Best Roller Skates for Kids (2023)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find the best roller skates for kids, I’d recommend the Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skates for girls and the Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Roller Skates for boys.

Who doesn’t love to roller skate? Flying down the street, as if you have wings attached to your feet!

It does take a good set of skills to be able to roller skate. So it’s best for kids to get learning nice and early so that they can master it for themselves!

We’ve chosen a huge selection of roller skates, for both boys and girls, and have reviewed them for you so that you can find the best roller skates for kids!

Here are the children’s roller skates I will be reviewing:

Rollerblades vs. Roller Skates

Similar in nearly every way, the crucial difference between the two is the wheel alignment.

Rollerblade wheels are in a single line of four wheels, whereas roller skates are in a rectangle of two by two wheels.

The wheels on a blade allow for more speed and have the same feel as ice skates, and the wheels on a skate give you more balance and support.

Generally speaking, roller skates provide more ankle support and give better stability and control. They also have more effective rubber stoppers on the end, which are definitely better for beginners and those who are new to skating. 

Rollerblades are great for older kids and those who have skating experience, but I started my little one off with a pair of roller skates to begin with, and I recommend you do the same.

Quad Skates AKA Roller Skates 

Sometimes referred to as quad skates, roller skates have been around for a number of years. You may remember getting a pair when you were younger, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents had a pair too! 

The design of roller skates has changed a lot over time. But they have a wide baseplate, which provides better balance and stability. The front of the skate features a toe stop, which can be used as a brake as well as being used for support in setting off.

Because of their broader wheels, quad skates provide greater roll resistance. This prevents your little one from gaining too much speed and taking off too quickly. 

As your child gets used to the skates, trucks underneath the foot allow the harness of the skate to be adjusted. This created more directional control and greater stability for turning. 

What to Look for in the Best Roller Skates for Kids

While the wheel alignment is probably the most significant difference between skates, you’ll notice when looking at various pairs that there are more differences between them than just this. Here’s what to look for when choosing a pair for your little one.

Adjustable Sizing

Nearly all kids’ roller skates on the market nowadays enable you to adjust the size, usually between three to four sizes. 

This means that unlike their shoes, your little one won’t grow out of their skates as quickly!

Adjusting the size is pretty simple and requires you to move the small mechanism back and forth, which you can usually find underneath the boot. 

A general rule of thumb for choosing skates is to pick one size bigger than your child’s current shoe size. But always check the sizing guide found with each individual supplier to ensure that you choose the right size for your child. 

Indoor or Outdoor 

Outdoor skate wheels will be softer, in order to absorb vibrations from any rough surfaces your little one may skate over. 

A lot of skates will state that they are suitable for both, but it’s worth checking the wheel details to ensure your child will be safe and comfortable if skating outdoors.

Securing the Skates

There are three ways to secure skates onto the feet:

  1. Laces.
  2. Velcro straps.
  3. Clip buckles.

While they all support the feet in keeping them inside the skates, you may want to consider which is easier for your child to manage.  We started our kids off with Velcro straps since that is what they were used to on their sneakers.


Skates come in an array of different colors, patterns, and designs. Some wheels also illuminate while skating, which can look pretty cool.

The design of the skate that you choose is purely down to preference, and what your child likes. 

The design won’t affect skating quality or experience, but be sure there are no loose parts that could become trapped in the wheels and cause an accident. 

Skate With Safety

Although skating is fun and exciting, it can be quite dangerous—especially in the early stages and while your little one learns to control their foot balance.

Please make sure that you buy a full set of skate protection wear for your child to go along with their shiny new pair of skates. Check that the protection you buy is certified and safe to use. 

Be sure that the head, knees, elbows, and wrists are fully covered and supported before your little one gets their skates on. 

They shouldn’t be wearing any loosely fitted clothes that could get caught on anything, and hair should be tied back as an extra precaution. 

