Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby carrier is for petite moms, I’d recommend the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier.

Moms know as well as anyone that there’s hardly a case where one size fits all holds true. Moms and babies alike come in all shapes and sizes along with their own unique set of needs.

At the same time, we moms today are more on the move than ever. With our busy lives and schedules that often involve multiple kids, a spouse, a job, and extracurricular activities, we need all the help we can get. Baby carriers are becoming a vital piece of mom gear.

Baby carriers allow us to take care of our infants but leave our hands free to accomplish other things like tidying up, pushing a stroller, and grocery shopping.

However, if you’re a petite mom, you may find yourself having trouble finding a baby carrier that suits your needs.

Not all baby carriers are made for small moms. I understand the struggle. In this article, I am breaking down the best baby carriers for petite moms, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the carriers I will be reviewing:

Calling All Petite Moms

Moms with smaller builds need to be extra careful with the baby equipment that they purchase. A baby carrier of the wrong size can cause discomfort on our end and may even sacrifice the safety of our child. So, what are some features we can look for to make sure these things don’t happen?


Adjustability is a huge factor that can turn a regular baby carrier into a smaller product to fit smaller frames.

Check out the straps or size of different kinds of carriers. For example, many wraps claim to be one size fits all, but when you wrap your baby, you may find you have tons of leftover materials hanging down to your feet.


Adjustments are great, but they’re not always enough in every case. For that reason, there are carriers and wraps that are made to snuggly fit smaller sized women. This allows you to comfortably use your carrier without having to make any major adjustments.


As with all parents, petite moms should be comfortable with the carrier they are using. If a baby carrier fits properly, there should be minimal, if any, strain on your back and shoulders. It should be snug enough to disperse your baby’s weight and be comfortable enough for long-term use.

Just because you have a smaller build does not mean you should have to suffer discomfort for your size.


Just as you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort, it is essential that you keep safety at the forefront of your baby gear. We all know how fragile and helpless infants are. They absolutely depend on us for their life, and anything that is used to hold them should meet the proper standards.

It’s vital that you have a carrier that fits the right way because otherwise, you risk it being unsafe for your baby. Make sure that your carrier is securely fastened against your body so you can ensure your baby is safely strapped in too.


I always like to talk about coverage when it comes to baby carriers and newborns. While nursing in public can be a bit of a hot topic, I think we can all agree that it’s necessary to feed our newborns and keep them on their regular eating schedules.

That being said, many baby carriers offer excellent coverage so that you can comfortably nurse your baby in the park, at a restaurant, or a friend’s house. If this is something that’s important to you, then you should try to find a baby carrier that gives you great coverage.

My Top Baby Carrier Reviews For Petite Moms

Now that I’ve given you a little bit of information let’s get to the real reason you’re here: the product recommendations.

Baby Tula Ergonomic Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

While the Baby Tula Ergonomic Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier is designed to grow with your baby—and trust me, that’s a great benefit—these same features help it to be a great choice for petite moms.

The adjustable straps on this carrier have two height settings that let you keep your carrier snug, and in turn, keep your baby close to you. At the same time, the width can be adjusted to three sizes, making it perfect for smaller built moms.

Multiple carry positions let you hold your baby in front of you when he’s an infant and behind you when he’s older. As your baby grows, you can adjust the settings to make sure he’s always comfortable and your always confident that he’s safe.

Handmade, lightweight, and breathable material, this is a reliable carrier that petite moms will love for them and their baby.


  • Adjustable height straps
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Grows with your baby to stay snug and secure
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Unique styles and designs
  • Promotes healthy hip and spine development


  • Could use more head support for infants

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier

Talk about a baby carrier that’s great for petite moms; the Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier sits high on the waist, making it very comfortable for moms with smaller builds. With the raised positioning, smaller moms can see their baby closer to eye level. It’s also more comfortable.

Four different carry positions give you plenty of options for your growing baby, while the memory foam padding in the shoulders protects you from strain and discomfort. The adjustable base also lets smaller moms fit the carrier snuggly to their body.

With four different designs, you can choose to keep it sleek and classic with black or choose from three other fun designs.


