Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best nursing bra is for women with large breasts, I’d recommend the HOFISH Full Bust Seamless Nursing Bra.

If you’re a mother with a large cup size, you’ve likely grown frustrated while searching for good nursing bras. It can be challenging to find a nursing bra that is comfortable and allows you to feed your child. We feel for those with large busts, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best nursing bras for women with large breasts.

Here are the nursing bras for women with large breasts that I will be reviewing:

Looking For Nursing Bras? Here Are The Top Things Women With Large Breasts Should Consider

It’s critical for mothers to find nursing bras that are both comfortable and supportive. Below are some things mothers should consider when searching for the best nursing bras for large breasts.

Why You Should Consider A Nursing Bra In The First Place?

We’ve heard from many women with a large cup size who say that they don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a nursing bra. However, we strongly encourage them to do so.

Expectant mothers should not wear a traditional underwire bra when pregnant or nursing because they don’t allow the diaphragm to grow.

A nursing bra has soft cups, in addition to increased rows of eyes and hooks. Traditional bras, unlike nursing bras, only have three rows of hooks and eyes, which makes it practically impossible to expand when nursing.

Tight Bras Could Prove Troublesome When Breastfeeding

If you choose to wear a traditional underwire bra when breastfeeding, you could run into significant health problems. For instance, traditional bras could place added pressure on your breast tissue. The added pressure could increase the likelihood of blocked milk ducts or mastitis. According to Medical News Today, a clogged milk duct could cause:

  • Swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Intense pain

The best nursing bras for large breasts don’t have any underwire. They have thick straps and a full band, both of which offer mothers ample support. They also have soft cups and breast pads, which are more comfortable on sensitive nipples.

My Top Nursing Bra Reviews For Women With Large Busts

During our pregnancies, many of the mothers on our team saw their breast size increase significantly. Some mothers experience greater sizes when their milk comes in. We feel that that the products below are the best nursing bras for large breasts available today.

YIVEKO Women’s Seamless Nursing Bras For Breastfeeding

These nursing bras for YIVEKO are ideal for mothers with large busts. The bras are available in sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large. They are 90 percent nylon and ten percent spandex. We found that the bras were very soft and comfortable. The bras are free of wires and feature a U-shaped design in the back that provides mothers with enhanced comfort.

Additionally, the straps on the nursing bra are adjustable, which is ideal for those with large busts. The company says that they designed these straps to account for the standard fluctuations in bust sizes that expectant mothers experience.

The bras also feature a one-step feeding clasp, which allows mothers to begin breastfeeding while holding their baby in one hand.

These nursing bras are flexible, expanding up to 1.5 times their standard size. The company recommends that pregnant mothers select a bra size up from what they would typically wear.


  • The fabric is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable
  • Wire-free
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Front one-hand access


  • Some may experience an allergic reaction from glue ton the clasp
  • Could be challenging to find the right size

HOFISH Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

Another excellent choice for nursing mothers is the HOFISH Full Bust Seamless Nursing Bra. The company offers these bras in sizes ranging from Small to XXL. Mothers can purchase the bras in sets of three, with colors including pink, black, and beige. HOFISH makes these bras of 92 percent nylon and eight percent spandex.

When purchasing this product, mothers will also find three bra clips and three matching bra extenders, making it easy for them to adjust the bra size as they grow during their pregnancy. There are also adjustable straps on the bras which helps mothers find the perfect fit. The straps also feature an extra-wide, triangle-cup design for added support.

The bras feature one-hand access with comfortable drop cups, making breastfeeding very accessible. The bras also contain removable moldable foam cups to help with any leakage that may occur in the first few months of breastfeeding. HOFISH offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with these bras. They also recommend that mothers choose one bra size up when pregnant.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Removable foam pads are easy to wash and replace
  • Ample support
  • Easy to adjust sizes for comfort
  • Seamless nursing bra


  • The nursing pads may shift
  • The size chart on the company’s website is confusing
  • Some indicated that the clips on the bra were too high

LYSHION Nursing Bra – Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Breastfeeding Bras

We found that it was easy to find an accurate fit when wearing these nursing bras from LYSHION. Customers can purchase the bras in packs of two. In addition to the standard pink, beige, and black options, customers could also buy white bras. LYSHION offers these bras in sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large.

The company designed the cups in the bra to expand and contract as your breast grows and empties. The fabric on the bra is 90 percent nylon and ten percent spandex. The under-band of the nursing bra is elastic, which helps support large breasts.

