Best Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer (2023)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best bottle sterilizer and dryer is, I’d recommend the Papablic Electric Steam Sterilizer.

If your baby is bottle fed, you know keeping up with all the bottles you need can be a challenge. Between preparing and washing bottles, you may find you’re constantly looking for a clean bottle. The best bottle sterilizer and dryer can help keep your mounting pile of dirty bottles under control, without eating up your time.

In this article, I am breaking down the best bottle sterilizer and dryer, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the bottle sterilizers I will be reviewing:

Why Use A Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer?

Sterilizing your bottles ensures there are no germs or contaminants that might harm your baby. There are multiple ways to do this, but the best bottle sterilizer and dryer can do so efficiently, with little extra work.

Some moms only use their sterilizer occasionally, while others use it constantly; but there are some times when you need to sterilize. For example:

  • Before you use your bottles for the first time: There’s no telling what your new baby bottles have been in contact with prior to packaging. Take the time to sterilize them before use, to reduce any risk to your baby.
  • When borrowing bottles or buying them second-hand: You don’t want to cross-contaminate with other germs. Sterilizing your bottles can reduce risk.
  • If your water source is contaminated: Don’t have access to clean water, or a water safety warning is in effect? You’ll want to protect your baby by sterilizing your bottles.
  • When your baby is sick: Help your baby recover more quickly by sterilizing bottles on a frequent basis when your little one is sick. This will help keep their compromised immune system from being exposed to new germs. It will also help prevent the risk of any reinfection.
  • If your baby’s immune system is compromised: If you have a preemie or a baby with an ongoing illness or compromised immune system, you’ll want to sterilize bottles after every use. This will help keep your baby safe and protected from harmful germs.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer

If you’re looking for the best bottle sterilizer and dryer for your family, keep the following in mind:

  • What kind of sterilizer you need: You can find both electric and microwavable sterilizers and dryers. Know how you plan to use the appliance and where you will store it, to help narrow down your choices.
  • How many bottles you will need to sterilize at once: You’ll find these products come in a variety of sizes. Knowing how much capacity you need from a sterilizer will make the shopping process easier.
  • If the sterilizer will serve an additional purpose: Are you looking for an all-purpose appliance that has additional features, or do you want a barebones sterilizer? Both are on the market, so identifying your needs early on can be beneficial.
  • If you need high-tech sterilizing options: Are you looking for something you can program ahead of time or something you manually use when needed? Your preference may depend on your schedule, how many bottles you plan to sterilize, and how often you need to use it.
  • Do you need a sterilizer that dries: Not all sterilizers are also dryers. Make sure you’re bringing home what you want and need.
  • Your budget: Sterilizers and dryers can be found at a variety of price points. Identify how much you plan to spend.

My Top Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer Reviews

I have taken a hard look at all of the bottle sterilizers and dryers on the market, and reviewed my top five. I’ve also chosen my favorite.

Papablic Electric Steam Sterilizer

This unit helps prevent bacteria from setting up shop in your baby’s bottles by creating high-temperature steam. It’s hotter than the temperature of a standard dishwasher and is capable of killing 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria.

This electric steam sterilizer is a three-in-one unit. It can sterilize, dry, and deodorize bottles, pacifiers, and more. The interface is simple to use, with a dial control on the front of the sterilizer. Simply twist to your desired setting and your sterilizer gets to work.

To use this sterilizer, start by pouring the required amount of water into the base. There are multiple baskets to choose from, depending on the items you plan to sterilize. You can use the large sterilizing chamber, the small one, or both. Place your items in the chamber, assemble them on the base, and turn the dial to your required setting.

This unit is high capacity and can hold up to 11 bottles at once. Once sterilized, you can leave your items in the sterilizer for up to 12 hours without compromising sanitation.

Leaving your items in the unit until they’re needed can help lessen the likelihood of spreading bacteria, or spores that can come with towel drying. This sterilizer also comes with an auto-off feature that helps provide extra safety for your family.

It’s made out of safe, BPA-free materials and can accommodate a wide variety of baby products and bottle brands. It also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Simple interface
  • Auto-off feature
  • High-capacity
  • Ergonomic and attractive design that’s easy to handle, including quick assembly and disassembly
  • Flexible capacity
  • Extended window of time where your sterilized items can remain in the unit before use


  • The heating plate is prone to rust
  • Doesn’t offer as much height as some other sterilizers, which may impact use for taller full-sized bottles

Baby Joy Sterilizer And Dryer

This Baby Joy model is an electric steam sterilizer and dryer. Plug it into any standard outlet and you’re ready to clean your bottles. This product is comes with a pacifier basket, bottle holder and bracket. It’s designed to hold a whole range of different baby items, including bottles, pacifiers, and toys.

