Best Reusable Baby Food Pouches

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best reusable baby food pouch is, I’d recommend the Squooshi Family Starter Kit.

If your baby is at the age where they are starting to feed themselves, then reusable baby food pouches are the way to go! These handy little items can be packed full of your baby’s favorite food and taken with you wherever you go. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a reusable baby food pouch. Today, we’re reviewing the best reusable baby food pouches, so that you can choose the best one to suit your needs.

Here are the reusable baby food pouches I will be reviewing:

Benefits of Reusable Food Pouches

There are a lot of good reasons to consider reusable food pouches, and I’ve outlined them below.

You choose the ingredients

One of the biggest trends in parenting these days is making our own baby food at home, rather than purchasing premade jars at the store. With increasing awareness about what exactly is in the foods we buy, parents are wanting to choose more natural, organic foods for their children. By making your own baby food, you know exactly what ingredients are in it, you can select food that your baby likes, and you can control how fresh the food is.

They save you money

Reusable food pouches save you money. Baby food is exorbitantly expensive if you consider what you’re actually getting for your dollar. The single-use food pouches that are purchased at the store are at minimum $1 each, which adds up quickly! Save your money by making your own food and using a reusable food pouch instead.

The pouches encourage self-feeding

One thing we try to foster in our children is independence, even from an early age. Babies love to be able to do things for themselves, and feeding is no different. Giving them a reusable food pouch to feed themselves allows for independence, which is especially helpful if you are on the go.

They are a green alternative

You are helping the environment! We are all about doing things to help the environment and cut down on single-use waste. Reusable food pouches help you to do that, by allowing you to clean out the pouch and use it again and again.

How to Choose the Best Reusable Food Pouch

There are certain things to look for when choosing the right reusable food pouch for you and your baby.

Easy to clean

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a food pouch. Pouches that are rounded on the edges are much easier to clean than those with pointed edges where food can get caught and bacteria can grow.

Safe from harmful toxins

Most plastic products these days are carefully made without toxic substances, but it is still something to watch out for. Choose a food pouch that is free from BPA, phthalates, and any other harmful substances.

Appropriate size

Most reusable food pouches hold between 4 and 8 ounces of food. If your baby is a good eater, you might want to select one of a larger size. If your little one is just starting out with self-feeding, a smaller, easier-to-hold pouch may be a better option.

Precautions for Using Reusable Food Pouches

Don’t save partially-eaten food pouches

Leftover food, when mixed with bacteria from your baby’s mouth, is a perfect breeding ground for germs and mold. Better to dispose of any uneaten food promptly and clean out the food pouch. Try to gauge how much food your baby will eat at a given time and fill the pouch accordingly, to minimize waste.

Carefully store your filled pouches.

Once you fill your food pouches, keep them in the fridge and use them within a day or so. If you plan to freeze them, they will last in the freezer for about 2 months. Be sure to label them with the contents of the pouch and the date they were made, to help you keep track.

Do not overfill

Don’t overfill the food pouches, especially if you plan on freezing them. The food will expand and likely burst in the freezer, leaving you with a nice mess on your hands.

Do not microwave pouches

Do not microwave food pouches, as some of the materials in the pouch may not be suitable for being put in the microwave. When food is heated using a microwave, it can create inconsistent hot patches in the food, possibly burning your baby’s mouth when ingested. Instead, place a frozen food pouch in warm water to thaw it out, or let it thaw in the fridge overnight before using.

Things to Consider When Using Food Pouches

Supervise when eating

Always supervise your child when they’re feeding, even when using food pouches. Although they can likely use these pouches independently, you always want to keep an eye on them while they’re eating, to reduce risk of choking. Also, ensure your child is seated when eating, and not running around or walking.

Vary the food choices

Don’t always put sweet-tasting foods into the pouches, or your little one will never develop their palate for savoury foods like vegetables. There’s nothing wrong with giving fruits like applesauce or banana, just be sure to switch it up and include veggies occasionally too.

Monitor baby’s cues

Be sure to only give your baby a food pouch when they are actually hungry, not just to pacify them. Sometimes, babies will eat from a food pouch merely to self-soothe rather than actual hunger, and this can lead to a dependency on food for reasons other than hunger. If your little one is fussy, don’t just reach for a food pouch, instead give some thought as to whether or not your baby is actually hungry or maybe just grumpy, tired, or bored.

