Best Baby Push Walker

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best push walker is, I’d recommend the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.

Do you have a baby on the precipice of learning to walk? You may be in the market for a push walker. Push walkers can help your little one learn how to coordinate their movements and encourage the development of balance. We’ve rounded up the best baby push walkers here for your review.

Here are the baby push walkers I will be reviewing:

Why Use A Baby Push Walker?

Wondering if using a push walker is right for your little one? There are some compelling reasons to go ahead and bring one home.

  • Push walkers help develop gross motor skills: Using a push walker helps improve your child’s ability to balance while building both muscle strength and confidence.
  • Your push walker can encourage imaginative play: Push walkers also work to engage your child’s imagination and stimulate creative play.
  • Using a push walker can improve fine motor skills: Using a push walker helps develop small muscles through the hands and encourages wrist extension. This can help your child’s handwriting skills early on.
  • Push walkers help improve coordination: When using a push walker, your child is playing on multiple planes. Their whole body is involved in play. You’ll find they use both hands, while moving their legs and bending, improving their hand-eye coordination as well as basic coordination.
  • Push walkers are for more than just walking: The average child begins their walking journey between 9 and 15 months. The foundation for walking begins long before that, though, when your child is still having productive tummy time sessions. Don’t be afraid to bring home a push walker early—your child will still get great use out of it.

What To Look For In The Best Baby Push Walker

If you’re shopping for a baby push walker, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Look for something that will engage your baby: Your push walker should inspire interest and encourage play time. You can find traditional push walkers without bells and whistles, or those that light up and play music. One isn’t better than the other, as long as it gets your child up and learning their new skill.
  • Choose something sturdy: Your child will be learning to walk and stand on their own. They’ll likely need a lot of support from their push walker. Look for push walkers with a wide base that can withstand being pulled up on and leaned on.
  • Look for longevity: Your baby won’t be learning how to walk forever. Try and choose a walker that continues to have a purpose after your child is walking. You can find models that convert into stationary toys or serve as storage space.
  • Size: Choose a push walker that’s an appropriate size for your child’s height and age. A child on the taller side may not benefit as much from a push walker created for smaller children.

Product Reviews Of The Best Baby Push Walkers

There are a lot of great push walkers out there. So, I have narrowed it down to my top five, and also picked my favorite.

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

This VTech model is a great option if you’re looking for an interactive and engaging toy. It’s designed to help your child begin to navigate walking, while providing learning opportunities at the same time.

This is a toy that’s made to grow with your child. Early on, when your little one is still sitting or lying down, it can be used as a play center. It can be played with while flat on the ground or your child can sit in front of it. Intended for children ages 9 months to 3 years, this is a play system that will keep your child occupied—and learning—for years.

This unit runs on two AA batteries, which are included with the push walker. Though there are many exciting components that run on the batteries, there are also manually operated elements. These include a play phone that helps encourage role play.

The activity center includes a 5-key keyboard that introduces music and helps encourage creativity. It also features two brightly-colored spinning rollers. You’ll find three shape sorters and three light-up buttons that help develop motor skills.

This push walker plays more than 70 sounds, including sing-along songs, music, sound effects, and phrases. It also introduces numbers and counting.

The wheels on this push walker are wide set and sturdy. It’s designed for easy use on both hard flooring and carpeting. To help compensate for how easily and quickly this unit can move across smooth surfaces, a tension dial allows you to slow down how quickly the wheels move.


  • A great toy for children that can take them from infancy into childhood
  • Encourages gross motor skills, creativity, and language development
  • Moves well on multiple kinds of floors
  • Tension controls for the wheels help keep your child safe


  • No locking mechanism to keep the wheels from moving when set up as the push walker
  • You may want to wait until your child is past pulling themselves up to put this in push walker mode as it can be easy to pull over

Melissa And Doug Deluxe Push Toy

This is one of the best baby push walkers that is made of wood. Its brightly colored components help encourage engagement and keep your child focused on moving the walker. Three chomping alligators are situated at the front of the walker—their mouths open and close as the wheels turn and the walker is pushed forward.

In addition to the alligators, the wheels have painted fish. A bar on the walker has three spinning beads that are decorated with a butterfly, dragonfly, and ladybug. These beads can be pushed from side to side and also spin.

The wheels on this unit are designed to work on both carpeted and hard floors. They are coated in rubber to help slow your little one down on smooth surfaces. They’re capable of rolling forward as well as backward.

These push walkers are handcrafted out of specially selected hardwoods. Constructed with the use of non-toxic dyes, the pieces are made with high-quality materials and with your baby’s safety in mind.

The walker comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It’s approved for use with children ages 12 months and older.

Minor assembly is required with this product. You will need to install the handle to the base, but pre-drilled holes make it simple. The height of the handle is not adjustable, and the overall height of this push walker is on the short side. If you have a taller child, you may find this push walker is too short for them to get the most out of it.


