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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best LED Night Light is, I’d recommend the Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light.

If you’ve been searching for a great night light for your little one’s room, you already know not any night light will do. You need one that won’t interfere with your child’s sleep and one that won’t need replacing frequently. An LED night light can be a great option for you and we’ve put together the best LED night lights for your consideration here.

Here are the LED night lights I will be reviewing:

Why Choose An LED Night Light?

LED night lights aren’t like the night lights you grew up with. There are some great reasons to move away from the traditional night light and over to LED night lights:

  • They cost less to operate: LED night lights use less energy to create the same amount of light. This can add up if your night light is on all night every night.
  • LED night lights are safer: Traditional light bulbs create heat while producing light. LED lights, on the other hand, create their light through the use of light emitting diodes. They stay cool, which means you need to worry less about burns and even fires.
  • They will give you better longevity: Some LEDs can offer up to 100,000 hours of use. You may never need to change a light bulb once you bring home an LED night light.

The best LED night lights (and most LED lights) may be more expensive than traditional options on the market. Don’t let that deter you, though. You’ll be replacing them less frequently and they’ll last longer, which will make up for that initial cost increase.

What To Consider When Shopping For Your LED Night Light

Before you start shopping, make sure you’ve considered the following questions:

  • Where do you plan on using your LED night light? Are you looking for an outlet-style night light that predominantly lights the floor? Or are you interested in something that helps light a room? This will influence which model is right for you.
  • Who is the night light for? As a parent waking in the night you’ll have different needs in a night light than your child. Know what you’re looking for before you get started.
  • What kind of light are you looking for? Do you want a warmer or cooler temperature light? Warmer lights are more likely not to disturb sleep, while cooler lights may give off better or more light. Night lights are available in both, so make sure you know what you’re looking for.

My LED Night Light Reviews

Now that you know a little more about LED night lights and what you’re looking for, here are our favorites.


Have you been searching for a night light that will blend into its surroundings rather than make a statement? This unit from DEWENWILS does just that. It plugs directly into an outlet, but its unassuming frosted square design leaves it all but invisible when not in use.

This top portion of the night light helps to throw the light further as well. This means you can use less energy and get more light from the unit. You’ll appreciate that the diffused light can be less disruptive to your sleep cycle. You can expect this night light to last you longer while costing you less to operate.

The plug base is streamlined and blends in with the outlet itself. It also doesn’t infringe on the outlet space below it. This is one night light where you’ll be able to continue using the other outlet space without a problem.

This night light uses a cooler, brighter light and it’s a great option for hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens. You may find it’s just a little too bright for consistent use in a bedroom.

A sensor feature is included in the design of this night light. This sensor will turn the unit on and off automatically as needed and sits on the front of the outlet plug area. Its location means there’s no need for special clearance or considerations when deciding where to use it.

These units are safety-tested and UL listed. They’re sold in packs of four.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • UL listed
  • Doesn’t interfere with other outlet receptacles


  • Light is too cool and too bright for bedroom use
  • The light sensor is sensitive and may trigger your night light even when it’s not needed

Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light

Have you been searching for a good option for hallways or the kitchen? This multi-pack from Sycees could be what you need. With daylight white light you’ll be able to see what you need to without turning on the lights.

Looking for a bedroom-friendly light? This model’s also available in a softer white light. This can be a great option for lighting a sleeping space without disrupting your child’s sleep cycle.

This unit sits directly in the outlet. This means the bright light will work to light the floor without blinding you in the dark. A well-placed nightlight near a counter outlet, though, can make late night bottles a breeze.

These night lights are equipped with offset plugs. This means they won’t block the other plug in the outlet when they’re in use. This is a great option if you have limited outlets, an older home, or need to use many night lights. This plug-in is also designed with a slim profile. It won’t stick out to catch you as you walk by or tempt little hands.

This set comes in a pack of six, and weigh less than 4 ounces a piece. They’re the perfect size for sneaking into diaper and overnight bags. Traveling with little ones? These can help provide enough light for your little one to navigate an unfamiliar space on their way to the bathroom.

With a dusk-to-dawn sensor, these lights will automatically turn on and off. This feature is great for conserving energy and money while also extending the life of your night light.


