Best Bassinet for Twins – Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best bassinet for twins is, I’d recommend the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center.

A lot of infants spend their first few months sleeping in a bassinet before moving to a crib. That way, they can be close to mom and dad at night. While you might not get any sleep in those first few months, having your little ones close by at least means that you won’t have to walk back and forth between rooms for feeding and changing sessions. It also provides some peace of mind and lets you check on them whenever you want.

In this article, I am breaking down the best bassinets for twins, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the bassinets for twins I will be reviewing:

Biggest Benefits Of Bassinets

One of the nicest things about bassinets is that they tend to be much lighter and more portable than cribs. So, for those first few months after birth, you can bring your twins into your room to sleep. Then, once your little ones get a little older, you can move the bassinet out.

Bassinets also have much lower walls than cribs. So, it’s easier to put babies down without straining, and without waking them up. The low walls are fine for newborns since they aren’t able to move around too much. Once babies start pushing up though, it’s time to move to a crib.

What’s Better For Twins? A Double Bassinet Or Two Singles?

When you have a baby, you need to buy all kinds of things. When you have twins, you pretty much need to buy double. Actually, you need to get two of some things and double versions of others. But, how do you decide if it’s better to get two single bassinets or a double?

Advantages Of Double Bassinets

One nice thing about double bassinets is that the twins can be right next to each other. Often times, these come with mesh divider walls, so they really feel close together. In some cases, these divider walls are removable as well, so when your twins are awake, they can play.

Another advantage is that one double bassinet will generally take up less space than two singles. So, if space is tight, a double might be the way to go.

Advantages Of Two Single Bassinets

While you might assume that it’s more cost effective to buy one double bassinet than it is to buy two singles, I have found the opposite to be true. Believe it or not, you can find quality single bassinets for less than half the price of a double. So, you can actually save money by purchasing two singles.

Twins aren’t always in sync. Sometimes, one will be sleeping and the other will be crying. When this happens, having two single bassinets gives you the flexibility to move one into a different room. That way, one infant can continue to sleep without being disturbed by the other.

My Top Twin Bassinet Reviews

I have scoured the market to look for the best bassinets for twins, and narrowed it down to my top choices.

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center

This nursery center comes with a twin bassinet and changing table. However, you will need to purchase the playard separately.

The nursery center has a removable center divider. So, when your twins are sleeping, they will each have their own space. But, when they’re awake, you can take out the divider so they can play and cuddle together.

The changing table that this nursery center comes with is a nice addition. It saves space since you don’t have to have a separate dedicated area for changing. The changing pad itself is machine washable, which is nice. Some parents note that it’s a bit awkward to attach and detach. So, you might end up only using this as a twin bassinet.

The weight limit on this one is 15 pounds for each baby (for a total for 30 pounds). However, some parents have reported that infants tend to shift toward the middle even before they reach the weight limit because of the bassinet’s design.


  • Center divider is removable
  • Comes with a changing table
  • Easy to clean – changing pad is machine washable


  • As babies get bigger, they tend to shift toward the middle
  • Need to purchase the playard separately

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Baby Trend has made a lot of smart design decisions with this twin nursery center. In my opinion, it’s the best bassinet for twins.

The most noteworthy thing about this bassinet is that it’s a well made, quality product. It also happens to come with a few really cool features.

For starters, it’s able to soothe your twins to sleep with music and vibrations. This can be really helpful with twins since it can be hard for parents to soothe both of them at once. Each bassinet has its own controls, so it’s no problem if one twin is sleeping but the other one needs soothing. This nursery center has a night light, which can be really useful when you wake up in the middle of the night to feed them, and want just enough light to see your way around.

The two rock-a-bye bassinets are removable and have carrying handles. So, you can bring them downstairs for naps during the day. You can even bring your little ones outside since both rock-a-bye bassinets have canopies. Oh, and as a bonus the canopies each have two hanging toys to keep babies entertained.

Built in wheels make it easy to transport the twin bassinet from room to room. In reality, you might just leave it in one place the whole time. But, you at least have the option to roll it into another room if you want.

Beyond being a great place to sleep, this one also comes with a changing table and parent organizer. The organizer is quite large, so you’ll have plenty of space for diapers, wipes, toys and other baby gear.

The changing table is an interesting feature, but in practice it’s a little hard to use. The reason I say this is that you need to remove one of the bassinets to use it. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is an extra step every time you want to change one of your twins, which happens about 20 times a day.

It’s also worth pointing out that the changing table is not machine washable. That’s actually less of a big deal than you might think. The weight limit is 15 pounds for each twin (30 pounds in total). So, chances are you will only be using this for a few months, and won’t need to wash it that often.


  • Comes with a changing table and parent organizer
  • Has a music center with night light and vibrations
  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Removable rock-a-bye bassinets come with canopies and carry handles


  • Changing table is not machine washable

HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet

HALO pulled out all the stops and delivered an absolutely stunning double bassinet.

