Best Scooter for Toddlers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best scooter for toddlers is, I’d recommend the Skidee Scooter.

Have you been on the hunt for a great scooter for the toddler in your life? Scooters offer your child the opportunity to work on their coordination while providing exercise and plenty of fun.

In this article, I am breaking down the best scooters for toddlers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the toddler scooters I will be reviewing:

The Benefits Of Using A Toddler Scooter

Scooters are more than just a good time. There are actually a lot of great developmental benefits that your child can reap from using one:

  • Improves balance: Using a scooter is all about learning how to distribute weight and navigate rapidly changing factors. It’s a great way to help your toddler develop their balance and develop stabilizing muscles.
  • Works on coordination: When your child is using a scooter, their whole body is involved in the process. They’ll be learning how to gauge distance, how to use their legs in different ways at the same time—while also steering. These are serious skills that will help your child in future athletic endeavors, as well as in their day-to-day activities.
  • Develops muscles and provides exercise: Using a scooter is a full-body activity. It will help develop large muscle groups and gross motor skills. Your child’s core and upper body are just as involved as the lower body, which can lead to better posture. As a bonus, using a scooter can be quite aerobic, which helps with your child’s lung development.
  • Builds confidence: Scooters can be used almost immediately, with very little practice, which is a little different than the learning curve with roller skates. The more your toddler uses the scooter, the easier it’ll get, of course. However, they’ll feel immediate accomplishment even when using the scooter in a limited way. The more comfortable your child becomes—and the stronger they get—the more they’ll be willing to attempt. It’s a natural progression of success.

Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping

When looking for the best scooter for toddlers, be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Your child’s age and weight: Toddler scooters are available in a variety of sizes. Be sure to consider the age of your child—and the recommendations of the scooter manufacturer—when shopping.
  • Safety measures: Scooters are a lot of fun, but remember that appropriate safety wear should be used at all times. A helmet should always be worn while using a scooter. Knee, elbow, and wrist guards are also available.
  • Where it will be used: If you will be traveling with the scooter, make sure it’s lightweight and foldable. Depending on where it will be used most, such as indoors or outside, on smooth or rough terrain, will affect the types of wheels you’ll need.
  • Extras: Some of the best scooters for toddlers will feature fun extras, such as a seat, front and rear brakes, lights, and more.

My Top Scooter Reviews For Toddlers

I have taken a look at a number of different scooters, and put together reviews for my top five for toddlers. In the end, I’ve also picked my favorite.

SKIDEE Scooter

The Skidee scooter comes in multiple fun colors for your toddler. It even has wheels with multi-colored lights that light up when your little one is riding. The faster the wheels are moving, the brighter the lights will be. For added fun and engagement, this scooter also plays music.

Your child will love the integrated seat. If your toddler wants to use the sit-and-ride option, simply fold down the seat. It rotates smoothly into place. When playtime is finished or it’s time to move on to the traditional scooter set up? The seat easily snaps back up into place along the front of the scooter—and out of the way.

This unit is made out of aluminum alloy. It has three wheels—two in the front and one in the rear—and a wide deck. This helps create a more stable scooter for your toddler and helps encourage appropriate muscle and skill development. This scooter also offers a back wheel brake to help keep the scooter ride fun and safe.

It’s great for traveling. Both the seat and the handlebars fold up to create a small footprint for the trunk of the car, or even to carry by hand. The unit is lightweight while still being sturdy. At 7 pounds, it’s even light enough for your child to carry.

This scooter offers lean-to-steer capabilities. It’s suitable for children aged 2–14 years of age. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and an option for an extended 5-year warranty.


  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Fun bonus features, like music and lights
  • Can be used as a sit-and-ride or a traditional scooter


  • You may find this unit is too small for comfortable use of children in the recommended upper age range
  • The seat sits quite low and isn’t adjustable

Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Radio Flyer’s three-wheeled scooter is specifically designed for a learning scooter user. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, it’s a shorter and wider scooter. This helps offer your toddler a little bit of extra stability as they navigate learning how to use the scooter. The size and shape of this scooter also help give your child additional balance while they strengthen their gross motor skills.

This scooter model offers a great, small turning radius to help give your child complete control. This feature can help your little one avoid awkward turns, crashes, and unexpected falls. The scooter is designed to move just the way your child would on their own two feet. It’s a sturdy unit that’s great for learning on.

Textured handlebars will help your child keep a better grip while learning to steer. The steering capabilities have been designed for safety and to prevent accidents. There are limits on how far the scooter’s steering can be turned to prevent the scooter from turning in on itself and crashing.

The deck of this scooter also offers extra traction and texture to help your child avoid slips and falls while using the scooter. This textured grip also works to provide additional comfort for the rider.

