Best Potty Training Pants For Toddlers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best potty training pants are, I’d recommend the Moo Moo Baby Potty Training Pants.

Some parents might say that potty training is one of the worst times in early parenthood, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a variety of items on the market now that will make potty training a breeze. 

One of these is potty training underwear. Whether your child is a boy or girl, potty training pants are a universal way to help your child learn to use the bathroom.

There are many brands to choose from when shopping for the best potty training pants—here are our top picks.

Here are the potty training pants I will be reviewing:

What are Potty Training Pants? 

When looking for the perfect potty training pants for your child, it’s important to know what training pants are exactly. My first thought was—why can’t I just use diapers? Boy, was I wrong! Training pants changed the game for potty training. 

While there are different methods for potty training, I chose to go slow and steady with my little one. This meant that for days out, nighttime, and even sometimes at home, training pants were used instead of diapers to prevent accidents. Eventually, after following his lead, my son learned to pull them off and use the potty, and we could finally upgrade to big boy boxers.

There are two different types of training pants for toddlers. One is disposable while the other is cloth and reusable. There are pros and cons to each of these options—it all depends on you and your child. 

Disposable Training Pants

Disposable potty training pants more or less function the same as diapers. They usually feature stretchy sides for pulling up and down, and fit more like underwear. You’ll need to show and explain the difference to your little one before you begin using them.

Training can be slower with this type, but they’re mess-free and more absorbent for overnights and days out.


  • Gives children a sense of independence because it has more of an underwear feeling
  • No fasteners on the sides
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Better for nighttime


  • Keeps moisture off of the skin—may cause a delay in potty training
  • Not reusable so the cost will add up 
  • Same material as a diaper—can cause confusion with the child 

Cloth / Reusable Training Pants 

Cloth potty training pants are  regular underwear with added thickness to help absorb moisture. This type may not always handle a full-blown accident, but they’ll certainly help with the mess. As a child feels wet with these training pants if they have an accident, it helps them to understand the consequences better, which will help with potty training success.

While these are the more popular option for training underwear, there are still advantages and disadvantages to this type. 


  • The child feels the wetness after an accident 
  • They are reusable—only a one-time price 
  • Are underwear—just a little thicker 
  • More eco-friendly


  • They have to be washed instead of just being thrown away 
  • Can be a hard transition for the child 
  • Can lead to parents cleaning up multiple messes if the underwear gets full

Choosing The Best Potty Training Pants

No matter which method you choose, you’ll need something to prevent accidents, at least for when you’re out of the house. When choosing the best potty training pants, there are several criteria to judge them on:

  • Comfort for your child is key. If the underwear is uncomfortable, they won’t want to wear it, and this could affect the potty training process as a whole. This includes the material they’re made from as well as the fit.
  • They need to be easily pulled down so that your child does not struggle when going to the bathroom. Decide whether a pull-up style or side fasteners are best for your toddler.
  • Another important factor for the best training pants is the absorbance factor. No parent wants to clean up several messes a day.
  • Exciting designs may encourage your child to want to use them. If you find a fun or loved character, it may entice your little one to stay dry as they avoid peeing on Mickey Mouse.

When to Start Potty Training

Just like walking and talking, potty training is another milestone that can occur between a wide age range—as early as 18 months to around three years old or even later. I do have a friend that’s been putting their baby on the potty almost since birth, but this is a whole other ball game!

Children are ready to begin potty training at different ages, and what you have to look out for are the signs of readiness. These include the ability to follow simple instructions, a dislike of dirty diapers, has dry periods throughout the day, can take off and put on their pants, has regular bowel movements, and is generally showing an interest in the toilet or potty. 

There’s no point trying to rush your child before they’re ready, it will only be more challenging for the both of you. Also, if your little one is going through any major changes such as the arrival of a new sibling, moving house, or starting daycare, it’s best to wait until they’re settled before you begin.