Furthermore, like many of the other choices on our list, this nursing bra features a front clip that makes one-handed breastfeeding accessible.

The nursing pads in the bra are removable and replaceable. The bras also feature adjustable  straps and a triangle-cup design, allowing mothers to find the ideal fit. The company also offers this product in “Busty” sizing, perfect for those with large cup sizes.


  • Busty sizing ideal for those with large busts
  • Fabric expands and contracts naturally
  • Affordable


  • Another row of hooks would be convenient
  • The nursing pads sometimes fold by the end of the day
  • Elastic could stretch if dried in the heat

WonderMoms Wireless Lace Nursing Bra

This is a good nursing bra, but it’s a bit expensive compared to some of the other bras on our list. However, it has a lace pattern, which we find more attractive than the “sports bra” look of some other nursing and maternity bras. The bra is available in beige and black and comes in size Medium through XL. Both sides of the bra open with snaps. The snaps are in the middle of the bra, different from those bras that have clasps on top.

This plus-size nursing bra does not have any underwire. There is light padding in the cup area to protect nipples that are sensitive from feeding. The adjustable straps are ¾” thick, which we found plenty supportive enough to support large bust sizes.

This maternity bra will not work for those mothers who elect to pump. The company says that a mother should make sure to either hand wash the bra or wash it on a gentle cycle. The company’s founder said that she created the company because, “You don’t wear sweats to work, so why wear a sports bra to work?”


  • Clasps in the middle of the bra provide easy access
  • Lace is sexier than conventional nursing bras
  • Thick shoulder straps


  • Not suitable for pumps
  • A bit expensive
  • Sizing could be challenging

Lataly Women’s Sleeping Nursing Bra

Customers can purchase the Lataly Women’s Sleeping Nursing Bra in packs of five, meaning the cost per maternity bra is no more than a few dollars. Mothers can choose from white, beige, and black colors. The bra is made from 92 percent nylon and eight percent spandex and comes with a hook and eye enclosure. The bras provide supportive, full coverage with shapes that shift as your breasts grow.

The ribbed gore on these bras is breathable. The bras do not have any underwire and feature cups that drop away from the breast entirely, providing adequate support. The drop cups also make feeding more convenient. They work well with the one-handed snap closures. The straps are adjustable as well.

Mothers will find that these bras are practically invisible under clothing. The bras come in sizes Small through XL. The bras are also seamless, which we found helped reduce itching and irritation. The bras feature a thick elastic band underneath the cups, stretching as your rib cage grows. We found this bra to be comfortable, and as the name would suggest, a great sleep bra.


  • Very affordable – a “buy in bulk” option
  • Thick elastic band provides ample support
  • Seamless design reduces irritation


  • Tough to find replacement pads
  • Some found that the fit was too loose
  • Padding not sewn into the cups

Curve Muse Plus-Size Nursing Bra

This is a good nursing bra and it’s very different from any other nursing bras I’ve seen before. For one thing, it features a lace trim that makes you feel like a hot mommy!

This bra design definitely gets the thumbs up from me for its stylish appearance alone. As a result, it’ll improve your confidence and jazz-up your wardrobe if you’re tired of mundane nursing bras.

This maternity bra features 93 percent cotton and seven percent spandex. They also feature a sexy lace trim that sits around the bra. The material makes them flexible so you can move around comfortably and freely.

A one-hand clip easily releases the front panel of this sexy nursing bra, so you can quickly get to your breast when you need to give a feed.

The bras are wire-free for added comfort. Plus, the spandex material helps to support and secure your breasts, while feeling comfortable to wear. 

The straps are adjustable, making it even easier for the nursing bra to fit any body shape. They’re also wide, giving you a substantial lift and better support for your back and breasts.


  • Good value for money
  • Nursing pads aren’t seen when worn
  • Great for plus-sized women


  • Only available in packs of two or three
  • Hand-washable only
  • Lace part of the bra can feel uncomfortable if your nipples don’t sit on the center of your breasts

Elomi Women’s Nursing Bra

Elomi caters to women from a D-cup to an H-cup, making it ideal for women with large busts.

This maternity bra has molded cups and is designed to give you maximum support in keeping your breasts upright and comfortable. The benefit of an extra lift is great if you’re conscious about your breast’s appearance.

It features a flexible underwire. This keeps your breasts in their natural shape and position when you’re busy moving around all day.

This supportive nursing bra uses 91 percent polyester, six percent nylon, and three percent elastane. Combined, these materials create a smooth layer and remain soft against your skin.