This scooter is suitable for children aged 2–5 years old. It’s capable of supporting weights up to 50 pounds. The wheels are plastic and work well on smoother surfaces. You may find they don’t have enough traction for significant off-road use, though.


  • Suitable for a true beginner
  • A solid scooter that can live up to the demands of young children
  • Safety steering and amazing turning radius help keep your child safe


  • This is a slow scooter designed for beginners—older or experienced children may need to upgrade to something more exciting
  • Assembly is required and can be challenging

Lascoota 2-In-1 Kick Scooter

This kick scooter is available in multiple colors to suit your child’s preference. It’s also completely customizable to your child’s height and current scooter needs.

The Lascoota offers two different modes of use. It can be set up to use like a traditional scooter, and it also comes with a seat that allows you to use it while sitting. This can be a great option for younger children or for longer excursions. If your child no longer needs the seat or isn’t interested in using it, it can be entirely removed from the scooter.

The seat feature offers two different height positions to allow your child a customized fit. The handlebars can be set to four different heights, as well. Whether your child is using the sitting feature or the full-fledged scooter feature, there will be an optimal position for them.

This scooter has an extra wide deck for increased stability. It’s a three-wheeled option, with two wheels in the front and one in the back. It’s self-balancing with extra-large front wheels that give a quiet and smooth ride for your child.

It unit offers lean-to-steer technology. Rather than steering with the handlebars, your child can change the trajectory of travel by leaning in the direction they want to go.

Designed for ages 2–10 years old, it’s made out of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The seat feature is capable of supporting up to 110 pounds of weight.


  • Great for an extended age range
  • Can be used as a sit-and-ride or as a scooter
  • Has adjustable handlebars
  • Offers lean-to-steer technology that’s easy for beginner riders to master


  • The lean-to-steer mechanism helps loosen the handlebars—you’ll need to plan on retightening and adjusting them
  • May not be large enough for children on the upper end of the age range

Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

Available in either blue or pink, the Lil’ kick scooter has three wheels—one in the front and two in the back—and a short deck. It’s made with young children in mind. The low-set deck is wide and textured, making it slip-resistant. Having two wheels in the back helps create additional stability, while one wheel in the front makes steering easy.

The wheels on this scooter are oversized and wide. They give a smooth, comfortable ride and work well on both smooth or rough terrain. The scooter’s frame is welded for extra stability and to increase its durability.

This model offers a padded T-bar, to help protect your toddler’s teeth and face in the event of an accident. The handlebars also have textured grips to increase your child’s sense of control and to improve steering.

If you have a younger child, this scooter can be a great option. The two wheels in the back create true stability where your child is putting the bulk of their weight. However, the location of the wheels does make it more difficult for your child to get moving quickly. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a younger child, it may be demotivating for an older child.

The scooter is recommended for children ages 3 and older and can support up to 45 pounds of weight. It weighs just about 5 pounds, so it’s easy to maneuver, even by young children. Assembly is required prior to use, but is straightforward and not too difficult.


  • Very stable design
  • Lightweight and easy to steer, lift, and maneuver
  • Has large, good-quality wheels


  • The triangular shape of the deck with the wheels in the rear can prevent your child from gaining speed
  • A bolt on the back wheels is in a prime location for catching your child’s ankle—make sure to keep your child in appropriate shoes with a real back

BELEEV Kick Scooter

The Beleev kick scooter is available in different colors and has wheels that light up when in use. These lights don’t require batteries to operate. The wheels are non-marking and the scooter can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

This unit features three wheels: two in the front and one in the back. The back wheel is protected by a wheel brake. This helps keep your toddler’s clothing or shoelaces from catching in the wheel while also giving older children more control over their speed.

The handlebar is adjustable to provide the perfect height for your growing child’s needs. It can be 26 inches at its lowest and 34 inches at its highest. There are four different preset heights that work for children 33 to 64 inches tall. This unit is appropriate for children aged 3–14 years old and it’s capable of supporting weights up to 110 pounds.

A lightweight unit that employs lean-to-steer technology, it’s easy for your little one to learn how to steer and navigate. Simply use the handlebars to lean into the direction they want to move in, and your child will be on their way. The plastic wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces. An included lip on the deck helps protect your child from splashing water and mud.

This scooter offers an extra-wide deck for better stability for your child. The deck is also textured to provide traction and prevent slips and falls. The deck on this scooter sits low to the ground, so it’s easy for even the youngest children to get on and off.


  • Adjustable to suit a wide variety of heights and ages
  • Lightweight and easy to navigate
  • For use both indoors and outdoors
  • The rear foot brake offers additional safety and control


  • This scooter must be moving quickly to light up the wheels
  • The included handlebar covers can easily come off during steering

Little Tikes Learn to Turn Scooter

Little Tikes’ scooter sells itself as a scooter for beginners. Its focus is on children learning to steer and mastering their balance and coordination. It helps with this by being low to the ground and having a wide base.