This unit quickly and efficiently works to sterilize your baby items and is capable of killing 99.9 percent of germs. To dry your items, just select the required length of time. It can be set to run for 10, 30, or 50 minutes to ensure bottles are perfectly dry.

The three-in-one design allows you to sterilize bottles, pacifiers, and pump pieces. At full capacity, this unit is capable of holding 4 to 5 bottles and additional accessories. It’s designed to be universally suitable for most baby brands and products.

To use this sterilizer and dryer, just fill the water chamber with the required amount of water. Press the start button and the sterilization cycle will begin. This unit is equipped with an easy-to-use LCD control panel that shows you what mode you’re in and how far into the cycle you are.

This sterilizer and dryer is made from food-grade PP materials. It’s also outfitted with a dry-fire protection system that helps prevent the possibility of fire and keeps your family safe. This system works by discontinuing power to the unit when there’s no water in the reservoir, giving you one less thing to worry about.


  • Adjustable to suit your sterilizing needs
  • Can be used for many different types of items
  • Dry-fire protection system works to keep you safe


  • The component that heats the water is prone to calcification
  • The appliance is heavy

Baby Brezza Sterilizer And Dryer Ma​​​​​Chine

This Baby Brezza station has four different operating modes. You can use it to sterilize, sterilize and dry, dry only, or just as a storage unit.

It’s capable of killing 99.9 percent of germs. Items will stay sterilized for up to 24 hours after sterilizing is complete, as long as the unit remains closed. Fully loaded, this appliance can hold six full-sized bottles in addition to pumping equipment and other accessories.

Unaffiliated with popular bottle brands, this universal unit is appropriate for use with a variety of bottles. The heating plate is made of stainless steel, which helps prevent rust and calcification. The entire unit is made of BPA-free materials and is easy to clean and maintain.

This sterilizer is straightforward to use. The LCD control panel allows you to select the mode and indicates the time. A sterilization cycle takes 8 minutes. You’ll be able to choose the length of your drying time—30, 45, or 60 minutes. After the sterilizing or drying cycle is complete, it will automatically turn off.

This appliance is fitted with an internal piece that helps hold your bottles and items securely in place. There is no external basket, though, to keep things in place while you slide the lid on. This can sometimes make loading the sterilizer challenging.

The Baby Brezza unit comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Efficient way to sterilize and dry your bottles
  • Extended 24-hour window where your items will stay sterilized
  • Great for many different kinds of baby items
  • Stainless steel heating plate remains clean and low maintenance


  • No container or basket means stacked products hang outside the unit, making it challenging to fit the lid in place when several items are being sterilized together
  • The unit tends to leak when in use

Wabi Baby Sterilizer And Dryer

This sterilizer is capable of sanitizing your items in 8–15 minutes. Afterward, you can choose from three different drying periods of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. A smart sensor provides an automatic shut-off feature once your cycle is complete.

To use this sterilizer, you need to fill the water chamber with water which is located in the base. You’ll then load your items into the sterilizing chamber and place on the base. Once everything is ready to be sterilized, simply push the button to initiate the process. A countdown timer helps you keep track of how much time your cycle has left to run.

This Wabi model offers a sleek, contemporary design. It has a large capacity, and is able to hold up to eight full-sized bottles at a time.

This unit is constructed from BPA-free materials. It’s for use with a variety of baby and toddler items, including bottles, pacifiers, pumps, and utensils. It’s also a great option for medicinal accessories and medical equipment. For small items, the included basket helps keep everything where you need it and frees up space below for larger pieces.

An air rotator helps keep your items ready for you, for up to 12 hours. The newest model also offers programmable memory to keep everything streamlined.


  • This unit is versatile and comes with multiple accessories to make loading and running your unit quick and easy
  • A smart system allows for programming memory
  • Extra-large capacity is great for busy families
  • One-button descaler


  • Scale can quickly build up in the water container
  • No temperature display
  • Prone to leaking

OMORC Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer

This is a versatile 5-in-1 unit. It’s capable of sterilizing, sterilizing and drying, drying, heating food, and warming milk.

This unit has 550 watts of power, higher than standard units, and is capable of killing 99.9 percent of all germs. You can choose your preferred sterilizing time, between 6 and 15 minutes. The time you need to guarantee your sterilization will depend on how many items you have in the sterilizer.

If using the combined sterilizing and drying mode, your unit will begin drying once sterilization is complete. Once complete with its prescribed cycle, it will automatically shut off, providing you with additional safety and helping to prevent any electrical fires.