  • Comes in a multi-pack
  • Lightweight and space-saving design that’s perfect for travel
  • Auto-on and off sensor feature


  • No manual switch to turn these units on and off—they rely only on the sensor to function
  • Offers cool, bright light, which may not be right for all night time needs

POWRUI Plug-In LED Night Light

These night lights are designed to sit right in the outlet. Not only are they designed to not impact your use of the other plug space, they actually provide you with an extra outlet. You have total access to your outlet, gain a light source, and end up with an extra spot for a plug. This is a great feature if your outlets are in high-demand.

These night lights offer a warm light that’s perfect for bedrooms. They’re designed to not interfere with sleep and can have their brightness level adjusted. You can choose between three different levels of brightness to suit your current needs. The brightness setting you choose will remain programmed as your preference in between uses.

This unit also has a manual on and off switch you can use in addition to relying on the sensor. If you manually turn the unit off, though, you will need to turn it back on manually to activate the auto sensor feature again.

These night lights are equipped with eye-protection technology to help reduce stress on your eyes. The light does not flicker and a light-diffusing plate helps to prevent glare. These features work to reduce eye-strain and make your night light use more enjoyable.

These units feature the light sensor at the bottom of the unit. For optimal use of the auto-on and off feature, you’ll need at least a foot of clearance between the floor and the sensor. If you have low-sitting outlets, baseboards, or baseboard heating, this model may be difficult for you to use.


  • Grants you an extra outlet
  • Has auto-on/off and manual use options
  • Brightness level is customizable
  • Warm light specifically designed to reduce eye strain and not interfere with sleep


  • Requires a foot of clearance for the sensor to work properly
  • This light is not exceptionally bright and works best for a sleep space

VAVA LED Night Light

Looking for a night light that will sit on a counter or other piece of furniture and not plug directly into an outlet? This model from VAVA can be a great option.

This night light model sports the characteristic egg-shape the company is known for. It’s made from safe ABS and PC materials. With your child’s safety in mind, the company has gone one step further and made this night light waterproof.

This unit is chargeable. On a single charge, it can give you up to 80 hours of use. You may choose to use it on a brighter setting (all the way up to 2 watts of power). It’s likely the battery won’t last as long on a brighter setting.

The base of this unit is available in three different colors to suit your child and room decor. You may choose between pink, blue, and white. All of the colors come with fun expression stickers to place on the light portion of the unit. Let your child decorate their new night light and find that bedtime is a lot less scary.

The LED light used in this unit creates a warm light that won’t interfere with sleep. It won’t flicker which works to prevent eye strain. If you need to, though, you can adjust the color temperature to be cooler. This will give you a brighter light, but it won’t be as good for sleeping spaces.

This night light has an easy-to-use interface. Simply tap the logo on the front to adjust your settings. Once charged, this unit is fully portable, which means your little one can take it wherever it’s needed.


  • Can be easily moved around the home to where it’s needed
  • Fun customizing stickers help make night time a little less scary
  • The color temperature can be changed to suit your needs


  • You shouldn’t charge this unit while using it, to help preserve the capabilities of the battery
  • The control interface is touch-based, which means your settings may change as you carry it from place to place

LOFTER LED Night Light

Looking for a plug-in night light that still offers you the ability to customize your experience? This LOFTER model might be the kind of LED night light you’re after. This unit plugs in directly to an outlet and comes in packs of two.

This unit offers a light sensor that will turn the light on and off as needed. You can also choose to move away from the traditional yellow light color. In this RGB mode, you’ll be able to choose between different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. In all, there are eight different colors to choose from.

You may choose to let the light cycle through all the colors or pause on your favorite color. The interface is easy to use and relies on a built-in switch. These lights are quite bright and you may find they’re better suited to bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens than in bedrooms.

If you can, stick to areas for your night light that don’t expose the sensor to two different ambient light sources. This may confuse the sensor and can lead to flickering, which may cause eye strain and be annoying.

For best results, you’ll want to avoid very wet locations. You should also take care to keep this night light away from air vents and high-temperature areas. All of these may impact the way the light sensor works.

Though this is designed to be slim and space-saving, it does encroach on the second plug space in an outlet. Depending on the size of your second plug, you may not be able to use both outlet plugs with this night light.


  • Offers color-changing technology
  • Has an auto-on and off sensor feature
  • Ships in sets of two


  • The light sensor is quite sensitive and can be impacted by slight light changes like shadows
  • May prevent the use of second outlet plug

Bringing Home The Best LED Night Light For You

Night lights can make your dark hours run more smoothly. If I were bringing home a new night light, it would have to be the Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light. It has a really nice auto on / off feature, and is also lightweight.

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