  • Great for use on all types of floors
  • Comes with a happiness guarantee
  • All-wooden toy that inspires play and creativity
  • Designed to help avoid tipping


  • This push walker is geared towards smaller, younger children
  • The alligators do not actually “clack” when chomping, as the name implies

Bright Starts Shop ‘N Cook Walker

This is a great option for a push walker that can really grow with your child. It can operate in four different modes to accommodate your child’s current age and play needs. This unit is recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years.

The top of this push walker can sit directly on the floor, for young babies who are not yet standing. If your baby is standing but not quite ready to start walking, the wheels on this cart can lock to prevent movement. You then place the activity center in the basket and your child has a standing activity center.

Once your child is ready to start walking, unlock the wheels and the shopping cart can be pushed. Keep the activity center safely fastened in the shopping cart to encourage new walking skills. When your child is ready to graduate beyond the push walker, you can remove the activity center. Your child will then have a great new shopping cart accessory for creative play.

The activity center portion of this push walker offers your child food-themed fun. A popcorn component actually pops kernels, and there’s also a sandwich and frying egg built in to the activity center. Toggles and buttons encourage your child to engage and explore, and a light-up button provides realistic sizzling cooking sounds.

In addition to the top of the activity center, the basket of the shopping cart also offers a shape sorter. This push walker requires three AA batteries, which are included.


  • Multiple modes make this a push walker that will have ongoing appeal for your growing child
  • Made from baby-safe materials, including BPA-free plastic
  • Moves easily on smooth surfaces
  • Has multiple language options for the included audio


  • This unit is lightweight, so it may be pushed even when the wheels are locked
  • Might be too short for taller children
  • It could tip over when babies try to pull themselves up on it

Radio Flyer Walker Wagon

This classic-looking Radio Flyer wagon can also function in your home as a push walker. Additionally, it doubles up as a storage piece, which is great, especially as your children outgrow the need for a walker.

The wagon is made out of wood and has removable side slats. Designed for active use inside your home, there’s a bumper guard to help protect your walls and furniture.

Molded wheels with grip tread help this walker grab and keep traction as it’s used. The wheels also provide adjustable resistance to help keep the push walker from moving more quickly than a new user can manage.

This push walker is recommended for children ages 1–4 years old. A low center of gravity and wide base helps keep it from tipping over when toddling children use it for support. This piece is quite heavy in comparison to many of its plastic cohorts on the market, but this extra weight contributes to its sturdiness and durability.

If your child is newly walking, you’ll likely want to have additional resistance on your wheels. You can adjust this by inserting the soft plastic pins. If your wheels are making a clicking noise when the push walker is in use, you have the resistance pins engaged. If your push walker is moving and soundless, your pins are not in place.

This unit is really designed to help your child learn the basics of walking. While the wheels are fully functional, they provide limited turning ability. This is great for a young child who needs compensation for any mistakes. It may, however, be frustrating for older children looking to have more control over the push walker.


  • Attractive, classic piece
  • Multiple functions that promise longevity
  • Optional resistance pins
  • Sturdy and durable piece that resists tipping


  • Limited accessories to capture your little one’s attention
  • Does not turn easily

LeapFrog Get Up And Go Walker

Looking for a push walker that will take your child from infancy into childhood? This LeapFrog product might be the best baby push walker for you. It’s suitable for children aged 3 months to 3 years.

When your infant is young, you can set this push walker up like you would a baby activity gym. Set your baby beneath it and tilt the face so it’s looking down at your little one. Lights and sounds will catch your baby’s attention and they’ll have access to play ring manipulatives.

When your baby is ready to graduate to sitting, this push walker can sit directly on the floor, ready for play, and to further learning. When it’s time to stand and walk, the activity piece snaps into legs on wheels. In no time at all, your little one can be on the go.

The activity center offers a 5-key keyboard, a mini computerized book, and a baby-sized cell phone. Spinning beads, buttons, toggles, rattles, and cogs provide plenty of opportunities for your little one to play and learn.

The wheels on this unit can be adjusted to allow your child to move more quickly or more slowly while using the push walker. A central dome light changes colors to help enhance musical learning and understanding.

Your child will also be exposed to numbers and letters, offering the opportunity for language and mathematical skill development as well.

This unit comes with two AA batteries. These batteries are intended for demonstration use only, and you’ll want to replace with fresh batteries before regular use. This will ensure your child gets to enjoy the push walker to its fullest extent.


  • Serves a purpose for an extended period of time
  • Offers multiple modes of use
  • Adjustable wheels to provide your child with the correct amount of control
  • Encourages gross motor skills and early learning skills


  • The stickers used on this toy are in prime locations for contact with drooling teethers
  • The phone doesn’t have any working buttons

Bringing Home The Best Baby Push Walker For Your Little One

A push walker can be a great investment for your little one’s developmental needs. My favorite of the best baby push walkers above is the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. I love its versatility and that it can be used before and after a child is walking well. The adjustable tension in the wheels and the wide variety of activities are icing on the cake.

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