When complete, the LED light on the control panel will flash, to alert the cycle has run and your items are fully sanitized. It’s just one less thing you need to try to keep track of in your already hectic life.

This unit is constructed of BPA-free PP materials. It is generously sized and can accommodate six smaller-sized bottles or four 9-ounce bottles.

Additional baby items can also be placed in this sterilizer and dryer. It’s suitable for use with pacifiers, pump parts, and other baby items. You can adjust the size of this OMORC model, to suit the products you need to sterilize.

This sanitizer and dryer works quietly and won’t interrupt your daily routine. The heating plate is treated to prevent any scaling or calcification.


  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Large capacity
  • Offers several different modes to make parenting easier
  • End-of-cycle light indicates when your items are ready for use
  • Heating plate is easy to clean and maintain


  • The shortest dry cycle is 40 minutes long, which can disrupt a tight schedule
  • The instruction manual is not comprehensive

Elechomes Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

This sterilizer not only cleans and dries baby bottles safely, but you can also use it to rinse pacifiers, breast pump accessories, and small baby toys. As a result, you can be sure that no nasty germs reach your baby’s mouth.

The sterilizer is more effective in killing germs and keeping items free from any chemicals than a dishwasher. This makes it a safe option for cleaning your baby’s bottles.

It has an auto-shutdown safety feature, which shuts the electricity off once the cycle has finished, and the bottles are clean. This means you don’t have to worry about checking on it to see whether it’s finished. Thus, you’re left with more time to focus on what’s important.

The container has a large capacity, fitting up to 10 standard bottles at one time. Plus, it contains two large-sized steam racks. Unlike other bottle sterilizers, this one’s ideal for fitting tall bottles into such as Dr. Brown’s 8-ounce original bottles. 

The base of the sterilizer features an easy-to-use LED touchscreen control panel. This makes controlling the system quick and simple — even when you have your baby in your arms!

The sterilizer is safe to heat food and warm milk, without any health and safety concerns. Doing so saves time and makes the process more convenient. Plus, the sterilizer is made from a BPA-free PP material, making it free from chemical toxins.

The sterilizer won’t run without having water inside with its unique dry-run technology. As a result, your items leave the sterilizer clean every time, as well as prolonging the device’s lifespan.

Cleaning the sterilizer is easy and can be done in seconds. Simply detach it, wipe it down, and you’re ready to go again.

It weighs 3.96 pounds, so it isn’t too heavy to move and carry around if you need to.


  • Can be used to heat food and warm milk
  • Complete 360-degree drying


  • Bulky and takes up a lot of surface space
  • Will stop mid-cycle if there isn’t enough water present

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steam Sterilizer

This sterilizer has a sleek design that’s available in both black and white, so looks classy sat on any kitchen work surface.

It’s small and so can only fit five bottles inside at one time; however, it’s also very quick and efficient in cleaning those bottles in less than five minutes. 

This sterilizer can only is compatible with the Tommee Tippee branded bottles. So, if you already have this brand and are looking for a sterilizer, this device might be a great fit.

This compact sterilizer is user-friendly and only has one button that needs pressing to start the system. Its unique feature reduces any stress, making it ideal for busy parents or cleaning bottles during the night. Plus, its quick and simple design means you don’t have to deal with multiple buttons and settings.

The device doesn’t use any chemicals and is phthalate and BPA-free, ensuring maximum safety and protection for your baby. Also, it promises to kill 99 percent of germs with every use, helping to keep your baby even safer and healthier. 

If you can’t be bothered with emptying the sterilizer straight away, no problem. Providing the lid stays closed, the sterilizer will keep the bottles inside it sterile and clean for 24 full hours! Simply switch on the sterilizer before bed and awake the following day to safe and clean bottles without any hassle.

It only weighs 1.8 pounds, so it’s ultra-lightweight for easy transportation.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Highly effective
  • Air dries well


  • Requires exact measurements of water to work
  • Cleaning regime for the sterilizer can be time-consuming

The First Years Electric Steam Sterilizer

With three shelves, you can fit even more into this sterilizer. This includes baby toys, pacifiers, and, of course, baby bottles. It has a stylish, slim design that stands tall on the work surface without taking up too much space.

Choose to remove the middle shelf if you have taller bottles. Doing so will still leave enough room to fit additional items on the third shelf. 

This unique sterilizer’s design directs steam deep into baby bottles, ensuring a perfectly thorough sterilization. 

It kills germs and destroys common household bacteria that can work their way into bottles and pacifiers. As a result, it ensures that everything touching your baby’s mouth is clean and safe to eliminate sickness or infections. 