This maternity bra makes breastfeeding simple and features a drop-cup that has a full-circle sling. This makes access quick and easy while retaining modesty when nursing your baby. When you’ve finished breastfeeding, the cup clips back into place to cover your breasts.


  • Seam-free cups create a smooth look
  • Molded to keep breasts feeling firm and secure
  • Very supportive
  • True to size
  • Affordable price, especially for larger sizes


  • Padding can make breasts look too oversized
  • Can become tight with extended wear
  • Underwire can breakthrough
  • Hand-washable only

Essential Hands-Free Pumping Bra By Rumina

If you’re searching for convenience to help you pump and nurse at the same time, look no further than this pumping bra. With its intelligent hands-free pumping design, breastfeeding is a quick and easy process.

Made from 93 percent cotton and seven percent spandex, it’s the perfect material combination in ensuring you remain comfortable. Each time you wear this bra, you’ll experience the ultimate flexibility to move freely without any restriction.

Similar to a sports bra design, this nursing bra fits your body perfectly without clips or buckles. Simply pull it on and off over your head. 

This nursing bra isn’t available in cup sizes but is available from extra small through to extra large. This can sometimes make it difficult to know which size to get.

Its no-hassle design means you don’t need to buy a special bra for pumping, saving you time and money. Simply place the breast shield of the pump through the bra’s opening for easy pumping. There’s no need to detach the bra straps or the bottle’s shield.

It doesn’t have a specific nipple-hole design like most nursing bras. However, it does allow for a natural positioning of your nipples.


  • Unique design allows for pumping and nursing at the same time
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality material
  • Works with most major breast pumps


  • Size guide not totally accurate
  • Design makes wrinkles visible through the outer shirt

Women’s Croissant T-Shirt Nursing Bra By Cake Maternity

You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing this nursing bra, as it’s designed to feel like skin. It remains lightweight to help you move freely and doesn’t contain any harsh materials that could dig into your skin and cause irritation or scratches.

The spacer-cup design molds around each breast and holds them in place, but the design could seem too figure-hugging for some as the breast and nipple can easily show through the bra.

Made from 86 percent nylon and 14 percent elastane, you receive the ultimate comfort and flexibility when wearing this bra. These materials are soft against your skin, making it ideal for extended wear.

The front of the bra is seamless, so you won’t see any awkward lumps or bumps sticking through your shirt. Plus, it makes it easy to slip in a breast pad if needed. Nursing clips are easy to use, and the drop-down cups make it quick and simple to feed your baby.

This maternity bra has underwire that helps to keep breasts upright with added support and lift. It keeps breasts separated, as not to cause an unnatural cleavage. Not all women like this feature and prefer a nursing bra to keep breasts close together, but this is down to personal preference.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable straps to better fit different body shapes
  • Hook-and-eye closure for comfort and security
  • Breathable fabric
  • Excellent support for larger breasts


  • Inaccurate sizing guide
  • Underwire can lead to discomfort after extended wear

iloveSIA Full Bust Nursing Bra – Pack of 3

Available in a pack of three and for excellent value for money, it’s cheaper to purchase this packet than separate maternity bras. Plus, multiple items are great for when one’s in the wash.

Underwire isn’t included within these bras, but they do feature a wide underband to provide support that’s comfortable all day. Also, molded foam cups come with these bras, which are removable so you can decide on whether or not you want extra padding. 

The cups drop away entirely from the breast with a discrete nursing clip. This is also easy to manage with only one hand, so you have easy access while holding your baby in the other!

The back of this nursing bra is an ergonomic U-shape design that prevents the straps from falling. This design also gives better support to your back and shoulders. 

A classic hook-and-eye closure makes it easy to slip in and out of this maternity bra.

It’s important to point out that these bras don’t come in cup sizes. Instead, they’re sized from small to double extra-large.


  • Affordable as they come in a pack of three
  • Wide straps are better suited for larger breasts
  • Easy one-handed nursing clips
  • Removable cup padding included
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Bra front is quite high, and can show when wearing low-cut tops
  • Hand-wash only

Wrapping Things Up: Which Of The Nursing Bras Reviewed Above Is Right For You?

The HOFISH Full Bust Seamless Nursing Bra, in our opinion, is the ideal option for expecting mothers. We found the fabric quite comfortable, and we appreciated how much support this nursing bra offered. 

While some customers noted that the clips on the bra were too high, we did not run into any such issues. We also appreciated the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that HOFISH offered were these problems to arise.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.

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