Best Jogging Stroller Travel System (2023)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best jogging stroller travel system is, I’d recommend the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System.

Nowadays, your first priority is always your child. You’ve created this beautiful baby and want to give them the world. Yet finding time for yourself seems to be difficult.

Want to take your baby for a walk but also get back into your workout routine? Using the best jogging stroller travel system will give you the best of both worlds.

Here are the jogging stroller travel systems I will be reviewing:

The Benefits of a Jogging Stroller Travel System

There are several benefits to using a jogging stroller travel system. We explore a few of these below.


No longer do you have to buy three separate pieces of equipment for your child. Having a three-in-one jogging stroller with a car seat eliminates the need. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Stage one: It functions as a normal stroller that you are able to use on a daily basis when shopping at the mall. There should be enough storage space to hold your bags.
  • Stage two: Locking the front wheel in place allows you to turn it into a jogging stroller. You can go for your weekly run with your baby in tow. 
  • Stage three: The car seat attaches to the frame, so you can move between the car and the stroller without hassle. This is convenient for newborns and when baby has fallen asleep in the car.

Travel Without Worry

If you’re someone like me, you like to take everything besides the kitchen sink when you go out. Luckily for us, whoever came up with the idea for a jogging stroller travel system had us in mind.

Convenient features such as large compartments underneath the seat allow you to store things from snacks to books to keep your child occupied. There may also be trays for both you and your child to put drinks and anything else you feel you may need.

I’ve been out on a run before and had to turn back early because I forgot to pack activities to keep my baby occupied. Having these extra compartments means I can fit everything and still have room for more.

Remember, you are the one who has to push the stroller, so don’t overload it as it can be unsafe.


Jogging strollers are not only made for your baby’s comfort, they are also made for you. Being a new mom can be tough and exercise is pushed to the back of your mind. You may not even want to think about it since you are recovering from your birth.

However, taking your child for a brisk walk or jog to start with will increase your mental as well as physical state. You will feel happier, have more energy, and you’ll be spending quality time with your child. What’s better than that?

Saying that, joggers aren’t just for women. Men can get onboard with these awesome strollers as well. You will both be able to feel the benefits of the best baby stroller travel system without having to go to the gym!


Everyone wants a stroller that can last forever. Unfortunately, no one has come up with one that can do that yet. However, the best jogging stroller travel systems are definitely up there.

Due to their wider wheels and frame, they last a lot longer than regular strollers. This is because they have been made to withstand the elements and terrains. Jogging strollers can also accommodate heavier children, so can be used into the toddler years.

As many jogging strollers aren’t built to carry newborns and young infants, a travel system is a game-changer. With the car seat attachment, you can safely use your stroller from day one for years to come.

How to Choose the Best Jogging Stroller Travel System

There are a variety of different aspects to consider when buying the best jogging stroller travel system. You may want to contemplate these when choosing the right one for your family.


Where are you going to use your jogging stroller travel system? Will it be on sidewalks, rough terrain, snow, or gravel?

Most of the designs that are on the market now have durable wheels and frames to support your daily needs. The wheels usually have a wider tread and are thicker than normal strollers. The frames are designed to bring comfort and support while you run. This may include having an adjustable handlebar to make sure your posture is correct when jogging.

Ease of Use

Strollers are known to have a front swivel wheel for ease of use, however when it comes to jogging strollers that differs.

You need to make sure that they have a locking mechanism to secure the wheel straight when running. This allows free movement when on pavements and on your daily walk, yet can be switched easily when you want to exercise.

Having the lock gives you control over the stroller, something I’m very grateful for. When I had my youngest, I tried to jog with my normal stroller and it didn’t work at all! It kept on swerving everywhere and I felt like my child wasn’t particularly safe.


First and foremost, your child’s safety should be the main priority when choosing a jogging stroller travel system. You need to make sure it has adequate safety features to ensure that when running, your child is secure.

Make sure it has passed the recommended safety certifications. Having brakes on your stroller will make a world of difference when on hills or when needing to do a quick stop. Jogging strollers tend to have these on the handle as they are more convenient to use.

Another thing to look for is whether it has an integrated harness to clip your child in. Having one means that you are able to exercise on all terrains with your baby being firmly fixed inside.

Check that the car seat that comes with your travel system is of high quality and will fit into your car.

My Top Jogging Stroller Travel System Reviews

So what is the best jogging stroller travel system? I’ve come up with a list of 10 of the top products on the market that will suit your needs.

Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller

This stroller is perfect for someone who has an easygoing lifestyle but wants to have the option to get fitter through jogging. The stylish Chicco Activ3 stroller is designed so that you can take it to the shops and start working out at your own pace. This is something to consider if you live in an urban area with not many routes to run as its great on the sidewalk and off the beaten path.

It comes with an exclusive control console with a hand-operated front locking swivel wheel and brake controls. This is perfect if you are trying to find your pace and don’t want to stop to lock and unlock the wheel. The brakes are all within hand’s reach and at the touch of a button you can slow down, which is helpful if you find yourself on a steep hill. There are no foot pedals to get in the way of your stride.

The included Keyfit 30 Zip Air is the number one rated infant car seat in America. It comes with innovative features that make it easy to install securely into your car. It has quick removable seat pads that can be thrown into the machine and washed easily, as well as an air mesh backrest for added ventilation and comfort.

The tires are foam-filled and come with Flex Core suspension for smooth rides on all types of terrain, with no risk of flat tires. This is something to consider if you live in an area where the ground changes a lot from gravel to paving to dirt—with bumps in between.

The extra-large canopy is water-repellent and the seat reclines easily with one hand. The one-hand fold and self-standing mode are extras that make this model even better.


  • Exclusive hand-control console for swivel and brakes
  • Foam-filled tires
  • Easy to install car seat
  • Flex Core suspension
  • One-hand fold and self-standing
  • Extra-large canopy
  • Parent tray


  • The whole product weighs 48 pounds—not ideal if you suffer from a lot of back problems.

Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger Travel System

Having something that is aesthetically pleasing is something that I consider a huge feature. This Baby Trend travel system comes in a variety of colors so you are able to get one that you love. If you have to park your stroller anywhere, the splash of color makes it easily recognizable so you will be able to find it in no time.

Aside from the colors, the Pathway 35 also has your child’s safety in mind. The 16-inch rear all-terrain bicycle wheels ensure a smooth ride as long as they’re kept full of air. The 12-inch front tire front swivel wheel is lockable for running.

If you like running near dusk or dawn, this stroller has reflectors to make sure vehicles are able to notice you. This is handy if you are living in a residential or busy areas as cars will notice the strips as well as the color. The stroller also has a five-point harness system in place for the extra security of your child while you jog.

The stroller can be used from birth, but you also have the option of clipping on the Ally 35 infant car seat for little ones. This features superior head impact protection and a reversible infant insert.

This stroller includes a handy removable child’s tray with two cup or snack holders. This works wonders when you are jogging and trying to keep your child entertained at the same time.

I always make sure I have a drink and some sort of snack and clip-on book to ensure that my passenger is occupied when I’m jogging. As the tray table is removable, you can use the stroller without it, until the time comes when they need it. The adjustable canopy has peek-a-boo windows on the top and sides, so you can see your precious cargo from all angles.


  • Colors and reflectors make it stand out
  • Deluxe parent console to store necessary valuables
  • Extra-large storage baskets
  • Can be used from birth
  • Compact fold
  • Canopy with peek-a-boo windows


  • Brakes controlled by feet
  • Difficult to attach car seat to frame

Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog Travel System

With the large air-filled tires built for durability and a lockable front wheel, this is a perfect choice for all terrains. If you are into long jogs and off-road walks, the Evenflo Folio3 is ideal for you. It’s lightweight enough for everyday strolls but also perfect for jogs or runs through the gravel with plenty of suspension.

The stroller includes an oversized storage unit so you can bring everything out with you. This is perfect if you’re planning on doing a longer jog as you can store snacks, toys, and even spare diapers. I wish that I would have had space like this when I first started jogging. There were so many times where I had to go home to get something and then have to wear a backpack because there was not enough room.

Simply lift up the in-seat fold release and you are able to fold it away and store it. Having this smart action fold function is good to consider if you are a family who likes to take road trips, and this stroller will fit easily in the trunk of your car. It also takes up minimal space if you need to store it in your house or garage as it’s self-standing.

The infant car seat that comes with the travel system is ergonomically designed for children. It can be used from the weight of 4 pounds up until 35 pounds. This is a good thing to consider if you want to use it for your newborn. It clicks in easily to the stroller and provides added comfort with cushioned sides.