When it comes to core functionality, this bassinet is really thoughtfully designed. The height is adjustable between 24 inches and 34 inches. So, you can set it to just the right level based on your bed height. It is also able to smoothly rotate 360 degrees. So, if one baby is waking up while the other is sleeping, you can simply turn the bassinet and pick up the one that needs attention. Being able to do this without getting out of bed is a game changer. If that’s not enough, the side walls also come down so you can easily pick up or put down your little one. The walls then automatically return to full height for safety.

There is a mesh divider separating your infants. So, they have their own sleeping space, but they are still able to see each other.

It also comes with a back to bed reminder. Basically, if you fall asleep while your feeding one of your twins in the middle of the night, an alert will go off. That way, you and your twins will both be able to get back to sleep in the right place.

This twin sleeper double bassinet comes with a soothing center that can produce vibrations, and play lullabies and other soothing sounds. It also comes with a night light which is really convenient when you need to check on your twins in the middle of the night. Some parents report that the vibrations are fairly weak, and wish that they were a bit stronger.

One negative is that this bassinet doesn’t have wheels. It’s also fairly large and heavy. So, you probably won’t want to move it too often.

Overall, this is a stunningly impressive bassinet for twins. The only reason that it’s not my favorite is that it’s fairly expensive. When it comes to baby gear, you will probably splurge on some items and try to save on others. Since you will probably only use your bassinet for a few months, I think it generally makes sense to be thrifty with this purchase. That said, if money is no object, this is a fantastic option.


  • Smooth 360 degree rotation lets you position either twin right next to you
  • Side walls lower and auto return for easy access to infants
  • Height is adjustable between 24 inches and 34 inches
  • Soothing center with night light, vibration, lullabies and soothing sounds
  • Back to bed reminder
  • Mesh divider so babies can see each other
  • Two waterproof mattress pads


  • At the high end of the price range
  • Vibrations are fairly weak
  • No wheels

MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet

If you decide to purchase two single bassinets for your twins instead of a double, this is the one that I would recommend.

This twin bassinet can be switched between rocking mode (for soothing) and stationary mode (for sleeping). So, if one or both of your twins is upset, you can easily start rocking to calm them down. It can be particularly tough to soothe two infants at once, so being able to rock them is a big help.

The maximum weight is 33 pounds, which is quite a bit higher than most other options. That’s less exciting than it sounds though. Chances are your little twins will be pushing up long before they hit the weight limit, and you will need to move them to a crib when they do.

This bassinet is quite light, and can be folded up in just a second. It also comes with a carrying bag. So, traveling with it is a piece of cake. That will come in handy if you have any trips planned within a few months of your twins arriving. After all, your destination might not have suitable sleeping arrangement for infants on hand.

While this one does what it’s supposed to do quite well, it doesn’t come with a lot of extra bells and whistles. That means there are no sounds, lights, vibrations or diaper storage compartments. That’s not a huge negative, but it’s worth pointing out since there are other bassinets that do come with these features.


  • Affordably priced
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Has a rocking mode for soothing and a stationary mode for sleeping
  • Maximum weight is 33 pounds
  • Compact fold makes it easy to transport in carrying bag


  • Need to purchase two to accommodate twins
  • No vibrating, sounds, lights, or diaper storage

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

This affordably priced single bassinet presents a nice option for anyone that is on a tight budget.

Even though this twin bassinet is quite reasonably priced, it still packs in some nice features. For starters, it plays music and has a night light. It also has a two section storage area down below. So, you have a place to put diapers, toys, and anything else.

It’s easy to transport between rooms since it has wheels. This can actually be useful on those days when one twin is sleeping but the other is awake. It’s nice to be able to roll one out into another room while letting the other one continue to sleep.

The adjustable, removable canopy can be a nice way to block out light and create an atmosphere that’s conducive to sleep. This is particularly useful for daytime naps.

The biggest issue with this one is that it’s a little flimsy, and probably not that durable. That said, it’s certainly more than capable of supporting an infant. I would also point out that durability is generally not the biggest concern with bassinets. This one has a 15 pound weight limit. So, you will probably only be using it for a few months anyway.


  • Priced at the low end of the range
  • Adjustable, removable canopy
  • Has a nightlight and plays music
  • Has wheels for mobility
  • Storage basket down below


  • Need to purchase two to accommodate twins
  • A little flimsy
  • Potentially not that durable

Final Thoughts: Bringing Home The Best Bassinet For Twins

In my opinion, the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center is the best bassinet for twins if you’re going to go with a double bassinet. This is a well made twin bassinet with several great features. I do think that getting two single bassinets can be a great solution as well. If you decide to go that route, the MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet is my top choice.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.