Best Drawing Tablet For Kids (2023)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best drawing tablet for kids is, I’d recommend the NEWYES Robot Pad.

If your kids love to draw or are learning to write, you can go through a lot of paper and mess. A drawing tablet is a great option to give your kids the chance to develop their skills while keeping the clutter to a minimum. There are a lot of options to choose from. So to help you make a decision, we’ve reviewed the best drawing tablets for kids.

Here are the drawing tablet for kids I will be reviewing:

Benefits of LCD Drawing Tablets

If you’ve not come across LCD drawing tablets before then, you might not be sure what all the fuss is about. So, here are some of the main benefits of making the switch to an LCD tablet.

No Blue Light

LCD tablets are not backlit. In other words, they don’t shine any light from the screen. They’re just like a piece of paper in that sense. If your child is currently using an iPad or a phone to draw and doodle on, then they will be getting exposed to a lot of blue light. 

Blue light can be a problem for young children because it interrupts their sleep patterns. If they are looking at a blue light source in the run-up to bedtime, it’s like telling their brain that it’s time to wake up, not go to sleep. You don’t have this problem with an LCD tablet.

No Mess

You draw on an LCD tablet using a stylus. The big advantage here is that if your child takes the stylus and tries it on your walls, it won’t leave a mark.

Saves On Paper

LCD tablets are especially great for children who have to start a new page for every mark they make or churn out drawings faster than you thought possible. All they have to do is press the button, and the screen is clear for them to start again. This can save on the amount of paper you go through.

Responsive Drawing Experience

This might all sound a lot like the experience you can get from an etch-a-sketch or a magnetic drawing board. The big difference with an LCD tablet is that the drawing experience is a lot closer to using a pencil. The screen responds to the pressure you use. So the harder you press, the thicker the line gets. 

The erase function is also a lot more effective with an LCD tablet. Over time, with a magnetic drawing board, you find that the surface is permanently slightly colored, or you can see the previous drawing. An LCD tablet is good for around 10,000 pictures before it begins to fail.

Please Note These are LCD, not LED!

If you read a few reviews for these sorts of tablets, you will see many parents complaining that the display isn’t bright or that the tablet won’t turn on. This is often because they have made a very common mistake. LCD displays do not glow. It’s more like the display on your calculator than the display on your phone.

These drawing tablets are amazing little gadgets, but you should be aware of what they are before deciding to get one.

Features To Look For In A Drawing Tablet

There are many different tablets to choose from, so knowing which features will matter most to you can help you narrow your options. Here are some of the features to keep an eye out for.

Pen Holder

Almost all tablets will have a holder of some sort for the pen or stylus. The more basic option is a clip, on the side of the frame. These are fine for older and more careful children, not great for toddlers. The better holders are integrated into the frame, so they are held more securely when you transport the tablet around.

When it comes to children and losing things, we all know that if something isn’t attached, it will go missing. That’s why you may want to look out for tablets that have lanyards to connect the pen to the frame.


LCD tablets are lightweight. This means that if they come with a magnet, you can stick them up on the fridge. If this is something you would like to do then, keep an eye out for ones that have magnets in the frame or come with stick-on magnets. The integrated magnets are more reliable.

Replaceable Battery

Some varieties of drawing tablets don’t have replaceable batteries. This means that when the battery dies, you will no longer be able to erase the picture on the screen. The cost of a replacement battery is less than a new tablet. So, if you think your kids will use it a lot, it can be worth looking for a model where you can replace the battery.

Screen Lock

Some models come with a screen lock switch. When you toggle the switch on, it disables the erase button. It means that you can save a drawing and stop it from being erased accidentally. This will probably be of more interest to older children who might want to keep a picture they’ve made. Most toddlers probably won’t care about this feature.


Some models have a design feature that allows you to use the pen as a kickstand for the tablet. It will enable you to prop the tablet up like a photo frame. Again, this might be of interest to older children who want to show off their artwork.


There are two types of displays on LCD tablets. The first option is a single color display. These are usually green. It’s like having a green pen to draw with. The alternative is a multi-colored display. These are typically made up of stripes of green, blue, red, and sometimes yellow. As you move the pen down the screen, the color of the line left behind will change.

My Drawing Tablet For Kids Reviews

We’ve taken a look at all of the drawing tablets on the market, and reviewed our favorite ones below.

NEWYES Robot Pad

This is a great drawing tablet that ticks practically every box. It’s an excellent option for most children.