Made without BPA, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that the sterilizer is safe to use for your baby. It doesn’t use any chemicals inside, so you don’t have to worry about the bottles or objects harming your baby.

The sterilizer is easy to clean by hand, or you can pop it into the dishwasher. If you choose the latter, be sure to run the sterilizer cycle once on empty to remove any remaining residue from the dishwasher. 

Although an effective sterilizer, it doesn’t dry bottles while inside, and they come out a little wet. The design, however, offers a removable drying rack. You can lift this out of the sterilizer and place it on a clean surface to air-dry naturally. 

Weighing 3.25 pounds means it isn’t too heavy if you need to move it around. It is bulky, though, so it might be difficult to pack if you’re going anywhere for long periods.


  • Affordable
  • Steam Tower Technology individually steams each bottle
  • Features adjustable trays — suitable for small parts


  • Design enables mould to grow at the bottom of the tray
  • Metal heat plate rusts quickly
  • Not easy to clean

Wabi Baby UV Sterilizer and Dryer

Like something out of the future, this sterilizer is completely unique in many ways. If the extremely high price tag doesn’t scare you off, then this is a must-have for technology-loving parents.

Its appearance resembles a mini-fridge or mini washing machine. Although it’s large and takes up a lot of countertop space, you can fit an awful lot inside. 

It’s kitted with a special technology that uses UV lights to sterilize and dry bottles effectively. You can use this sterilizer to clean a range of goods, including sunglasses, jewelry, and even electronic devices.

It comes with a range of settings, and there are options for using it to sterilize and dry. You can also leave your items inside throughout the day, and they’ll remain sterilized.

The UV bulbs eliminate 99.9 percent of all harmful bacteria and germs, including salmonella, E. coli, and staph. As such, anything entering the sterilizer will come out safe and clean for your baby.

You should wipe the unit down inside and out with a clean cloth, regularly. Doing so ensures it remains in perfect condition for providing a top-sterilizing performance every time. 

It features an easy-to-use touchscreen panel on the front of the device, making it effortless to control the device. The screen displays a reading of the time and temperature. This allows you to clearly see how long is left on the cycle and ensures it’s working at the correct heat. 

It’s chunky and can’t easily be moved around. Unlike a typical baby sterilizer, you may have trouble picking this up with you to take out on trips away.


  • Quiet, with excellent noise-level control
  • Doesn’t require water
  • Wide 180-degree opening door
  • Dual ventilation system
  • Can be used as storage for baby bottles, keeping them sterile


  • Very expensive
  • Not recommended for technophobes
  • Cycles can be lengthy

Gourmia Junior Digital Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

This sterilizer’s two-in-one design saves you lots of time and energy. It ensures that baby bottles are sterile, clean, and dry when they come back out.

It looks classy and features a digital display LCD screen on the front. Its circular, tall design will complement any kitchen counter. Admittedly, this sterilizer is larger than most, but what it lacks in compatibility, it makes up for in features.

The digital display allows you to choose different program settings. Also, it displays a countdown, so you know how long remains on each cycle. Once the cycle is complete, the device will beep to alert you if you aren’t nearby.

You can choose from different drying settings, which can last either 30, 40, or 50 minutes. Operating the device is very easy. Simply add water, close the lid, press the button, and choose your cycle. 

The sterilizer also comes with an accessory kit, including bottle tongs. These tongs prevent germs from transferring from your hands to a measuring cup. Plus, you can be sure you’re adding the right amount of water every time.

It has a very spacious capacity and will fit up to eight bottles inside, including those that are angled, straight or wide-necked. You can also fill the sterilizer with baby toys and pacifiers, making it a versatile device.

The accessory rack provides an additional shelf, so caps don’t take up valuable bottle space underneath. The stainless-steel heating plate provides you with durability and ultimate usability. Steel also protects the device from hard-water build-up and rust. 

It weighs 5.75 pounds, so is heavier than some, but it still has some portability.


  • Auto-shutdown safety feature
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean


  • Drying time can be lengthy
  • Poor design leads to water leaking out from underneath the sterilizer
  • Reports of technical issues with display screen and countdown timer

Bringing Home The Best Bottle Sterilizer And Dryer

If you’re looking for a machine that both sterilizes and dries, any of the above can be a great option for you to bring home. If I were in the market for a new bottle sterilizer and dryer, I would bring home the Papablic Electric Steam Sterilizer.

I love its easy-to-use interface and large capacity. The extra safety features and the ability to leave items in the unit until they’re needed is a huge bonus as well.

By the way, while we’re on the topic of cleaning bottles, check out my baby bottle soap reviews.

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