13 Essential Parenting Podcasts

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People listen to podcasts for entertainment, enrichment, education, or to escape from their daily routines. As a parent, it can provide a source of support and a feeling of unity. No matter why or how you enjoy listening to podcasts, there’s a podcast out there you either didn’t know about or won’t want to miss. Here are some of my favorites.

#1 Zen Parenting Radio

If you can be comfortable and happy with yourself, you’ll exhibit more understanding and patience toward your children. At least that’s what this Zen Parenting Radio podcast can help you achieve.

Self-help advocates, married couple, and parents of three daughters Cathy and Todd Adams offer an excellent balance of emotional and analytical approaches to parenting. They strive to guide parents through a journey of self-understanding.

With a great mixture of knowledge, humor, and some pop culture references thrown in, you can relate, laugh, and learn. Their banter is entertaining, but their perspectives are useful to parents everywhere.

#2 Education On Fire

We’re all a little on edge these days about the education of our children. As if we weren’t concerned about the quality of their education before, now we’re all left wondering what the school year is going to look like and who’s responsible for teaching them.

The point of this podcast is to inspire an environment of learning form all over the world. Host and creator Mark Taylor takes listeners on a journey to exotic and unique places, helping you as a parent create a safe space for your child to explore new people, places, and things.

It takes a deep dive into educational systems in other countries and offers actionable ideas for how you can implement these ideas at home or at school. It’s not a hypothetical situation. It’s real people, real techniques, and real processes already in place.

Don’t restrict yourself and your children to only what’s around you. Use the resources at your disposal to a connected world where they can learn even more than they normally would. Expand their horizons, and you might just learn something, too.

#3 Unruffled (Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury)

Parents of toddlers won’t want to miss this podcast. Janet Lansbury has authored two best-selling books on parenting. She’s an expert on babies and toddlers, and you’ll find reassurance in her soothing voice.

It’s a great opportunity to calm and center yourself while building confidence in your ability to handle the defiance and meltdowns you experience on what is likely a daily basis.

With a focus on an acceptance of your child’s emotions and development as well as respect for them as a person, you’ll find more balance in being firm and setting age appropriate limits on their behavior.

It’s practical advice for all regular parenting situations and she answers questions in detail from parents all over. It’s a very popular podcast because it resonates so deeply with many different parents and parenting styles.

#4 Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Before you were parents, you were a married couple. You were so in love and you had hopes and dreams that you always thought you’d fulfill. You didn’t always work together, but you had more time to focus on the fix for any issues you may have had.

This podcast focuses on how to prioritize your parenting by getting on the same page with how to handle the most difficult parenting issues. Two hosts Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt have 5 kids between them, ages 2 to 10, so they have quite a bit of experience.

They’re honest about their own parenting experiences, which makes this podcast real and relatable. They include a regular segment called Triumphs and Fails, making you feel a bit better about your own parenting difficulties.

Not only will they help you answer real and raw questions with podcast titles like “How Do I Explain to my Kids Why I Don’t Talk to Their Grandfather” and “Your Kid Failed the Gifted and Talented Test, Now What?,” but you’ll enjoy new ideas, excellent commentary, and the periodic F-bomb.

There are some pretty dark sides of parenting that you may not even enjoy talking to your friends about, but this cult favorite podcast will address these hot button issues with witty banter for an honest and hilarious look at how we can all survive this together.

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#5 Scummy Mummies

This podcast is a laugh out loud look at pregnancy and parenting. Comediennes Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson have very frank discussions about very real topics and include a special guest with each episode.

It’s an award winning show that is a perfect listen on days when you feel like you just may be the worst parent in the world. Not only will you instantly feel better about your parenting decisions, but you’ll be able to laugh at yourself and others, because sometimes, what else is there to do?

#6 The Longest Shortest Time

Surely you’ve heard the cliche, “These are the longest days and the shortest years of your life.” It’s the longest, shortest time. Hence the name. Welcome to the podcast hosted by Hillary Frank, that tells offbeat stories about the interesting life of mothers everywhere.

Through in-depth interview, she offers a narrative format that is reminiscent of old radio. It’s full of unusual stories told by quirky people, but it’s a thought-provoking perspective from farm motherhood to military motherhood and beyond.

This podcast also stages social events like Speed Dating for Mom Friends, giving mothers around the globe a chance to connect with one another and unite under the name of common motherhood struggles.

