Best Toddler Piano

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best toddler piano is, I’d recommend the Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand.

You may have heard of the incredible benefits music can provide your growing child. Giving your little one the opportunity to explore music through play can be a great way to encourage a love of music and help them develop on track.

In this article, I am breaking down the best pianos for toddlers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the toddler pianos I will be reviewing:

Why Choose A Toddler Piano?

Toddler pianos can be a great space-saving option for exposing your child to music. The benefits of early music exposure are numerous and include verbal, literacy, and mathematical skill-building opportunities.

Not only will your child be off to a good academic start, but they’ll also be developing a love of music. Learning to read music and play piano at a young age will make later musical instrument playing easier as well.

What To Look For In A Toddler Piano

When shopping for a toddler piano for your child, you’ll want to consider the following:

Buy the right piano for your child’s age

Choose a piano that’s suited for the age of your child. If you get a toddler piano geared toward a younger age, your child may not find it fun to play with. If you go with a piano geared toward an older child, your toddler may find it frustrating to use.

Choose the right size

Your goal here is to get your child into piano-playing. To do this successfully, you want to make sure your piano isn’t too big—or too small. This will help replicate the experience of using a larger piano, prepare them appropriately, and not result in frustration or discomfort.

Consider the features the piano comes with

Are there corresponding apps? Will your child be able to continue to use this piano as they grow, or will you need to purchase a newer one? These answers will probably influence the next consideration.

Your budget

Are you willing to spend more for a piano you don’t need to replace as quickly? Or maybe spend extra money on one that has downloadable additional content? Or would you prefer to spend less on a model you know you’ll need to upgrade in the future?

How many keys do you need

Toddler pianos can have a wide variety of keys. The more sophisticated you want your toddler to become with their piano, the more keys you should opt for. 

Where will you keep your piano

Do you need a piano that can fold away into a small space? Will you be able to leave your toddler piano set up all the time? These answers will help you choose the right toddler piano for your needs.

Getting Your Child Interested In Their New Toddler Piano

Bringing home a great toddler piano doesn’t guarantee your child will want to play it. The following tips can help get your child on board with using their new toddler piano—and ensure your child is getting the most out of their piano time:

Let your child play with the piano

Don’t become frustrated if your child’s idea of practice is much different to yours. At this age, keeping your child motivated and interested in their piano is the most important thing.

Limit distractions

Your child has a lot of things competing for their attention. Television, noise, music, and boxes full of toys can be huge distractions. Try to turn off the electronics and keep other distractions out of sight during piano time.

Be invested

Does your child want to put on dozens of shows for you every week? Do those shows involve mostly banging? Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show—it will make your child feel like their time and effort has been well spent. 

Get your child involved with other musicians

Group classes and seeing live productions can be a great way to get your child interested in their toddler piano.

My Top Toddler Piano Reviews

Let’s take a look at the products we feel are the best pianos on the market for toddlers.

Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand

If you’re looking for a classic look in your toddler piano, this Schoenhut Baby Grand Piano is a great choice. This model has 30 keys and uses traditional xylophone-style hammers to create its sound. While this is different from the traditional strings used in large pianos, it does lessen the tuning maintenance.

The piano keys are designed to encourage proper use even for small fingers and are also the same width as a traditional piano. This encourages proper technique and finger placement from the very beginning. This toddler piano is also chromatically tuned and has a 2.5-octave range.

The large range and greater number of keys means your child will be able to use this piano for quite a while—even as their skills grow.

This grand piano is also equipped with Schoenhut’s learning system. This  system is based on a play-by-color learning approach to help your child learn to play piano. This learning system helps give your child immediate positive feedback and encourages a good experience while learning a new skill.

This color-coded strip can be later transferred to a full sized piano, to help the transition go smoothly for your child. A songbook is included with the grand piano, to get your child learning right away. This songbook utilizes the learning system and will have your child playing performances in no time. The unit also comes with a matching piano bench.

This piano is suitable for children ages 3 years and up. The bench sits low to the ground and is quite sturdy, even for growing children.


  • Very attractive and high quality
  • Looks just like a miniature full-size piano
  • Encourages appropriate technique and finger placement from the start
  • Safety certified
  • This 30-key piano will suit your child for a longer period of time


  • Although it looks realistic, the sound is more toy-like
  • Requires tuning
  • Not compatible with apps or tech-based learning programs
  • Piano has a strong odor when first unpacked and assembled

Best Choice Products 37-Key Kids Piano

This is one of the best toddler pianos that will really catch your child’s attention and encourage play. Your toddler will get to use the 37 keys and practice finger and hand technique. They’ll also have the option to work with a little sound studio.

The larger number of keys means your child will be able to use this for quite some time before outgrowing its capabilities. This sound studio is also a great way to get them thinking about music as a larger concept. They can choose from eight different musical instrument sounds, including piano, trumpet, and violin.

In addition to the different musical instrument sounds, your toddler will also be able to choose different rhythm types to play along with. Their understanding of music will grow as they experiment with rhythm types. Eight different rhythms include slow rock, blues, and disco.

