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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best car seat canopy is, I’d recommend the Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover.

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be using your baby’s car seat outside of the car a lot. These days, car seats can double as baby carriers and many parents even clip them into their stroller so they don’t have to disturb their baby while they sleep.

A car seat canopy is a crucial investment if you want to take your baby outside (and you will!). The best car seat canopy will offer protection from the sun, rain, wind, and even insects. I’ve rounded up the best car seat canopies and even thrown in some tips about what to look for when purchasing one.

Here are the car seat canopies I will be reviewing:

Why Should I Get a Car Seat Canopy?

Car seat canopies are designed to protect your child from the elements, insects, and prying eyes. Remember that a car seat doubles as a carrier, and you’re probably going to be transporting it outside more than you think! Here are the best uses I found for our car seat canopy:

Sun Protection

Babies can’t wear sunscreen until they’re at least six months old. This means that if you want to take them anywhere outside, you’ll have to get creative about sun protection—even in winter.

A car seat canopy provides ample protection from those harmful UV rays. It also helps to keep light out of your baby’s eyes, meaning they can sleep soundly while you’re out and about.

Keeping Baby Warm and Dry

You can get thicker, waterproof car seat covers for winter or colder climates. Infants should not wear winter coats under their car seat harness, so you’ll be relying on lots of layers to keep your child warm when away from home during these months.

Car seat canopies are great for keeping your infant warm and dry in their seat. They provide an extra layer of protection and insulation, so you don’t need to worry about carrying an extra umbrella or fiddling with jackets when you take your baby in and out of the car.

Protection From Insects and Allergens

Warmer climates often come with a host of insects such as flies, gnats, and mosquitos. A car seat canopy means you can take your young child out to picnics or on pleasant summer strolls without worrying about them being eaten alive by insects.

They’re also great for protection against allergens such as pollen or grass.

Protecting Your Child’s Privacy

Well-meaning strangers and acquaintances seem to flock to newborns, which can be frustrating for busy parents.

A car seat canopy covers your baby, signaling to the world that they’re asleep or don’t want to be disturbed. This can give anxious parents peace of mind and may even help you run errands faster! As a bonus, it also protects their weaker immune system from all the germs and bacteria strangers can carry during flu season.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Car Seat Canopy

When choosing a car seat canopy, you will need to consider your budget, lifestyle, and climate.

Water Resistance

If you live in a rainy climate, it’s a no brainer that you need to look for a car seat canopy that offers at least some protection from the wet conditions. Opt for a thick, water-resistant material that you can secure in place so water doesn’t leak into the top or sides.


Winter babies need all the protection from the elements they can get. If you’re looking for a cover for winter—or any cold day—you need to consider the thickness and material that your cover is made from.

Opt for a thick, insulated material that will protect your child from rain, wind, and snow.

On the other hand, if you’re taking your baby out in summer, you’ll need something with more of a balance. Choose a cover that’s lightweight, so your baby doesn’t overheat but still provides warmth to protect your child as they sleep.


Breathability is just as important as warmth for your baby’s comfort. It can get hot and stuffy stuck under that layer of material. Think about how it feels when you put your head under the covers on a cold night. It quickly gets uncomfortable, right?

Choosing a breathable material such as cotton allows air to circulate under the cover and helps to prevent your baby from overheating.


If you want ultimate security and privacy for your little one, a cover that stretches over or around your car seat is a great option. They tend to fit more car seats and stay secure even in windy conditions. This makes them a fantastic choice for winter because they keep your kiddo nice and snug away from the elements.

You can also get car seat canopies that you drape over the seat. These usually come with straps to secure them at various points, generally around the handles. These car seat covers offer more freedom of movement and airflow for your infant. They’re ideal for summer when you don’t have to worry about the cold as much.


We recommend looking for a car seat canopy with an adjustable opening so you can quickly check on them without disturbing their sleep. Look for a cover with a large opening that’s easy to unzip, unbutton, or pull back.

This will make it easier to take your baby in and out of the car seat. It will also allow you to adjust airflow and light throughout the day, depending on the temperature and your baby’s mood.

My Top Car Seat Canopy Reviews

I have thoroughly reviewed the products available on the market, and selected my favorite car seat canopies below.

Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover

The Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover is one of the most stylish and practical car seat canopies on the market. I love that it stretches right up to the handles too, as this means the material won’t sit too close to your baby’s face.

This car seat canopy creates a cozy, breathable cocoon for your child. As the name suggests, the fabric is super stretchy, which means it will fit most—if not all—car seats. It snaps into place with four buttons over the handle, keeping it secure even on windy days. This makes it easy to remove before you put the seat back in the car too.