Skate helmets are ideal as they cover and protect the back of the head in case your child falls backward. Some helmets are also size adjustable.

Be prepared that your little one is likely to fall over a few times—that’s okay! Keep them protected and motivate them to get back up and go again.

Skate Maintenance 

If skates aren’t kept in good condition, they won’t roll well and could also become a trip hazard and unsafe to use—especially the wheels! 

Avoid skating in sand, water, and any rough surfaces, as these will cause damage to the wheels of the skates. Try to always keep your little one skating on smooth surfaces, as this provides protection for them as much as it does for the skates.

If your child goes skating on uneven or broken surfaces, it’s likely something may get caught in the wheels, which will cause them to stop suddenly and send them flying. Not what you want to be dealing with as a parent! Keep skating fun by keeping skating safe.

Clean the skates after every use and keep them stored away somewhere clean and dry when they’re not being used. 

Providing that they’re well looked after, a good quality pair of roller skates will provide your child with many years’ worth of fun.

My Kids’ Roller Skates Reviews

We’ve reviewed a whopping eighteen different pairs of roller skates, so you don’t have to! 

We’ll give you all the information you need to choose the best pair of skates for your little one, including my own personal favorites. And we’ve selected two winners this time, which includes one set for the boys and one set for the girls.

Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skates

These Chicago skates sure do look the part and will have any little girl feeling like a professional figure skater with the crisp white finish and pretty pink wheels.

Being a traditional quad style skate, they give your child more support as they learn different skating techniques and get used to the feeling of having wheels underneath their feet. 

They feature a padded ankle collar and both a lace and velcro strap closure so the skates fit as comfortably as a normal shoe while also providing extra stability and support. 

The wheels are oversized and are made with high-impact, high-quality material. 

The chassis and truck are double adjustable, too, and also include a safety toe stop at the front of the foot for when your child needs to brake or slow down. The toe stop gives them more control of their skates. 

The boot fabric is lightweight, so they won’t be difficult to maneuver, giving them lots of extra freedom to move and skate with ease. 

The adjustable trucks on the skates and bearings on the wheels provide your child with extra safety and comfort while they’re skating. 

Over 90 percent of users report that the skates fit as expected, and the adjustments allow you to ensure that the boot fits snugly onto your child’s foot. 

The skates give your little one room to grow, so they will last longer than an average pair of shoes.

These skates are suitable to be used indoors either in the house or at a rink, as well as outdoors along the sidewalk or in the park.

They mirror the classic 1990s fashion skates and beautifully stand out. Let your little girl have all the attention with these attached to her feet!


  • Affordable and good value for money
  • Pretty design for little girls
  • Classic and traditional skate design
  • True to size
  • Fit the foot comfortably
  • Adjustable with room to grow


  • Easily get dirty with being white
  • Limited sizes available

Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Roller Skates

These skates are a perfect choice for the little boys who want to have fun skating around and also look cool when doing so.

Designed in a statement black and red or blue and orange color combination, your little boy will stand out in the crowd and will definitely be noticed by many. The colors on offer are striking, and will catch people’s eyes as he is whizzing past them. 

The fit is true to size and is easily adjusted as your little one’s feet grow, by simply pushing a button located under the boot and pulling forward the toecap. The boot will adjust up to four shoe sizes.

His foot will fit snugly and comfortably inside the boot, making for an awesome skating experience.

The boot is supportive of the ankle and is completely padded for greater comfort. The tongue is thick and padded, allowing for a great fit and making it easy to pull the skates on and off.

The quad skate design provides better support as your little one gets used to balancing on wheels, and will give them greater stability. 

There are no laces here, meaning your little one can get skating in no time. Simply clip in the cam-lever buckles to secure the feet, and they’re ready to go! 

The chassis is lightweight, making it easier to skate along, and the trucks and cushions give greater support for a more controlled turn of the wheels. 

