Best Baby Food Storage Containers in 2020

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby food storage containers are, I’d recommend the Infantino Squeeze Pouches.

Anybody who has ever tried making bulk baby food can attest to how essential storage containers are. Feeding with homemade baby food rather than store-bought has so many benefits, including the absence of preservatives. Homemade is certainly healthier, but this also means you need to store the food so it will last properly.

So what are the best baby food storage containers? I’ve come up with a top-five list for you.

Here are the baby food storage containers I will be reviewing:

Are Storage Containers Required?

If you want to get technical, no, storage containers aren’t required to make homemade baby food. However, they make the process more comfortable because they allow you to cook in bulk and store until needed.

They also allow you to correctly store your baby’s food, which will prevent the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Baby tummies are much more sensitive than ours, so their diet must stay as fresh as possible.

When making the meals, there are a few things you need to remember to avoid spoiling:

  • Don’t let food sit at room temperature for more than two hours.
  • Meat and eggs should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 24 hours.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 48 hours.
  • Reheated food should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You should never defrost baby food by setting it on the counter or in standing water.

If you don’t plan on feeding your baby right away, baby food storage containers are perfect for freezing.

Advantages Of Storage Containers

We know these containers are perfect for convenience and bulk cooking, but how else are they beneficial? Their practicality and longevity of use are a significant plus. Not to mention, they help encourage the consumption of homemade food. Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits.

Multi-Purpose Function

While shopping, you’ll probably find that most containers have multiple uses, which is especially true for storage trays. Storage trays are usually oven/microwave safe, so you have the opportunity to bake with them. Many people also use these as ice cube trays and to make bulk broth.

Encouraging Homemade

There are so many benefits to homemade food and storage containers make it easier to store and save in bulk. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits:

  • More nutrient-dense: Pre-made baby food has to go through a heating process to maximize its shelf-life. The temperatures the foods endure are so high that they eliminate some of those essential nutrients.
  • Helps with texture aversions: Some babies can’t handle certain textures. With homemade food, you can control the composition of each meal.
  • Free of chemicals and preservatives: Pre-made baby food contains preservatives and other chemicals to help make it last longer. However, these substances can cause health issues.
  • Won’t contain BPA: Some premade baby food that comes in glass jars have lids that aren’t BPA-free.
  • Saves you money: Raising kids is expensive, and finding ways to save a few bucks is worth every penny. Making your baby’s food can save you around $400 a year.

Knowing the ingredients you’re putting into your baby’s belly helps give you peace of mind. The fact that you’re saving money while doing so certainly makes things even better.

Different Types Of Containers

Plastic, glass, or silicone? Single serving or full freezer trays? There are so many different types of baby food storage containers that can seem overwhelming. Let’s take a few minutes to go over the different types.


Plastic storage containers are going to be the least expensive material you’ll find. They’re cheaper because plastic is the most readily available and costs little to manufacture. They can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes and will have a snap seal or other type of lid.

If you choose to go with a plastic option, make sure the product is BPA-free. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a manufactured chemical that can cause issues with reproductive organs and other parts of the body.


Glass jars are a reliable choice if you want to store one serving at a time. Baby food containers made of glass are typically smaller than other storage types. You can also feed your baby the food straight from the jar rather than transferring it to a bowl. The downside to this choice is that they’re breakable and aren’t optimal for bulk storing.


You’ll also find that many manufacturers use silicone to make their containers. This is because silicone has non-stick properties and is generally safer for babies. It’s also super bendable, so it’s even easier to remove food if you use it in the freezer.

This type will usually be safe for both hot and cold temperatures. That means you can pop it in the oven, microwave, or freezer without damaging the product or contaminating any food.

Freezer Trays

For those of you looking to cook in bulk, freezer trays are incredibly convenient. Trays allow you to store several ounces of food in one container without taking up too much freezer space. They also typically come in different colors so you can organize by food group.

If you choose to go this route, I recommend buying one made of silicone. That way, you won’t have to worry about food sticking to the sides when trying to remove it.


If your baby is a little bit older, storage pouches are an excellent on-the-go option. These pouches are a great addition to your diaper bag and are less messy than other storage containers. Storage pouches also allow your kids to learn how to feed themselves.

My Top Baby Food Storage Container Reviews

Deciding which baby food storage container is the best is no easy task. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite options to help make your decision easier.

These squeeze pouches made the top of my list because of their convenience. They’re easy to take out and about and come with a child-safe cap to avoid spilling and leaks. The front has a spot where you can label what’s inside, and these work well in the freezer too. You shouldn’t try microwaving these pouches.

