Best Infant and Toddlers Bike Helmets (2021 Reviews)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the best infant and toddler bike helmet, I’d recommend the Joovy Noodle.

While bike riding can be fun, it can also result in a few crashes and falls—especially in the beginning. Therefore, it’s important that your child is well protected with an appropriate safety helmet.

Let me help you find the best infant and toddlers bike helmets, so you can ensure your little one’s head will be safe while riding their bike.

Here are the infant and toddler bike helmets I will be reviewing:

Benefits of Learning to Ride

Kids have so many new skills to learn and accomplish as they grow up, including learning how to ride a bike. 

Bike riding is a classic skill that all children should master at a young age. While it’s fun, it also provides good exercise for them and gets them out into the big wide world to explore.

Research suggests that bike riding gives children a range of benefits, including improving cognitive development and providing added brainpower. 

Choosing a Helmet 

We want our children to have fun, but we also want them to be safe. Protecting their heads is critical, and so choosing the right helmet for them to wear while riding is very important. 

You’ll notice there are lots of different better helmets as you search for one, so let’s have a look at what you need to keep in mind when selecting one of the best infant and toddlers bike helmets for your child. 


The first and most important factor to consider is safety, wouldn’t you agree? 

Helmets should be CPSC certified, which is the stamp of approval from the government. This indicates that the helmet meets the relevant safety requirements and measurements to be deemed safe to be used for a child. 

In order for the outer shell of the helmet to remain intact, the inner band should be firmly secured to your child’s head. 

Good quality helmets will use good quality materials that will secure the helmet rather than using flimsy methods that may not give full security and protection. 


The size of the helmet is important, and you should check this before using any helmet on your child. 

Measure your child’s head circumference by accurately measuring around the head, over the eyebrows, and just above the ears. 

Remember that just because a helmet is recommended for a specific age range, it doesn’t mean that the size will be perfect for your child. 


The helmet should fit snugly onto your child’s head to stop it from falling off. It shouldn’t be so tight that it’s uncomfortable, but it definitely shouldn’t feel loose and able to move around when worn.

The helmet shouldn’t push up on your child’s hairline but should sit across their forehead snugly.


There should be plenty of cushioning in the helmet, which provides comfort when your child is wearing it. The cushions also provide support and enable your child to move around with ease.


The best infant and toddlers bike helmets will include lots of ventilation that will allow air to flow through the helmet and to your child’s head, keeping them cool and dry.

Children overheat much more quickly than adults, which is why it’s important that the helmet doesn’t cause this. 

You should find many openings and air vents on a helmet, so keep an eye out for this when looking.

Size Adjustment 

No two heads are the exact same size, so being able to make adjustments to a helmet is vital to ensure a safe and secure fit. 

A good helmet will include adjustable features on the chin strap and the base support located at the back. 

Helmet Styles

There are two main types of helmets to choose from: the traditional bike helmet and the skater-style helmet. 

Both will protect your child when riding a bike; however, they both have different pros and cons; this will help you decide what style is better suited for your child. 

The Traditional Bike Helmet

The name is a sure giveaway, but these helmets are best for kids who mainly ride a bike.

Pros include being well ventilated, being lightweight, and they generally feature more adjustment options. 

Cons include providing less coverage to the lower back of the head and neck, and the style options on these are usually limited. 

The Skater-Style Helmet

More suited for kids who like to engage in different wheel-based activities such as biking, skating, and scootering. 

Pros include providing greater protective coverage to the whole head, and they’re usually certified to be used for more than one activity. You’ll also find more design options in this style.

Cons include being less ventilated, which will create more head sweat, and they’re heavier, meaning they can be more difficult to hold into place, particularly for young children.

My Infant and Toddlers Bike Helmet Reviews

I have hand-selected the best infant and toddlers bike helmets and reviewed them, weighing up the different features, pros, and cons of each one.

Have a look at the different bike helmets, and decide which is the best one for your child that will provide maximum safety and comfort while they are riding their bikes.

The simple, classic, yet elegant design of the Joovy Noodle helmet has all the features you need to ensure maximum protection and safety for your little one.

The Joovy Noodle is suitable for children between the ages of one and four, assuming their head size is between 18.5 and 20.5 inches. 

This helmet is suitable for both boys and girls. The Joovy Noodle is also available in seven bright colors, so your little one is sure to find their favorite color among the selection. 