When to Introduce Potty Training Pants

As there are so many tried and tested ways to potty train, the ideal time to introduce the training pants can vary from child to child. 

While some parents opt to move from diapers to training pants as soon as they feel their toddler is ready, others choose to have a break in between. In this time, they let their little one go commando, to understand what happens when they have an accident and realize the difference between diapers and pants.

Potty training pants are also ideal if your toddler goes through a regression, or if they are a “dribbler.” This is a common issue where children leak small amounts of urine as they’re still learning to hold it in.

My Potty Training Underwear Reviews

Regardless of which option you choose for your child, you always want the best for them! Here we’ll tell you the best training pants for toddlers based upon the reviews and most sold items. Hopefully, this list is able to help you through this sometimes difficult transition.

Moo Moo Baby Potty Training Pants

Moo Moo Baby Potty Training Pants are 100 percent cotton and feature fun designs your child will love. These have five layers of padding for extra leak protection. They are also water-resistant—a quality we haven’t seen in other comparable brands.

This means that outer layers of clothing will stay dry, unlike other similar types of washable pants which allow accidents to soak through clothes. Because they do such a good job of holding urine, you won’t know if your little one has had an accident unless they tell you.

These reusable training pants boast a soft and breathable material that helps to prevent diaper rash. The cotton fabric is also suitable for sensitive skin

Parents state that this brand is surprisingly absorbent and can handle complete accidents without leaking. Without the fear of unexpected messes around your home—potty training seems much easier! 

Moo Moo Training Pants have special ‘leg gussets’ that help prevent leaking and add a nice cushion around the leg openings. The waistband is a thick covered elastic, which makes it easier to pull up and down. These are a bit longer than other brands of training pants, but you can add a cloth diaper pad for overnight. 

If your little one is not-so-little, these come in a larger size of 4 – 5T, which not all brands have available. Parents have praised how well these fit their bigger toddlers or older children with special needs.

The designs on these training pants are what set this brand apart from the others. With their stylish and comfortable designs, both kids and parents will fall in love with potty training. The designs themselves are more for the parents than the kids—no characters or fun dinosaurs here. Rather, they’re bright and whimsical—the couture of training pants!


  • Five-layer leak protections
  • Padded leg holes for comfort and to prevent leaks as well
  • Cute designs
  • Reusable—one-time purchase
  • 100 percent cotton


  • The high waisted feature was not popular
  • Sometimes retain pee—not absorbed quickly
  • Cushioned leg holes run small

Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Training Pants

These potty training pants are available in nine different sets of three and four, including plain white. Unlike some of the other brands we’ve reviewed, the styles are more mature—for example, simple ladybug prints or stripes and patterns. If your little one wants to feel like a big kid, these could be a suitable choice.

The exterior is 100 percent cotton with a polyester inside and filling. There’s also a PEVA lining to stop leaks. You can consider these training pants midway between regular underwear and cloth diapers. 

The fact that they’re styled like underwear will make the transition to the real thing easier on your child. As they’re mostly fabric, your child will be able to feel if they’re wet—unlike a diaper. That will encourage them to report accidents rather than just continue about their day. 

Parents report that the Luvable Friends pants will catch most of the mess, but not all of it. A small accident or a dribble will be contained—a bladder’s full, maybe not. Still, that’s less for you to clean off the floors if an accident does happen. 

Note that if your child is still working on the potty training basics, these training pants might not cut it. They will, however, allow them to feel wet after an accident which helps them to understand what’s happened.

A major benefit for us parents is that the materials are washing-machine-friendly. Since you have three or four pairs per set, you should be ready for a full day of wear.


  • More mature designs than other potty training pants
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Ideal for kids prone to small accidents
  • The next best thing to regular underwear
  • Nine sets to choose from


  • Leg holes are on the smaller side
  • Won’t hold up to major accidents, like a full bladder’s worth of urine

Pampers Easy Ups

Another household name in baby care also makes the transition to potty training with Pampers Easy Ups. These are disposable training pants that fit like underwear but have the leak protection of diapers. They also have the tear-away sides that make cleaning up messes easier for parents!