It’s an award-winning podcast that is well produced and led by a contributor to This American Life. While it’s not afraid to tackle difficult topics, it’s also hilarious and heartfelt. She talks about history, pop culture, politics, and more.

#7 What Fresh Hell

I think from the title, you can probably guess that you’ll relate all too much with this podcast. It describes the most intimate thoughts of parents everywhere. What. Fresh. Hell. The tagline also resonates: Laughing in the face of motherhood.

Yup. We’ve all been there. We can all commiserate. Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson are stand-up comediennes with three kids each. They tackle issues that parents deal with every day.

From clutter to sleep training and toddler discipline to how not to go crazy while stuck inside with terrible weather, you’ll enjoy listening to the hilarious side of these topics. If there is one, anyway.

#8 The Mom Hour

Every mom should have an hour. A day. If not more. So, what will you do with your hour? You could listen to this podcast. It’s one of the best ways to hear from a mom who’s not necessarily an expert in anything. She’s just been where you are.

It’s like spending a relaxing hour with your friends laughing, joking, venting, and supporting one another through all of your struggles. Co-hosts Sarah Powers and Meaga Francis have eight children between them, so chances are, whatever you’re going through, they’ve been there, too.

They answer listener questions and invite guests to talk about family culture. No matter what they’re talking about, you’re sure to relate to something that makes you feel just a little bit better.

#9 The One in a Million Baby

New Zealand host Tessa Preble started this podcast after feeling isolated when her daughter was born with several severe disabilities. She died at 10 months old, leaving Tessa feeling alone and depressed.

This podcast follows an in-depth interview format and doesn’t leave out the most dark, depressing, lonely sides of motherhood. It’s cathartic for those facing the same or similar situations and addresses the guilt you may be feeling.

Even if you have healthy children, this podcast may help you relate to other mothers who have different struggles than you do. It can open your eyes, help you count your blessings, and make you want to hold your children just a little tighter tonight.

#10 Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast

Aside from the funny name, this podcast addresses the very real and uncomfortable feelings of pregnancy. If you’re not quite a parent yet, but you’re going to be, you may want to tune in for some humor and realism.

Dr. PukeNoMo candidly discusses the science of pregnancy, natural remedies, and a supportive angle so that you’ll feel less alone. Whether it’s burning, nauseating, or painful, you’ll be able to digest each episode in the less than 30 minutes and likely feel better afterwards.

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#11 Spawned

Founders of Cool Mom Picks, Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase, have six kids between them. They spend their time talking about parenting issues in the news, pop culture, and the elementary school years.

They’re in the thick of it with kids ranging from 5-11 years old, so they offer entertaining banter in a fast-moving, friendly way. The great thing about these moms and that they lay it all out there in a real, honest way that’s never judgmental.

#12 First Class Fatherhood

For all the dads out there, this podcast is for you. Alec Lace dishes on modern fatherhood and what it means to be a great dad in this modern society. He interviews other high profile dads like Navy SEALS, actors, and NFL players.

It’s an important inside look at the impact that fathers have on their children. It’s wildly important, requires dedicated involvement, and may mean you have to be vulnerable more than you feel comfortable.

Thanks to this podcast, you’ll discover that you’re not alone.

#13 Parenting Bytes

Aside from the play on words, which feels very real most days, this podcast addresses some of the conflicting emotions you may have toward technology. With the rise of social media and the ever-growing digital landscape, you may struggle more often than not with how and when to give your kids access.

Parenting Bytes will help you confront those challenges with parenting in an internet-centric world. It covers topics like the appropriate amount of screen time, keeping your kids safe from the horrors of the internet, and how the latest technology may affect how you raise your children.

Final Thoughts

Raising great kids was never going to be an easy task. In fact, if you talk to any parent on the planet, they’re likely to tell you that there was at least one thing about parenting they hated. From changing diapers to sending them off to college, you’ll have challenges along the way.

These parenting podcasts will help you through them by offering advice when you need it most, helping you feel like you’re not the only person going through it, and best of all – making you laugh when you really want to cry.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, now’s a great time to start. If you’re looking for a new favorite, pick the one that sounds the most appealing to you and you may just make a few new friends.

Sarah is a full-time freelance writer and mother of 4. She loves Jesus, cars, and coffee.