Best Co-Sleeper Crib (2020 Reviews)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best co-sleeper crib is, I’d recommend the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue.

Co-sleeping has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years. A lot of new parents like the idea since it can be a great bonding experience, and also because it lets them keep close tabs on their newborn. If you want to co-sleep safely, you’ll need a co-sleeper crib.

In this article, I am breaking down the best co-sleeper cribs, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the co-sleeper cribs I will be reviewing:

Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

One of the biggest benefits of co-sleeping is that you get to keep your little one close, even at night. If you are the type of person that worries and wants to be able to confirm that your newborn is still breathing six times each night, co-sleeping lets you do so without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Proponents of co-sleeping also believe that sleeping with a newborn in the first few months is a great bonding experience.

How To Shop For A Co-Sleeper Crib

If you’re going to co-sleep, you should definitely use a co-sleeper crib to be safe. When you’re looking for a good co-sleeper, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

In The Bed Or On The Side?

You have two main options if you are looking for a co-sleeper. One type stands by the side of your bed and the other actually rests right in the middle of your bed.

The co-sleepers that go in your bed are nice since baby can sleep between both parents. These also tend to be quite light and transportable. So, if you have a family trip planned in the first few months after birth, this might be the route to go.

The nice thing about the ones that go on the side of your bed is that they can generally be used as a co-sleeper or a standalone bassinet. Even if you’re going to co-sleep at night, you will need a place for your baby to take naps (and in-bed co-sleepers generally are not a place for babies to sleep on their own).

Soothing Features

Some co-sleepers play lullabies, soothing sounds, and vibrations. All of these things can help infants get to sleep on nights when they are having trouble. Nightlights can be a great feature as well since they provide just enough light to look around without having to get out of bed.

Price Point

While you might want to get your baby the best of everything, it’s worth keeping in mind that you will probably only use your co-sleeper for maybe 5 or 6 months. Generally, infants outgrow co-sleepers around this time. Even if babies didn’t outgrow their co-sleepers, a lot of parents would want to reclaim their whole bed anyway.

My Top Co-Sleeper Reviews

After taking a look and lots of different co-sleepers, I narrowed things down to my top 5. I have included both in-bed co-sleepers and bed side co-sleeping cribs below. I have also included options at different price points. While all of the co-sleepers below are great choices, I have also picked my favorite.

Of all of the different co-sleeper cribs out there, this one is my favorite.

This co-sleeper has a wall on one side that can be put up or down. So, you have the option of using it as a co-sleeper or a standalone bassinet. A lot of parents co-sleep at night but then put the wall up for naps during the day.

The walls themselves are breathable mesh. This is great for your baby, and also gives you a good view from anywhere in the room.

It has a large storage basket below. So, you can store extra clothes, diapers and other baby gear.

The attached wheels are a nice feature, since they let you roll it from room to room with ease. You might end up just leaving it by your bed for the most part, but it’s at least nice to have the option to move it.

The height is adjustable between 24 inches and 30 inches. So, it works well with most beds.

There are a couple of drawbacks that are worth pointing out. First, it’s not the most stylish design. There are other color options available, so you might find one that you like better. In my opinion, this isn’t a deal breaker since you will probably only be using this for 5 months at the most.

The other drawback is that the mattress a little thin. Some parents noted that they wished it was just a little thicker.

Halo’s Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is both stylish and highly functional.

The height on this one is adjustable, so it works with most beds that are between 22 inches and 34 inches high. The base tucks easily under most beds.

The side walls lowers when you want to pick up or put down your baby. Then, once you’re finished, the wall automatically goes back up for safety. This one rotates 360 degrees, which is nice since sometimes you will use it when you’re in bed and other times you will probably be standing up on the other side.

You will have a lot of help soothing your little one to sleep since this one includes 3 soothing sounds, 3 lullabies, and 2 levels of vibration. All of these will automatically shut off after 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about turning them off. It also comes with a nightlight. This is really convenient, since it saves you from having to get out of bed in case you need some light to check on your little one.

There are a couple of minor issues in terms of functionality. It doesn’t have wheels, so it’s a bit difficult to move around (especially because it’s kind of heavy). Some parents also reported that the vibration was either too loud or ended up wearing out after a little while.

The biggest drawback with this one is it’s price point. It does deliver a lot of value for the price, but it’s still a lot of pay for a product that you will only use for maybe 5 months. That said, if money is no object, this is a great option.

This is a stylish co-sleeper that provides your baby with a space of their own when sharing the bed.

This co-sleeper provides a snug environment that mimics the womb, and creates a comfortable spot for your little one to sleep.

When baby is awake, the rounded sides can be a great way to prop baby up for tummy time. Tummy time is great for developing motor skills, and this can be a great way to help baby along.

This is lightweight and easy to travel with. So, if you’re headed to visit relatives or planning to stay at an Airbnb, you don’t need to worry too much about having the right sleep accommodations for your baby.

The biggest issue with this one is that it seems expensive for what you’re getting. After all, it’s a very simple product and yet it’s on the pricey side. That said, it’s really popular and parents tend to love it. A lot of people are reluctant to buy this because of the price point, but are really happy once they do.

Some parents have reported some issues with the buckle, noting that it unsnaps at times. This isn’t too big of a deal, but for such a high priced item it would be nice to have a high quality buckle.

This is an affordably priced option for co-sleeping in the same bed with your infant. Two vented walls provide your baby with a nice spot to sleep.

This is great for travel. It’s light and folds up compactly. When it’s folded, there is a space in the middle for storing small items. This is great for diapers, clothes and other little baby things. It even has a built in handle to make it easy to carry.

It plays sounds and lullabies to help soothe your little one to sleep. It also has a nightlight in case you need to check something during the night. The sound and light automatically shut off, so you don’t need to worry about leaving them on all night.

The biggest issue with this one is that the mattress is quite thin, and also a little too firm for most parents’ tastes. The walls also feel a little flimsy. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given that this one is priced at the low end of the range.

Rounding out the list is one more co-sleeper from Arm’s Reach.

This one attaches to your bed with an adjustable length strap that goes under the bed’s mattress. It’s legs are adjustable, so you can set the height to fit your bed.

While parents generally purchase this one to use as a co-sleeper, the side can be folded down or up and locked in place. So, you can use it as a bassinet when you’re baby is taking a nap alone and use it as a co-sleeper when you’re in bed at night.

It has good storage space underneath. So, you have plenty room for diapers, extra clothes, toys, or anything else that you want to keep handy.

You can easily roll it from room to room, since it has wheels attached.

Some parents report that that the mattress is a little too hard, and also a bit thin.

Final Thoughts

Co-sleeping is a great option for parents that really want to be in close proximity to their infant when sleeping. If you want to go this route, I think the Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue is the best co-sleeper crib on the market. While it’s not the most stylish product in the world, it is quite thoughtfully designed for functionality.

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