Pampers Easy Ups are thick and have dual leak protection. This makes them an ideal type of training pant for overnight accidents. No parent wants to wake up to their child’s bed soaking wet in the morning—so this is when leak protection is the most important. You can also put them on during long outings to avoid disastrous public messes.

The training pants also feature fun designs for your child, which will make them excited to put them on. Featuring characters that they know and love can turn potty training into a fun adventure. This product also has the option to purchase in bulk, which can bring the price down—which is a perk for us parents.

While these are similar to a diaper, the new and more grown-up build of them can be exciting for your child. Even how they put them on is different from diapers, it can be a game-changer for them. 

These do pull the moisture away from your child, which can be good to prevent diaper rash. That same feature can have a disadvantage: it may prolong potty training because your child won’t realize when they’ve had an accident.


  • Rip away sides for easy cleanup
  • Fun characters for your child
  • Thick and dual leak protection
  • Can be bought in bulk
  • Available in boys’ and girls’ styles


  • Can prolong potty training
  • Strongly fragranced

Babyfriend Baby Girls’ Washable Potty Training Pants

Babyfriend delivers machine-washable, reusable potty training pants. They’re available in lots of adorable designs, from little bumblebees to a cute cupcake on the butt.

Although these are targeted at girls, there’s no reason why you can’t try them with your little boy. If your young man isn’t a fan of flowers and pink, there are color-neutral styles too.

This product will be good for kids who are well on their way out of the potty training phase. They’re much like underwear in the sense that they aren’t thick or bulky. A TUP waterproof lining will catch minor accidents, but they’re best used to soak up dribbles. If your little one has a full-on accident, the dampness will likely transfer through to clothing.

Another notable feature is the durability. The outer layer is 100 percent cotton, which holds up well to daily wear and tears as well as trips through the washing machine. The prints are even embroidered on which ensures they stay long term. 

A downside is these training pants won’t work for kids who are still having big accidents frequently, as they’re somewhat thin. They’re also not designed for overnight use as they’ll most likely leak, and changing the bed is the last thing you want to be doing in the middle of the night!


  • Lots of cute designs
  • Can be worn by boys too
  • Thin and soft, like real underwear
  • Long-lasting


  • Might leak after big accidents
  • Leg holes run small

Honest Training Pants

Honest Training Pants are the next step up from their diapers. Many parents used the Honest diapers and then just transitioned to the next phase with the same brand. What makes this particular brand invoke so much brand loyalty?

This brand is hypoallergenic; their disposable diapers are made without any harsh chemicals and from sustainable materials. You can trust that the stylish design is manufactured without chlorine processing, latex, fragrances, or lotions.

The inside material of the training pants is made from fluff pulp, which is harvested from sustainably managed forests and plant-derived materials. These eco-friendly training pants seem to stick out from the crowd due to their small list of safe ingredients such as chlorine-free wood pulp, and Bio-Core (wheat/corn starch blended with sodium polyacrylate).

Honest Training Pants also have the same build as similar training pants with a cloth-like feel and contoured fit. They’re easy to slip on and come in three different sizes. Choose from six fun designs that your little one will love the most, such as dinosaurs, fairies, superheroes, and unicorns.

The super absorbent core makes them suitable for days out or overnight. One quality special to this brand of training pants are fitted moisture barrier cuffs to help prevent leaks. These cuffs are also made out of safe organic materials.


  • Made out of eco-friendly organic materials that aren’t seen in many other brands
  • Easy slip-on and off design
  • Thin, cloth-like material
  • Cute and unique designs
  • Contoured fit


  • Do not hold very much liquid, not advised for overnight
  • Sides can be easily ripped
  • More expensive than other comparable brands

Gerber Baby Girls’ Training Pants

The Gerber Baby company is as renowned in the parenting world as Louis Vuitton is in the fashion department. They’ve been producing baby products since way back when—we’re talking about generations of history.

