Moby vs Boba Wrap: Which One is Better? (2023)

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Both the Moby and the Boba wrap are two of the most popular wraps on the market, and for good reason. They’re both stylish and durable, with a lot of stylish options.

However, if you’re short on time and you want to know which is truly the best, here’s the lowdown. This Moby vs Boba wrap review will tell you which one is better for you.

The Moby Wrap is best for beginners because it offers a lot of easy tying options. Thanks to a versatile design with great durability, it’s also fantastic for experienced moms, too.

Moby Wrap Overview

The Moby Wrap is one of the most versatile wraps on the market. You can do anything you want with it. You can put your baby in a hip sling, you can fasten them to your back, or you can keep them in front to make it easy to breastfeed.

It’s made well and there’s a huge selection of different fabrics and colors. You can buy Moby Wraps in 100% cotton, 100% bamboo, and a 70% viscose/30% cotton knit blend.

It’s a great option for any baby with sensitive skin and it also makes a fantastic fashion statement. If you’re looking for a wrap that goes with your wardrobe, you’ll find it here.

You’ll find pros and cons to each material. For instance, the bamboo wrap is naturally antibacterial, but the cotton gives more support. The blend gives you a great combination of the two.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it looks and feels, but even better, you’ll love the way it performs. It may take some time to learn how to tie it, but it will keep your baby close enough to hear your heartbeat, which keeps them comfortable at all times.


  • Variety of fabrics and colors
  • Very long with great support
  • Endless ways to tie
  • Perfect for breastfeeding
  • Holds 8-35 pounds


  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be hard to grasp due to length

Boba Wrap Overview

The Boba Wrap, at first glance, is quite similar. It’s a very long strap of material. It’s sturdy, and can be tied in a couple of different ways. It’s about two feet shorter, but it’s still robust and easy to maintain.

It’s also very stylish, but it comes in a smaller range of fabric and color choices. You’re also a bit more limited in the ways you can use it, because the Boba Wrap is built for a very specific purpose.

It has a lot more stretch, but can still offer the same support, once you get the hang of tying it. Using this option to wear it, gives you a lot more freedom to readjust your baby from a sitting position to a nursing position when needed.

The learning curve is much more smooth, it’s easier to tie, and it’s an easy solution for long walks when you find yourself needing to move your baby without having to retie the entire wrap.


  • Tons of stretch and support
  • Easy to learn and tie
  • Easy to adjust and move baby
  • Great for long walks or wearing for long periods
  • Easy to maintain


  • Only two options for wearing positions
  • Puts stress on your upper back and shoulders
  • Extra stretch can cause sagging over time

Moby Wrap vs Boba Wrap: Side By Side Comparison

If you’re not familiar with wraps, it can seem like they’re all the same, especially when you first look at them. However, upon further investigation, you’ll find that they do have distinct features, and this face to face comparison should give you a better idea of which one is right for you.


The Moby Wrap is 18 feet long and the Boba Wrap is 16 feet long, so there’s not too much of a difference here. However, the length of the Moby Wrap can make it much more difficult to learn to tie.

The learning curve here is quite difficult to master. Once you master it, you will reap many more benefits over the Boba Wrap, but if you need something that’s quicker and easier, the shorter length of the Boba Wrap may help you.

The Boba Wrap is much easier to learn and you’re much less likely to end up with loose ends hanging low or in the way.

Winner: Boba Wrap


Both wraps offer incredible support. The Moby Wrap offers a ton of support so you and your baby will both feel secure. It’s not quite as stretchy as other wraps, so no matter how you choose to carry your baby, it’s less likely that you’ll have to tie it again later.

As long as you tie the Moby Wrap tight, you’ll notice how sturdy the wrap really is in any position.

The fabric of the Boba Wrap is much more stretchy. You can tie it much tighter than the Moby, but you’ll have to tie it tighter to keep your baby secure. It will take a bit more time to get comfortable with the support it offers because it’s so much more stretchy.

Winner: Moby Wrap

Ways to carry

The Moby Wrap offers a truly unlimited number of ways to carry your baby. It comes with instructions offering a few suggestions, but if you search the internet, you’ll find users everywhere offering their own techniques.

You can carry your baby seated in front, lying down, on your hip, on your back, or in any other configuration you can dream up.

You will likely find your own groove and be able to make up some of your own wraps as well. The Moby Wrap is one of the most versatile wraps on the market because it’s a long piece of fabric with infinite possibilities.

The Boba Wrap is intended for carrying your baby in the front only, and there are only two possibilities. While the Boba Wrap makes it easy to adjust your baby from a seated position to breastfeeding, that’s really all it’s intended for.

You won’t be able to create your own new ways of carrying. If you want to switch your baby to your back, you’ll have to purchase a new wrap or carrier.

Winner: Moby Wrap

Patterns and colors

The Moby Wrap comes in plenty of different patterns and colors. From neutral to vibrant, you’ll be able to choose whatever it is that makes you happy. There are even animal prints and fun licensed characters.

Plus, Moby also makes 6 different styles of wraps, maternity shirts, slings, baby carriers, and a whole lot more.

The Boba Wrap comes in several different colors and a couple of patterns, but only one style, although Boba does make a baby carrier as well. If you want some earthy tones to choose from, they have them.

Winner: Moby Wrap


The Moby Wrap comes in several different fabric choices. The 100% bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities and is perfect for babies with sensitive skin. The 100% cotton variety has quite a bit more stretch, if you’d prefer your wrap to expand.

There’s a blended option that contains the best of both worlds and there’s also a polyester option if you’d rather have something a bit more durable.

Most of the Boba Wrap colors come in a 95% cotton/5% spandex blend that gives it plenty of stretch. However, there are a few colors that come in a 68% bamboo/25% cotton/7% spandex blend to give it the antibacterial qualities you love and make it great for sensitive skin.

Winner: Moby Wrap

Stand out features

There are a couple of stand out features of each wrap worth noting. These features are unique to each wrap and make them special. You may find that these are the features you’re looking for, and sell you on one wrap over the other.

Moby Wrap

  • Versatility: The Moby Wrap is much more versatile than the Boba Wrap and can be tied in nearly any way you choose. While the instructions feature a few suggested ways in which you can tie it, you can find users on the internet offering their own instructions, and you can even make up wraps as you learn how it works. It’s a great way to carry your baby from birth up to 35 pounds. When your baby is little, you’ll love carrying your baby in the front for nursing, but as your baby grows, you’ll be more comfortable switching your child to your hip or the back, and you won’t need a new wrap or carrier for that.

Boba Wrap

  • Easy to adjust: The Boba Wrap is super stretchy, which makes it easy to adjust without having to tie it again. It’s also a fantastic option for nursing mothers because you can move your baby within the wrap as it’s tied. This means you can seat your baby upright in the wrap and then when they’re ready to nurse, you can lay them down without having to undo the wrap or tie it again.

Final Thoughts

My favorite, although hard to get the hang of, is the Moby Wrap. It took me a long time to figure out when I was a new mom, and while new moms may not have a lot of extra time, sticking with it meant I ended up with a ton of wrap solutions, which I loved.

I tried a Boba Wrap, too. While it was a thick, supportive wrap, I didn’t like that it was hot. I also found it hard to get the hang of, and in the end, I could only wear it two ways. However, that’s not to say there aren’t great things about the Boba, but overall, Moby wins this one.

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