I also really like them because you can buy them in packs of 50 or 100. For anybody planning to cook in bulk, this is perfect. Each pouch can hold up to 4 oz. of semi-solid puree or yogurt. The packaging is clear, which is nice so you can see inside and know when it’s going bad.

The pouches are BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free. Take note—you’ll have to purchase the Infantino Squeeze Station to fill these more comfortably. They’re a one-time use product, so keep that in mind if you’re environmentally conscious. There isn’t a way to thoroughly clean the inside, so it’s not considered safe to use more than once.

  • Perfect for bulk buyers
  • Child-safe lid prevents spillage
  • Clear packaging to see inside
  • Safe for the freezer
  • Suitable for children with texture aversions
  • Messy to fill without separate product
  • Only one use per pouch

These glass storage containers come in a pack of four, as well as a tray to place them in. They’re oven and microwave safe, and the lids are inverted, which is helpful when stacking in the freezer. The caps are also equipped with four-sided snap technology to prevent leaks.

I like these because they come with measurements on the side so you can fill it as much or as little as you want. The glass is borosilicate, which means it can be transferred right from the freezer to the oven or microwave. You don’t need to let it defrost before heating up.

They’re available in two different colors: blue or pink. You can go the gender route, or you can buy one of each to separate food groups. You can also pop these in the dishwasher, making cleaning hassle-free.

  • Thermal shock-resistant glass
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Plastic tray helps with stacking
  • Measurement markings
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Glass is breakable
  • Difficult to close the lid

If you’re looking for a tray, consider this one. It’s made of silicone and can hold up to nine food portions per tray. These are available in six different color options, which are perfect for organizing food groups.

Each cup can hold up to 1.5 oz and has a mark on the inside at 1 oz if you want to make smaller portions. These trays also come with a lid to help with stacking in the freezer. Both the tray and lid are top-rack safe in the dishwasher as well, so you don’t have to worry about thoroughly cleaning them.

They’re also microwave and oven safe so that you can use them for cooking and baking as well. Keep in mind, though, the highest oven temperature these can withstand is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. If the product isn’t up to your standards, it comes with a hassle-free lifetime guarantee.

  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Easily removable portions
  • Good for saving freezer space
  • Uses plastic fillers with the silicone
  • May omit an odd smell at first

These BPA-free food jars can hold up to 4 oz and come with measurement markings on the side. In addition to this, they also come with 60 biodegradable, paper labels that are easy to remove too. This is nice if you’re worried about landfills.

You can purchase these in three different packs: a pack of three, a pack of six, or a pack of 12. The containers are top-rack dishwasher-safe and are safe for the microwave or freezer as well. Frozen food will last up to three months in a standard freezer.

I like this option because having so many containers allows you to plan for weeks ahead of time. These are great for other uses like snack cups or craft holders, which means they can still be used as your baby grows.

They’re also nice because the jar has a wide mouth, something that makes filling jars much simpler. Plus, if you’re into buying local or USA-made, the jars, lids, and labels are all made in the United States.

  • Made in the USA
  • Will last with your child
  • Biodegradable labels
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Wide mouth to make filling easier
  • Plastic feels brittle
  • Lids will discolor after a while

Last, but certainly not least, we come to this convenient option with an attached lid. Each of these containers can hold up to 3 oz of food and come in a pack of 50 reusable jars. You also have the option of choosing a single or double-compartment container.

I really like this option because having so many containers allows you to plan for weeks ahead of time. They can also be used in other ways like on-the-go snack cups, which is awesome. I always like to have plenty of variety in my bag for emergency snacks when we’re out.

They’re made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic and are safe for the top rack of your dishwasher as well as the freezer. These are also recyclable once they’ve reached their limit.

  • Comes with plenty of containers
  • Can buy single or double-compartment jars
  • Snap-on, attached lid
  • Recyclable
  • Has multiple uses
  • Lids break easily, leaving sharp edges
  • Can’t fill all the way if going in the freezer

It’s Bulk Cookin’ Time

As you can see, a lot goes into choosing the best baby food storage containers. You want to make sure the materials are safe for storing food, but convenience plays a significant role too.

My favorites are the Infantino Squeeze Pouches. Even though you need the Squeeze Station, their leak-proof caps are perfect for on-the-go meals and snacks. Plus, they can be stored flat in the freezer to make the most of your storage space. These may be my favorite, but the other containers on this list are good options too.

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