Best Remote Control Car for Toddlers and Kids

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best remote control car for toddlers and kids is, I’d recommend the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car.

Finding toys able to entertain, educate, and provide our kids with physical exercise isn’t a simple task. The best remote control car for toddlers and kids can combine all these aspects. These toys, however, come in many versions, suitable for both young toddlers and older kids.

If you’re wondering how to pick the best model for your little one, the following tips and reviews of the top options should help.

Here are the remote control cars I will be reviewing:

Benefits of a Remote Control Car

A remote control car can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile toy. Both toddlers and older kids’ versions come with many perks:

For Toddlers

These toys promote hand-eye coordination and encourage gross motor skills development, as our little ones often run after the automobile. Children also get to work on their fine motor skills. Remotes have buttons to control the car, and the car usually comes with a removable driver and other elements to grab.

Models aimed at toddlers are generally versatile and include other fun but educational characteristics. Most products include real headlights and various sounds that activate all senses and promote imaginative play.

For Older Kids

As toddlers grow older, these toys help them to develop STEM concepts while providing more intense physical exercise. Most models mimic realistic vehicles and are designed for adventurous drives in large open spaces or in rough terrain.

Remote control cars can also build unique family memories and strengthen relationships with parents. They can introduce your child to spatial navigation, fundamental physics, and electronics. 

Vehicles for older kids can be a significant investment. It’s a great time to teach your kid a sense of responsibility. The car will have to be cleaned from dirt and debris, and the batteries changed or recharged before the next use.

Choosing the Best Remote Control Car for Toddlers and Kids

Remote control cars can significantly vary from one model to another. Selecting the right one should make a sensational gift and an exciting indoor and outdoor activity for years to come.


If you’re getting a car for toddlers, make sure that the remote is easy to grab and hold for tiny hands. It should also be round and without sharp edges. For the youngest kids, they usually come with two simple buttons for convenient use.

More advanced models generally include a larger remote with more options for driving in different directions and at various speeds. Vertical remote designs are usually a big hit with kids and are easier to store.


The car’s power is critical for both indoor and outdoor use. Inside the house, a weak car will have difficulty driving over carpeted areas. You’ll have to stick to flat surfaces such as tiles or hardwood floors.

If you’re planning on taking the car outdoors to uneven terrains—such as gravel, earth, or grass—we advise selecting a product with two motors. Plus, if your child likes racing, a powerful car will have more chances of winning. 

Battery vs. Power

Most cars for young toddlers are battery-powered, and only a few models include the required batteries. It’s best to store extra batteries to avoid disappointment when they run out.

More advanced models are powered by rechargeable batteries and come with a charger with a USB port. The best cars even come with a backup battery to extend the fun. This should save money in the long run.


Two vehicles using the same frequency won’t be able to work simultaneously. If you have other remote control cars at home or plan to buy two of them, ensure that they use different frequencies.


Car suspensions can be found on more sophisticated models designed for adventure use. If your child is likely to make the car jump and fly, make sure the vehicle comes with proper suspension to withstand off-road use. 

Shape and Add-Ons

The shape of the car is a key characteristic to make it appealing to your little one as well as applicable for all ages. You’ll find police cars, construction trucks, or off-road models. Choosing one that matches your child’s interest should take the excitement to the next level.

The older your child is, the more authentic the vehicle will look, allowing optimum realistic play. Some products even include real rubber tires to obtain the best driving results.


Keep in mind that when the fun is over, you’ll need to find a dedicated space for the car. In a kid’s room full of toys, every inch counts. Some vehicles—generally aimed at toddlers—are compact and easier to store.

The most advanced models, however, come with a much larger footprint. The remote itself can sometimes be as big as the vehicle.

Child Safety

While remote control cars are fun to play with, they should also be safe for your child. For little ones, ensure that the antenna is soft, flexible, and can’t cause incidents. Both the vehicle and remote should feature smooth corners and angles.

Most products are made of plastic, and the safest products are granted with recognized certifications such as ASTM or CPSIA. This means that the vehicle has been tested for both quality and safety for your peace of mind.