  • Secure, snug fit that doesn’t loosen
  • Easy to tighten side straps
  • Option to tighten shoulder straps
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-sitting for excellent baby view
  • Includes a rain/sleep hood
  • Expandable adjustments for growth


  • Sometimes difficult to get baby in and out
  • Carrier is a little difficult to put on at first

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

For moms who appreciate the standard wrap carrier, the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier is an excellent option. This carrier is a wrap without the wrapping, as the company likes to boast. This pre-wrapped wrap is all ready to go without the hassle of you figuring out where and how to tie it up.

What makes this product good for petite moms is that it is available in a variety of sizes. Petite moms should order a small or an extra small. When you do that, you’re sure to get a nice, snug fit that securely holds your baby in place comfortably.

This carrier slips on as easily as any t-shirt and is comfortable for you as well. The design evenly distributes your baby’s weight across your back and shoulders without strain. The stretch cotton fabric is soft and accommodates the weight of your baby as well.


  • Variety of sizing options
  • Snug fit to securely hold your baby
  • Various color options
  • Comfort of a wrap without the confusion of wrapping
  • Washable
  • Makes breastfeeding easier


  • Not adjustable
  • Cannot share with other caregivers of varying sizes

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

I had to include at least one classic wrap because, let’s just say it out loud: these things rock. The Boba Baby Wrap Carrier is one of the best in my opinion, and as a petite mom, I’ve never had any trouble with it.

The wrap is made of a French Terry blend that offers comfort and stretches to support you and your baby. While the wrap itself is five yards long (which is more than enough for a tiny mom and a tiny baby), you can wrap the excess around your belly or waist to accommodate for your smaller body.

This wrap is great because it’s highly comfortable and discrete for nursing your baby in public areas. It’s machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about any special treatment. With no pre-sizing or specifications, you’ll be able to adjust this carrier to suit your needs every time.

As an added bonus, this baby carrier comes in 14 awesome colors and designs.


  • Self-wrapping makes it one size fits all
  • Variety of color choices
  • Soft and stretchy material that lasts long and holds shape
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable
  • Secures baby safely
  • Soothes fussy babies


  • Wrapping around too much may make you and your baby hot
  • A bit time consuming to put on and take off

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is top-notch when it comes to adjustability. While the product is not made specifically to suit petite moms alone, it is certainly made to adjust for just about every size. The innovative design features highly adjustable shoulder straps that cross in the back, which is much more comfortable than standard straps and producing much less strain.

Along with the adjustable straps is a dual adjustable waist belt. Not only that this waist belt give you extra support, but you can tighten it as little as 26 inches for accommodate for a more petite size.

The adjustable sizes let you secure your baby in place without worry. In fact, there are four different positions you can hold your baby in with this carrier, including both from and back views. There is also a built-in headrest for your little one and a storage pocket for you.

Maintenance is simple with machine wash and dry. From newborn to toddler, you will love to carry your baby comfortably in this stylish and function carrier.


  • Highly adjustable straps and waistband to fit small bodies
  • Four different baby positions
  • Cross back straps for better support
  • Waist belt pocket
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Comfortable
  • Great support for petite moms


  • Can be uncomfortable when carrying baby on the back

So, Which Carrier Is The Best?

While it’s hard to pick one of these options as the be all, end all of baby carriers, I will tell you that my favorite of the bunch is the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier.

There’s just something so comforting and loving about a wrap carrier that always made me feel so close to my children when they were infants. Wraps are a great way to achieve that swaddled feeling for your baby, keeping them cozy and safe.

While wraps are great at doing this, the Baby K’tan handles the actual wrapping part for you, which can be a bit of a pain if you’re a beginner. Even seasoned moms struggle with wraps sometimes, and when you finally nail the technique, it still takes time to get yourself ready every time.

The Baby K’tan is already wrapped for you and slides on like a t-shirt. It’s as easy to use as it is to get dressed in the morning. I especially like that the company offers various sizes. This makes it easier for petite moms to be confident that their wrap will hold their baby snug in place.

It also ensures that the wrap won’t loosen or come undone—another point of safety. The Baby K’tan evenly distributes your baby’s weight, so you don’t feel that extra strain or tension on your back and shoulders. As an added bonus, it also makes breastfeeding in public less of a display and more private for you and your baby.

Throw in that it’s machine washable, and you’ve got yourself the most convenient “t-shirt” a petite mom could ever ask for.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.