You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that this helmet meets CPSC standards, and therefore is safely suitable for providing great protection of your little one’s head.

It also has an extended visor, which provides added security and protection for your child while riding. 

Nylon straps on the helmet provide a comfortable fit that is also adjustable, so you can ensure the fit is snug and secure to your little one’s head.

The Joovy Noodle helmet also features a pinch guard on its padded chin strap for extra comfort, so you don’t have to worry about the strap catching any skin!

There are four points of contact on the helmet, so you can ensure your child is being provided with the best fit. 

Featuring a generous 14 air vents on this helmet, your child will feel comfortable for longer and will be able to feel great airflow throughout the helmet. 

This will prevent your child’s head from becoming sweaty and irritable. 

The Joovy Noodle helmet also has bug meshes integrated into the front air vents, to keep those pesky bugs away from entering the helmet and getting to your child’s head.

The cartoon design adds a sense of fun to the Shwinn Infant Bike Helmet while ensuring your child’s head is well protected on their bike rides.

The Shwinn helmet states that it’s suitable for children ages from one and up, however, there are no head circumference sizings given in the product detail to know this for sure. 

This is unfortunate because buyers will have to blindly purchase this helmet due to the fact that not every one-year-old child’s head size is the same!

The helmet is suitable for both girls and boys and is available in two colorful and funky designs. One of which is jungle-themed and the other is pink elephants.

Again, due to the limited information that the seller provides, we’re unsure as to whether or not this helmet is meeting CPSC standards. 

This may put off some buyers unless they are prepared to go and do additional research on this helmet. 

The helmet features a dial fit, which offers 100 percent adjustability for all head sizes.

The shell of the helmet is lower molded, therefore providing additional protection from any damage. 

The Shwinn helmet offers extended coverage for the rear of the head, which is an extra safety feature ensuring your little one’s head is well protected. 

An internal 360-degree padded system provides maximum comfort for your child as they ride

Adjustable straps allow you to fit the helmet to your child’s head more snugly, and a chin clip gives extra security to the fit.

The Swhinn helmet has six airflow vents, which will help your child to stay cool and prevent their head from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable.

Featuring a timeless classic design on the Giro Scamp helmet, it not only looks good but provides excellent safety measures for your little one in the event of an accident.

The helmet is suitable for both girls and boys and has an impressive twelve different colors and design prints on the helmet to choose from. So you’re bound to find a style that your child loves!

Annoyingly, there are no age range or head size measurements available for this helmet, only that they are available in either small or extra small. 

While you can estimate which size you may need, it’ll definitely be a case of guesswork unless you have the opportunity to find a store selling this particular brand that you can try before you buy. 

The Giro Scamp helmet also doesn’t stipulate whether or not it meets CPSC standards. 

While I assume they do due to some of the brilliant feedback from parents they have, I can’t be sure, and it would take extra research to find this information out.

The helmet has a built-in visor to provide protection for your child from the shining sun rays.

Adjustable straps with a pinch-guard buckle attached give your little one added safety and security while they ride. 

It’s also long-hair friendly and features a small hole to the back of the helmet that makes it ponytail compatible. 

This prevents long hair from getting in the way and taking up headspace inside the helmet!

The helmet has air vents all over the helmet to ensure a flow of air can get to your child’s head and keep them comfortable and cool while on the bike.

The Giro Scamp helmet is a good helmet with good feedback, but its lack of specification information is really what lets it down.

The funky design of the Bell Infant Sprout helmet immediately catches your attention, with its bright colors and jazzy detail.

You can also be sure that while it looks cool, it also has lots of good features that will protect and support your child’s head when out and about on the bike.

The Bell Sprout helmet is recommended as being suitable for children aged between one and three years old, assuming their head circumference is between 18.5 and 20.4 inches. 

Both boys and girls will be able to find a design that they like, as this helmet comes in six bright and eye-catching colorful designs. 

I’m unsure if this helmet meets CPSC standards, as such information isn’t provided by the seller.

This is such a crucial selling point, I feel, and I am surprised that so many helmets don’t have this information readily available to buyers! Anyway, let us continue. 

A unique design that this brand has on its helmets is called TRUE FIT. This design outlines a clear three-step process for ensuring that adjustments can be made to the helmet for the perfect fit.