The scooter has three wheels, and two of those are placed at the front to allow for easier balance. It’s also lightweight, and children won’t have any trouble carrying it around themselves—it weighs 4.91 pounds. 

You also won’t have any issues with storage, as the quick-release handle means you can easily put it away when your child has had enough for the day.

As this is a beginner scooter, it falls into the younger age range and is recommended for ages 2–4 years. 

It’s worth noting that this scooter, as is more typical with beginner scooters, isn’t meant to be steered with the handles. It has some leverage in terms of movement through weight distribution but is designed primarily to go in a straight line. This is fine for its purpose, which is to practice balance. However, if you’re looking for something that encourages maneuverability, this isn’t the one for you. 

Try, for example, the Globber Primo if maneuverability is more what you’re looking for. 

I’d definitely recommend this as a starter scooter. Your little ones can get in some good coordination lessons, which will be valuable to them when they move on to more advanced scooters. 

The scooter is a bit ‘tank-like,’ however, in that it doesn’t particularly turn. Turning by leaning isn’t the easiest thing for small children, so you’re really sticking to one direction with this. Still, if that’s not an issue for you, go right ahead and try this one out.


  • Great starting scooter
  • Excellent for teaching balance and coordination
  • Quick-release handle for simple storage
  • Three wheels for better balance
  • Wide base
  • Sturdy model
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around for children


  • Not a good scooter for steering
  • As I write this, only available in pink

Globber Primo Fantasy Lights

Not quite a starter scooter in the same way as the prior product on the list, the Globber Primo is still very much a scooter for beginners, being designed to help children who are starting to learn how to ride.

One of its best features as a beginner scooter is its steering lock button, which Globber boasts as being the only one of its kind on the market. This lock means that you can stop the scooter from turning and keep it going in a straight line. 

If, however, you do want your children to learn how to steer, simply turn the lock off, and the scooter turns with the handles. It’s very easy for a child to learn to steer this way. 

This scooter also has three wheels for better balance. On top of this, you can fold this scooter super easy with its one-second folding mechanism. It’s always a bonus to have a scooter that can be so easily packed away—if you’re anything like me, having clutter lying around is a real headache! 

Globber is a great brand to purchase from. Its scooters have won awards, and they’re always trying out new things in terms of design and quality. This makes them a pretty safe bet to buy from, and you know they’ll resolve any potential issues. 

One of the extra features that your child is most likely to enjoy is the light-up wheels. This has a double benefit: it looks and makes your child feel cool, and it also provides visibility if the daylight is a little dim. The scooter also adjusts easily to different heights for your child’s comfort and safety. 

This is a great beginner’s scooter with some nice little extras in design. So, if you want solid quality with a little kick, this is a viable option.


  • Three wheels for better balance
  • Steering lock button to lock handles in place
  • Light-up wheels for visibility and wow factor
  • Easy to use folding mechanism
  • Height-adjustable
  • Award-winning brand


  • Only available in blue
  • Back wheel isn’t super sturdy and may warp

Ybike Kids GLX Scooter

Here’s another for our very young beginner market. YBIKE’s scooter is a three-wheeled scooter aimed at small children who are struggling with balance on a scooter for the very first time. Like others of its type, the handles don’t turn; rather, movement is controlled through a function that steers through leaning, which better helps children understand their coordination.

The deck is raised and super wide, and the handlebar is curved, which allows for more room when the child is shifting their weight around. It has an easy-to-use fender foot brake, and the rear wheel is also extra wide, to ensure maximum stability. 

This scooter is recommended for children aged two to five and can handle up to 44 pounds in weight. It’s also fairly lightweight, weighing just 5.5 pounds, so it isn’t a challenge to carry it around. 

The scooter has an aluminium handlebar, rubber grips, and PU wheels, with the body being plastic. Since aluminum is lightweight, this scooter’s easy to pick up and ride. The PU wheels are softer than metal, thus providing better sound absorption. 

One of the advantages of this scooter against some of the others on this list is that it has multiple color options. Some scooters only come in gender-stereotypical colors, such as blue and pink. This scooter gives you blue, raspberry, or turquoise, so this isn’t an issue. 

I would recommend this scooter as the perfect option for toddlers. YBIKE has put a lot of thought into how this scooter can be best designed for effective balance and coordination. Consider this one if your toddler is learning to ride.


  • Multiple color options
  • Wide rear wheel for stability
  • Curved handlebar
  • Wide, raised deck surface
  • Easy-to-use fender footbrake
  • Relatively light and easy to carry


  • Not as useful for children with more advanced riding skills
  • Handlebars don’t turn

Micro Kickboard Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter

Another one of our pre-school options, with ages 2–5 in mind, this scooter also has the widest range of colors. As of writing, this scooter is available in: 

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple 
  • Yellow

So, if you have one of those children who simply MUST have their favorite color, this is an option to focus on. That’s okay, though, because this is still a pretty great scooter, even without the rainbow of colors available. 