The tablet is the standard 8.5 inches, measured diagonally across the drawing space. The frame has beveled corners and comes in a variety of colors. There are magnets to go on the case to put the tablet on your fridge.

The pen has two writing ends. There is a thick and a thin tip, so all you have to do is turn the pen around to get the different drawing options. The stylus has a holder that it clicks firmly into at the top of the tablet. It also comes with a lanyard. 

The only real downside to this product is the lanyard. It’s such a good idea, but the execution just isn’t quite there. The way that the lanyard attaches to the pen is a little flimsy, so all it takes is one good tug from a child to break it.

When you are choosing your tablet, you have a couple of options to pick from. Not only are there different colored frames, but there are also versions that have single or multi-colored displays, and there are also options that come with a protective case. So, take care when choosing your option that you end up with the one you wanted.

The lock screen button is a simple slider on the bottom of the tablet, and the erase button is large and easy to use. It does take a firm press the first time you use it, so be aware of this when you get it out of the box. 

The battery is replaceable when it runs out.


  • The pen has two drawing tips – one thick and one thin
  • Option to get a travel case for it
  • Has a screen lock button
  • Storage space for the pen which comes with a lanyard


  • Pen lanyard breaks easily

Sunany Large LCD Writing Tablet

This drawing tablet is bigger than most of the options out there, which is great if you have a child who likes to go to town with their drawings. The large size is also great for children learning to write their letters since most kids start off writing colossal capital letters. The drawing space is 11inches, along the diagonal, and the exterior dimensions are 10 inches by 6.8 inches.

When you get the tablet, it comes with a spare pen and battery and a small screwdriver for opening the battery slot. Having the extras is great, but it does mean you need to find somewhere safe to store them, so you have them when needed.

The tablet also comes with a pair of stick-on magnets. So you can display your child’s artwork on the fridge until they decide it’s time to create something new. Because the tablet is so lightweight, it stays put well.

The pen has a built-in slot in the frame to hold it in place. Younger children may find it a little harder to get the pen out, but this does mean that you don’t have to worry about it falling out while you’re on the go with it.

When you draw on the tablet, the colors displayed are in bands across the page, so as you move down, it changes through blue, green, yellow, and red.

The only thing this tablet is missing is a lock screen button. However, as it does take a firm press on the erase button to clear the screen, if your children are careful, you can do without it.


  • Large space for drawing and practising letters
  • Comes with a spare pen, battery and stick on magnets
  • The pen has a built-in holder in the frame


  • No lock screen button
  • Can be a little challenging to remove the pen from the holder

Kimiandy LCD Writing Tablet

The Kimiandy LCD tablet is a great budget option. It comes in at a lower price than many other options, but it still offers all the features you would want. However, it does feel more flimsy in your hand. If your child is a little rough or heavy-handed, then you might want to avoid this one.

The same as other options, this tablet does come with a spare battery and pen and stick-on magnets. The magnets are not the highest quality in the world, and you may find that they don’t stay stuck to the tablet.

There is a lock screen button, which is great if you want to preserve something on the screen for a while. When it’s on, the erase button stops working. A small toggle switch operates this on the back of the tablet, so it can be a little fiddly to use.

A nice feature of this board is that there is a small hole in the frame. The idea is that you put the pen through the hole, and it acts as a kickstand. It’s great for letting your kids show off their creations. There is also a click-in slot for the pen, so it doesn’t go walkabout.

When you draw on the screen, you only get one color. No matter where you draw, it shows up as green. The color is easy to read, but when compared to some of the other tablets is not quite as clear. As with all of these tablets, you’ll get the best effect when you use it in a well-lit area.

The drawing space is the standard 8.5 inches across the diagonal, and the outer dimensions are 8.2 x 5.5 inches.


  • Lower cost option
  • Has a lock screen button
  • The pen can be used to make a stand
  • The pen has a built-in holder in the frame


  • Feels a little flimsy
  • Not the brightest display
  • Lock screen button is a bit fiddly

KingsDragon Panda LCD Tablet

If you have younger children, then this panda tablet is a great option. The frame of the tablet is in the design of a cute panda, and the nose is the erase button. It’s an enjoyable take on a drawing tablet. Although if your kids are more into cats than pandas, there is also a cat version.

The cute design also means that all of the corners are nice and round. You don’t have to worry about eyes getting poked, and it’s less likely to break when dropped. Both features add to the recommendation for younger children.

