Best Toddler Activity Table

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best toddler activity table is, I’d recommend the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table.

Have you been searching for a toddler activity table for your child? They can be a great way to get your toddler engaging and reaching developmental milestones—while having plenty of fun. We’ve done our homework and gathered the best toddler activity tables out there for your consideration.

In this article, I am breaking down the best activity tables for toddlers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the activity tables I will be reviewing:

What Is A Toddler Activity Table?

An activity table is designed to provide your child with sensory experiences. Some models allow you to swap out activities, while others come with permanent activity centers. Consider your child’s favorite activities when selecting the right toddler activity table for your play area.

The best toddler activity table should be entertaining and engaging while also stimulating creativity, brain growth, and learning. Any activity table that inspires fun and play can be a great learning toy for your growing child.

What Are The Benefits Of Toddler Activity Tables?

These products hold so many benefits for your growing toddler. Here are some of the most important reasons to consider an activity table for your own home:

  • Allows for sensory play: Sensory encounters are really important for a developing child. Tactile experiences can help your toddler learn how to process new events and emotions—and leave them prepared to take on everyday life.
  • Helps enhance social skills: Toddler activity tables are designed to be used by more than one child at a time. This joint play helps encourage basic social skills, like sharing and patience.
  • Develops early language skills: Children regularly play at toddler activity tables in small groups. Group play helps encourage communication—both verbal and nonverbal—which is great for your developing child’s brain.
  • Encourages motor skill development: Activity tables usually have plenty of small manipulatives involved. These small manipulatives work fingers and fine muscles, creating a great foundation for handwriting and other fine motor skills.
  • Helps children develop math and logic skills: They will provide plenty of opportunities for your child to develop foundational math and logic skills. Learning about relative size, shapes, and mass at the activity table helps your child better understand the world they live in.
  • Improves problem-solving skills: Activity table centers can help your child navigate basic problems. One item blocking the path of another? At an activity table, your child can quickly learn this is something they can remedy and not an insurmountable problem.

Best Toddler Activity Table Product Reviews

Now we’ll take a look at five of the products we feel are the best choices on the market today.

Tree Top Adventure Activity Table

If you’ve been looking for a sturdy, all-wooden activity table, this unit is a good choice. It offers plenty of small manipulatives to work finger dexterity and keep your child’s interest. Thematically appropriate pieces keep this activity table fun and light-hearted.

It offers a wide base and a low center of gravity. This helps prevent it from being easily tipped over and makes it suitable for even young toddlers to use. At 22.5 inches tall, it’s a good height for confident standers, but can also be used by children who are sitting or kneeling. For taller children, it can be placed on a table for use.

The Tree Top adventure table offers four separate quadrants of fun. Each quadrant is packed full of exciting activities. It’s a great way to engage groups of children. It allows easy conversation and opportunity for them to interact with each other while also providing time and space for independent play.

Recommended for 1-year-olds and above, this unit is packaged flat and requires minor assembly. Due to the angle between the base and the bottom of the table, you’ll need a small screwdriver to complete assembly. Be aware that the screws are positioned in a way that can easily lead to stripping.

Once assembled, the unit is not collapsible or foldable, so you’ll need to find a dedicated space for it once it’s set up. However, it’s small and lightweight enough that it can be easily traveled with or moved throughout the house as needed.


  • Great for small groups
  • A good height for both standing and sitting children
  • Multiple tiers of fun
  • All-wooden construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Though assembly is minor, it can be challenging to put together without the right equipment
  • May be too short for tall children to enjoy on the floor

Play Platoon Activity Table

This activity table set is a great multi-purpose unit. Made from plastic, this brightly colored set includes two chairs—one green and one red—and a blue table. The lid is reversible. One side is smooth, which makes it a great surface for art activities and small manipulatives, like play dough.

On the flip side of the table top is a textured surface for use with building blocks. Different colored quadrants help encourage creative play and can provide defined space for use by multiple children. Included with this set are 25 jumbo building bricks to get you started. The building base is compatible with all major brands of building blocks, including Lego and Mega Bloks.

Under the top is storage for the jumbo building bricks and other toys. It can also be emptied and filled with water to use as a water activity table. Simply remove the table top altogether and add water and bath toys, to give your child a new sensory experience. The interior space for storage or water use is just over 3 inches deep.

This table sits 17 inches off the ground. The tabletop is 20 inches by 20 inches and the chairs are 18 inches tall, with the seat 10 inches off the ground.

The table itself is sturdy and resists tipping, but the chairs are quite lightweight. Young children still pulling themselves up may find they easily tip over. It’s suitable for children ages 18 months and older. A 1-year warranty is included with purchase.


