17 Flower Activities For Toddlers

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There is something so uplifting about flowers – their color, the soft fragrance, they’re like a pick-me-up from the garden! Growing up, my mom always had fresh flowers in vases throughout the house, and to this day I love seeing fresh flowers! In my classroom, I always have plants and flowers throughout the room, and my students love to play and create different crafts using flowers. Here, I have compiled some of my favorite flower crafts for you to do with your toddler.

#1 Paper Plate Garden Craft

This is a wonderful activity to do with your toddler, and the great thing about it is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing what craft supplies to use! 

You can paint your paper plate however you wish. Perhaps you’ll choose to pain half of it brown for the garden dirt and half of it blue for the sky. Or, maybe your toddler wants to cover the plate in a variety of pretty colors. Anything goes! 

Once your paper plate has dried, simply glue on whatever flower pieces you choose. You could use craft sticks for stems, or chenille pipe cleaners; then foam stickers, construction paper, or even tissue paper for the flowers themselves. Decorate with some pretty butterfly or insect stickers, and you’ve got a lovely paper plate garden!

#2 Sunflower Egg Carton Craft

Sunflowers are the big happy faces of the flower world; they simply spread joy wherever they grow! So, what better flower to replicate in a craft than a cheerful, yellow sunflower?

These egg carton sunflowers are very simple to make, they use resources that you probably already have around the house, and they don’t take a ton of time to do.

You can choose any background to set your sunflowers on, whether it be colored construction paper, foam paper, or even the paper plates from the previous craft! Mounting them on canvas adds a lovely finished touch to the piece as well, and you could hang it up in your home for regular doses of cheeriness.

#3 Recycled Soda Bottle Flower Craft

Reduce, reuse, recycle is a mantra that we all should be incorporating these days, to try to cut down on unwanted waste. So, if you have some pop bottles laying around the house, you could easily use them to create some beautiful flower crafts with your toddler.

You will need to cut out the soda bottle into the flower shape, as this would not be a step that your toddler could do themselves. However, once you’ve cut it into the proper shape, give your little one some paint and let their creativity shine through!

These soda bottle flowers make lovely, three-dimensional flowers that would be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift or a pretty tabletop decoration. 

#4 Sunflower Sensory Table

Sensory bins or sensory tables are a fantastic way for your toddler to play and experiment using all of their senses. That is the main feature of sensory bins, they engage the senses and allow your child to explore their world in a different way.

This sunflower sensory table allows for such open-ended play that your toddler will be busy for hours playing here! 

Simply fill a bin with various items, such as rice (dyed yellow), dried black beans, small terracotta pots, scoops, empty sunflower seed packets, silk sunflowers, and anything else you think would go well in the sensory bin. Mix it all together, and let your toddler explore and play!

Daffodil flower

#5 Cupcake Liner Daffodils

Daffodils are another flower that are cheery to look at; with their bright colors of yellow and white, they are one of my favorite signs of spring.

These cupcake liner daffodils can be enjoyed any time of year! 

They are very simple to make and do not require a lot of special materials. You just need some colored muffin liners, preferably in yellow, orange, and/or white. If you can purchase them in two different sizes, then that’s even better. You will need to help your toddler with trimming the sides of the liners to look like flower petals. Then, simply glue the separate liners together to make a pretty daffodil, and voila! A beautiful floral arrangement to enjoy at any time of year. 

#6 Handprint Tulips

Those adorably chubby little hands will only stay little for so long, so some of my favorite crafts include using those little handprints whenever I can.

These cute handprint tulips are a great way to capture your toddler’s little hands, all while creating a pretty flower craft together. It takes no time at all, and your toddler will probably love the feeling of having the messy, squishy paint on their hands!

You can use any variety of paints to do this activity, choose whatever colors you and your toddler enjoy. Their handprint makes up the flower part of the craft, then simply add a stem and some pretty stickers for decoration, and you are finished! A lovely handprint keepsake to keep for years.

#7 Pour Painting Flower Pot

Perhaps your budding gardener would like to try planting some flowers in a pretty pot. This craft will let them create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind flower pot to plant some flowers in.

The wonderful thing about this craft is that it is super easy, and really, there are no rules! Just let your little one have fun pouring different colors of paint on their upside-down flower pot. Let it all dry, and then it will be ready to have some beautiful flowers planted in it.

This craft also doubles as a lovely Mother’s Day gift as well, and your toddler will be so proud to have created the flower pot themselves!

#8 Paper Bag Tiara

Do you have a little prince or princess living with you? They might enjoy creating a beautiful flower tiara for their pretend play! 

The base of this tiara is made from a brown paper bag. Then, you decorate it with various artificial flowers that you can purchase from your local craft store or dollar store.

The best way to get the flowers to stick to the paper bag is to use a hot glue gun, so this step will definitely require some parental support, but your toddler will have fun selecting what flowers to use and placing them on the bag with your help. Then, they’ve got a beautiful flower tiara to use during pretend play!

#9 Yarn Wrapped Flowers

This craftivity helps your toddler to develop their fine motor skills, as they carefully wrap colored yarn around cardboard flower petals. The end result is a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can display in a vase or glue on to a backdrop – whichever you prefer!