The frame is made of high quality reinforced polymer, so it’s strong and sturdy. Toe brakes feature on each skate provide greater control of direction and turning. 

G-force carbon bearings provide a smooth roll of each wheel and will give your little one added speed as they wish and maximum precision and control.


  • Boot comfort liners are removable and washable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Beautiful eye-catching color designs
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Sizing may not run well for wide feet and half-sized feet
  • Boot sizes are not specific to each shoe size

Chicago Boys Rink Roller Skates

Simple yet sleek, these skates look like they mean business in their jet black color with bright red accompanying wheels.

Suitable for skating indoors and outdoors, these skates are designed for smooth gliding and generating speed on the wheels.

They are lace-up boots, which fit in well with the sleek and stylish overall design of the skates while providing maximum safety. However, you might have to help your child tie them up properly.

Your little one’s feet will feel comfortable and secure in these Chicago skates, which will give them the confidence to get going.

The traditional style of the skate features a high top ankle boot, which provides further ankle support and more control. The fit can also be adjusted, making it feel just like any ordinary boot.

Made with strong and sturdy material, the skates have an aluminum base plate as well as supportive adjustable tracks. This helps to provide better control and easier turning while skating.

The semi-precision wheel bearings keep your kid skating quickly and smoothly, and the urethane wheels hold up against general wear and tear, keeping them in tip-top condition for longer. 

The rubber toe cap on each boot gives your little one extra turn control and guidance. 

These boots are definitely designed for those who have skating experience under their belt already, and are looking for a step up to improve their skills and to up their speed! 

I probably wouldn’t recommend these skates for those who are just starting out in skating, as while they are definitely supportive, they may feel too quick!


  • Stylish color combination
  • Great value for money
  • Fits well and comfortably on the feet
  • High quality material
  • Good for older kids with some skating experience


  • Limited sizes available
  • Reports of toe stopper falling off
  • Not suitable for younger kids

XinoSports Inline Skates for Girls and Boys With Illuminating Wheels

Here we have our first set of rollerblades to review, featuring the four in a row inline-style wheels.

Available in four attractive colors, these skates are great for boys and girls. Plus, they’re available in a number of different sizes, making them suitable for ages five to 20 and more.

The wheels on these skates light up as you go to add a sense of fun. Your kiddo will be the envy of their friends as they leave a glowing ray of color behind them as they zoom past the crowds. 

Nighttime will bring more fun, as the LED lights on the skates shine brightly in the dark—definitely a head-turner for all those who see.

These skates are built to last, with super high-quality technology and materials used to fight against wear and tear and keep them in good shape for longer.

A premium quality aluminum frame on the skates won’t bend, crack, or break, and for added durability and support, it is reinforced with rust-resistant metal rivets.

The boots have double thick threading at the seams that won’t tear and feature durable plastic clasps that won’t snap. Thicker padding provides greater comfort, and added ankle support provides greater safety.

Adjustable up to four shoe sizes, kids won’t grow out of these skates too quickly and will get much more use out of them. 

While these skates are cool and unique, their design and features are definitely more suited for the bigger boys and girls.

Inline skates don’t have a toe cap and are designed for speed, so be sure your little one is confidently skilled on wheels before taking such an upgrade.


  • Four colorful designs to choose from
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • LED lights on wheels don’t require batteries
  • Excellent quality
  • Great for confident skaters


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Slightly pricey
  • No safety toe caps due to inline skate design

Chicago Kids Adjustable Quad Skates

Suitable for both boys and girls in a striking purple, silver, and green color combination, these skates are super bright and super cool.

The classic quad style skates provide great support for those who are new to roller skating as well as those who may have a little more experience but are still learning. 

Featuring a multi-adjust boot, these skates will grow with your little one’s feet, saving you from having to buy multiple pairs of skates within a short space of time.

The Chicago boots have a two-piece construction, giving perfect support and stability for even the most unstable of skaters.