My Toddler And Child Remote Control Car Reviews

After evaluating all products available among various age-groups, here are the reviews of our top choices:

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car

If you have two kids at home and are looking for two cars to be used at the same time, this set is ideal. This product comes with two vehicles that operate at different frequencies and can, therefore, race together. 

Each vehicle features one dominant color with its matching remote control, which avoids confusion. The red car mimics a racing car with the “number 1” displayed on its side. It even comes with a driver wearing professional clothes and a helmet. 

The other one—blue—is a police vehicle with its policeman driver. Both figures can be removed from the car and placed back when they need to go for a drive. The set comes with four figures in total, and when placed in the car, the sounds and lights will start.

The remote control cars, along with their passengers, should provide a solid base for imaginative play.

It’s recommended for children aged three years old and up. However, parents report that younger toddlers can often use them with supervision. In this case, car accidents are more frequent, and they advise keeping delicate furniture away. 

The remote comes with two simple buttons that are easy to handle, even for the youngest toddlers. One allows the car to move forward in a straight direction. The other control makes the vehicle go backward while making circles.

By pressing the head, wheel, or roof, each vehicle makes a unique sound: siren or racing sound, respectively. Although it can be noisy for some parents, they should keep your little ones busy for a while. 

These remote control cars aren’t powered and require five AA batteries each. You might want to keep a few extras handy for when they run out.


  • Box comes with two vehicles, two remotes, and four figures
  • Safe for toddlers—rounded shapes
  • Popular designs—police and racing cars
  • They make distinctive sounds and lights
  • Vibrant colors
  • Both cars can be used simultaneously


  • Users wished the cars needed fewer batteries
  • Doesn’t work well on carpeted flooring
  • They only drive in two directions

Holy Stone RC Dump Truck Remote Control Car

This remote control car is recommended for young toddlers aged 18 months and should entertain your child for a few years. Reviewers mentioned that their three-year-olds were still having a great time using this toy.

The car is compact and can be easily stored when not in use. The bright design might be a good opportunity to teach colors—white, yellow, green, blue, black, and orange. 

It features a truck shape that toddlers seem to love. An orange bin is placed on the rear of the vehicle, so your little one can pick up small objects and place them in the container. This feature is ideal for working on fine motor skills.

In addition, the truck gives a sound and light show—to the delight of kids. The headlights turn on, and the vehicle makes sounds when the child presses the steering wheel, bin, or pats the driver’s head. 

For parents who like quiet games, keep in mind that the sound can’t be turned off. Some reviewers, however, placed tape over the speaker to temper the noise.

The remote is small and round, which is ideal for young toddlers to use. It only contains two buttons—forward and backward. Parents mention that even the youngest ones can quickly use the remote independently.

This toy is more than a car controlled with a remote. It includes a driver that can be removed and placed back inside the truck. Even without batteries, users report that it provides great amusement.

Finally, the remote is built with only one frequency. If you purchase two of these toys, keep in mind that they won’t be able to work together.


  • Popular truck shape
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Includes flashing headlights
  • Comes with interactive sounds
  • Removable driver
  • Flexible antenna


  • The sounds can’t be turned off and can be too noisy for some parents
  • Slower speed when used on carpet
  • The truck makes train noise, which can be confusing for a child

DEERC Construction Toy STEM Build Your Own Dump Truck

This remote control car should stimulate your little one’s brain. If your child likes building things or putting things together, this toy should be a perfect fit.

The vehicle is recommended for children aged six years old and older, but many parents said their toddlers aged two and three also enjoyed it. While toddlers can use it as a simple remote control car, it misses the primary goal and excitement: its construction. 

The four wheels and top portion of the truck need to be assembled and kept in place using six large plastic screws. For this purpose, the toy comes with two devices: a manual wrench and an electric cordless drill. This equipment is excellent for improving dexterity and acquiring the basic knowledge of using tools.

The electric drill turns at a slow speed to ensure your child’s safety. It can both tighten and loosen up the screws. Two bolts need to be used to secure the truck, one behind the driver’s seat, and another one inside the garbage bin. 

When the truck is ready, the remote control moves it forward or backward. Three tiny buttons produce three different sounds along with real LED headlights. 