My Reusable Baby Food Pouches Reviews

After searching through the myriad of reusable baby food pouches that are out on the market today, I have hand-picked the best of the best. We have looked at a variety of factors when considering the best products to share with you. Here they are!

Squooshi Family Starter Kit

WINNER: Best Overall Reusable Baby Food Pouch

With many things to offer their pint-sized customers, the Squooshi Family Starter Kit of reusable food pouches is the clear winner for us at Smart Parent Advice. The pouches are a good size, similar to the standard pre-packaged pouches that you can purchase at the grocery store. However, these adorable food pouches feature colorful animals on them, which helps to entice and engage your little one. They also have a clear window on the pouch, to allow you to see what food is inside.

With family values at the core of their company, the Squooshi reusable food pouches were created by a father and daughter team, who wanted to create a reusable baby food pouch that was fun for kids and better for our environment.

The pouches are made from top quality materials that are free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and lead. The materials are soft and easy for little hands to grasp, while also being flexible to allow for easy filling. With their safe, no-choke cap, the Squooshi reusable pouches are an excellent option.

With their rounded shape and bottom opening, the pouches are very easy to rinse and clean thoroughly. This is an important consideration when selecting which reusable food pouches you purchase, as there are many on the market that have sharp corners and are difficult to clean. This makes a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The Squooshi reusable pouches open wide for thorough cleaning. They also fit well on the top rack of your dishwasher, for added ease and convenience.

At a lower price point than other reusable baby food pouches on the market, the Squooshi reusable baby food pouches are an excellent choice, offering quality and durability at a fair price.


  • Adorable animal designs are fun for kids
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Rounded corners make cleaning easy
  • Two sizes of pouches allow for customized feeding
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Food can be hard to get out once pouch is less than half full
  • Food gets stuck around the zipper
  • Zipper can be challenging to open and close
  • Tend to hold food smells after cleaning

Baby Brezza Reusable Easy-Fill Food Pouches

WINNER: Easiest to fill

The Baby Brezza reusable baby food storage pouches win the prize for easy filling! With their unique side-zipper design and included filling funnel, the Baby Brezza certainly thought of busy parents when creating their reusable food pouches.

The Baby Brezza pouches are constructed as such that they can stand on their own when filling. Simply place the filling funnel into the pouch’s opening and begin to add your favorite baby food to it. The pouch will remain upright while filling, making the process much easier. After filling, the leak-proof double-zipper opening can be sealed tight to prevent leaks.

The wide side opening is not only convenient when it comes to filling the pouch, but it also helps parents to clean the pouch thoroughly, reducing the risk of bacteria or mold growing inside. The pouch is made from high quality food grade plastics and is free from toxic materials.

If you are interested in making and storing your own baby food, then the Baby Brezza reusable baby food pouches are a wise choice. With their larger design, holding approximately 7 ounces (compared to the standard 4.5 ounces), and their tolerance for freezing, the Baby Brezza pouches can be used to safely store your homemade baby food for several months in the freezer.

Baby Brezza is committed to making life easier and more convenient for parents, and they put many of those ideas into their reusable pouches. These pouches are one of the most inexpensive reusable food pouches on the market, and Baby Brezza offers its customers a full one year guarantee on their products, adding some peace of mind with their purchase.


  • Easy to fill with included filling funnel
  • Leak-proof double zipper
  • Opening on the side to decrease spills
  • Wide side opening makes cleaning easier and more thorough
  • Clear back allows you to see what food is inside as well as how much (measurement indicators on pouch)


  • Folds in pouch are hard to clean
  • Zipper can be hard to close fully
  • The lip under the mouthpiece is hard plastic and can be sharp

Kiddzo Squeeze Breeze Food Pouches

WINNER: Best Value for Dollar

If you are looking to try your hand at using reusable baby food pouches, you won’t find a more economical brand than the Kiddzo Squeeze Breeze food pouches. They arrive in a pack of 50, which will surely last you quite a while, considering they are reusable! And at a similar price point as other food pouch kits that come with a lot less pouches, you are certainly getting more bang for your buck with this purchase.