The Micro Kickboard is a highly-rated scooter with three wheels for balance, low-to-the-ground deck, and lean-to-steer design. Like our other starter scooters, the handlebars don’t turn. Instead, they’re controlled by weight distribution. 

Compared to the other beginner options, the Micro Kickboard differentiates itself by its smooth ride. This is achieved through a flexible fiberglass reinforced deck and high-quality wheels, which together, work to absorb the bumps on the sidewalk. So this is a great scooter for children who hate those annoying rattles that come with teeny obstacles on the pavement.

As well as the wheels and deck adding to the smooth ride, it brakes through a stopper and applying pressure on the back wheel. This means a non-jerky stop. If your child is a bit sensitive or clumsy, then this is a great scooter to look at.  

Another nifty feature is the non-marking wheels. This means your child can practice inside the house without you worrying about marks on your floors.

If you’re looking for easy storage, it’s also a simple two-piece, for easy assembly and folding away.


  • Multiple colors available
  • Fiberglass-reinforced deck and high-quality wheels
  • Easy braking
  • Easy assembly
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Two-year warranty
  • Has won numerous awards


  • There have been some reports of defective products or parts. However, this can be easily remedied by contacting the manufacturer
  • Can’t take as much weight as some other options

ICode Wheel Scooter for Kids

If you’ve been scouring for a scooter for older toddlers, this is one to look at. The 2019 updated version of the ICode scooter has a three-wheel design for beginners and is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10. More specifically, it’s best for children under 5 feet tall.

For extra security, this scooter comes with extra-wide glass fiber pedals with zebra stripes for anti-slip shoe grip. It also has an anti-slip handlebar twisting lock for a better grip and superior control. 

As this scooter is designed for a wider range of ages, it makes sense that it has an easy-to-adjust handlebar. The handlebar has four positions for different heights and is adjusted through a T-bar with a secure lifting and twisting lock. 

ICode has designed this scooter to be hardy and long-lasting, with the frame made from aluminum and a carbon steel alloy. It also has a folding design so you can easily pack it away when not in use or take it on vacation with you. This is also an easy assembly option, coming in two pieces that easily click together. 

Steering is controlled through weight-shifting, like some of our other starter options, and the rear brake provides a quick stop, if needed. Do bear in mind that as this is a scooter designed for older children, it’s a bigger and heavier option than others I’ve reviewed. 

If you’re looking for a hardy scooter that can stay with your kids as they grow up, this is an excellent option.


  • Adjustable handlebar with four positions for different heights
  • Easy assembly with two pieces
  • Flashing wheels
  • Extra-wide pedals with anti-slip features
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Easy fold design for storage
  • One year after-service


  • Heavier than other options
  • As of writing, only one color is available

Den Haven Toddler Scooter

Another option for toddlers, this little and light scooter has a wide deck and three wheels that are great for beginners and nervous kids.

Although it’s generally aimed at smaller children, the scooter has an adjustable T-bar that can go from 14.5 inches to 24 inches. This means that older or just slightly taller kids can use it, too. 

This scooter also offers a bump-free ride with high-quality PU wheels that can help control vibration. A rear brake also allows for a fast and safe stop. It also has an aluminum frame for durability and can stick with you throughout the years. 

This scooter also comes with those cool light-up wheels that both make your child feel extra special and also provide valuable visibility when the daylight is going down or just coming up. I wish I had something cool like that when I was growing up.

It’s also available in two colors at the time of writing—a bright and happy pink or a more sleek and standard black. 

This is another scooter aimed at helping children with their balance and coordination. Not having to focus on turning the handle means that they can multitask and learn how to shift their weight using their center of gravity. This does mean, however, that older children who are more experienced in riding scooters may find this a bit too basic. Consider the ICode scooter, instead.

Still, if you want something small and easy to carry around—and that also folds away easily—this is a pretty sturdy purchase. It’s even pretty decent on a variety of terrains.


  • Excellent to store and travel with
  • High-quality PU wheels
  • Two colors available
  • Aluminum frame for durability
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Small and lightweight
  • T-style handlebar for easy height adjustment


  • Can’t take as much weight as other options
  • Some user feedback shows that there may be issues with parts breaking or falling off

Bringing Home The Best Scooter For Toddlers

A scooter can be a great way to get your toddler practicing crucial basic skills. Any one of these would be a great addition to your collection of toys.

If I were looking to bring one home for my kids, though, it would have to be the Skidee Scooter. I love the extra features it has to offer, like the folding seat, light-up wheels, and music.

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