The truck bin opens up to place pretend waste items and encourages role-play. In addition, it also includes two drivers. One can sit in the conductor’s seat, while the other stands around the truck, in the receptacle next to the top bolt. 

This popular garbage truck is also highly educational. It displays the recycling symbol on its side, which may start a conversation about the environment and the importance of recycling. Your child might even recognize this logo from day to day products.

While this model requires the use of seven batteries divided between the car, remote, and drill, it should give your child 30 minutes of driving time. At full charge, the vehicle should reach a speed of 1.5 miles per hour.


  • Made with ABS plastic
  • Comes with two figures
  • Three sounds operated from the remote
  • Includes electric and manual drill
  • Introduces STEM concepts
  • Several cars can play together
  • Enhances dexterity


  • Requires seven batteries
  • Reviewers report that the truck struggles on carpeted floors

Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car

If your child tends to get easily bored with toys, here’s a product worth considering. Unlike other products, this model includes three different drivers who will need to take turns in the driving seat.

Each driver is unique, encouraging various role-play ideas. The racing figure comes with a blue suit and helmet, the policeman is wearing his uniform, and the third driver wears a red and blue “number 1” jacket.

Placing and removing the drivers from the vehicle alone is an attraction for most toddlers. Not only does it keep them focused, but our little ones can improve fine motor skills. They’re also the root of creativity and imagination.

The racing car includes real headlights and sound. Plus, it comes in bright primary colors—red, yellow, and green—which is ideal for color-learning. 

This remote control car has been designed with young toddlers in mind. First, it’s ASTM certified and is in compliance with CPSIA requirements. You shouldn’t have to worry about safety or quality standards.

It’s made with non-toxic ABS material to maintain your child’s health. The car, drivers, and remote also feature smooth edges to prevent injuries. Even the antenna has a soft design to handle toddlers’ rough play.

Lastly, this car should be able to withstand shocks from accidents into walls or furniture. Although the manufacturer mentions that the vehicle can be used on low carpets, most reviewers had better success driving it on hard surfaces.


  • Meets ASTM and CPSIA standards
  • Comes with three driver figures
  • Real sound and light
  • Made with sturdy and non-toxic ABS material
  • Features various basic colors
  • Teaches the number one


  • Reviewers wished it could go faster
  • Two of these vehicles can’t be used together
  • Short lifespan

Kidirace RC Remote Control Police Car for Kids

We like that this car comes with the details and functionality of a real one. It’s suitable for children older than three-years-old, but reviewers mentioned that even eight-year-olds were thrilled with the present.

It’s built in a police car design. The front bumper displays “protect and serve” on the sides, and the car number is indicated on the roof. 

The vehicle even makes real police and engine sounds with flashing headlights and sirens. If you prefer quiet play, the sound effects can be manually turned off. 

The tires are made of real rubber, which gives it a realistic final touch. They’re non-slippery, so that the car races efficiently on flat surfaces such as tiles or wooden floors. 

The remote is simple to use and allows the car to move in all directions. It’s made with 2.4 GHz technology, which means that six of these cars can be used at a time, without frequency interference. This feature also gives a longer range and better responsiveness.

Parents love that no assembly is required; it’s ready to use right out of the box. The box comes with a mini screwdriver and two AA batteries for the remote. The vehicle comes with a high-capacity car battery that can be recharged using the included USB cable and wall plug. 

Reviewers report that it takes approximately 8 hours to recharge the entire battery, which can be easily completed overnight. Your little one should be able to race criminals for at least 30 minutes at a time at a full charge. Some kids, however, were able to run it for up to 3 hours before a recharge was required.


  • Sound effects can be turned off
  • Realistic design
  • Real rubber tires
  • Rechargeable car battery
  • Sirens, honk, and engine sounds
  • Real headlights and sirens
  • Ready to use
  • CPSIA and ASTM compliant


  • The rechargeable car battery can’t be removed from the vehicle
  • Some users wished that the back wheel’s steering was more efficient

Cartoon RC Race Car Train Toy for Kids

This remote control car should make the perfect Christmas present. The vehicle replaces the usual Santa Claus’ sled, and allows him to deliver presents in a modern way! It’s cute with inviting Christmas-themed colors—red and green—and illustrations.