  • Ultimate crossover stroller designed for strolls and jogging
  • Air-filled tires are great for all-purpose use
  • Extra compartments to bring everything you need
  • Self-standing when stored
  • Made from lightweight materials


  • Challenging to unfold
  • Front lock has to be adjusted by hand, may stop pace of walk or jog

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System

This Graco travel system features an all-around jogging stroller perfect for a first-time parent. The FastAction Fold stroller has air-filled rubber tires perfect for all types of terrain. Having air-filled tires means that they give extra support to the frame and its little cargo on bumpy roads.

The front wheel also has a locking mechanism in place. This will increase the stability while running and make it easier to move. Unlocked, it will make for easy maneuverability on a daily stroll. Having these two options means that you do not have to get a seperate stroller for your daily walks, you can just use the one.

It has a variety of features such as a one-second, one-hand FastAction fold for your ease of use. This is especially good if your child is known to throw the occasional temper tantrum. You can calm them down and have the stroller ready before the crocodile tears even show.

The SungRide 35 infant car seat attaches easily to the stroller, so you don’t have to move sleeping babies from the car. The base for the car seat is also included, so it’s easy to switch back and forth between the car and the stroller.

With an extra-large canopy, your child will be protected by the sun throughout your entire run. This stroller also has a massive storage basket where you are able to keep all of the things you need to entertain your little one for a long jog through the park.


  • All-terrain due to air-filled durable tires
  • Extra-large storage basket and canopy
  • Easy to fold and put away due to innovative technology
  • Includes trays for both parent and child
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy


  • Seat belts can be uncomfortable
  • Does not have an adjustable handlebar so may influence posture when running

Graco Trax Jogger Travel System

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or strolling around the park, this jogging travel system is great for daily use.

There is an extra large storage compartment with a drop down feature for extra space. There is also a covered one for your goods if the rain decides to pay a visit. Having so many storage options is an incredible asset so that you don’t have to leave anything in the car or go back countless times on your stroll.

The car seat has the innovative Click Connect technology so that your baby will always be secure. It allows easy connection in the car and also on the stroller so even if you are running they will be tightly in place.

Air-filled rubber tires with easy suspension make for a smooth ride on any road type. It also includes a front locking swivel wheel for an easy transition between strolling and jogging. You can simply lock it in place and enjoy your run.

Its one-hand standing fold is incredibly good as you do not have to work out fiddly buttons to close it. The stroller also comes with quick-release tires so that you can store it anywhere with ease. This is especially good if you have a small trunk in your car and have issues fitting strollers in.


  • One-hand standing fold technology
  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • Expandable canopy with peek-a boo-window
  • Height-adjustable handlebars
  • Reclining seat with multiple positions


  • Infant insert has little head support for smaller babies
  • Only holds up to 30 pounds

Graco Roadmaster Jogger Travel System

This stroller folds 20 percent more compact than other strollers available on the market. With its one-hand fold technology and wheels that can be removed, this is perfect if you’re tight on space.

Its aluminum frame means it only weighs 22 pounds—making it one of the lightest jogging travel systems around. This is perfect if you don’t want to be lifting a heavy stroller around everywhere. It also means that when you add everything you need for the day, it will be bearable when you push it.

This stroller can be used in seven different positions so you are always able to have your child in a position that you’re both happy with. Not only does it give you all the options you need, it can also be moved into a reversible position so you are able to look at your baby when on the go.

The three-wheel design provides enhanced maneuverability, perfect for a busy mom or dad who needs to get the shopping done. With a quick switch, the front wheel can become locked and you are able to use it to jog without it wobbling everywhere.


  • Lightweight
  • Cup holder location is customizable
  • Reversible seat and seven seat positions
  • One-hand fold
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compact when folded


  • Problems with fold mechanism over time
  • Seat fabric is thin

BOB Rambler Travel System

With a suspension system designed much like a mountain bike, the BOB Rambler gives an easy, smooth ride no matter where you are. The suspension works hand in hand with air-filled tires to make sure your adventures are comfortable.

The frame is made from lightweight aluminum and weighs just 25 pounds, yet this stroller can still hold a generous weight of up to 75 pounds. I would consider this one if you really like to get use out of something, as it can be used for many years to come. It also means that it is easy to maneuver, something to consider if you suffer from back pain.

The attachable car seat has been designed with SafeCell Impact Protection System. It includes an energy-absorbing base, steel frame, and a v-shaped tether to minimize movement in the event of a crash. It also has a locking mechanism to lock the car seat to the stroller if your child is not yet old enough to fully sit in the seat.

The seat for your child is spacious and can be reclined with the push of one hand. This feature is handy when you’re heading on a long jog and it’s naptime. Recline the seat and your little one can sleep while you run.


