Best Reversible Stroller (2020 Reviews)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best reversible stroller is, I’d recommend the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller.

Reversible strollers, by their very nature, are quite versatile. They offer a pretty wide range of features and functionality, and can make for great every day strollers. They also have the potential to allow your child to travel in comfort from infancy through older childhood. So, finding the right one is important.

In this article, I am breaking down the best reversible strollers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the reversible strollers I will be reviewing:

What Is A Reversible Stroller Anyway?

There is some debate over just what to include in the Reversible Stroller category. Essentially, reversible strollers allow your child to face forward or backward. Simple, right? Not exactly.

Some people point out that pretty much all travel systems are reversible. This is because the child tends to face backward when riding in the car seat and forward when riding in the regular stroller seat.

Personally, I don’t really think it makes sense to think about this category in that way, since travel system strollers really are there own category anyway. So, while I have included some travel systems on the list below, ALL of the strollers on my list are reversible on their own (even when we ignore the car seat).

By the way, it’s also worth mentioning that some people call these modular strollers or convertible strollers. In some places you will even see these called rear facing or parent facing strollers. It’s a lot to keep straight.

Should You Get A Reversible Stroller?

It’s a great question. If you buy a reversible stroller, it will probably become your every day stroller. So, it’s not quite the same thing as when you buy a jogging stroller, a beach stroller, or an all terrain stroller that you only use in certain situations.

Reversible strollers can be really fantastic since they work really well for both infants and older children. When your baby is young, you might enjoy facing him or her as you push them on your walk. It can be nice to have constant visual confirmation that your little one is just fine. For that matter, looking at your baby snuggled up and comfortable in a bassinet while you walk along is just priceless.

As your baby graduates to toddlerhood (or even older babyhood), it can be nice to let them face forward and see the world as they travel through it.

The biggest reason not to buy a reversible stroller is that they tend to be more expensive than regular full size strollers. Now, you might be able to justify the increased expense since you can potentially get more use out of a reversible stroller. But still, I can appreciate the point of view that it’s better to spend less whenever possible since there are a million and one different kid related things to spend money on.

Reversible strollers also tend to be bigger and heavier than regular strollers. And, they generally are not as easy to fold. Both of these things can be a bit of a compromise.

How To Choose A Good Reversible Stroller

New parents often don’t realize that the first stroller that they buy likely will not be the last. This was definitely the case for me when we got our first stroller. Then, we got another. And another. And gradually, I caught on.

Having said that, reversible strollers do tend to have a longer functional life than regular strollers, since they work well for young babies and older children.

For that reason, you should try to think about what’s important now, and what will be important in the future.

Durability Is Key

If you’re gong to have a shot at using the same stroller when your baby is 3 months old as you do when your baby is 3 years old, it better be durable.

So, if you decide to go with a reversible stroller, it might be worth spending a little more on something that will last.

How Easy Is It To Fold?

Reversible strollers tend to be a little more difficult to fold than regular strollers. Though, that’s not the case with every model.

This is an area where you will want to pay close attention, because it will have a huge impact on how much you love or hate your stroller.

How Easy Is It To Transition?

Yes, it’s great that a stroller is reversible, but if it takes a half an hour to adjust from forward facing to reverse facing, are you really going to switch it that often?

This might be a moot point if you just plan to have your baby ride in reverse until a certain age and then switch full time to forward facing. However, if you want to switch things up frequently, or have a couple of kids that will take turns in the passenger seat, this might be an important consideration.

My Top Reversible Stroller Reviews

There are lots of different reversible strollers out there. And they come with many different variations and features. Within the broader category of reversible strollers, I have done my best to pick best in class strollers for any given feature set.

I stand behind all of these recommendations and believe that any one of them would be a great stroller to own.

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is rather expensive, but WOW!  Just wow.


This stroller offers a smooth ride, and is actually quite easy to navigate with one hand. Personally, I have often found myself walking down the street sipping a latte with one hand and trying to push a stroller with the other. With most strollers, I inevitably end up veering off to one side. Not the case with this one. It handles that well.

It’s also really easy to fold and unfold. This is a feature that is not to be taken for granted. As simple as it may sound, a lot of strollers are a little tricky to get out and put away.

It comes with a large basket for storage. However, it doesn’t come with a cup holder, which I would kind of like to see at this price point. You can purchase one separately, but still, it would be nice if it were just included.

One of the most impressive features is that you can transport up to three children in this stroller. Two of them can be in seats or bassinets, while a third rides on the piggyback skateboard. Don’t get me wrong, this would be a totally reasonable stroller to buy if you only have one child. However, it is versatile and flexible enough to grow with your family as well. This actually helps offset the high price since this may truly be the only stroller you ever need to purchase, even if you have more kids.

The stroller is compatible with the MESA infant car seat right out of the box. It’s compatible with others as well if you purchase an adapter.