The fabric is soft and warm, meaning your child will be comfortable on cold days. There’s a large opening that you can unzip easily. This is great for feeding time, checking on your child while they sleep, or taking them in and out of the car seat.

You can even roll the stretchy material up to give your baby fresh air and light. This will reveal a hidden layer of mesh that stretches over the opening to keep your child protected from insects while they enjoy the sights and sounds of the world.

With six adorable designs—from stylish stripes to colorful elephants—you can protect your baby in style. Personally, I love the Forest Foxes design, but there’s definitely something for everyone!

The cover packs up compactly into the head flap pouch for easy storage and transportation. You can pop it in your bag when you leave in case the weather turns nasty, or the sun gets too bright. There’s even a handy hanging loop so you can store it on a hook near the door or in your baby’s room.

The cover doubles as a high chair cover, nursing cover, cloak, and baby pillow, making it super versatile.

Since there’s no snap closure at the bottom of the cover, you may find it slips off occasionally. The stretchy material makes this easy to fix, however.


  • Choose from six stylish designs
  • Large opening with zip so you can easily check on your child
  • Folds up compactly for easy storage
  • Other uses such as nursing cover and pillow
  • Stretchy fabric with snap closures for easy, secure fitting to any car seat
  • Additional mesh layer for insect protection


  • Doesn’t secure at the bottom—some users found it slipped off occasionally
  • Some customers reported the buttons breaking easily

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

This cover is a fantastic choice for winter. With a soft fleece interior, your baby will stay cozy and comfy. The JJ Cole Car Seat Cover is basically like having an extra blanket!

The nylon exterior deflects light rain, which keeps the interior and your baby dry. It’s also wind-resistant, which ensures your infant stays warm in windy climates. The cover comes in a range of colors in simple yet stylish designs.

It has an elasticized band that will stretch over most baby carriers, car seats, or standard strollers. It’s machine washable too, which makes cleaning it a breeze. No need to worry about any spills that will inevitably happen!

In the warmer months, you can unzip the flap or take the top off completely to let your child get some fresh air and sunlight. This helps to regulate the temperature in summer so your baby doesn’t get too hot while out and about.

One thing that could be improved is the flap, which can be difficult to secure and may fly open in windy conditions. If you’re crafty, though, you could consider adding some velcro strips to the cover to keep it secure in the wind.


  • Lined with fleece to keep your baby warm and cozy
  • Elasticized—easy to stretch over most car seats
  • Machine washable
  • Wind- and rain-resistant exterior
  • Comes in a range of colors


  • Outer flap is not secure—some users reported it coming open in windy conditions
  • Some customers found it didn’t fit their car seat properly—I recommend checking the measurements before purchasing

Yoofoss Baby Car Seat Cover

The Yoofoss Baby Car Seat Cover is a versatile option and can be used as a breastfeeding cover, scarf, stroller cover, or light blanket. As such, it would make a fantastic present for an expectant parent or for a baby shower.

The cover is made from stretchy, breathable material that will fit most car seats. It also provides full coverage if you need to nurse in public—or just when it’s cold! You don’t need to fuss about with any straps or fasteners either, as it’s designed to slip on and off easily. 

The material acts almost like a blackout curtain, meaning your baby can sleep soundly without being disturbed by bright lights. What’s more—the top is extra stretchy to let fresh air in and make it easier to check on your baby without letting excess light in.

The material is nice and soft, so it’s easy to install on the car seat and comfortable to wear for other uses. The cover is a neutral grey and has a cute, unobtrusive arrow design. This means it will go with any outfit or baby accessory.

If you’re looking for an affordable, multi-tasking product or gift for a baby shower, this is an excellent option.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile—can be used as a nursing cover, scarf, or blanket
  • Stretchy material that fits over most car seats—no buckles or fasteners to worry about
  • Designed to let in minimal light
  • Breathable material


  • Thin material—not suitable for harsh winters or cold climates
  • Some customers found it didn’t cover them completely when used as a nursing cover
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Copper Pearl Baby Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover

The Copper Pearl Baby Car Seat Canopy and Nursing Cover is ideal for summer or any warmer climate.

It’s made from a lightweight, polyester rayon blend that is extremely soft. This makes it ideal for use as a nursing cover as it won’t irritate you or your baby’s skin. Because it’s so lightweight, I don’t think you’ll overheat either!

The material is stretchy so it will fit most car seats, shopping trolleys, or high chairs. It wraps snugly around you for ultimate privacy when using it as a nursing cover. The stretchy material makes it easy to install—simply slip it over your car seat and your baby is protected from sunlight, germs, and insects. 

This is a great option for all sorts of errands, including grocery shopping. It fits most shopping carts and acts as a protective barrier between your child and the germ-infested trolley.