  • Easy installation of car seat with lock feature
  • Lightweight frame for ease of use
  • Mountain bike-style suspension
  • SafeCell technology within the car seat
  • Sizable storage compartment underneath
  • 75-pound weight capacity and large seat offers room to grow


  • No extra pockets or tray table to store smaller items
  • Non-adjustable handlebar

Graco Modes Jogger SE Travel System

The Modes Jogger SE travel system has been designed with the safety of your child at the forefront. The click and connect car seat means that you will have no more time fiddling around with confusing locks. You hear the click and it’s ready to go. This design will not only give you peace of mind, it also helps protect rear-facing infants when seated.

The stroller seat is reversible, which means that you are able to watch your child on your daily strolls. This is a good way to build up a bond without having to carry them. There are seven seating options in total and the self-standing fold adds convenience for storage.

This stroller also comes with trays for both you and your child, as well as an extra-large storage basket. Having all of these storage choices means you can bring all your necessities and still have room for the shopping.

This model has gone through rigorous crash tests to make sure that your baby will be safe and secure. It has also gone through tests for extreme interior temperatures, which is why the mesh seat is incorporated to allow air to flow through when needed.


  • Seven different seating positions
  • Click and connect locking system
  • ProtectPlus engineered
  • Extra-large storage compartments
  • Three-wheel suspension
  • Parent and child trays


  • Buttons to move the car seat handle are stiff and hard to operate
  • No one-hand fold option
  • Assembly is complicated

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

If you want a jogging travel system jam-packed with accessories, this would be the one for you. Included is a parent tray with two cup holders, just in case you really need a coffee. It also includes a tray for your child where you can store their drinks and other items to keep them playing. Having this means you don’t have to keep stopping to make sure your child has a drink or a book to read.

The extra-wide push handle has been designed for your comfort. With additional padding and correct posture you will be able to walk and run for hours. If you’re worried about your little one, this stroller features a large peek-a-boo window that has a cover to block the sun and wind. Keeping an eye on them has never been easier.

The five-point safety harness on the stroller comes with a four position height-adjustable base. This is a good thing to consider if you would like to use this stroller as your child grows up. The stroller can be used from birth to 50 pounds; the car seat is recommended from 5–30 pounds.

This stroller uses bicycle tires as well as a front swivel lock to make it easier to use. Having these all-terrain wheels is especially good if you live in a place with bumpy roads or you like to jog across the grass. All of the tires are easy to remove so you are able to store it wherever you please.


  • All-terrain bicycle tires which can be inflated
  • Parent and child tray
  • Extra-large storage compartments
  • Adjustable canopy and built-in sunroof
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Available in lots of colors


  • Taking car seat off base or stroller is challenging
  • Car seat has little head support so you may want to add extra padding

Baby Trend Go Gear 180

This travel system has a variety of riding modes that can all be adaptable in different environments. Whether you want your child facing you or out looking at the trees, it can be easily changed with the innovative technology it comes with. The car seat can be easily facing you rather than away.

The infant car seat comes with a controlled motion sensor base that responds to force by tilting the seat up slightly, so you can relax knowing your baby is safe. The removable pads make it comfortable for smaller babies and more spacious as they grow.

There are six different seating positions to choose from when using the stroller and car seat so no matter how fussy your child is, you will be able to get them comfortable. There’s even a carriage mode for babies, if you’d rather leave the car seat in the car. This is better for longer walks with your newborn.

The back wheels are slightly larger than the front wheels, making it easier to move and push over rough terrain. The front wheel is also lockable so when you are jogging the whole system is more sturdy and you won’t have any wobbles. The built-in comfort suspension goes hand in hand with the wheels to maximize your child’s comfort when you are walking, jogging, or running.


  • Six different riding positions to choose from
  • Controlled motion car seat base that responds to force
  • Lockable swivel wheel
  • Comfort ride suspension
  • Adjustable handle
  • Seat can be used in carriage mode


  • Forward-facing seat is steep and potentially uncomfortable
  • Heavy

Ready, Set, Jog!

For an all-around, easy to use jogging stroller travel system, whether it be in the park or on the road, our favorite is the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System.

It’s all-terrain bicycle tires handle any terrain well, and can be easily inflated. This is particularly nice if yo do any off road running.

It also comes with a nice parent and child tray. So, you it’s easy to stay hydrated when you’re out for a run.

Perhaps best of all, it’s fairly modestly price and represents a fantastic value.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.