Despite their value, the Kiddzo pouches do not scrimp on quality. Their reusable food pouches are made from high quality materials that exceed FDA and CPSC guidelines, and they are free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and lead.

The pouches are easy to fill with a wide opening at the top of the pouch, and the mouthpiece is on the side of the pouch out of the way. By having their wide, double zipper opening at the top of the pouch, it decreases the risk of leaks and spills out of the bottom when baby is squeezing it. The pouches also stand on their own, which makes it much easier for baby to use and then set down when finished. The included spoon attachment also allows for easy, mess-free feeding while you’re on the go.

The pouches hold six ounces of food and are freezer safe, to make baby food preparations a breeze. Simply make your food, pop them into the pouches, and store in the freezer for later use.

With their wide opening, the pouches are also easy to clean thoroughly and are dishwasher safe. The clear window also allows you to see what food is inside, making it easier to grab the food you want!


  • New, improved design
  • Self-standing and easy to fill
  • Wide double zipper on the top
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Mouthpiece on side for easier filling from the top
  • Great value for the money


  • Can be hard to refill
  • Hard to clean thoroughly due to edges
  • Do not stay open during filling or cleaning
  • Double zipper is difficult to close fully
  • Opening is very small to get food into

Healthy Planet Reusable Food Pouches

As their name implies, the Healthy Planet reusable food pouches are made from top quality, eco-friendly materials that are free from any toxic substances. 100% of the pouches and the packaging they come in are recyclable, so while the pouches are meant to be reusable, if there comes a time when they are no longer used, you can recycle them. 

The high-quality construction of the pouches ensures that they are leak-proof, durable, and long lasting. The wide opening at the bottom of the pouch makes them easy to fill, and the dual zipper ensures that none of that food leaks out.

Healthy Planet felt strongly about making their pouches clear at the front and the top, in lieu of cute designs, so that you can see what food is inside and whether or not the pouch is thoroughly cleaned. Combined with the rounded edges so that food can’t get trapped, these pouches are very sanitary to use. Simply rinse them out after use and pop them into the top rack of your dishwasher.

The pouches hold six ounces of food, and they are freezer safe. There is a writable back label for you to indicate what food is being stored in each pouch and when they were made.

They are built to last, and each pouch can withstand 50+ uses, making them a very environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use food pouches from the grocery store. Because they are so durable and leak-proof, they can even be used to store and transport liquids or condiments – perfect for that picnic BBQ!

To give their customers even more peace of mind, Healthy Planet also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. They offer a 1-year replacement warranty if the product is defective.


  • Packaging and pouches are 100% recyclable
  • Wide opening and round corners make cleaning easy
  • Puncture resistant and leak-proof
  • Made from premium food grade plastic, free from harmful substances
  • Clear packaging allows you to see what is inside


  • Seal between nozzle and pouch can sometimes develop tiny holes
  • Caps and nozzle can be hard to clean
  • Zipper can be hard to seal completely
  • Pouches don’t hold a lot of food
  • Pouch is narrow for filling

Squeasy Snacker Pouch

While more expensive than the other reusable baby food pouches, the Squeasy Snacker Pouch is made of non-toxic silicone that is very durable and long-lasting. So, you likely would only need to purchase one or two of these pouches, instead of several. It comes in three different sizes: 3.5 ounces, 6 ounces, and even 16 ounces, making it a great choice for all family members!

The soft, flexible silicone makes for a pleasant eating experience for your baby, and the smooth material is easy for little hands to hold on to while feeding. It also collapses completely flat, to make it easier for your child to get out every last bit of the food inside, making less wasted food overall.

This pouch incorporates their unique 2-in-1 removable no-spill lid inserts, to prevent unwanted leaks or spills out of the top. To increase the flow for thicker foods, just remove the insert. This insert, however, prevents those over-zealous squeezes causing applesauce explosions all over the house.

The Squeasy Snacker Pouch fits into most cup holders, making it a great on-the-go companion. Snap on the leak-proof cap to completely seal the top, and you are ready to go.

All pieces of this pouch are dishwasher and freezer safe. When cleaning, the pouch can be turned completely inside out to allow for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Users comment about the sheer convenience of this feature, as they are able to ensure that the pouch is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Silicone is also bacteria-resistant, making this product a safe choice for your little one.