It has an adjustable handlebar as well. So, parents of different heights will be comfortable pushing this one.

  • Easy to maneuver, even with one hand
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Can carry up to three children when one rides on the piggyback skateboard
  • Large underneath storage basket
  • Priced at the high end of the range
  • Doesn't include a cup holder

The Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller is cleverly designed and really well built.

This stroller actually has a reversible handlebar, so it’s incredibly easy to switch from forward facing to rear facing. The handlebar also happens to be capable of adjusting to different heights, making this a great stroller for tall and short parents alike. The seat reclines easily as well, so you can get your baby or toddler into the exact position you want, without breaking a sweat.

With regard to maneuverability, this one gets high marks as well. You will actually enjoy pushing it around and making turns. The wheels can be set to swivel or lock, so it will perform just the way you desire.

It has a true one handed fold as well. At the end of the day, this saves you a lot of the hassle that some strollers put you through.

This stroller does come with an extra large storage area underneath. However, there is no parent storage console area. So, you might want to get a stroller organizer to go along with it. It does have a brilliantly designed cup holder though that accommodates beverages of different sizes.

The biggest drawback with this one is that the frame is on the larger side. So, at times it feels a bit bulky.

All in all, this one is my favorite. It’s a mid-priced stroller and I believe it offers the best value of all of the ones on this list.

  • Clever reversible handlebar design allows for easy transition from forward to rear facing
  • Easy one handed fold
  • Extra large underneath storage area
  • Adjustable handlebar to accommodate different parent heights
  • No parent console storage area
  • Frame is on the larger side

This stroller is on the more affordable end of the spectrum and still delivers a lot of killer features.

This is the only umbrella stroller that made our list. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s a bit lighter and sleeker than most.

In terms of storage, it comes with a large basket underneath as well as a side storage pocket. It also comes with a parent cup holder. So you have a place for your big items, keys, mobile phone, and your coffee. What more could you really want?

The one handed recline means that you will always be able to get your little passenger into just the right position.

On the downside, some parents have reported that this stroller can be a little difficult to fold.

It will also potentially wear out more quickly than some of the more expensive strollers, which is not a huge surprise given the price point.

  • Comes with a large storage space, side pocket, and a parent cup holder
  • Easy one handed recline
  • One of the more affordable options our there
  • Some parents report that it's difficult to fold
  • Potentially not as durable as some higher priced strollers

If you buy this stroller, you will get compliments. A LOT of compliments. This stroller’s design is visually striking, and really stands out on the road. Or the sidewalk, as the case may be.

Beyond the fact that this is an incredibly stylish stroller, there are also a few really thoughtful design elements. For example, the foot rest is adjustable. This might not sound like a big deal, but as your kid grows, it only makes sense that the foot rest would need to move as well. Yet, you just don’t see this feature all that often.

This stroller features a one handed recline. So, getting the seat into the right position is effortless.

As for the negatives, some parents experience difficulty in getting the brakes to work properly.

It’s also a little on the heavy side, which can make it a little difficult to move in and out of the car.

Finally, it doesn’t include a cup holder or parent tray. Those accessories will need to be purchased separately.

All in all, if looking good while you’re carting the kids around is important to you, this one could be the right choice. It’s also got great overall functionality, with a couple of drawbacks (mentioned above).

  • Super stylish and unique look
  • Adjustable foot rest for your little one's comfort
  • Easy one handed recline
  • Some parents experience difficulty with the brakes
  • On the heavier side
  • Doesn't include a parent tray or cup holder

As it’s name would suggest, this is a travel system and comes complete with a car seat.

Overall this stroller is super light and compact. So, you won’t strain yourself moving it around. The car seat also happens to be quite light on its own.

This one has an extra large underneath storage basket, and a parent cup holder. What’s more, this stroller has a removable child tray and cup holder. So, not only will you be well hydrated (and caffeinated!), your child will always have something to drink within reach as well.

One thing to note when using it as a travel system, some parents have experienced difficulty getting the car seat to click into place.

The front wheels also get stuck at times, according to some reports. On a personal note, this type of thing always seems to happen at the worst possible time and can be quite stressful.

All in all though, this stroller represents a really good value. It’s priced in the middle of the range, and actually comes with a car seat to boot.

  • Great value considering it's a travel system and includes a car seat
  • Extra large underneath storage basket with parent cup holder
  • Comes with a removable child tray and cup holder
  • Some parents experience difficult getting the car seat to click into place on the stroller
  • Front wheels sometimes get stuck, according to some parents

Choosing The Right Reversible Stroller

Each of the options on this list has different features that will likely appeal to different people. I would recommend any one listed here.

Having said that, I do have a favorite, and it’s the Ergobaby 180 Reversible Stroller. In my opinion, this one blows away the competition at it’s price point (or below). In fact, it stacks up quite well against the more expensive options as well. So, I believe it offers the best value for the money by far.

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