In addition to these musical choices, there are also options for different drum sounds and even fun animal sounds. Your toddler will be able to create music that they can listen to over and over again with the play and record option. You can also use the AUX connection to introduce other beats.

A built-in microphone means you need less additional equipment for your child’s recordings. A playing stool is included in this set and helps create the feeling your child really is in a recording studio. This unit is suitable for children ages 3 years old and up.


  • Tons of options to help catch and keep your toddler interested in making music
  • A high-tech option that includes a built-in recording feature
  • Safety certified
  • The stool height is adjustable to custom-fit your child


  • The keyboard only sits in the stand and does not firmly attach—it could be easy to knock over and damage
  • The built in microphone and speaker are quite close to each other, which can cause feedback

Schoenhut My First Piano

This toddler piano is a great first piano for your little one. It offers 25 keys and comes with the standard tri-play learning system Schoenhut is known for using. This system uses a color code to help your child learn to play piano.

The color code adheres to the piano and can be removed and transferred to a new piano as your child’s skills develop.

Like its larger Schoenhut toddler piano counterparts, this toy piano has keys that mimic a large-scale piano. This encourages your child to learn how to stretch their fingers early on and can help make the transition to full sized pianos easier and more successful.

The unit is chromatically tuned and uses hammers to elicit sound. The music has a charming, chime-like quality to it and this style is easy to maintain and keep in tune. While it’s not the same sound you’ll get with a full-size piano, it’s sweet and has a nostalgic childhood quality to it.

This toddler piano also comes with a songbook full of easy-to-learn and recognizable songs. It’s compatible with the color-coded learning system and will have your child making music in no time at all.

This piano is recommended for children 3 years of age and up. It’s available in multiple colors and meets safety standards. Lightweight and easy to move, it’s on the small side, so it can be a good option for a more petite child.


  • This toddler piano is made from wood, feels substantial, and is durable
  • The realistic look and width of the piano keys make this a great teaching piano
  • Choice of colors
  • Meets safety standards


  • It’s quite small and likely to be outgrown pretty quickly
  • Not freestanding, it needs to be placed on a tabletop
  • The keys can be quite stiff and hard to generate a sound

Melissa And Doug Color Coded Piano

Over the past 25 years, Melissa and Doug products have become well-known in the toy industry. Their toys are consistently high in quality and are geared towards creative play and developmental growth.

This toy is no different—the toddler piano has 25 keys and offers a full 2 octaves of range. It comes with a songbook that features nine different childhood classics. Their repetitive nature makes these easy to learn and encourages muscle memory.

This toy piano is made from wood and has a sturdy, durable construction. The keys are labeled by letter as well as color to help your child learn to play piano more easily. No bench is included with this piano. It is not overly tall and playing it while sitting on the floor will likely be the best way to use it.

This model is recommended for children 3 years old and up. It includes a satisfaction guarantee, and returns are hassle-free. The piano is attractive and realistic. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to move around.

Being low-set to the ground, this toddler piano is not likely to tip over, even if it’s pulled on. It’s also compact enough that it’s easy to store, even if space is at a premium. This piano looks and sounds like a real piano.


  • It’s small and easy to store
  • This piano has an attractive and realistic design
  • Durable and safe wood construction


  • This piano can become out of tune easily and is difficult to retune
  • Poor sound quality
  • The label that identifies the keys is easy to remove

VTech Record And Learn KidiStudio

This is a high-tech option for a toddler piano. It’s fun and vibrantly colored—a great eye-catching toy to catch and keep your child’s interest.

It offers your child the opportunity to learn to play the piano while also providing a recording option. This is a great way for your child to get feedback from their time with the piano. It also offers them another way to share their work.

This mini recording studio includes a real microphone and a voice changer. It also comes equipped with a variety of sound options, including drums, a whammy bar, and a scratch disk.

Multiple notes can be played at one time to create a true chord sound and experience. While this is an electric-style toy piano and doesn’t sound the same as a large instrument, it is a great learning aid for young children.

In addition, your child will have access to more than 40 different sound effects and songs. The keyboard lights up to help your child better learn to play along with different rhythms and tempos.

This keyboard piano is suited for children 3–6 years of age and runs on AA batteries. It’s equipped with a battery-saving feature where it turns itself off after a few minutes of not being used. While this is great for extending battery life, it may be frustrating for younger children who are still learning to operate a power button.


  • Small, lightweight and easy to store
  • Many playing options to keep your child interested in making their own music
  • A light-up keyboard feature that helps guide your child through playing


  • Several mechanical components to this piece that can break with rough play
  • A small delay between action and sound means you can’t play notes in quick succession
  • Short battery life

Prextex Toy Piano Keyboard for Kids

For the little Mozart in your life, this colorful piano is wonderful and functional. The 37-key piano comes with a microphone, a stool to sit on, a stand for the piano, and animals that dance while your child plays. Thankfully, the volume is adjustable, so you can turn it down when necessary.

Another feature that’s loads of fun is that it’s equipped with a variety of sounds, including Guitar, Organ, Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Harp, and Music Box. Plus there are rhythms like Rock, Slow Rock, Twist, Disco, March, Waltz, Swing, and Tango. 