  • Made with 100% non-toxic silicone
  • No-spill insert for easy filling
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Patented no-leak cap prevents spills
  • Silicone is durable and long-lasting
  • Turns inside out for deep cleaning


  • Small spout can pose challenges for getting the food out
  • Smell of material can be off-putting
  • Can alter the taste of the food
  • Insert doesn’t always keep contents from spilling
  • Hard to get the food out at times

WeeSprout Reusable Food Pouch

Known as “Nature’s Little Squeeze”, the WeeSprout reusable food pouches are made from eco-friendly materials and are free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and lead. The materials are strong and long-lasting, allowing for repeated use and less waste in our landfills. Being an environmentally-conscious company, both the packaging and the pouches themselves are completely recyclable.

With an extra wide zipper opening and rounded corners, the WeeSprout pouches are easy to fill and easy to clean. Simply flush the pouch with water, and there are no pesky corners where food can get trapped. Place on the top rack of your dishwasher for a final clean or hand wash with a brush. Either way, the construction of these pouches allows for a thorough clean each time.

When filling with baby food, the wide zipper allows the pouch to be opened fully and food to be poured straight inside. No mess or spills, just pour straight from your blender or food processor.

The strong zipper holds food in, preventing leaks and messes, and the pouches are available in a variety of sizes, including 3.4, 5, and 7 ounces. There is a see-through compartment on the back that allows you to see what is inside the pouch, and a label area where you can write the contents.

WeeSprout also gives customers peace of mind by offering a full, no-hassle, 1-year guarantee on their reusable food pouches. This company is family-owned, and was created by the parents of five children who were looking for healthier alternatives for their kids that were also environmentally friendly.


  • Extra wide zipper opening makes filling easier
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
  • Dual-zipper closure prevents spills
  • Available in different sizes
  • 1-year hassle-free guarantee


  • Dual zipper can be difficult to close
  • Hard to clean at edges and corners
  • Holds the smell of food inside
  • Pouch flattens and makes it hard to get all the food out

ChooMee SnakPack Fresh Feeding Starter Set

The ChooMee SnakPack reusable food pouches certainly get points for cuteness, with adorable little “Fresh Squad” animal characters featured on their designs. These help little ones to get excited about the pouch, and it can sometimes help fussier eaters to give it a try as well.

These reusable food pouches are made from high quality materials, and their 100% food-grade silicone mouthpieces are soft and flexible for little mouths to feed from. The SoftSip mouthpieces can be added on to any of the food pouches, and they provide a nicer feel than the standard mouthpieces. They also have a flow-control valve, that helps to prevent too much food from coming out of the spout.

With their wide-bottom opening and rounded edges, the ChooMee food pouches are easy to clean, with no sharp corners where food can get stuck, and they are top-rack dishwasher safe.

While the ChooMee food pouches are meant to hold 5 ounces of food, users have said that they do not hold quite that much. With a full 5 ounces in them, they are challenging to close properly, which can sometimes lead to leaks or spills out the bottom.

The ChooMee pouches have a clear window at the back, so you can see what food is inside, and they are also safe to use in the freezer. Simply make a batch of your favorite baby food and freeze them safely in the food pouches.


  • Wide-bottom zipper opening for easy filling
  • Colorful animal characters on pouches
  • 100% silicone flow control valve at mouthpiece, prevents spills
  • Zipper seals tightly at bottom
  • Pouch topper protects baby’s mouth


  • Caps can sometimes loosen, causing spills
  • Do not hold a lot of food
  • Stiff, hard plastic feel to the pouch
  • Not budget-friendly, higher price point than other reusable food pouches

Sage Squeezie Reusable Food Pouches

Sage Squeezie reusable food pouches have a unique, patented side-opening that allows for much easier filling, saving parents time and frustration. The entire side opens to accommodate any filling station or food processor, and it makes the process of filling the pouches much simpler.

Ensuring that they meet the needs of their littlest customers, the Sage Squeezie food pouches have adorable animal designs on the front. From dinosaurs and giraffes to fruit dots, you can select the best pouch for your baby. The Sage Squeezie pouches are made from top quality materials that are free from BPA, Phthalates, PVC, and lead. They also feature a strong double zipper at the opening, to ensure that there are no leaks or spills.