They are made of nylon mesh that’s breathable and comfortable, so your little one’s feet stay cool no matter what the weather. 

A padded collar on the boots provides extra ankle support, and the ratchet-buckles on each one offers added security and comfort for the feet. 

The 60-millimeter composite wheels give skaters excellent stability and traction on all floor surfaces, along with the semi-precision speed wheel bearings. 

Built-in rubber toe brakes give skaters extra confidence in knowing they have reliable stopping power to brake with safety. 

The sizing of the skates is not shoe size specific; however, over 80 percent of users report that they fit as expected.

These are great unisex skates that will provide your little ones with hours of fun, but are aimed at those who have little experience, if any, with roller skating.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Good value for money
  • Great for beginners
  • Vibrant and colorful
  • Lots of ankle support


  • Brake can fall loose after use, requires tightening
  • Wheels require regular oiling
  • Regular general maintenance required

Fisher Price “Barbie” Grow With Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates

This is a great beginners’ set of skates for the younger little girls who want to try skating for the first time. The Fisher Price Grow With Me 1,2,3 skates are suitable for children aged from two to five years old.

Pretty in pink and with the classic “Barbie” logo that most little girls love, these skates are great for trialing roller skating before seeking to buy a proper pair of skates. 

They grow with your child and have three adjustable settings to ease them into skating gently. This way, they can get used to the feeling of having wheels underneath their feet.

The first setting of the skates keeps one wheel locked so that your little one can skate-walk and get to grips with gravity. This provides maximum safety and support as they learn to move on wheels.

Setting two of the skates allows the wheels to move forward only, so they can learn to skate frontwards before having to worry about going backward. 

The final setting lets your child move forward and backward like a normal skate. They should have mastered forward skating at this point and are now learning about maintaining control of the wheels. 

The wheels on these skates are spaced apart further than usual skates, to give your little one more support and stability on the ground as they learn the ropes of skating.

They also feature a toe stop on each skate for added safety and control, which is oversized and will support balance on the wheels.

These skates attach on over regular shoes, so while they’re great for learning, they don’t provide good ankle protection like regular skates.


  • Perfect for very young skaters
  • Different settings for easy learning
  • Easily clip on over regular shoes
  • Different settings provide extra safety
  • Recognizable brand name


  • No ankle support
  • Become uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Don’t provide same feeling as regular skates

Fun Roll Boys Junior Roller Skates

Nothing quite says “cool” like skates printed in comics, with colors to match alongside. These skates are great for young boys (or girls) who love to be the star of the show and stand out among all of their friends.

The unique style of these quad skates is the wheels, which differ in size. In true “tractor-style,” the front wheels are significantly smaller than the back wheels. This wheel design offers easier balance with a low center of gravity for your child, giving them greater support that’ll see their confidence soar! 

The urethane material of the wheels makes these skates suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with G Force carbon bearings ensuring a smooth rolling experience.

An easy to use pull lever located at the back of each skate makes it simple to adjust the sizing of the skates, seeing them expand up to five shoe sizes. 

Two locking buckles at the foot of the boot and at the ankle provide a comfortable fit that’s safe and secure. 

The boots of the skates feature a soft padded liner so that your little one can skate in comfort for longer.

This brand and style of skate is available in a stylish black and red design for those who wish for a more subtle look, or a colorful action comic design for kids who love bright colors.

These are a great pair of skates for beginners or those who have little skating experience but require further support with balance and control on wheels.


  • Cool, colorful design
  • More balance for beginners
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Unique wheel design


  • Materials can break easily
  • Inaccurate sizing guide

Kandy-Luscious Kid’s Roller Skates

These skates are available in three different sassy designs that’ll see your little one looking and feeling like a true roller disco diva!

The fun and vibrant colors make these skates unisex and are sure to be loved by both girls and boys if they don’t mind a little pink.

