Best Stroller Organizer

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best stroller organizer is, I’d recommend the Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer.

It can be really hard to travel light with young kids. Between snacks, drinks, diapers, wipes, toys and a million other little things, it adds up pretty quickly. With everything that you need to take with you, a good stroller organizer can be a lifesaver.

In this article, I am breaking down the best stroller organizers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the stroller organizers I will be reviewing:

Biggest Benefits Of Stroller Organizers

There are lots of different types of strollers out there. Some come with loads of storage space, cup holders, and a convenient parent console and others simply do not. If your favorite stroller falls short in these areas, a stroller organizer can help fill the gap.

Cup holders are a really nice benefit. Some strollers come with one cup holder, and some don’t have any. A lot of stroller organizers come with two. So, you have a place for your coffee and a place for your little one’s bottle or sippy cup.

They also tend to have compartments that can be closed with zippers or other methods. These are great for storing valuables that you want to have on hand.

In a lot of cases, stroller organizers can carry diapers, wipes and other essentials. So, if you have the right one, you might not need to carry a diaper bag with you everywhere you go.

Personally, I always keep spare diapers and wipes in my stroller organizer. This has paid off on more than one occasion when I forgot to pack enough in my diaper bag before heading out the door.

Things To Consider When Buying A Stroller Organizer

There are a few things that you will definitely want to consider when choosing a stroller organizer. Chief among them are storage space, cup holders, and durability.

Storage Space

Storage space is one of the key benefits that stroller organizers offer. So, you will want to be sure to get one that has enough space to meet your needs.

Beyond the amount of space itself, take a look to see if there are different compartments for different items. You don’t necessarily want to put your phone in with your diapers and wipes. It can also be nice to have some compartments that can be closed for extra security, as well as others that stay open for easy access.

Cup Holders

This is almost a must have feature in my opinion. The only possible exception to the rule would be if your stroller already has two great cup holders that you really like.

Even if your stroller has cup holders, they might or might not be insulated. Most organizers offer insulated cup holders, which can be really nice for keeping your coffee hot.


It might not be obvious, but stroller organizers go through a fair amount of wear and tear. A good one will be able to stand up to months and months of being folded up and moved in and out of the trunk.

My Top Stroller Organizer Reviews

I have looked at TONS of different stroller organizers, and narrowed down the field to my top five choices below. All of these are universal stroller organizers. So, they should work with a wide variety of different strollers.

Britax Stroller Organizer

This one is well made and covers all of the basics.

There are two deep, insulated cup holders that are perfect for coffee cups, bottles, sippy cups or any other beverage that you want to keep handy. It also has a sturdy metal frame that helps prevent drinks from spilling.

It has a center storage compartment with a magnetic cover. This cover is really nice, since it opens and closes effortlessly, but also provides a little extra security for your valuables.

On the outside, there are three open pockets. These work well for things that you want to access easily. A lot of parents use them for sunglasses, phones, lip balm, and other small items.

There is no need to take this off when you want to put your stroller away, since it collapses and folds with the stroller.

On the downside, this one does hang a bit awkwardly. So, it’s not the most stylish. It can also hang at an angle on some strollers, which can cause drinks to spill.


  • Center storage compartment has silent magnetic closure
  • Three outer pockets for small items like phones, keys, and sunglasses
  • Collapses and folds with strollers
  • Sturdy metal frame


  • Hangs a bit awkwardly, so it’s not the most stylish
  • Hangs at an angle on some strollers

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer

If you are looking for something stylish, this could be the winner.

The most unique feature that this one offers is a detachable wristlet. This is nice for those times when you want to leave your stroller behind, but want to take a couple of small things with you. The wristlet is fairly limited in terms of space, but can fit your phone, credit car, license, cash, and other small items.

This one comes with insulated cup holders. However, these are not totally secure, and sometimes drinks tip and spill.