  • Offers plenty of activity options for your little ones
  • The unit includes built-in storage
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • 1-year warranty


  • The top can be tricky to remove by little hands
  • The plug included for use with the water table does not fit tightly
  • The chairs are lightweight and may be easily knocked over

LeapFrog Musical Activity Table

This LeapFrog activity table is available in two different color options. It’s great for kids 6–36 months of age. This unit operates on three AA batteries, and, while batteries are included with the product, they are intended for demonstration-use only. For best results, plan on providing new batteries right away.

This activity table is designed to grow with your child. For babies and younger toddlers who are competent sitters, it can be placed directly on the floor. Once your child is ready to stand and play, you can place the table top on the included legs. The unit is quite lightweight and will move less during use if it’s placed on a foam play mat or carpeting.

Packed full of learning activities, this activity table is designed to get your little one thinking. The unit offers opportunities for your toddler to learn numbers, colors, words, and shapes. There are over 70 different recorded songs, tunes, and phrases—it even offers bilingual learning in English or Spanish. You’ll be pleased to know it has two different volume settings.

When your child isn’t using the learning mode, they can opt for the music mode instead. Changing the mode is easy, even for your child. All they’ll need to do is flip the page of the book on the activity table. It’s a great way to help encourage early reading as well.

When in music mode, a seven-key keyboard encourages musical exploration. Light-up functions help create appeal and encourage your child to learn musical rhythms.


  • Designed to grow with your child
  • A great teaching tool for both music and language
  • Bilingual option


  • It’s quite lightweight and may be easily moved by children, especially on smooth floors
  • The legs may be difficult to detach

Baby Einstein Curiosity Activity Table

A great grow-with-me option for ages 12 months and over, this activity table can be set directly on the floor for younger toddlers who are not quite ready to stand and play. As your child grows and becomes more stable, simply add the legs to this piece and your activity table is ready for toddler fun.

This unit provides children with both art and science opportunities. A double-sided activity board enables your child to explore their inner artist by drawing on one side. The other side has gears and gadgets to encourage physical exploration and help your toddler begin acquiring early math and science skills.

To help your child develop language skills, this activity table comes with 65 different songs and melodies. It introduces vocabulary in three different languages—French, Spanish, and English.

It features a table-top book that encourages page-flipping. Complete with illustrations, these hard-sided pages also give your toddler the opportunity to form their own stories and create connections. With sliders and removable pieces, this table will give your child plenty of fine motor skill practice.

The gears on this table can be manually moved. However, there is a motorized gear function as well. We’re concerned that very young children may be tempted to put their fingers between the moving gears, and the gears will not stop when this happens. To avoid injury, plan on keeping the motorized function off until your child is old enough to understand gears can pinch fingers.

This unit also features lights, to encourage pattern and rhythm recognition while engaging play. The activity table runs on three AA batteries which are included with purchase.


  • Engages both creativity and learning
  • Offers language learning in three languages
  • Grows with your child


  • Little fingers can get stuck in the moving gears
  • The table legs can be difficult to remove once they’re assembled

Melissa And Doug Wooden Activity Table

If you’re looking for a great multi-purpose product that also has storage, you’ll want to take a look at this all-wooden activity table. It doesn’t come with activities or toys but provides a great contained place for your child to play with the toys they own and love.

This piece is ideal for your toddler’s favorite activities. It’s a great height for young standers, while still offering the height older children need for sitting or kneeling while playing. The play area on the table top is green and an excellent building base for your child’s train sets, building sets, and imaginary play.

In addition to working well for toy activities, this table top is smooth and works well for sensory play, such as play dough. The top can be lifted for access to storage underneath. The entire activity table is painted and easy to clean.

An oversized drawer helps provide plenty of storage for your child’s activities and toys. The drawer is situated in a way to help prevent finger pinching. There is enough clearance and space at the ends of the table to host additional storage containers for tabletop toys.

This unit is recommended for children 3–8 years old, although there’s no reason younger toddlers can’t use it. At 50 inches by 32.5 inches, and 16 inches high, it’s a great option for larger groups looking to play together. It’s shipped flat and assembly is required.

This piece is hefty, weighing in at around 60 pounds. Plan on needing two people to move the piece to where it’ll be assembled. You’ll also want to choose a permanent location for it, too, as it won’t be easy to relocate after it’s put together.


  • A sturdy, heavy piece, that won’t tip
  • A large, multi-purpose unit that’s great for groups of children
  • Built-in storage


  • This unit isn’t portable and requires a significant amount of dedicated space
  • No toys or activities are included with this product

The Best Toddler Activity Table For Your Family

A toddler activity table can be a great addition to your play area. It helps engage play and creativity while giving your child a hands-on learning experience.

All the above are amazing choices, although my favorite is the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table. I love that it’s packed with different activities, and gives toddlers exposure to music.

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