It’s super lightweight at less than ½ a pound. This is in part because it is on the smaller side. The drawing area is 8.3 inches across the diagonal, making it one of the smallest options available. The small size does mean there is less space to draw, but it is also effortless to transport and for smaller children to handle.

The screen is multi-colored. There is a small yellow/orange section at the bottom, but most of the screen is green and blue. These are the colors that show the best, so it gives a good clear display.

There is a lock screen slider on the back of the tablet, which is large and easy to use. There is also a holder for the pen to clip into. There is a hole in the pen and the board’s frame so that you can attach the two. It’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t come with a string, though. However, if you opt for the cat over the panda, you get two pens, one of which is attached to the tablet.


  • Cute panda design + a cat option as well
  • Has a screen lock button
  • Storage space for pen and loops so you can attach the pen to the board


  • Smaller drawing space than other options

Orsen LCD Writing Tablet

This drawing tablet is a choice that offers a larger drawing area than standard. The drawing space is 10 inches across the diagonal, which is much bigger than most.

It’s a nice tablet to draw on as it is more responsive to pressure than others. This means it gives an experience that is a little more like using a pencil on paper. The harder you press, the thicker the line is.

The big drawback of this tablet is that the pen is not integrated into the frame. It does come with a lanyard you can attach to the frame as well as a clip-on holder. However, this holder is a little prone to being knocked off while in your bag.

The lanyard is a great touch as it can keep the pen safe even if you decide against using the pen holder. The only slight irritation with it is that it is a little short. Because the lanyard attaches to the tablet’s top right corner, it can be awkward for left-handed writers. Of course, they can just use the tablet upside down instead.

It does come with a screen lock button for saving drawings. This is operated with a slider button on the bottom of the frame.

The battery is replaceable. Unlike other tablets, you won’t get a space battery with it. It also doesn’t come with any magnets to attach it to the fridge. However, since you do get more drawing space, this isn’t a huge loss.

The screen is a multi-colored display. It has stripes in more colors than many other models, so it can be more appealing to some children. You almost get a whole rainbow, in pastel colors, as you move from top to bottom.


  • The screen is nice and large at 10 inches
  • Has a screen lock button
  • Comes with a lanyard to attach the pen
  • Good pressure sensitivity


  • The pen holder is not integrated into the frame
  • Lanyard is a little short

KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

This tablet offers another 10-inch option, which is bigger than the average LCD tablet display. It gives a lot more drawing space as a result.

With the larger screen size comes, the better sensitivity. This tablet offers a pleasant drawing experience and responds well to changes in pressure. As a result, you can make more detailed drawings with this tablet than some other models.

The pen attaches to the side of the tablet with a removable clip, which can get lost. However, there is also a lanyard that joins the pen to the screen. It does suffer from the same problem as other lanyard attached pens, in that it connects to the right-hand side of the tablet. This can be an annoyance for left-handed users. The lanyard is a good length, so it’s not the worst offender for this.

This option is probably better suited to older children for one key reason. The battery slot is relatively easy to open. It doesn’t screw into place, so curious kiddos can get it open without too much difficulty.

The tablet comes with a screen lock function operated by a small slider button on the side. The battery is replaceable, but it doesn’t come with a spare when you buy it.

The display is multi-coloured and has sections in pink, blue, orange, and yellow. You also have the same choices for the color of the frame. The color on the frame is a lot brighter than the screen.


  • The screen is nice and large at 10 inches
  • Has a screen lock button
  • Good Pressure sensitivity


  • The pen holder is not integrated into the frame
  • The battery holder is easily accessible, so not suitable for smaller children


This tablet from NEWYES is a more budget offering. But it does still have some attractive features that make it a good choice. What you miss out on are the extras. For example, you don’t get a spare pen. But, there is still a large magnet on the back, and it’s already attached, so you don’t have to do it.

The drawing space is the standard of 8.5 inches across the diagonal. It is also lightweight and comes with a sleek and interestingly shaped frame.

The frame comes in a choice of colors. You can have green, red, blue, black, or purple. From the front, the frame’s color is quite subtle, so it feels like a more grown-up tablet, which might appeal to some children.

The pen has an integrated holder at the bottom of the frame, which is easy to use. It also comes with a lanyard that you can attach to either side of the frame, which is a real plus if your child is left-handed. The holes that you can use to connect the pen can also be used to make a stand. When you slide the pen through, it lets you stand the tablet up like a picture frame.

When you write on the screen, you only get green lines. They are nice and clear, even if they are only in one color.