The middle compartment is open. Some parents like this because it’s really easy to drop things in or take them out. Others would prefer some sort of cover. That said, it does have zippered pockets for your valuables.

This one is smaller than others. So, it works well if you travel light, but not so well if you don’t.

It’s also not super durable. So, you may need to replace it after a while if you use it all the time.


  • Stylish look
  • Detachable wristlet
  • Zippered pockets to hold valuables


  • Cup holders are not totally secure, so drinks sometimes spill
  • A little on the small side
  • Not as durable as some others

Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer

Ethan & Emma have packed a ton of features and functionality into this one. In fact, this is the best stroller organizer in my opinion.

In terms of storage space, this one really has you covered. There are multiple different compartments. Some are mesh, some are zippered, and the one in the middle has a magnetic closure.

One large compartment rolls out from the back for those times when you need lots of storage space. Another compartment is detachable, so you can take a few things with you when you want to leave the stroller behind.

It comes with two insulated cup holders that get high marks for keeping drinks upright and avoiding spills.

This one folds easily with the stroller. So, there is no need to remove it before folding up the stroller and putting it in the trunk.

With all of the incredible features this one has, it’s fair to say that the focus is more on functionality than style. It can be a bit bulky, particularly when you roll out the hideaway compartment from the back and pack it to the brim.


  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Magnetic closure in the middle
  • Detachable pouch is convenient
  • Hideaway mesh pocket drops down below and provides extra storage when needed
  • Two insulated cup holders
  • Folds with stroller


  • A bit bulky
  • More functional than stylish

Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer

This is a small, sleek stroller organizer that is also easy on the wallet.

As a smaller organizer, this one does not have a ton of storage space. But, it works well for carrying your phone, keys and other small items. It also has a zippered pocket that is perfect for valuables.

You won’t be able to carry lots of diapers, wipes, snacks, clothes and all of the other things that parents sometimes carry around. Having said that, if your stroller itself has storage for larger items, this one can work quite well.

It has two insulated cup holders and also has a cooler liner so it doesn’t leak. The cup holders themselves are a little on the small side, so they won’t hold large beverages.


  • Priced at the low end of the range
  • Zippered pocket stores valuables
  • Sleek and stylish look
  • Two insulated cup holders with leak-free construction


  • Cup holders are small
  • Small amount of storage space

Dwelling Place Deluxe Stroller Organizer

This is a stylish organizer with some unique features that make it super convenient.

The most impressive feature this one has to offer is that it can easily convert into a handbag. So, whenever you ditch the stroller, you can still take all your things with you. Is it the best hand bag in the world? Nope. But it’s still a really nice option to have on occasion.

It has two insulated cup holders. So, you and your little one will have drinks on hand.

It also has a mesh pouch in the back. So, you’ll have plenty of space whenever you need it.

On some strollers, this one tends to slip down sometimes, which can get pretty annoying.

Some parents report that it’s not all that durable. In particular, the Velcro tends to wear out, which means it can fall off from time to time.


  • Stylish design
  • Converts into a hand bag
  • Two insulated cup holders
  • Mesh pouch rolls out from the back and provides plenty of space


  • Sometimes slips down
  • Parents report that it has durability issues and that the Velcro wears out

J.L. Childress Cups ‘N Cargo

The Cups ‘N Cargo stroller organizer has all the space you need. The mesh pockets are great for organizing since it is easy to see inside. It has several zippered pockets perfect for diapers, wipes, wallets, and cell phones. There are two cup holders, one for you and one for baby, or in my case two for the kids and none for me!

When you fold and store your stroller, the Cups ‘N Cargo folds with it! There is no need to detach the caddy from the stroller. This model is slim and stays out of the way without adding any extra bulk. Because of the long mesh compartment, it may not fit well on a stroller that is lower to the ground. Customers reported the mesh compartment can comfortably hold four adult jackets at one time.

