Instead, just turn it on for easy filing.  You can swap out the pads as they grow with the baby, using larger and stronger pads with a 10-month-old than you would a 10-week-old, for example. If taking clippers or scissors to baby’s fingers makes you cringe, an electric style might be just right for you.

My Top Baby Nail Clipper Reviews

We’ve taken a look at all of the baby nail clippers on the market, and reviewed our favorite ones below.

Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer

Trimming your baby’s nails is easier with Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer. This high-tech option takes much of the guesswork out of safely and carefully trimming baby’s nails. These battery-operated trimmers use two batteries to carefully file your little one’s nails. A nail file, instead of traditional clippers, is easier to operate because you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting nails too short or cutting your baby’s finger.

This nail trimmer comes with three cushioned sandpaper pads that gently file your baby’s nails. The three color-coded sandpaper pads are designed for newborns up to 3 months, 4 months to 11 months, and 12 months and up. As a result, this trimmer adapts to your growing baby’s grooming needs. Be careful, though––if you have a ticklish little one, the sandpaper pad might tickle their finger, which can make it harder to file nails with a baby squirming in your lap.

Several features make this nail trimmer easy to operate. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and work around your baby’s little fingernails. An LED front light illuminates your baby’s hand for easier operation. The on/off button is conveniently located for simple unit operation. Plus, it features a whisper-quiet motor that won’t disturb your baby. If you’re lucky, you can even operate this nail trimmer while your baby sleeps or eats. It has multiple speeds and dual rotation, allowing you to customize settings to suit your baby’s needs.


  • Trimmer comes with three sandpaper pads designed for adults so that Mom and Dad can use it too
  • Storage case keeps trimmer and sandpaper pads well organized and ready for travel


  • It takes time to adjust to the sandpaper pad angle and find the right rotation for your needs
  • Battery cover might slip off when changing the sandpaper pad

Yvieko Baby Nail Kit

The Yvieko Baby Nail Kit gives you all the tools you need to keep your baby’s fingers and toes well manicured. It features a 4-in-1 convertible tool that includes baby nail clippers, baby scissors, tweezers, and a nail file. Each of these tools is designed for durability. For example, the scissor blades are crafted of rust-free, precision stainless steel. The clippers, scissors, and tweezers feature easy-to-grab, non-slip handles made of non-toxic ABS. As a result, you will always have a steady grip when trimming nails.

Other design features make the Yvieko Baby Nail Kit ideal for even the tiniest fingers. The clippers have overlapping handles that give you total control so you can work with your baby’s small fingernails. The scissors feature two large holes so that your fingers can easily fit through them. Tweezers have a rounded tip so that they aren’t too sharp for baby. However, if you’re looking for something sharper, this might not be the set for you. Plus, the glass nail file is smooth and rounded so that it’s well suited for your little one’s fingers.

This baby nail kit is a popular choice because the tools aren’t exclusively developed for infants. They’re just as effective for toddlers and young kids too, which means you can use it for years. Plus, the storage case makes this set a fun and thoughtful baby shower gift. Display this adorable owl-themed storage case on a dresser or bathroom countertop. You’ll never be digging through drawers to find nail trimmers again.


  • Lightweight storage case makes it easy to transport
  • Ergonomic features make tools easy to hold and maneuver around baby’s fingers and toes


  • Nail file might seem too big for newborn fingernails before they grow into it
  • Scissors have a plastic piece that can slip off and be a choking hazard

Cherish Electric Baby Nail File

Squirmy babies who don’t like to have their nails trimmed won’t fight you when you use the Chrish Electric Baby Nail File. Instead of trimming, it gently files baby’s nails to create smoother and shorter nails. It’s easy to maneuver around those sharp corners that always seem to inevitably scratch your little one’s face, smoothing them out so that scratches are gone for good.

This electric nail file comes with four filing pads so that this tool can grow with your baby. You can expect to change the pads once every three months until your baby turns 1. Then, you can stick with the orange filing pad designed for ages 1 and up. Plus, replacement pads are available, so if you’re an avid nail filer, you don’t have to worry about having to replace the entire unit.

The Cherish Electric Baby Nail File is best used for young babies. Once your child hits their first birthday, their nails might be a little too tough for their stronger nails. But, you can be certain that you’ll get at least a year of use out of this nail file, making it a good investment. When you do use it, you’ll be impressed by the quiet motor that won’t scare a baby frightened by loud noises. You’ll enjoy a comfortable grip thanks to its ergonomic design. Two speeds might take some getting used to, but they give you flexibility when customizing the file to suit your needs.


  • 60-day money back guarantee gives you time to test the product without commitment
  • Quiet operation won’t make baby nervous
  • Replacement filing pads are available for purchase


  • If the baby’s hand moves when filing, the file can be rough on their fingertips
  • Long nails need to be trimmed before filing

Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clippers

Sometimes, simple is best. If you don’t need the bells and whistles of electric nail clippers and just want a sturdy, reliable option, look no further than these Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clippers. They’re a popular choice thanks to their oversized handles, which allow you to have a firm and steady grip when navigating around tiny baby fingernails. This easy-grip handle might take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll learn how to work with it with a little practice.