The three steps include making adjustments to the fit belt at the hood of the helmet, the straps that sit at the sides of the face, and the strap which sits under the chin.

The Bell Sprout helmet features extended coverage to the rear, providing extra protection for your child’s neck and back of their head. 

It also has high impact reflectors on the helmet, which help to improve visibility when out during the evenings. 

The helmet has seven vents on top of the helmet, to keep your little one cool and reduce sweating and feelings of discomfort.

Although it’s described as a bike helmet, the Kali Chakra is designed more with a skater style in mind.

It has full head coverage that supports the head entirely at the back, while still looking like a traditional bike helmet from the front. So it’s definitely unique in that aspect! 

Unfortunately, the helmet comes without any sizing guidelines, so I am unsure as to which age range it’s most suitable or what head circumference it will fit.

It doesn’t come with any safety information, including whether or not it meets CPSC standards, which is another down point for this helmet. 

The helmet is available in five striking color designs, making it suitable for both girls and boys alike. 

The Kali Chakra helmet has an integrated visor, which will help improve visibility, particularly on those bright and sunny days.

It features a dial system for fitting, which makes adjusting the helmet to fit easy and will ensure a perfect optimum fit.

A clip buckle can be found under the chin, which provides added security so that the helmet remains in place while your child is out riding. 

The shell on the helmet is ultra-lightweight and is made to put less strain on your child’s head and neck when wearing it.

Vents can be found throughout the entire middle of the helmet from top to bottom, to allow good airflow for your child. 

However, it doesn’t have vents on the sides of the helmet, meaning some parts of your child’s head and ears may become sweaty and uncomfortable with time.

I am surprised to find that the Kali Chakra helmet is priced quite highly, considering it lacks some vital fitting guidance and safety information.

Here we have another Giro helmet, and while they tend to be made in a similar way, each helmet has some unique differences that could sway buyers from one helmet to another.

The Giro Me2 is designed like a traditional bike helmet, but with little ones in mind due to its funny and quirky color cartoon character prints.

Designed for both little girls and little boys, they can choose from a range of character designs, including pink bunnies, blue airplanes, and yellow chicks.

There are no age range guidelines for this Giro Me2 helmet; however, it does stipulate that it’s made for head circumferences measuring between 18.5 and 20.5 inches. 

The helmet information doesn’t provide details regarding whether or not it meets CPSC standards. 

Your child is able to grow with this helmet as it can be adjusted in size, meaning it should be able to last for longer.

Featuring a mini-loc fit system, your little one can safely clip the straps without worrying about skin pinching. 

A built-in visor helps to protect your child’s eyes from any bright sun rays and will improve their visibility while riding. 

The Giro Me2 helmet features twenty vents placed all over the helmet, providing excellent airflow to your child’s head. 

The vents all include a bug-net, which will stop any creepy crawlies from getting into your child’s hair and causing irritation. 

There are reports that the helmet is poorly designed, with the shell coming away from the inner straps, which is alarming.

Overall this is a good helmet made by a well-known brand. However, it lacks important information that’s enough to make buyers steer clear from it.

Another Schwinn helmet here; however, this one is much cuter and better designed for the littlest of riders!

The Schwinn 3D helmet features an adorable 3D design of which there are four to choose from. Choose from a fireman, policeman, pink sweetheart bow, or—my favorite—a 3D teddy bear face! All the neighbors will surely be stopping you yo tell you how cute your little one looks! 

The helmet is, of course, best suited for any little one with a love of the specific character feature, which could be either little boys or girls. 

It’s designed for infants aged between zero and three years, measuring a head circumference of 17.5 to 19.7 inches and also for toddlers aged between three and five with a head circumference of 18.9 inches and 20.5 inches.

The helmet also features a full 360-degree adjustment fitting, meaning it will create a snug and comfortable fit.

The helmet meets CPSC standards, so not only is your little one looking cute as they ride, but you know that their precious head is safely protected too in case of any unpredictable accidents! 

The helmet is fully padded, creating a perfect snug fit that’s comfortable for your child.

It also features a built-in visor which aims to reduce sun glare and protect little eyes from those harmful sun rays. 

The shell is lowered to the back of the helmet, which gives extra protection to the back of the head while also providing extra durability to the helmet. 

The Shwinn 3D helmet is ultra-lightweight, designed for little necks to be able to support the helmet without discomfort. 