The Kandy-Luscious skates are ultra-durable and designed with high-quality materials that are built to last until your child eventually grows out of them. They are also size adjustable, meaning your little one will get even more usage out of them even while their little feet are growing.

The base is made from strong aluminum, which is high impact and will stand firm against all wear and tear.

Strong laces hold these skates firmly in place once on your child’s foot, keeping them snug and comfortable inside. The lace system provides extra safety and stability on the ground so they can feel confident in their skates. 

Tightening and loosening the skates is simple, and the padded foam tongues on the boots allow your child to slip in and out of them quickly and easily. 

Strong and durable PVC leather makes up the majority of the boot, which keeps them in better condition for longer. The added mesh material inside the boot makes for a breathable and comfortable fit for your little one’s feet.

The design of the skates is made to look more like sneakers on wheels, so they sit lower on the ankles. Consequently, they provide less ankle support than other roller skate designs.


  • Fun designs
  • Good quality
  • Fit comfortably
  • Oversized toe stoppers
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Minimal ankle support
  • Higher-end cost than other skates

Nsasy Roller Shoes With LED Lights

I’m not sure if these really do class as roller skates, but this style is seemingly becoming more popular among kids, so I thought I would add them in.

These Nsasy roller shoes are available in an impressive 22 different colors and designs, as well as a large number of different sizes. There’s something for almost any child out there, size-wise and style-wise. 

They look like regular sneakers and can be used as regular sneakers too. However, each sole has two covers, which, when removed, reveal two wheels.

The skating technique on these can be tricky and are not like regular roller skates. The skater has to slightly lean back in order to roll along the floor in the shoes. 

They aren’t adjustable in size, which means your little one will grow out with them in time as they would with any other pair of shoes. 

The roller sneakers feature LED lights all around the outside bottom of the shoes, which make them look cool and attractive. They are definitely an eye-catching pair of sneakers; I know my kids would kill for a pair of these.

They lace up like any regular shoe; however, because of this, you aren’t provided with any ankle support.

They are made of durable high-quality materials that will last, just like most good pairs of kid’s shoes.

I’ve witnessed a couple of accidents while kids have been wearing these shoes, particularly toppling backward. They don’t have a toe stopper, and the style forces them to lean back to skate.

So while these shoes are stylish and different, make sure your little one is confident on wheels and has a good balance before purchasing these for them.


  • Wear as regular sneakers or reveal the wheels to skate
  • Available in lots of different sizes and styles
  • Fun for kids, and something different
  • Roll smoothly


  • No safety stop features
  • User must be confident to skate
  • Doesn’t skate the same as regular roller skates
  • Child must lean backward to skate

PlayWheels Disney Frozen Quad Roller Skates

Something that every little girl seems to be into right now is Disney’s Frozen. This is a great buy for them if they persist on everything in their life being Frozen themed!

Designed in the recognizable Frozen colors of lilac and baby blue, with both Elsa and Olaf stickers on the skates, your little one will be singing “Let It Go” on repeat as they skate around in these. 

With a simple push of a button, these skates are size adjustable, giving your child room to grow with their skates. They are built for ages three and above and have a weight capacity allowance of 62 pounds. 

These skates are constructed with durability in mind, featuring polymer impact resistant boots and solid PVC wheels. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

With two safety strap closures on each skate, you have peace of mind that the skates are fitted securely to your little one’s feet. 

An oversized toe stopper on each skate also provides extra brake safety and added turn control for your child, so they feel confident to move safely in their skates.

The boots are padded for extra comfort, and the soft padded tongues on each foot make for easy fitting, so they can be put on and taken off easily. 

They are, however, only available in one size, which is adjustable from junior sizes 1 to 4, which limits the audience and availability to who can purchase these skates.


  • Great for lovers of Disney’s Frozen
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to fit
  • Good quality material


  • Only available in one size
  • Costly

Pacer Comet Children’s Roller Skates

These skates are great for kids that want a simple pair of skates without a bright or overly colorful design. 