These fold-up nail clippers come in a two pack, which means you’ll always have a pair accessible. Keep one pair stored in the nursery and the other in the diaper bag so that you’re always prepared for on-the-go nail trims. I always kept a pair of nail clippers tucked in a basket next to the glider so that I could trim my babies’ nails when they were distracted by nursing. So, having two sets is a practical choice.

These nail clippers are designed for the smallest fingernails, which means that the blades feature a rounded design. Since they don’t have any sharp edges, you can rest easy knowing you won’t nick your baby’s nails, offering a more gentle cut. Plus, since they’re crafted of durable stainless steel, you’ll be able to enjoy these clippers for your baby’s first year––and maybe your second baby’s first year, too.


  • Two pairs of clippers included
  • Soft handle improves your grip when trimming


  • Blade isn’t super sharp since it’s designed for soft baby fingernails, so it may not be as effective on toddlers’ and kids’ nails
  • Blades dull over time, which makes them less effective at cutting

bbluv Trimo Electric Nail Clippers

bbluv Trimo Electric Nail Clippers are another good option if you prefer to file, rather than trim, your baby’s nails. The trimming discs on these nail clippers are super soft, which means you don’t have to worry about any discomfort for your little one’s fingertips. You can even test the discs on your fingernails to see just how gentle they are. Plus, these electric nail clippers eliminate the risk of an accidental cut and allow you to gently file baby’s nails.

These nail clippers are compact and fit easily in the palm of your hand. With a simple push of the button, you can turn them on and select the speed. Dual speed settings allow you to customize the trim for each nail. Larger fingernails and toenails might require a faster speed than the pinkies, for example. The speed settings might not be intuitive at first, so be prepared to invest some time in learning how to work these clippers. But, with some practice, you’ll be able to choose the right speed setting for each nail. Keep in mind that you might need the faster speed setting for stronger nails as your baby grows.

Similarly, the trimming discs you need will change over time. Expect to change them every three months or so as your baby grows. Follow the color-coded guide to use the right trimming discs for your baby’s age. Four replacement discs are included with these trimmers, which allow them to grow with your baby.


  • It comes with a convenient storage/travel case
  • Quiet motor won’t scare or startle your baby


  • Soft pads might take longer to file the nail
  • Batteries aren’t included, so you’ll need to have two AA batteries on hand

The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper

If you’ve ever tried to trim your baby’s nails in poor lighting, you know that it can be a challenging task. I quickly learned to trim nails in the brightest room of my house on a sunny day for maximum visibility. The First Years Deluxe Nail Clipper makes it easier to see those oh-so-tiny pinky nails that can be tricky to trim. This pair of clippers is equipped with a fold-away magnifying glass that makes your baby’s nails more visible. You’ll enjoy four times the magnification, so even those smallest nails will be easier to see.

At first glance, these nail clippers have a simple look because the magnifying glass folds away and is out of sight when it isn’t in use. But, when it pops out, the glass becomes the defining––not to mention most helpful––feature of these clippers. Say goodbye to the eye strain that comes with trying to focus on one small, squirmy fingernail that you’re trying to trim.

You’ll be impressed with other features as well. These nail clippers are sized and scaled for tiny hands, which makes them easier to maneuver when trimming. Handles feature rubber grips that make it easier to hold onto, so you won’t have to worry about your hand slipping when you’re trimming. Stainless steel blades are durable, but the sharp edges can make trimming a bit of a challenge. After a successful baby manicure, fold up these trimmers and tuck them safely away in a drawer or basket until next time.


  • Nail clippers are well suited for babies, toddlers, and young children, so you can use them for years
  • Rubber grips on handles ensure your hands won’t slip


  • Edges aren’t especially sharp to protect baby’s fingers, but that can make it harder to trim
  • Magnifying glass clicks into place and isn’t adjustable, so you have to position baby’s hand directly under it

Simba Baby Safety Scissors

If trimming your baby’s nails with traditional nail clippers makes you a little squeamish, give these Simba Baby Safety Scissors a try. You’ll be less likely to nip your baby’s finger with these rounded-tip scissors. They’re a petite pair of scissors at just 6 inches long, so they might feel a little awkward in your hand at first compared to scissors that you’re used to. But, once you adjust to the size, you’ll find them easy to maneuver around your baby’s little hands.

Some parents prefer these scissors over traditional nail clippers because of their safety value. They feature a rounded tip that’s more gentle than other types of clippers. This rounded tip doesn’t mean you can’t easily trim the nails, though. The stainless steel blade is sturdy enough for a clean cut every time. Even though the scissors are small, the holes for your fingers are large enough, which allow you to get a good grip. Now, if you have especially large hands, you might find these scissors more challenging to use. 

The petite size of these scissors has positives and negatives. The good news? They’re easy to tuck away in a drawer or diaper bag and keep them out of sight. But, since they’re small, they also might be easy to misplace. When you’re storing them, be sure to slip the protective plastic case, which is included, over the blades.