It provides excellent airflow so your baby won’t get too hot in warm weather. The edges are easy to pull back so you can quickly check on your little one without disturbing them. 

I love the pink and white floral design, which adds to the springtime vibe. The cover folds up super compactly, meaning it won’t take up too much room in your bag or car when traveling. Keep it in your diaper bag, it’s so versatile you never know when you’ll need it.


  • Lightweight material—perfect for summer
  • Extremely soft material makes it comfortable for nursing
  • Stretches snugly across most car seats
  • Folds up compactly for easy storage and transportation


  • Not waterproof
  • Made from a thin material—not suitable for wet or cold conditions

Cheeky Cherubz Organic Cotton Car Seat Canopy

This next model is an excellent option for parents looking for something eco-friendly and healthy for their baby.

Made from 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex, the Cheeky Cherubz Organic Cotton Car Seat Canopy is naturally hypoallergenic and free from nasty pesticides and pigments. This makes it more sustainable and healthier than other fabrics. If you or your child has sensitive skin, I think this is a great option to consider. 

The fabric is breathable and lightweight, so it’s especially great in warmer weather conditions. It’s still thick enough to protect your little one from bugs, germs, pollen, sunlight, and light wind or rain.

Of particular note is that the material comes with a high UV protection factor, meaning it will protect your child extra well from the harsh sunlight!

The material is also machine washable, making it easy to clean after a long day introducing your baby to the world. The manufacturer recommends washing it on a cold cycle to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

I love the versatility of this product: you can use it as a breastfeeding cover, scarf, light blanket, car seat or stroller canopy, or even a changing mat in a pinch. It folds up small and fits into a stylish drawstring bag, so you can easily pop it in your purse or nappy bag. The bonus bag will protect the cover while you store it.

This cotton cover is available in five stylish designs, including a vibrant turquoise for parents who like a pop of color. Cheeky Cherubz offers a money-back guarantee, so it’s well worth a trial run at the very least!


  • Made from sustainable and hypoallergenic organic cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Includes a drawstring bag for easy storage
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Available in five stylish designs


  • Not as stretchy as other brands
  • Some users reported their children getting too hot when using it as a nursing cover

Kids N’ Such 2 in 1 Car Seat Canopy With Peekaboo Opening

The Kids N’ Such 2 in 1 Car Seat Canopy creates a dark, comfortable environment for your child to sleep while you run errands or catch up with friends.

It’s made from quality thick materials, making it ideal for mild summers and winters alike. It’s ideal for keeping heat in while shutting light out to let your little one nap in peace. I wouldn’t recommend it for particularly harsh winters or summers though, as your child might get too cold or hot.

The cover has an opening at the top so you can just slip it over your car seat. It snaps around the handle, which will help you to keep a firm grip on the seat when out and about. You can even slip it over your head for a poncho-like nursing cover.

The peekaboo opening snaps shut so you won’t have to worry about it flapping open on windy days. Simply unsnap the buttons to check on your baby quickly and easily. 

It’s best to keep the flaps open like curtains if you’re using the cover while driving. This way you can still see your child in the rearview mirror while the cover keeps the sun off their face, making it easier for them to sleep.

The cover comes in different designs and a selection of colors on the inside of the fabric, including blue, grey, and pink.

With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, this could be a great risk-free purchase. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for decent quality on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Snaps around car seat handles for added security
  • Peekaboo opening to check on your child quickly and easily


  • Lets cold air in at the sides—some users reported the cover didn’t cover the sides of their car seat completely
  • No way to secure it at the bottom—some customers found it blew around in the wind

Aden + Anais Car Seat Canopy

Brought to you by one of my favorite baby brands, the Aden + Anais Car Seat Canopy is a versatile, lightweight option for good weather days.

It’s a simple design—the 100 percent cotton material drapes effortlessly over your baby’s car seat. Two fasteners snap around the handle to hold it in place.

The material has an open muslin weave, meaning air flows through freely. This is great for keeping your baby cool on hot summer days. It’s perfect for keeping the sun out of your child’s eyes and protecting them from insects and prying eyes. 

It doesn’t withstand wind or rain, though, so you’ll need to get a separate waterproof cover for colder temperatures. This could be a good thing, however, as many babies get too hot under car seat covers designed for cold climates. This cover helps to keep your child cool and comfortable in the heat.

The soft fabric and basic design means this car seat canopy makes a great nursing cover, burp cloth, or changing table cover too. It’s machine washable so it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic no matter what you end up using it for. The material stays soft and comfortable even with regular washing.

With more than 10 designs to choose from (my favorite is the intergalactic space theme), you’re bound to find something you and your baby love.