The tablet does come with a lock screen button, which is great. However, the slider button is on the back of the tablet and is relatively small. It can be a little fiddly to get it to move. Depending on how much you will use this function, it can be an annoyance.


  • Storage space for the pen which comes with a lanyard
  • Has a screen lock button
  • The pen can be used to make a stand


  • Doesn’t come with a spare pen
  • The lock screen switch is a little awkward

Boogie Board Jot 8.5 LCD Tablet

Boogie Board is one of the big names in LCD drawing tablets. However, many users have found that their more recent models don’t quite live up to the promise of the older ones. You do get some extras with these that you don’t with others, but be aware that you will pay a premium for the name.

One advantage of going with a brand name is that they offer a 1-year warranty for their tablets. If you want the reassurance of a warranty, this would be a good reason to choose a Boogie Board.

This Boogie Board tablet is the 8.5-inch model. It comes in a couple of different color options and does look very smart. The frame is a little on the thin side, making it a little more difficult to hold while you write on it. It is incredibly lightweight, though, so you can pop it in your bag and forget it’s even there.

The pen has an integrated holder in the frame. You can also use this holder along with the pen to stand the tablet up like a picture frame. There are also two magnets built into the back of the case to stick it on your fridge easily.

The display is a single green color. However, it is a nice and bright color, so it’s easy to see from a distance.

Unlike some of the other models from Boogie Board, this version does have a replaceable battery, which is a plus.

The Boogie Board does come with an app that you can use to take pictures of your drawing. It will convert them to black and white photos that you can crop on your phone. It’s a nice extra, but not a reason to buy this board over other options, as most children probably won’t use the app much at all.


  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • The pen can be used to make a stand
  • Associated app to save, share and edit drawings


  • One of the most expensive options on the market
  • No screen lock option

Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

This is the 8.5 inch model from Sunany. It comes with a spare pen, a screwdriver, extra battery, and cute octopus-shaped magnets to stick on the back. This is especially pleasing as the price is one of the lowest for tablets of this size.

You get three color choices for the frame. There is pastel blue, pastel pink, or a very grown-up looking black option. 

One of the best features of this tablet is the storage for the pen. The pen holder is seamlessly integrated into the frame. When you put the pen in, it is entirely surrounded by the frame, so it stays put.

There is a screen lock on the side of the tablet. The sliding switch is quite small and can be difficult to move. It helps to have long nails. On the other hand, it does mean that your child won’t accidentally turn it off when they want to save their drawing.

The display is a single color one. All your lines will show up in a lovely green. However, the color is a lot dimmer than other options. If you use it in bright, direct light, then it works well. However, if the light dims at all, it can be a little harder to make out. So, before you go for this option, think about where it might get used. If it’s for the car, for example, you might be better looking at other options.


  • The pen slides inside the frame for seamless storage
  • Has a screen lock button
  • Good value


  • Display a little dim


The KURATU tablet is the standard size of 8.5 inches and has a nice frame. When you get these, they chrome as a pack of two: one pink and one blue. The big selling point for these tablets is that you can get two for around the price of a single tablet in other models. So, if you have two kids and need something for both of them, this can be a good option.

Because they are budget models, they are a little light on features. The pen has a hook for a lanyard, but you don’t get one with it. There is no screen lock function, and no magnets to put it on the fridge.

The pen does come in an integrated holder. And you can use it as a makeshift stand. There are the attachments in place so that you can put your own string/lanyard on the pen if you choose. The only other thing to note about the pen is that you may get a different colored one to the frame’s color.

One shocking thing about such a cheap tablet is that there is the option for a 1-year warranty. It can be quite reassuring to have that.

The display is a single color. The green lines are a little dim, so it’s best to use these tablets  in bright, direct light.

If you need a couple of easy and low-cost drawing tablets, then this is a good option. They’re not going to blow anyone’s mind, but they will do the job.


  • The pen can be used to make a stand
  • Comes as a two-pack
  • Budget option
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a lanyard
  • Display a little dim
  • No screen lock option

So Which Should You Go For?

My top pick is the NEWYES Robot Pad. It has all the features your child will enjoy. The pen is the most flexible, and it does come with a lanyard on. The option of a travel case is excellent, especially if you intend to use this pad on journeys. It’s the best all-round option, and it isn’t excessively priced.

Sandy is mum to two energetic boys who are the embodiment of chaos. After 10 years of teaching Sandy now enjoys the flexibility of working as a writer. When she’s not playing with her kids she likes to read, lift weights, and learn new skills.