It’s also ideal for teaching new words related to this time of the year. You’ll find gifts, Santa’s hat, a snowflake, and a Christmas tree displayed over the car. Besides, with eight drawings of presents, it might entice your little one to learn numbers and how to count.

This car also produces sounds and real headlights for added fun. They’re activated by pressing on the steering wheel, Santa’s head, or on the snowflake located on the roof. Although volume can’t be switched off, if no button is pressed, the vehicle will remain silent.

The driver is a happy Santa Claus, who can be removed from the vehicle whenever play is required out of the car. 

It comes with a rounded and small remote control, which is safe and easy for little ones to grab and use. It displays the same Christmassy colors as the car—red and green—with two large yellow buttons to choose between forward or backward directions.

Santa Claus oversees the operation, with his head displayed in the center of the remote. As for the remote’s antenna, it’s supple to prevent injuries. 

If your child is rough with toys, you shouldn’t have to worry. This vehicle is made of sturdy ABS material to withstand shocks and impacts with furniture or walls. In addition, the car comes with a rounded shape and smooth edges, including the tires.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a total of five AA batteries—not included—to operate the remote control car.


  • Cute design with festive illustrations
  • Comes with sound and light
  • Makes an ideal Christmas gift
  • Rounded shape
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Encourages number-learning


  • Works the best on hard floors
  • Doesn’t come with volume control
  • Only two driving directions

Garbage Truck Remote Control Toy

Why do children seem to be fascinated with garbage trucks? If your child is one of them, he or she would likely love this toy. It features an orange and yellow vehicle with a bin to pick up the city’s rubbish.

The car is designed for kids aged 18 months and older. Even the youngest toddlers can safely use it as it’s designed to be long-lasting and resists collisions. Plus, the material doesn’t contain BPA compounds.

The container comes with a lid where kids love to place and remove pretend waste. It makes a perfect tool to enhance fine motor skills. If this is too simple for your child, the bin’s lid and sides feature smaller openings.

These tiny gaps are shaped like stars or cubes, so you can take the opportunity to teach him or her these simple patterns.

For the most realistic play, the truck comes with a pretend handle to open the bin. The driver wears his work uniform, including a green hat. Plus, this model also includes real sirens and sounds when pressing on the figure’s head. 

These features together should be a source of creative pretend play. They can also help your little one develop hand-eye coordination. 

Parents love that, unlike other products, the sounds can be turned off when desired. It might require strong negotiation skills to reach an agreement with your child, but you may be able to get some quiet moments.

If you already have other remote control cars at home, this model uses a frequency of 49 MHz. It’ll drive within a 50-feet range, and if anything didn’t happen as expected, the manufacturer offers reimbursement within 30 days.


  • Popular garbage truck shape
  • Teaches basic shapes
  • Pretend handle for realistic play
  • Sirens emitting light and sound
  • Optional music
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Batteries easily come off when the vehicle hits an obstacle
  • The volume is too loud for some parents

Pack of 2 Construction Cartoon R/C Toys

If you’re looking for a toy suitable for two children, this product might meet your needs. Purchasing two vehicles to be used at the same time can be challenging. If they run on the same frequencies, your kiddos won’t be able to play together.

This product comes with two cars that can be used simultaneously. Expect races, accidents, and likely lots of laughter. 

The two construction vehicles are similar to avoid disputes, yet feature slight differences. One is a cement truck, while the other one comes with a basket to dump debris. Both cars are orange and yellow to mimic real ones.

They also come with their respective drivers. To encourage play, they are removable from the trucks and can be used separately. This feature keeps the cars entertaining, even when parents have removed the batteries. 

Although this product doesn’t lighten up, it makes three different sounds. Pressing the cement container or bin turns on music. Pushing the drivers’ head produces an acceleration sound while pushing down the steering wheel makes engine noise.

Both remote controls showcase the same colors—red and yellow—with slightly different variations. They display the “number 1” at their center and two orange buttons. Overall, parents mention that they’re easy to use and sturdy enough to handle throws. 