Since the bag attaches to the handle via adjustable straps, it can fit on almost any stroller. However, it may not fit perfectly with double or quad sizes. The straps are plastic buckles. This material means you do not have to worry about velcro catching on the stroller fabric or an errant blanket. The downside is that it may not be as secure as velcro straps. 

It is rather industrial and tactical looking; the mesh is plain, and the only color is black. The plastic fabric easily cleans up if needed with a wipe or wet towel. You can also just  place it into a garment bag and send it through the washing machine. I would suggest hanging the caddy instead of putting it in the dryer, since the high heat might degrade the elastic and mesh. 

Its low price point is the clincher. For the money you are spending, you can get an amazing deal with J.L. Childress, who has been making baby accessories and bags for over 30 years. Their brand is dedicated to simple, quality products to make parenting stressless.


  • Folds with your stroller for storage
  • Dual mesh cup holders
  • Large mesh bag for big item storage


  • Tends to tip forward if beverages are too heavy
  • Lack of color options
  • Plastic attachments may not be as strong as other brands

Itzy Ritzy Adjustable Stroller Caddy

This stunning model is more like a high-end purse turned stroller caddy. You will be the envy of all the moms at playdates when you rock an Itzy Ritzy.

Its adjustable velcro straps will not slide like a clip might do to keep your items safe. However, the straps are hearty and come with hardware to match the bag. Since they are quite stiff and sturdy, your bag will not slide around or tip over. 

There is a small zippered parent pocket for phone and keys, but a larger wallet may not fit. There is plenty of room in the main pocket for it, though, along with wipes, spare diapers, and a change of clothes. Larger coats or activities/toys may not fit. The middle pocket does not close, so make sure to double-check your items and remove them if you need to store the stroller. 

It has two stable, separate areas inside the main compartment to store beverages.

Matching items from the Itzy Ritzy line are available, like a pacifier caddy, wet wipe cover, and larger diaper bags. They all connect and attach to the stroller, so you look coordinated and fashionable. (The company also does super cute packing cubes, but that is a different article!) 

It is available in four styles: Coffee and cream, blush, black, and black with gold hardware, which has a herringbone quilt pattern. The backside of the bag is a plain black leatherette, so that you can wear it both ways on the stroller for two different looks. 

Overall, this bag clearly focuses on fashion over heavy storage, in comparison to the previous product. It claims to clean easily with a wet wipe, but the light color does bode ill for stains and scratches. If you are looking for a cute, small bag to store some mini-essentials and coffee, this is your best choice.


  • Attractive, fashionable bag
  • Matching products from the Itzy Ritzy line
  • Can be easily repositioned


  • Only suitable for smaller items
  • No zippered pockets, so items could fall out
  • Fabric interior is not great for spills

Swanoo Stroller Organizer

Some specialty features make this caddy extra convenient. First, it has a myriad of pockets for those little essentials. Its dedicated phone holster can fit most smartphones. The velcro attachments are the sturdiest I have seen. They are wider and have a more ergonomic design that other models; they attach on their own, and the bag is added and adjusted to your liking.

I love it for the sturdy cup holders. These two cup holders mean the stroller can hold my latte and a sippy cup. The pockets have a magnet closure to keep your items safe, but they open and close effortlessly. Fill this with small toys, sunglasses, and do not forget the SPF. I have still not forgiven myself for when my little boy got a sunburn on his nose last August. In case you are applying sunblock yourself, there is also a mirror on the flap of the middle pocket!

Do you always seem to need wet wipes? A unique feature of the Swanoo, is an expandable wipe pocket. Just lift the flap, and the dispenser is accessible without having to take out and open the package. Make sure to close it up once you get back home, so they do not dry out, as it does not have a lid.  

If you have to leave your stroller outside or check it at the gate, you can take small and important items with you. A specialty removable wallet keeps your special items at hand. Take your wallet and phone with just a simple zip. 

