Honest Snoo Bassinet Review

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When I was choosing baby furniture for the nursery, I was unsure of the difference between a bassinet and a crib. There were so many options available that I almost gave up because of information overload. Of course, I still needed to find the right item for my baby, so giving up wasn’t an option.

What I wanted was an honest review of these products, one that dove deep into their benefits and features. So, I’ve compiled this Snoo bassinet review for you to make your research a little easier should you find yourself in my shoes.

Things To Consider When Buying A Bassinet

Bassinets are an excellent option as a bed for your baby because they allow you to keep the baby in the same room since they are so portable without taking up as much space as a crib. Bassinets are ideal for parents with newborn children as opposed to older babies.

However, before getting started, there are several factors to look at.


Safety is probably the primary element to factor in when shopping for a bassinet. All parents, especially first-time parents, hover over our newborns to make sure they’re still breathing and comfortable.

Manufacturers of older bassinets only had to voluntarily follow safety standards so be careful when buying an older model. Check for labels on the bassinet that say ASTM or JPMA. These groups participated in the early safety standards before the introduction of those that are mandatory today.

Effective April 2014, federal safety standards for bassinets were created to prevent injuries and deaths. Between 2007 and 2013, 130 babies died because of faulty cradles and bassinets.

Gauge a bassinet’s safety the same way you would a crib. If the side has slats, check to see if you can fit a can of soda between them. They are too far apart if you can. Are there decorative posts that stick up on the sides of the bassinet that can catch your baby’s clothing? Also, does the footboard or headboard have cutouts that could trap your baby?

Mattress Support

Another crucial factor is mattress support. Mattress supports need to be sturdy enough to bear the weight of your baby without flexing or bending.

The whole mattress must have a good support structure. You can test the level of support that the mattress has by pressing in the middle and around the edges to look for spots that dip. If it bows like a hammock, this is dangerous for infants who can’t extricate themselves from the center.

What Is The Snoo Smart Sleeper?

This bassinet stands out from the rest because of the science and physician behind it. The Snoo was invented by Dr. Harvey Karp and its based on his 5 S’s sleep training method. The 5 S’s are Suck, Swoosh, Swing, Swaddle, and Side Position or Stomach.

Countless parents idolize him because he has helped them get more much-needed sleep at night because this bassinet calms a baby by mimicking the womb.

The Snoo bassinet is for those parents with newborns who are desperate to get their baby to sleep more at night. Per Dr. Karp, it adds at least one hour to your baby’s sleep each night.

Parents with older babies won’t benefit from this product because this bassinet is only for babies up to 6 months old or 38 pounds. As your child ages, you can move them to a crib and separate bedroom as you won’t have to wake up as often during the night.

Features And Benefits Of The Snoo Smart Sleeper

While the Snoo is quite expensive, many parents say that all of its benefits and features are worth it. The Snoo is the baby-bed version of the smartphone. It rocks and soothes your baby to sleep by mimicking a womb. Every time the baby cries or fusses at night, the Snoo increases the white noise and vibration to comfort them back to sleep.

For the sleep-deprived parent, it’s a miracle. Here are some of the features and benefits of the Snoo.

More Sleep

When your baby gets more sleep, then you get more sleep. As previously mentioned, the Snoo increases the amount you and your baby sleep each night by at least one hour. The mobile app has a sleep log that tracks your baby’s sleep automatically.

If you struggle with trying to get your baby to sleep for more extended periods, this is the right bassinet to invest your money in. Many babies sleep four hours straight early on and stretch to six over time.

Parents noted that the lack of sleep that they get when a newborn arrives is less pronounced while using the Snoo. I personally find this amazing as my children woke up fussy or hungry so often in the night that I would have done just about anything for even an hour of extra sleep at night.

Any parent with a newborn has probably felt the same way at some time within the first six months.

Easy Set Up And Great Design

One would think that because of its advanced technology the Snoo would be a nightmare to operate or set up. Reviewers said that setting up and using the Snoo was a breeze. The app was easy to download and use without consulting Google or the instruction manual.

As far as aesthetic, the Snoo’s design is clean and contemporary. It’s not too garish or bright and fits in with your room’s décor.

This bassinet has mesh walls that enhance air flow. It has three unique white-noise sounds that improve your infant’s sleep and calms his or her crying.  An advanced algorithm can tell the difference between room noise and your baby’s cries. The custom motor is reliable and quiet.