Each button activates a different direction. One induces a forward and straight motion, while the other control makes the vehicle move backward in circles. Although they don’t allow regular turns, these options are generally enough for most toddlers. 

This product is battery-operated and requires five AA batteries for each car. Reviewers mention that they should last for about four days of frequent use.


  • Makes three different sounds
  • Box includes two vehicles
  • Construction truck design
  • Comes with one removable driver per car
  • Both vehicles can be used at the same time
  • Durable and robust cars


  • Parents wished they came in more diverse colors
  • Cars need to be synchronized before use, or only one of them will work

Little Tikes Tire Twister

This remote control car differs from other products in many aspects. If you’re searching for a unique gift, this one should make the cut.

First, it includes a reversible racing car. On one side it’s blue, flip it around, and it’s red. Let your little one choose his or her favorite color, and the vehicle is ready to roll.

On top of that, this toy works in two different ways. It comes with a giant tire designed to hold the racing vehicle inside. By pressing the forward button, the car makes the tire roll in the same direction, and children love running after it!

Kiddos learn how to use the tire’s speed and movement to make the vehicle do backflips. When it isn’t going forward or backward, the tire can also spin at high-speed, at a 360-degree angle, while the car still remains inside. This characteristic alone should keep your child busy for a while.

The vehicle can also be used as a regular remote control car to spice up the excitement. Remove it from the tire and place it on any type of flooring. It’ll make 360-degree twists and move in all directions. 

While the vehicle and its giant tire can make complicated moves, the remote remains simple and straightforward to use. Even toddlers shouldn’t have trouble operating the two buttons.

This toy is suitable for three-year-old kids and older. Parents mention, however, that the car gets regularly borrowed by siblings a few years older.

This toy requires five AA batteries divided between the remote and the car. Reviewers say that using the tire drains them much faster than when driving the vehicle alone.


  • Choose between a blue or red racing car
  • Dual-use—inside the tire or independently
  • Moves in all directions
  • Produce 360-degree twists with or without the tire
  • The vehicle can do backflips
  • Simple remote control


  • Large tire footprint
  • Doesn’t work well on grass
  • The vehicle doesn’t come with working lights or sounds

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

This remote control car is suitable for all grounds, from grass and dirt roads to rocks and rough terrain. If you’re searching for a vehicle able to handle challenges and obstacles, your kiddo should be thrilled.

Keep in mind that this model is designed for older kids—eight years old and over. Yet, parents were able to use it with younger children, providing necessary assistance.

The vehicle comes with four gigantic wheels. They’re made of real rubber material, are soft, and provide a fantastic grip. This allows the car to climb and roll over hurdles. 

The wheels are built with four flexible suspensions. If your child likes to play rough, the car should be able to handle it. The vehicle can, therefore, drive down staircases, most often landing softly on the sturdy tires.

As its name indicates, this model is also meant to climb. Place a rock on its way, and the vehicle should drive right over it. 

Even better, it comes with two motors, one at the front and one at the rear. This gives it extra power to escalate obstacles or drive uphill. Some users were able to make the car climb over a 4-inch rock or go up a sidewalk. 

Keep in mind that while it offers great flexibility and off-road use, this vehicle isn’t designed for speed. Despite this, if you’re still planning on racing with friends, this model has a tri-channel transmitter. This allows three cars to be used at the same time.

The remote’s design is a little more sophisticated, resembling a handle. As this might not be the first remote control car for your kiddo, this induces new learning. It’s also more compact than a traditional rectangular remote.


  • Drives on all grounds
  • Climbs over small obstacles
  • Can go down stairs
  • Soft and thick tires
  • Four suspensions
  • Two motors
  • Great value
  • Three vehicles can drive at the same time


  • Car color may vary
  • Short steering angle
  • Reviewers are having difficulties going uphill


Remote control cars are usually a hit with kids, young or old. Selecting the best one, however, should ensure that it lasts, but also that it’ll meet your child’s interests.

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car is our winner within our selection. It features two popular vehicle shapes: racing and police cars with light and sound to activate all senses. This model also comes with two vehicles that can be used together, making it perfect to play with a friend or sibling.

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