Due to its patented side-opening design, the Sage Squeezie pouches are easy to clean and can be opened right up to ensure that every bit of food is cleaned out. They can also be rinsed and placed upside down on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean.

The Sage Squeezie reusable food pouches are larger than your grocery store variety. They hold 7 ounces of food, compared to the standard 4.5 ounces, allowing you to take more food with you on the go.

The larger pouches also come in handy when you are preparing and freezing your homemade baby food. These pouches are safe to use in the freezer for just such a task. The clear window on the back also allows you to see what food is stored inside, and there is also a label area where you can indicate the food and what date you froze it.


  • Entire side opens for easy filling
  • Rounded interior corners to ensure easy cleaning
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Variety of cute animal images to choose from
  • Strong, double zip closure to prevent leaks


  • Hard to clean food out of the folds
  • Closure on the side can be frustrating
  • Zipper does not always stay closed
  • Pouches are considered to be too large for some

Simple Modern Reusable Food Pouches

Simple Modern is a company that was founded on the principles of generosity and excellence, and the added touches that they contribute to their products and operations do not go unnoticed. Even their philosophy of giving back is echoed in their programs, where they donate 10% of their annual profits to local charities. It makes a consumer feel good about supporting a company with such endeavors.

Simple Modern is also 100% owned by its employees, and they are known to always “put people above profits”, putting great emphasis on relationships, quality, and generosity.

Simple Modern’s reusable food pouches are a nice combination of affordability and practicality. Their food pouches are in the mid-range when it comes to cost, compared to other similar reusable food pouches on the market. The pouches are made from top quality materials that are free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and lead.

While these food pouches do not necessarily come with cute animal characters on them, they do have cheerful, colorful designs that are suitable for any family members to use. Everyone would be happy bringing a food pouch to their work or school.

Simple Modern’s reusable food pouches are constructed with ease and convenience in mind, with rounded edges and a wide opening to ensure simple, thorough cleaning each time. The pouches can be rinsed through with warm water and placed on the top rack of the dishwasher to be cleaned. The rounded corners ensure no food gets trapped inside, and the double zipper closure allows you to store food without worrying about leaks and spills.


  • 5 different fun designs on pouches
  • Made from durable, non-toxic materials
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Double zipper opening prevents leaks
  • Simple Modern donates 10% of its profits each year


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Zipper can leak sometimes
  • Do not hold a lot of food
  • Do not stand upright when filling

Yummi Brights Reusable Food Pouches

Yummi Brights reusable food pouches are made by the Revelae Kids company, a family-owned operation that produces numerous helpful products for families. These pouches are made with high quality materials that are free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and lead.

With their design of having the mouthpiece on the side, the Yummi Brights pouches are easy for babies to hold and feed from. The wide zipper opening at the top makes it easy to fill these pouches with your child’s favorite blended foods. The standard pouches hold 6 ounces of food, but there are also pouches available in 2.5 and 10 ounce sizes.

The Yummi Brights food pouches also cater to older children, as they feature colorful designs on the front that are not too young-looking. Older kids would benefit from having a Yummi Brights food pouch in their lunches, filled with healthy, homemade food.

This company also produces helpful accessories to go along with their reusable food pouches, including insulated pouch covers and matching sandwich bags.

The Yummi Brights reusable food pouches fall in the mid-range level in terms of price, being neither the most expensive nor the least. While the wide top opening ensures easy filling, some users found that the shape of the pouch does make it challenging to clean fully, and it is important to inspect carefully after cleaning to ensure no food was caught inside or under the zipper.


  • Colorful designs on pouches
  • Side mouthpiece for easier eating
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Closure on top to prevent leaks and spills from the bottom
  • Standing bottom for easy filling


  • Problems with leaking
  • Hard to clean in the corners
  • Zippers do not stand the test of time
  • Food gets caught in the creases

Final Thoughts

The Squooshi Family Starter Kit is the top winner in our review today, meeting and exceeding all of our must-have requirements when choosing a reusable baby food pouch. With their adorable animal designs, soft and flexible material, easy-to-fill opening, and sturdy double-zipper closure, these food pouches save parents time and frustration.

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