This smart bassinet has amazing technology from its advanced algorithm to its app. The app provides advice from Dr. Karp and helpful notifications. It’s customizable with a newborn/gentle preemie mode. The Snoo also allows you to modify sound and motion levels. The weaning option makes transitioning to a crib easier.

When the baby cries, the Snoo chooses the best motion and noise to soothe them usually in under one minute. It comes with a built-in sleep sack. The sleep sack swaddles the baby and keeps them safely on their back the entire night.

Dr. Karp’s company understands that the Snoo is quite an investment, but he’s confident about the technology. If your baby has issues adjusting to the Snoo, they’ll put you in contact with a sleep consultant.


The Snoo comes with some nice accessories. First, there’s the 100 percent organic cotton, fitted sheet. It also includes one mattress with a water-resistant mattress cover. For the swaddling, it comes with three Snoo sacks in sizes S, M, and L. These sacks are also 100 percent organic cotton, and they have mesh to diminish overheating.


Sleeping safety is paramount with newborns. Overwhelmed and tired parents can make bad decisions on where their child sleeps that can prove fatal. The Snoo sack makes sure that your baby remains on their back all night long which many experts recommend. It reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related issues.

Many say that because they rest easy knowing that their child is safe at night its worth investing in the Snoo. Plus, parents see their child go from being upset to a deep and restful sleep which wins them over.


  • The Snoo ensures that your baby sleeps safely
  • Parents get more sleep
  • Calms crying
  • Alerts for your electronic devices that provide helpful advice from Dr. Karp himself
  • It has a weaning option


  • You can increase the levels manually but not decrease them this way
  • Sometimes the app has problems loading
  • Sometimes it doesn’t increase the calming level enough
  • On the expensive side

Bassinet Comparison

The Snoo is one of the top-rated bassinets even if it is expensive. Here are some other popular alternatives if you want to look at other bassinets.

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper, Essentia Series

This bassinet is moderately priced. It fits perfectly by your bedside though because of its adjustable stand and ability to swivel 360 degrees. The base tucks right under your bed, so it takes up less floor space. Mothers recovering from cesareans love this sleeper because it’s easy to move your baby out of the bassinet into the bed. 

The mesh sides allow you to see your baby and circulate healthy air flow in the bassinet. This sleeper is for the parents that want their babies close but safe.

How It Compares to the Snoo

  • Can place it closer to the bed than the Snoo
  • The Halo bassinet has extra pockets on the side for the essentials such as wipes and diapers
  • Both have a breathable mesh that promotes air flow

Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-In-1 Bedside Bassinet

This economical sleeper also places your baby within arms-reach. You can use the Mini Ezee as a stand-alone bassinet since it has four sides crafted from breathable material. These manufacturers thought of the necessity’s parents need in the middle of the night, so they placed a convenient storage space beneath it for extra swaddles and diapers. 

Another great feature is that it attaches to your bed with a drop-down side for moving your baby into the bed with ease. It also moves easily from room to room because of its built-in wheels.

How It Compares to the Snoo

  • Packs conveniently for traveling
  • You can use it longer than the Snoo since it becomes a playard for older babies
  • Economically priced
  • The Mini Ezee has one side that drops down so you can move your baby from the bassinet to the bed easily

Graco Pack N’ Play Reversible Napper And Changer Player

Extremely affordable, this bassinet serves a dual purpose. You can set it up next to your bed as a bassinet when your child is a newborn and a convenient place to change diapers. As toddlers, your baby can use the Pack n’ Play as a playard.

There is a reason Pack n’ Plays have been popular for so long! They’re easy to fold, store, and travel with. It’s excellent value since it grows with your baby and has multiple uses.

How It Compares to the Snoo

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to pack it up and travel anywhere with it
  • Babies can use it past the newborn stage, unlike the Snoo
  • It’s a convenient place to change diapers and which is great for those early morning changings

Should I Buy A Snoo Bassinet?

While other bassinets may serve dual purposes, they’ll never compare to the Snoo sleeper that scientists crafted with sleep science in mind. Parents that struggle with getting their child to sleep can’t find a better bassinet. The Snoo senses and hears your child’s fussiness and calms them with soothing motions and white noise.

Many celebrities are fans of the Snoo such as Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jessica Biel. Parents get more quality sleep too and rave about how this bassinet changed their lives. If you’re ready for some much-needed rest and a safe sleeping space for your baby, click here to find out more about the Snoo bassinet.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.