There are air vents on the helmet, which provide good air circulation. However, these are limited and only on the top of the helmet, which could result in the sides of the head becoming uncomfortable after a while. 

The helmet is cute and definitely stands out.

You can’t get much cuter than a ladybug helmet, right? Available in either blue or yellow, this helmet is designed to look like a ladybug with facial features at the front and spots all over the shell.

Designed not just for biking but all wheel-based sports, the XINGCHENGSPORT is a skater style helmet that provides full coverage to the entire head.

It’s suitable for kids ages between three and eight years old, providing they have a head circumference size of 18.9 to 21 inches. 

The helmet lets itself down by not displaying whether or not it meets CPSC standards because it seems to be a very good helmet. 

The shell of the helmet is made from strong materials that are durable and will last, while the inside provides comfort with lots of padding. 

Adjustable straps on the helmet ensure it fits comfortably, and a clip on the chin straps gives added security so that the helmet is firmly in place.

What’s nice about the XINGCHENGSPORT helmet, is that it comes with a six-piece safety protective wear set included in the price.

The protective wear includes a pair of elbow pads, a pair of knee pads, and a pair of wrist supports, all matching the color theme of the helmet. 

While there are a few air vents on the helmet, due to the style, they are limited, meaning there will be minimal airflow getting to your child’s head. 

This is a good helmet if your child partakes in more than just bike riding. It’s a little pricey, but I guess you can put this down to the added extras that are included.

If your little one is a dinosaur lover, then they’ll absolutely love this! This helmet is designed to look like the entire face of a dinosaur, with big scary teeth hanging over the top of your little one’s head!

This is another skater-style helmet, so it’s more suited to those who partake in other wheel-based activities as well as bike riding. 

Being a skater-style helmet, it provides maximum head protection with full head coverage. 

The Multi-Sport helmet doesn’t have an age range, but it does give a head circumference suitability size of 18.8 to 20.4 inches.

This helmet is CPSC certified! Yes! So you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the helmet is safe, and will provide your little one’s head with maximum protection in case of any accidents.

The dinosaur design is available in five different colors, so your little one can choose their favorite dino to ride with!

If your child isn’t a dinosaur fan, then it’s probably best that you don’t choose this helmet for them!

Made from high-quality PVC, this helmet is extremely durable and is built to last. 

It has a top-quality safety buckle, which provides additional security as well as size-adjustable straps.

Velvet lining on the inside of the helmet makes it soft and comfortable to wear, in addition to the padded cushions.

Though it’s a skater-style helmet, it does feature six air vents to help support natural airflow to your child’s head. 

They won’t, however, be as effective as traditional bike helmets, so your little one may need more regular breaks to prevent discomfort from a sweaty head.

The last helmet we have to review sees us finishing off with another Schwinn design.

This is your very classical and traditional style bike helmet that sits comfortably on the head while providing support and safety where necessary. 

There are two sizing options available on this particular Shwinn helmet, which includes different age ranges and head sizes that are suitable for each.

The infant-sized helmet is suitable for children up to three years old. It will fit head circumference sizes of 17.7 to 19.7 inches.

The toddler-sized helmet is suitable for children aged between three and five years old, with a head circumference size of 18.7 to 20.5 inches.

Suitable for both girls and boys, there are eight vibrant and colorful designs for you to choose from for your little one.

This helmet does meet CPSC standards, so you can feel rest assured knowing that the helmet will protect your child’s head well.

There is a small visor on the helmet that will help protect your child’s eyes in the sun, and improve visibility for them while riding.

This Schwinn helmet has adjustable straps and a safety buckle under the chin, providing extra support and security to ensure the helmet fits your child snugly.

There is no pinch guard on this helmet, so take care when fastening the chin buckle as not to cause any tears!

As with most traditional bike helmets, there are a number of air vents running across the helmet to ensure good airflow reaches your child’s head. 

However, the vents are not mesh covered.

There is padding inside the helmet, but it’s minimal. While this helps with sizing the helmet, it doesn’t help with comfort and is likely to feel uncomfortable on your little one’s head after a short time.

Final Thoughts on the Best Infant and Toddlers Bike Helmets

When searching among the best infant and toddlers bike helmets, I think that the clear winner and the best helmet is the Joovy Noodle bike helmet.

It has all the features that a good helmet should have, making it a helmet that not only looks good but provides all-round comfort and maximum safety for your little one.

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