  • Many adorable designs to choose from
  • Made from 100 percent cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and breathable—perfect for summer days
  • Drapes over the car seat for easy installation


  • Thin material—not suitable for cold climates
  • No way to secure it at the bottom—some users found it flapped around too much in the wind

Daily Honest Hugs Baby Car Seat Cover

This multi-use car seat cover by Daily Honest Hugs acts like a protective cocoon for your little one. Made from premium knitted cotton, this cover stretches around the car seat to provide protection from all angles.

The material is thick, durable, and has an insulating effect. I reckon your baby will stay nice and toasty year-round with this cover. 

The zippered peekaboo opening makes it easy to check on your baby and give them fresh air whenever you like.

I absolutely love the built-in mesh screen that keeps mosquitoes and other bugs out, even on warm days. It tucks away neatly into its own pocket which means it doesn’t get in the way when not in use. It will take up slightly more room if you’re carrying it around in your diaper bag compared to other thinner options.

This car seat cover is bigger than some of the other options on this list, so it’s ideal for larger or bulkier car seats.

It has two non-slip fasteners to secure it in place at the handle. It even comes with a pocket at the back so you can store any small items you may be traveling with.

It comes in a neutral grey design so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with any of your other baby accessories!

The seller offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee which takes some of the risk out of making this purchase. They also offer a free e-book filled with recipes for you and your baby with every purchase.


  • Thick, durable material
  • Stretches around your baby car seat for maximum protection
  • Includes a built-in mosquito net
  • Adjustable peekaboo opening
  • Comes with a free recipe e-book
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • Some customers found it didn’t stay in place at the bottom
  • Not thick enough for harsh winters

Mother’s Lounge Car Seat Canopy

The Mother’s Lounge Car Seat Canopy is possibly the most beautiful option on this list. It comes in eight gorgeous designs ranging from muted neutrals to vibrant colors. If you’re looking for a luxe aesthetic, this is one to check out.

Made from 100 percent cotton outer and 100 percent polyester inner, the cover is extremely soft and cozy. It drapes over the car seat but you can secure it to the handles with velcro fasteners.

The large, open design means it fits nearly all infant car seats. I especially love the adjustable straps which allow you to tighten or loosen the cover for the perfect fit.

The material is nice and thick, making it ideal for blocking out sunlight while your baby is sleeping. Since you can’t secure it from the bottom, I wouldn’t recommend this product for particularly windy days. 

But it works a treat for summer days or while visiting friends or family. The constant air flow means you won’t have to worry about your baby overheating, even when it’s roasting outside.

The cover is machine washable, so keeping it clean and hygienic is an absolute breeze. The colors seem to hold up with regular washing, too, which is a bonus!


  • Comes in eight beautiful designs
  • Thick, soft material
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • Machine washable


  • Since it’s designed to drape over the car seat, it’s not suitable for windy days
  • Some customers reported that the colors are not as vibrant as advertised

Dear Baby Gear Car Seat Canopy

Finally, the Dear Baby Gear Car Seat Canopy is a cozy alternative to draping a blanket over your baby’s car seat. Two straps wrap around the handles to keep the material off your baby’s face.

The cover is lined with Minky polyester material, meaning it’s ultra soft and comfy. The Minky material adds an extra layer of insulation to the cotton-polyester blend outer. When you’re not using it as a car seat cover, it makes for a super comfortable nursing cover, blanket, or baby changing pad.

The fabric is nice and thick, which means it won’t blow around in the wind as much as thinner covers. It doesn’t secure at the bottom or sides, however, so if you live in a particularly windy climate, you may want to opt for a wrap-around design instead.

The peekaboo opening makes it easy to check on your baby. If you want to give them some fresh air and sunlight—or just show them the world—you can simply unzip the cover. When they’re sleeping or cold, zip it back up, so they feel like they’re in their own little safe haven.

This one comes in a lovely grey color with a cool deer head design. You can choose from three colors for the Minky interior, including black, grey, and mint green. There are also baby blankets available in the same design if you want a set that matches.

To clean your cover, simply pop it in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. You can also dry it in a tumble dryer on low heat so you won’t have to go long before you can take it out again!


  • Thick material to keep your baby warm
  • Soft Minky lining
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried
  • Peekaboo opening


  • Some users found it to be too small for their car seats
  • Some customers reported the printed side shrinks when washed, making the cover baggy

And the Winner Is…

For me, the best car seat canopy is the Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover. It provides extreme protection and comfort while being stylish to boot. The stretchy fabric means it’s suitable for most car seats, and you don’t have to worry about it blowing around in the wind.

Of course, your favorite is going to depend on your lifestyle, climate, and baby—so use our guide to help you shop around to find one that works for you.

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