The technique of wrapping the yarn in different directions around the flower petal takes concentration and fine motor skill, so this is a great activity for your toddler to do. 

The fine motor skills that this craft helps to develop include pincer grasp, wrist rotation, and hand-eye coordination. These are the skills needed for writing later on, so I love crafts that incorporate this type of practice, all while having fun and creating something beautiful!

#10 Cork Stamped Flower Craft

Kids love to stamp things, and it’s even better when they’re allowed to use items from around the house to do it! This pretty craft uses corks from wine bottles, and you bundle them into groups to form the flower petals.

Again, with most of these crafts, there are no hard and set rules to how you decide to create them, which allows for you and your toddler to be as creative as you like! Choose your favorite flower colors, and pour those paint colors into a tray for easy dipping.

Bundle the corks into groups of 3, 5, or 7, depending on how large you want your flowers to be. Dip the bundle corks into the paint, and start stamping on your page! You could make a whole garden of these pretty flowers, you can draw stems to go with them, and you can even decorate with pretty stamps and stickers!

#11 Flower Wreath

I love the pretty flower wreaths that decorate many front doors where I live, often being changed out for seasonal arrangements to suit the weather. Pretty greens and pastels are wonderful for spring, bright pinks and reds are lovely for summer, while warm yellows and oranges make a beautiful fall wreath.

This craft uses tissue paper to make the flowers, and you can use as many colors as you wish!

Your toddler will love crumpling up the pieces of tissue paper and gluing them onto the paper plate, and this technique is great for their fine motor development as well. If they enjoy this craft, have them make one for each season to decorate your door!

purple flower painting

#12 Flower Printing

This activity switches things up a bit and uses the flowers as the tool for painting! Kids love using different items to paint with, and this craft allows them to do just that.

Head out into nature to gather some pretty flowers to use for this painting activity. Grab whatever bits catch your eye, and let your toddler do the same. This is a bonus to the activity, as it gets your little one outside for some good exercise and fresh air!

Once you’re back, simply fill up some dishes with paint, dip the flowers into the paint, and use them to create beautiful floral prints. Again, use as many different colors as you wish, it will only make your flower print more beautiful! Show your toddler how to dab, drag, and swish the flowers to create different effects.  

#13 Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

This is such a fun activity to do, especially in the summer when the days are hot and you’re looking for a way to cool off! It doesn’t take much to prepare this activity ahead of time, and you can use pretty much whatever items you have on hand, and flowers that you can pick from your own yard!

You can always prepare this activity ahead of time for your toddler to explore and play with right away, then perhaps they can help you create the next frozen flower arrangement! You could go out and pick your favorite flowers together, and create your own special frozen flower arrangement to uncover again as it melts! 

#14 Spring Centrepiece with Twigs and Tissue Paper

This Easter, put your toddler in charge of the table centrepiece, with this adorable spring craft that they can do independently!

I love crafts that my kids can do on their own, because they feel such pride when they’re finished, and that’s awesome. This twig and tissue paper centrepiece is simple to put together, and your little one can squish the tissue paper pieces on to the twigs themselves, wherever and however they like! 

The best thing about this craft is that it starts with a walk outside to collect twigs! Your toddler will love that part! 

#15 Flower Books For Kids

There is nothing I love more than curling up with my kids at bedtime and exploring a new book! This list of books is full of so many wonderful stories, all around the theme of flowers. Whether you have a budding gardener or a little one who loves to sit and smell the flowers, these stories are great!

Some of my favorites that are in this list include Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert and DK’s book I Can Grow a Flower, which teaches kids all about the parts of a flower and how to grow their own. My kids love looking at the colorful illustrations, and they have learned a lot about growing their own flowers. 

#16 Painted Stone Garden Markers

Enlist your toddler’s help in making markers for your vegetable garden! These adorable painted stones would add a sweet little splash of color to your garden, and your toddler will have fun painting them with you!

Again, it’s another wonderful activity that starts with a walk outside – my favorite! Head out with your toddler to collect some good-sized stones. Once you have enough stones, grab your acrylic paints, and turn them into various plants and vegetables. Your toddler can help to paint the rocks in one color, and you can always add the finishing details once it dries. 

Finish with a coat of outdoor varnish, to help protect your cute designs from the elements, and pop them into your garden!

#17 Simple Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

I love sensory bottles. We have several of them around the house, some we’ve bought and others we’ve made. Regardless of which sensory bottle I’m looking at, I just love how beautifully calming they are. My kids love to sit and watch the sparkles fall in their sensory bottles, or shake other ones and find small treasures and toys in them.

This sensory bottle combines my love for flowers and sensory bottles. Using a recycled bottle and some wildflowers, your toddler can make their own beautiful sensory bottle to enjoy. Head out for a walk outdoors to collect some pretty wildflowers, and create a lovely, calming sensory bottle together.

Which Activity Will You Try First?

I hope you enjoyed the flower activities listed here, and feel free to share them with your friends! 

Which one do you think you’ll try first with your toddler? Be sure to let us know if you try any of these fun activities, we’d love to hear from you!

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