They are available in four sleek designs, including silver with blue wheels, black with yellow wheels, white with pink wheels, and purple. The colors are softer and more subtle than other kid’s skates on the market.

The Pacer Comet skates are designed to look more like a shoe than a boot. Although it looks good, it also means that the skates provide less ankle support. 

The sporty skates feature a lace-up closure with a convenient velcro strap at the top of the shoe for additional security.

The collars are padded, which provides extra comfort for users while they’re skating and will help them to feel able to go for longer. 

The plates and beams of the skates are made from lightweight materials so that they won’t feel too heavy on the feet, and your little one can skate for longer.

The skates are advertised as having light-up wheels; however, they aren’t LED and give more of a slight sparkle effect than a light that shines bright and calls for attention. 

The Pacer skates are durable and move well, but might be a bit boring for some kids. They definitely don’t stand out in the crowd, but then again, I guess that some children would prefer that.


  • Good quality material
  • Wheels roll well
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish
  • Light-up wheels


  • Velcro frays the laces
  • Size runs a little narrow
  • Minimal ankle support due to design

Roller Derby Girls Tracer Inline Skates

With six fabulous color designs to choose from, these skates are great for the more experienced girls (and boys) who want to upgrade to inline rollerblades.

With no laces to tie, simply click in and go. The skates feature two safety straps across each boot with easy to close buckles for children to feel independent. 

The wheels are designed to give the right amount of grip and bounce. They’re designed particularly for outdoor use, but are still suitable for indoor surfaces too. 

A safety brake can be found on the right-handed skate, so your little one can feel more in control as they skate. The brake is removable, however, and can be placed onto the left-handed side if they find this more comfortable. 

Unlike quad skates, where brakes are found on both skates and at the front instead of the back, this may take a little getting used to. 

The boot liners are removable, so they can be cleaned and freshened up when needed. 

The boots are supportive of the feet and ankles and are padded for extra comfort. The thick padded tongues make for a snug fit. 

The Roller Derby skates are size adjustable at the push of a button and will grow up to four shoe sizes with your little one. 

The skates are sturdy and well made, but are certainly not for beginners. They’re lightweight and built for speed, so ensure your child has the confidence and experience to handle these skates to prevent any accidents or injuries occurring.


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality material
  • Good ankle protection
  • Great for experienced skaters
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Only one brake at the rear

Riedell Citizen Outdoor Quad Roller Skates

These Riedell skates are a replica design of the earlier days of skating, back in the 70s and 80s. A traditional leather white boot with bright red wheels—classic!

They are, however, the most expensive skates on my list and are coming in at almost three times the prices of other skates for kids.

The quad skates are hand-made using a quality vinyl material. A high-impact nylon plate and strong metal trucks provide great stability and optimal support for skaters.

The wheels are designed with steel ball bearings, providing an excellent skating experience that’s exceptionally smooth. They are also perfect for outdoor use, designed with durable Sonar Zen material.

With a high neck on the boots, they give a snug fit. Maximum ankle support is also provided, as the lace-up system tightens fully from the top to bottom of the boots. 

A bolt-on toe stopper can be found on each skate, which, although built to be long-lasting, are also replaceable. They support your little one with easy braking control as well as turn control. 

The skates are adjustable to provide a perfect and snug fit for each foot. They will expand in size as your child’s feet grow, helping them to last longer than a regular pair of shoes. 

They can be purchased in both sizes for adults and children, so if you fancy getting matching pairs with your child, these are a great option. However, as the price stands, you may want to think again!


  • High quality
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Traditional old-school style
  • Supportive


  • Pricey
  • White boots will require cleaning more often

Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skates

A sidewalk roller skate is just that—it’s designed for outdoor use specifically along sidewalks. With their slightly wider wheels, these skates provide better balance against any uneven surfaces.

