Best Baby Food Freezer Tray [2023]

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby food freezer tray is, I’d recommend the Kiddo Feedo Baby Food Storage.

If you’ve decided to make your baby’s food rather than buying pre-packaged, a baby food freezer tray is a must-have to stay organized. Without proper storage, you’ll likely experience leaks and spills along with overcrowding. To maximize the space in your freezer, I want to highlight the best baby food freezer trays for you.

In this article, I am breaking down the best baby food freezer tray is, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the baby food freezer trays I will be reviewing:

How To Use Baby Food Freezer Trays

To use these trays, fill them with your desired baby food and stick them in the freezer. It seems simple enough, right? You can go one step further by color-coding. Choose different color trays to help differentiate between fruits, veggies, meats, and combinations.

Baby food freezer trays are similar to ice cube trays in that they have multiple compartments to fill. Shapes and sizes will vary, and they’re almost always silicone.

Using silicone makes it easier to remove the food after freezing because the material is so bendable. Silicone also has non-sticking properties, which make it much more straightforward, in this case, to pop out your baby food portions.

The great thing about these trays is that you can keep using them far beyond your baby’s first foods. There are so many uses for both you and your baby for different things:

  • Baby food/breastmilk storage: This is, of course, it’s primary use and can come in handy when it comes to space-saving.
  • Make frozen treats: You can also use them during the summer months to make frozen treats. Just fill each portion with your favorite juice, some fruit, and a stick to make a yummy ice pop to cool off.
  • Ice cube tray: These also prove convenient for making ice, depending on the shape of the molds. 
  • Finger food cups: If you have a picky eater, these are nice because you can serve them their favorite snacks without the food touching each other.
  • Freezing broth cubes: If you have dogs, or like cooking with broth, you can easily use these trays to freeze broth cubes in bulk.
  • Baking cupcakes: Because these are usually safe in the oven, the trays make the perfect cupcake pan. However, make sure your freezer tray is silicone and oven-safe before trying this.
  • Serving tray: Hosting a playdate or party? These are handy for displaying snacks for your guests.
  • Freezing herbs: If you’re a self-proclaimed cook, you can also use these trays to freeze fresh herbs for future use.

Choosing The Best Baby Food Freezer Tray

These trays can be handy, but only if you choose the best one to fit your specific needs. Before hitting “add to cart,” there are some factors you should take into consideration.

Your Freezer Space

Baby food freezer trays come in several different shapes and sizes. Depending on your freezer space, one design may be more suitable than the other. If you plan on preparing all of your baby’s food from scratch, you’ll want to find a fitting size tray to maximize your given space.

Extra Features

Some freezer trays may also come with a lid. Lids are a helpful extra feature for stacking trays on top of one another. The ability to stack them will also help you get the most out of the space in your freezer. 

Lids will also protect the baby food from odors and freezer burn.

Capacity Per Mold

Keep in mind how much food each mold can accommodate. If you have a beginner eater, you may want to choose an option with less capacity. As your baby grows older and requires more food, you can graduate to a deeper mold.

Some freezer trays may come with measurement indicators on the inside of their portion cups.

Baby Safe Materials

Also, take note of any materials the tray has in it. You don’t want your child’s food to come into contact with potentially harmful substances like BPA or phthalates. BPA and phthalates are human-made chemicals that are found in most everyday items.

They’re known to affect several different aspects of growth and brain development as well as estrogen and testosterone levels. Luckily, most baby products are made to be free of toxins.

Ease Of Cleaning

Lastly, try to steer clear of any tray that has a bunch of tiny spaces. This can make cleaning difficult, which can potentially lead to the growth of mold. Some trays are dishwasher-safe too, which can be convenient, especially when you’re trying to juggle a baby and other responsibilities.

Keeping Your Tray Clean

As I mentioned above, improper cleaning of your tray can lead to mold growth. To keep this from happening, be sure to wash your freezer trays thoroughly after each use. Washing is easy if you have a dishwasher because you can throw it in with the rest of the dishes and go on with your day.

However, your freezer tray may not be dishwasher-safe, or you may not have access to a dishwasher at all. If this is the case, be sure to use dish soap and hot water when cleaning.

A washcloth may not reach all parts of the mold, especially if you have big hands. To avoid this issue, I recommend using a bottle brush to make sure you’re cleaning the entire surface.

My Baby Food Freezer Tray Reviews

Below, you’ll find my top five picks for the best baby food freezer trays. I’ve also determined which one is my absolute favorite to help give you a better idea. Ease of cleaning and product size were the main focus here, so hopefully, this list helps make your decision easier.

Moje Mama Reusable Tray + Lid

If you like to keep things organized, this is an option to consider. These trays come in a two-pack and are available in green and orange, or purple and pink. This is nice because you can buy one of each pack and you’ll have storage for four different food types.