  • These safety scissors work well on babies, toddlers, and kids, allowing you to use them for years
  • They smoothly cut baby’s nails, resulting in no jagged edges
  • Low price point, so you can invest in a few pairs to stash around the house and in your diaper bag


  • Recommended for ages 3 months and up, so they may not be easy to use on newborn nails
  • Scissors can be hard for parents with large hands to maneuver

NailFrida – The Snipper Clipper Set

If you’re a parent who likes to file and trim your baby’s nails, consider this NailFrida set. The Snipper Clipper set comes with nail clippers and a nail file, giving you everything you need for an effortless manicure on the tiniest hands in your house. These nail clippers are designed with a few features that can make nervous parents more comfortable when trimming their baby’s nails.

First, these clippers have overlapping blades shaped like a scissor, which makes them especially easy to maneuver. They’re equipped with a safety spy hole that allows you to see exactly what you’re cutting. Blindly trimming the baby’s nails will be a thing of the past. While this spy hole is helpful, it may take some time to adjust to using it.

This set also includes an S-shaped nail file that’s designed especially for babies nails. So, once you’re finished trimming, pull out the nail file, which is designed to follow the curve of your baby’s nail. You’ll add a smooth finish to your little one’s manicured nails. Plus, this file is an easy tool to slip into the diaper bag so that you can tackle any nail issues when you’re on the go. Remedy a jagged nail, which can quickly scratch your baby’s face, in no time with this file always within reach.


  • 2-in-1 product with clippers and a file
  • Safety spy hole improves visibility when trimming nails


  • Sharp blades might be feel too strong for newborn fingernails at first
  • Overlapping blades design can be hard to adjust to using

Summer Nail Clipper Set

The Summer Nail Clipper Set is a budget-friendly item that gives you nail clippers for the entire family in one purchase. This clipper set includes styles designed for baby and for mom and dad, too. As your little one grows, they’ll love having nail clippers that match the grown-ups.

The baby nail clippers feature a unique looped handle that’s easier to grab onto. As a result, you’ll have more control––and more confidence––when you’re taking these trimmers to your baby’s little fingernails. Parents praise the sharp blades, which make it simple to cut through tiny nails. Plus, they offer a clean cut, which means you won’t be left with any jagged edges that need to be filed. Even though the stainless steel clippers are strong, they feature a rounded tip to ensure your little one’s safety.

Grip is especially important when you’re giving your baby a manicure. If you’ve ever slipped when you’re trimming nails, you know what the results can be. Fortunately, the Summer Nail Clipper Set handles feature a soft overmold that allows for a steady grip. Plus, they deliver added comfort. 

This set also includes a pair of coordinating adult nail clippers. So, if you’re in need of a new pair, this can be an all-in-one purchase. On the other hand, if you already have a pair of nail clippers you love, you might not want to invest in this two-pack. The adult clippers swivel 360 degrees for added control.


  • 2-in-1 set with adult and baby nail clippers
  • Rounded tip and sharp blades allow for an easy trim


  • Toddlers may be able to take these clippers apart
  • Adult clipper blades may not be sharp enough for tough nails

Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper

Little fingers need special care. The Rhoost Deluxe Baby Nail Clipper features a unique, ergonomic design created just for baby’s nails. At first glance, these nail clippers look a bit different––and that’s because they are. Like other nail clippers in this category, they feature durable stainless steel blades. However, the rest of the clippers are unlike other styles.

The two handles feature different materials, both made with baby’s safety and your comfort in mind. The gripper base is crafted of bamboo, which is an incredibly durable material. It’s easy for you to grab onto, thanks to its wide, oval shape, which gives you ultimate precision when trimming baby’s fingernails. This base can fit secretly in the palm of your hand as you maneuver around the baby’s fingers.

The top handle has a silicone grip for even more stability when you’re trimming. This thumb rest’s non-slip grip isn’t just a convenient safety feature. It also enhances your comfort when you’re trimming. Plus, it comes in a bright blue hue that just might distract baby while you’re trimming. Note that these nail clippers are petite, sized just at 2 inches long, so if you have large hands or prefer a more substantial style, this might not be the best option for you.


  • Offers a non-slip grip that allows you to trim baby’s nails effectively and efficiently
  • Sharp blades allow for a clean cut


  • These clippers are small, so it can take time to adjust to using them
  • Blue silicone pad can show signs of wear over time

Final Thoughts

While all of these baby nail clippers can keep your little one well manicured, Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer stands out as the top pick. It’s a no-stress option for trimming nails, taking the anxiety out of the process because you’re not taking a sharp blade to your baby’s fingers. It’s packed with user-friendly features, including a built-in LED light, which no other electric trimmer offers. Plus, this electric nail file grows with your baby, thanks to three sandpaper heads suitable for newborns through 12 months and older. So, if you’re new to baby nail trimming, opt for an electric trimmer to avoid those nerve wracking moments often associated with the first trim.

Barbie Carpenter is a writer, editor, and mom of three. When she isn’t writing, she’s enjoying the outdoors, watching her girls dance ballet, or cheering on her son on the soccer field.