Pretty in pink and white, the Chicago skates look like classic high top sneakers—but with wheels!

A high top sneaker style is generally a better design than classic sneaker styles for roller skates because they give you the added ankle support. Therefore, these skates are stylish yet provide extra safety and protection. 

Keeping in with the high top design, the skates feature laces on the foot of the boot and a velcro strap at the ankle.

The wheels are oversized for better stability and control, and the chassis is made from high impact material to stand up against bumps and falls. The skates also feature semi-precision bearings and a self-adhesive power strap.

Oversized toe stoppers at the front of each boot provide added safety and extra brake control. It also supports your child to learn turning control, and moving direction while skating along.

The skates are made for gliding, ensuring that moving on wheels is easy and effortless for skaters of all ages.

Your child’s feet will feel secure and comfortable in the padded boots, while pulling on and taking off is made easy with the convenient padded boot tongues.


  • Great for beginners
  • Oversized wheels
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to pull on and off


  • Makes for poor wear and tear
  • Not true to size

Roller Derby Boys Stinger Inline Skates

Your little boy will most definitely look the part in these skates. These inline rollerblades certainly look as though they mean business.

These inline design blades come in a striking black and red color combination, and are built for the skaters who have confidence on wheels.

Made for building up and maintaining speed, these skates boast silver five speed rating bearings with thin urethane wheels. They are designed to skate fast, so ensure your child is prepared for that!

The high boot design provides excellent ankle support, with a level buckle for added ankle security. The ankles can sit comfortably against padded liners, which maximize comfort. 

A pull-and-tighten lacing system with no tying makes it easier to get up and get going quickly and easily. 

They are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors, but it’s recommended to get used to them inside first before practicing outdoors in these rollerblades.

The skates are adjustable up to four shoe sizes. The reinforced polymer skate frames are durable yet lightweight to keep up speed and accuracy while skating. 

Definitely not for beginners or faint-hearted, these skates are more suited to the experienced skater who has good balance and feels confident on inline skates.


  • Striking color design
  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for experienced skaters


  • Brake is ineffective
  • Inaccurate size chart
  • Skaters should be confident for such skates

ANCHEER Inline Skates For Girls And Boys

Our final set of rollerblades, or inline skates as they’re often advertised, here are a pair that are suitable for both boys and girls.

The design is basic yet striking, with the main color being black and a choice of accompanying colors such as blue, red, and white. The skates feature illuminating wheels that each light up in an array of colors when your little one is skating along. 

The Acheer skates are available in three different sizes, with each size being adjustable, making for a better long-lasting fit.

A triple protection system is in place on these blades, as they feature all three closure designs available for a skate: a standard lace, a clip buckle and a velcro strap. 

The boots have a mesh surface inside, which is breathable and allows air to pass through to the feet, keeping them cool. 

They have a rubber rear side brake and high-quality bearings. The wheels are standard sized, meaning they will provide more support instead of focusing on speed and power like most inline skates.

Crash-proof caps on the boots and hard plastic frames provide added support and stability for your little one and protect their toes from injury.

The inside of the boots is padded, keeping your child’s feet comfortable and allowing them to be able to ride for longer. 

These skates are priced pretty low compared to many; however, some users claim this is an example of “you get what you pay for,” indicating that the quality reflects the price.


  • Affordable
  • Colorful light-up wheels
  • Sturdy, protective frame
  • A good beginner rollerblade style skate


  • Inaccurate sizing guide
  • Become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time

Roller Derby Skate Corp Roller Star 350 Girls Quad Skates

Our penultimate set of skates are these by Roller Derby Skate Corp, and are a delicate pink and white color with a pretty flower design on the heel.

The classic lace-up design makes for an easy and comfortable fit, with an additional power strap for extra security. 

Each boot is fully padded, keeping little feet comfortable for longer while learning the ropes of roller skating. 