Gerber’s Baby Girls’ reusable pants come in an abundance of pretty designs for your little potty-training princess. There are ten sets to choose from with four pairs apiece. The company also produces the same training pants for boys. 

These potty training pants are thick and sturdy rather than flimsy. Your little one shouldn’t have too much trouble handling them and slipping them on by themselves. They’re 100 percent cotton with heavy-duty absorbent panels. If an emergency happens, you shouldn’t find yourself mopping up a puddle on the floor.

At the same time, they’re not totally moisture-wicking like a diaper. Much like big-kid underwear, your child will be able to feel and hopefully report that they’re wet. After all, they shouldn’t get too comfortable with having accidents. 

Despite being washable, these potty training pants may grow loose if you run them through the machine too often. Some parents found the elastic waistband wasn’t as tight after multiple washes. 

You might also want a back-up if you’re using these to protect against overnight bed-wetting or long car journeys. The leg-holes aren’t extra fitted as with other potty training pants, so there is a possibility of leaking with large accidents.


  • Thick padding to catch leaks
  • Lots of attractive styles
  • Easy for children to pull off and on
  • Children will know if they’ve had an accident


  • Can grow looser after repeated washes
  • Won’t catch big accidents, e.g., overnight bed-wetting
  • Too close to a diaper for some kids

Ez Undeez Toddler Boys’ Padded Potty Training Pants

Although it’s a frustrating time, we have to remember that potty training can be equally challenging for our babies. These padded potty training pants by Ez Undeez can help with at least one part: learning to pull up underwear on their own. There are loops on either side of these pants that your child can catch hold of easily.

This product will attract parents who aren’t fans of unnatural materials. The same applies to those of you with children prone to skin irritation. Ez Undeez is free of PVC, nasty harsh chemicals, or gels. Instead, leak protection comes in the form of cloth padding. 

If that doesn’t sound like much to stop a flood of pee, that’s because it isn’t. These potty training pants are to get kids used to recognizing when they feel wet and need a change. Except for the loops and the little bit of padding, you can consider these the closest thing to real underwear. 

The material of the pants is soft and comfy for delicate skin. They’re also tag-free, so you don’t have to worry about cutting tags off and ending up with an unsightly hole. The elastic waistband shouldn’t bunch up around your child’s waist or leave belly marks. 

Remember, the padding will only absorb a little amount of wetness at a time. Don’t worry though, if the worst-case scenario happens, you can toss the wet pair in the washing machine. These should last you a long time, even with regular washing.


  • Loops to help learn to pull up pants alone
  • Perfect for nearly-potty-trained kids
  • Durable
  • No gels, chemicals, or PVC


  • Loops might be too small for older kids’ fingers
  • Can run small
  • Best for kids prone to minor, infrequent accidents only

Max Shape Toilet Training Pants

Max Shape presents toilet training pants that are built to make potty training easier when it comes to cleaning up messes. They’re heavy-duty with a three-tier layer, which includes water-absorbent and anti-leak materials. Plus, each pair is tested as capable of holding a whopping 30 milliliters of urine.

These potty training pants will fit kids starting out on their toilet training journey. They can serve as your child’s first pair of grown-up underwear. They’re not as bulky as a diaper, but not so flimsy as to be useless when the inevitable accident happens as your little one adapts. 

Now, you shouldn’t rely on them entirely. These pants should prevent major-league messes, but won’t hold up for hours on end. You’ll need to be changing them often or only using them for short trips out of the house, but even if your child has an accident, the pants will contain it long enough for you to rush to the bathroom. 

The exterior is a colorful, stimulating animal character that’s bound to interest your kid. There’s a giraffe, lion, monkey, elephant, duck, and more. If you want a day off from the animals, you can pick the set that comes with the police car motif. 