The best part of this caddy is the fold-down mesh bag. It is great for bulky items like stuffed toys, soiled clothing, or winter jackets and accessories. Once you fold it down, it attaches via velcro to the stroller undercarriage, so it does not jostle. Just fold it back up when you are not using it to save space. 

It is a well thought-out bag, if a bit plain in design. It definitely will not clash with a funky stroller print. Though it is unembellished, the black fabric will easily clean up with a wipe.


  • Detachable wallet bag
  • Specialty wet wipe dispenser
  • Fold-down extra storage bag
  • Compact mirror


  • Rather plain design
  • Can be bulky when fully loaded

Ozziko Universal Diaper Organizer

This organizer is not just a stroller caddy! You can wear it four different ways. Attach the strap, and it becomes a very organized shoulder bag. Remove the shoulder strap, store it away, and flip out the straps along the back. Now you have a stylish backpack with all your items at hand.

When you need to reach each item quickly or prepare to store it on a plane, you can hold the bag by its top handle, just like a briefcase. When you are done carrying it, the bag easily velcros onto your stroller for a hands-free organizer. 

The whole interior is insulated and leak proof. It zips closed, so there is little chance of spills. There are areas sectioned off to hold baby bottles and sippy cups, with a larger space for snacks and toys. 

A large zippered front pocket can hold all your parent items, like phones, money, and keys. Two open pockets on the very front are great for books, wipes, or the kid’s tablet. 

The main drawback is the size. The bag itself is quite large. It tries to replicate a full diaper bag, and because of this, it can be too heavy for its own good. Do not overload it, as the velcro may not be strong enough to keep it attached.

This stroller caddy might be a good choice for someone visiting a theme park or large event where a diaper bag might be too in the way. It may not always replace a handbag or diaper bag since it is quite large and square. You might find it a bit too bulky for all occasions. 

The fabric and style choice is adorable. Many caddies can be plain and rather workaday. Instead, the star designs on the caddy make this unique and evokes personality.


  • Super cute design
  • Four-way carry bag
  • Insulated and leakproof main pocket


  • Bag is rather large and bulky
  • Straps can come loose with age

Opamoo Stroller Organizer

This slick bag may be small, but it is big on pockets. You will never have to bring a full purse again. I always seem to need just one more area to store items. If you only need a little extra room for those baby essentials, then this caddy is the right choice for you. It may be better for those with toddlers or kids out of diapers.

The best feature is its ability to convert into a shoulder bag with the included strap. It is not quite a purse though, as it is a bit bulky with a rigid frame. It might be the right choice for you if you need to leave the stroller for an extended period. This way, your bag comes with you, making it highly convenient.

If you want to leave the full organizer, but take your valuables, we have you covered. It also features a detachable wallet for keys, cards, and your phone. It easily zips on and off so you can take it anywhere. 

Another great feature is the main pocket. You can store small toys, wipes, or diapers with ease (but not too many!). Since the pocket is so accessible, it is easy to reach down quickly and get what you need. It closes with a flip lid, so it is easy to open and close with one hand. We hope you will find it easy to use. 

Like most models, it has two cup holders, but this caddy is ahead of the curve since those areas are insulated and waterproof. Because of its plastic coating, the cup pockets are leakproof and wipe clean from spills.  

Its two velcro straps are extra wide to make sure it stays on securely. Since it is a small organizer, make sure not to overload it. You would not want it to slide around!


  • Insulated cup holders
  • Detachable wallet bag
  • Heavy-duty velcro
  • Additional shoulder strap


  • Small storage space
  • Can slide if overloaded

Final Thoughts

In my option, the Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer is the best stroller organizer on the market. That said, there are some other really nice options above depending on your priorities. If another one suits your sense of style better, or if you don’t need tons and tons of space, one of the others might be a better choice.

By the way, if you’re in the the market for stroller accessories, you might wants to check out my stroller fan reviews. These will help your little one stay nice and cool.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.