The wheels are made of urethane with carbon bearings, and together they provide your little one with a smooth and simple skating experience. 

The skates feature a torsion beam chassis, which provides your child with excellent turning control while skating both indoors on rinks and outdoors on sidewalks. 

The padded boot collar is made of synthetic material, and the boot liners are cushioned for maximum comfort. The material allows you to easily wipe clean any dirt or stains from the skates, which is helpful as they’re white.

Ankles are supported in these skates, with their classic high boot design. They are securely strapped in with a padded liner that will protect them against any trips or falls your child may have. 

Toe stoppers at the front of each skate provide extra safety as well as additional turning and gliding support. The size of the boots isn’t adjustable, so make sure to size up slightly to ensure your child can use them for a while.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Simple and pretty design
  • Durable and last well


  • Non-adjustable size
  • Synthetic material isn’t flexible
  • Feet become sweaty quickly

WiiSHAM Fun Roll Canvas Roller Skates With Four Piles

Our last set of roller skates are pretty adorable.

They are definitely girlie skates, and are designed in a cute pink color with glitter. Lots of glitter, in fact! These skates have glitter all over the boots and even the wheels, so if you’re little one wants to shine, these are the ones for her.

There are three designs available (some more glittery than others), including silver, light pink, and dark pink.

The WiiSham skates feature a classic two-by-two quad skate design, and are adjustable in size so they can be altered as your little one’s feet grow.

Lightweight materials make these skates comfortable to wear for longer, as they don’t feel very heavy on the feet. This helps your child to get in extra practice and skating before feeling tired or complaining of uncomfortable feet. 

The skates are made with torsion beam frames, urethane wheels, and accelerator bearings, which all help to support your kid to skate smoothly and comfortably for longer.

Great for beginners, these skates aren’t built for speed, so your little one can learn to skate carefully without fear of losing control. 

Regular toe stoppers feature on these skates, which provide extra brake safety and turn control. However, I think the oversized stoppers are always better for beginners. 

The skates boast a three-way security set-up, including a lace, a velcro strap, and a plastic buckle clip. These will keep small feet feeling snug and secure inside the skate, hopefully giving them more confidence to get up and go. 

The boots are padded, and cushioned tongues help for easy take off and pulling on. 

The skates are designed to look like sneakers, and provide good ankle protection. 

These roller skates come in a cool portable box, making it easy to carry them around until you find the perfect place to get skating!


  • Pretty design
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Comes with portable box


  • Skates come up small in size
  • Quality not built to last
  • Small toe stoppers
  • Seams easily split

What Are the Best Roller Skates for Kids?

When you’re looking for a pair of roller skates, you want something that ticks all the boxes. They should look good, feel comfortable, be safe for your little one, and come at a reasonable price.

I’ve chosen two of the best roller skates for kids—one set for the boys and one set for the girls.

Best Roller Skates for Girls

The winner for the girls is the Chicago Girls Rink Roller Skates. They are simply stunning, and remind me of the skates I had when I was a little girl! 

They are made well, and being quad skates, they are suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. 

Best Roller Skates for Boys

The winner for the boys has to be the Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Roller Skates. They are eye-catchingly cool, and really do stand out for all the right reasons.

They are made of quality material that’s durable and will last. Again, they are suitable for skaters of different experience levels due to their quad skate design. 

Final Tips

Practice with your child inside the house before letting them loose outside when they first get their skates, because being on wheels can take some getting used to. 

Your child will fall over, but that’s part of learning! Ensure they are wearing appropriate clothing and protective wear before they slip those little feet into those skates.

But most importantly, have fun. Enjoy teaching your child a new skill and feel proud as you watch them master it. Skating can be a sport that is enjoyed together as a family, and is sure to bring hours of fun for you all. Why not grab a pair for yourself and join your child on their new skating adventure? 

Howard is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice. When he isn't spending time with his wife, Kristin, or his two children, he can often be found running around on the tennis court.