A 100 percent cotton surface won’t irritate your little one’s most sensitive areas. The cotton will also allow your child to feel if they’re wet, as it won’t wick moisture away entirely as a diaper would.

You might want to be cautious with the sizing. Some parents say these pants run too large, which defeats the point as they won’t hold leaks well. You may also find the absorbent layer starts to wear out after numerous washes.


  • Can help kids new to potty training adapt
  • Lifetime and money-back guarantee
  • Practically waterproof
  • Can contain solid waste as well as urine


  • Run slightly large
  • Absorbent layer might fray after lots of washes

Pull-Ups Disposable Potty Training Pants

One of the top choices for the best training pants for toddlers should come as no surprise. This is a tried-and-true brand that’s a household name for anything involving a babies’ butt.

Pull-Ups Training Pants boast of leak protection that you can trust—day or night. They also state that they have helped 50 million kids and counting become potty trained. We can’t argue with those numbers! 

Most parents seem to rave about how easy it is to pull them on and the fun characters. Both of these aspects make potty training more pleasant for the child. Friendly, familiar faces should also alleviate the scariness of toilet training. 

They also have a Cool & Learn function that acts as a teaching tool for your little one. When they get wet, the pants will cool down to warn the child an accident has happened. The graphics on the pants will also fade when wet. 

Another benefit of these is the easy open and adjustable sides. This helps with the struggle of cleaning up messes made in the pants because they don’t have to be pulled down. The adjustable sides also make for a snug fit to make the pants feel more like underwear and less like diapers. 

Still, despite the design upgrades, the Pull-Ups are more like potty pants than training pants. If your kid is making progress with their toilet training, these may set them back. They are, however, ideal for night time when you need something more absorbent to do the trick. 

The disposable aspect might put off environmentally-conscious parents.


  • Fun characters on the Pull-Ups makes your child enjoy potty training more
  • Easy to remove sides
  • Sides are adjustable for a snug fit
  • 66 per pack


  • Not eco-friendly as they’re disposable
  • Very similar to a diaper

Skhls Toddler Training Pants

Skhls Toddler Training Pants have an aesthetically pleasing, modern look to them that should attract parents with a flair for fashion. There is a diverse range of designs, ranging from simple patterns to stylish animal motifs. There’s no sign of comical caricatures or cartoons—kids who are older than their years should like them.

These pants contain four layers of protection to shield your baby (and your floors) from leaks. The outer layer is cotton, followed by an absorbent pad. The third and fourth layers consist of a TPU waterproof lining and a combed cotton inner, respectively.

That means they look and feel like underwear, but offer the protection of a diaper. These are great for kids who are coming to hate diapers but aren’t ready for real underwear. 

They do have one underwear-like aspect, though: the cotton should make it difficult for your child to ignore wetness. The end goal is for your kid to want to avoid that disagreeable sensation at all costs!

Comfort is a star feature of the Skhls toddler training pants. A covered elastic waistband makes it easy for your little one to pull their pants up and down. The cotton surface is breathable to lower the risk of sweaty rashes.

A few parents warn that the elastic waist starts to loosen after a few washes, so it might be best to wash them on a delicate setting. Some customers also found the sizing chart was not accurate, and the pants came too big or too small. If your child is smaller or larger, you may want to go up or down a size.


  • Stylish designs available
  • Built like a diaper but feels like underwear
  • Soft elastic waistband
  • Four layers of protection


  • Elastic waist might deteriorate faster than you’d like
  • Sizes can run big or small

Choices Choices

In my opinion, the best potty training pants overall based on the features and design are the Moo Moo Baby Potty Training Pants. These are my personal favorite because of the thickness, so you don’t have to hover over your child all day. They are more absorbent than any other washable potty training pants I looked at.

In spite of that, they’re lightweight and comfortable. Your little one won’t feel like they’re wearing a diaper—but you will, as there won’t be big messes to clean. The adorable designs are an added bonus that both parents and toddler can enjoy.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.