Each tray comes with seven compartments that can hold 2.6 oz of food or breastmilk. They’re made of silicone and also come with a clip-tight lid for easy stacking too. The silicone is high-quality food-grade, and FDA approved.

Along with the lid, this tray also comes with two silicone spoons for feeding as well. The tray and spoons are dishwasher safe, and the tray can go right in the oven for easy heating.

This one also comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so you can return it with no problem if you aren’t satisfied.


  • Has airtight lid
  • Comes with two silicone spoons for feeding
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Comes with two trays per pack
  • Different colors make organization easier


  • Lid may crack
  • Food may be hard to pop out

BabyBliss Sil​​Icone Freezer Tray

This tray made my list for a variety of reasons. It’s eco-friendly, free from harmful toxins, and FDA approved, making it the safest option for both the environment and your baby.

The food compartments and the lid it comes with are made of food-grade silicone to make it easy to remove each frozen batch. The high-grade silicone prevents freezer burn along with cracking from temperature changes.

It’s also dishwasher and oven safe for optimal cleaning and cooking. Each of the tray’s nine compartments can hold up to 2.6 oz of food. This is nice because you can fill it with as much or as little as you’d like as your baby grows. Because this tray comes with a lid, it’s great for stacking which makes for more room in your freezer. 

To put a cherry on top of this product, you also get an extra gift with your purchase. If you’re new to the homemade baby food game or fancy some ideas, this tray comes with two eBooks to help get you started: A Simple Guide to Feeding and Simple Recipes for Baby’s First Year.


  • High-quality food-grade silicone
  • Comes with helpful guides
  • Safe for dishwasher and oven
  • Eco-friendly
  • FDA approved


  • Smells after a few washes
  • Made with plastic fillers

Kiddo Feedo Baby Food Storage

Here’s another satisfactory option for those who like organization. These food storage trays are available in five different colors and will hold up to nine portions per tray. This tray is made of FDA approved, food-grade silicone and has a sturdy bottom to prevent spillage.

On top of its FDA approval, it’s also free from BPA and phthalates, is naturally sterilized, and hypoallergenic too.

If you’re a newbie to the baby food world, this one also comes with an ebook to help guide you through the process. The lid clips right on to give you stacking abilities and is clear so you can mark each spot with a ballpoint pen.

The tray is safe for virtually any temperature, which means you can put it in the freezer, oven, microwave, or dishwasher without any issues.

I like this one too because it comes with volume measurements embedded on the inside of each portion. This way, you can measure out just how much your baby needs as they grow. The tray’s sides have a wide, deep design to make it easier to carry as well.


  • Temperature safe
  • Volume measurements inside portion cups
  • Free eBook with purchase
  • Comes in different colors
  • Wide, deep sides for easy carrying and storing
  • Naturally sterilized and hypoallergenic


  • May smell after a few washes
  • The lid is difficult to snap on

Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit

If you’re only starting with solid foods, this is an excellent tray to consider. Each portion cup is equal to 1 oz, and the product has 21 compartments per product. This one also comes with two trays, so you’re essentially getting 42 oz total of real estate.

Like the others above, this one comes with an ebook to help get you started. The ebook gives you 27 different baby food recipes for your baby to try.

Each cube is made to remove food just by pushing down on one side easily. If a section is stuck, it’s recommended to run it under warm water for a few seconds to loosen it up.

The tray is BPA and PVC free and is safe for your dishwasher as well. Both products come with a freezer-safe lid so that you can stack them on top of one another.


  • Easy to remove food from tray
  • Free eBook with purchase
  • Can store up to 42 oz of food
  • Product has wide sides to prevent overfilling
  • Food doesn’t stain the cubes
  • Compact design for optimal storage


  • Hard to fit in most baby containers when frozen
  • Takes up a lot of dishwasher space

OXO-Tot Freezer Tray With Protective Cover

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider this OXO product. You can purchase them in either single or two-packs, and each tray gives you 14 compartments. It also comes in two different color options.

This tray holds the least per compartment at 0.75 oz per cup. While that may not seem like much, it’s worth it if your baby is just starting to dabble in solid foods. The rounded cube shape of each cup makes it easy to pop a serving out as needed.

It also comes in a compact design with a tray for optimal stacking in your freezer.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for first solids
  • Compact design
  • Lid seals well
  • Comes in two different colors
  • BPA free


  • Can be a hassle for older babies
  • Difficult to remove portions

Final Thoughts

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our kids. For many, that means making their baby’s food at home to avoid preservatives.

I chose the Kiddo Feedo Baby Food Storage as my favorite because it’s safe in virtually any temperature, meaning it can go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher with no issues.

While it may seem intimidating, it can be quite easy if you have the right products. All of the products listed are parent-tested and approved, so you really can’t go wrong.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.