Your child will learn to play the piano with 22 songs to practice with, that have easy to follow light-up buttons. These light-up buttons make learning super simple, and your child will be playing songs on their own in no time. There’s also an option to record music, so you can record your little Mozart’s best songs and play them back for your friends and family! 

The dancing animals will keep your child entertained and engaged while learning, and they’ll sit and enjoy the experience without having lots of other things to get distracted about. At times, the animals can seem quite loud, so it’s an option to turn them off so you can hear the genius sounds that your child makes with their piano.  

One of the best things about this toy piano is that it’s super easy to put together. Sometimes, items aren’t adult-friendly and intuitive, but you won’t have any problem putting this little piano together.

The box says it’s suitable for ages 3 and above, but 2-year-olds can fit on the sturdy seat perfectly, and the height is great for toddlers and bigger ones.


  • Dancing animals keep your child entertained
  • Light-up buttons for easy learning
  • Easy assembly
  • A number of sounds, rhythms, and practice songs
  • Includes working microphone


  • No volume control on mic
  • Animals can be quite loud, but you can turn them off

Costzon 37-Key Electronic Keyboard and Drum Musical for Kids

Amazing value for money, this piano/drum set will have your child feeling like a star! I love the pink color, and the legs light up, which is great because you’ll know when your little one has left it on.

This cute little set doesn’t come with a stool, but that’s made better by the fact that the piano has a great sound. It’s made of safe, non-toxic plastic, and a wonderful plus is that it’s also made with environmentally-friendly materials, which is great because we can teach our little ones about protecting the environment as well.  

Let’s talk about all the goodies that this great little set-up has. The piano has 37 keys, eight musical instruments, and eight rhythms to play around with. The included drums are all in different colors, and you can plug your phone or computer into the MP3 player.  

This kit also has a two-way power supply so you can charge and play or use batteries. This way, you have the option to put it outside on the porch for your kids to get vitamin D from the sun and brain stimulation for their creativity. 

For your aspiring singer, there’s also a microphone that has great sound and a recording system. This one-man-band machine has it all. 

With 22 songs and a three-way teaching function, your little ones will be enthralled with this piano/drum set. A great way to keep your children entertained for hours, they will learn to play music, practice hand-eye coordination, and you can also get involved in the fun by recording music with them. 

The best things about this piano are the crisp and clean sound, easy assembly, and great price!


  • Crisp sound for a small piano
  • Great price and value in this product
  • Made with non-toxic, environmentally safe materials
  • Two-way power supply safe for children who put their mouth on microphone
  • Drums and microphone included


  • Stool not included
  • Legs light up at all times which can be distracting for parents

Best Choice Products 37-Key Kids Electronic Musical Instrument

Watch your child’s happy face when they dig their little hands into this electronic keyboard. This interactive piano lights up as they play, while your child’s face lights up with the joy they’ll receive creating music.

This toy piano also has eight different musical instruments and eight different rhythms. I love the fact that it only weighs 4.6 pounds, which is perfect for your child to carry around from room to room. They probably will do this because it will definitely become a favorite toy.  

The sound is really great, and it comes with a small adjustable stool that seems sturdy enough. It may not be sturdy for bigger kids, but it definitely holds up to 40 pounds. 

For added fun when playing, there are the usual rhythms (eight including samba and disco), plus various sound controls, such as five different drum beats. Included in the sound controls, which you don’t often see in toddler pianos, is animal sounds (frog, dog, cat, and bird) which I know my little one would love. 

Another fun feature is the microphone to record and playback music. The electronic keyboard is battery operated, so if your child puts the mic in his mouth as mine does, then they won’t be electrocuted. Plus, it’s always ready to go—if you have good batteries in it. 

Overall this Best Choice product is great, and it comes in two color choices of blue and pink. The sound quality is very good, and it’s sturdy enough to take a lot of abuse from a rough 3-year-old. This piano is colorful and playful, and the lights are an added bonus learning technique.


  • Interactive piano, which lights up while learning
  • Great record function and playback
  • Sturdy for toddlers and long-lasting


  • Microphone and electronic keyboard are a bit close and can cause feedback issues
  • Keyboard doesn’t sit in the stand easily and will at times feel insecure

Goplus Classical Kids Piano With Bench

A mini grand piano for your mini-me. What’s not to like? This design from Goplus adorable.

Your child will no doubt fall in love with this piano. It’s not like the plastic, electronic toddler pianos. Although this is electronic, so you don’t have to tune it, it’s a real piano made out of MDF (medium-density fibreboard), and birchwood legs. The set-up comes with a matching hardwood bench and a music holder.  

This grand piano has 30 keys, just like a regular piano, and the length and width of the keys are perfect for smaller hands. These make it easy for your little one to play and comfortable for toddlers and older children as well.  

The main feature that I like is the design of the piano. It has a very shiny, almost mirror-like quality, and the hinged top opens easily and safely. The music actually sounds louder with the lid open, and it looks so professional when you prop it up that way. It’s painted with environmentally friendly paint, which is non-toxic, and an added benefit is that the paint is harmless to little ones. 

This piano comes in sleek black and fun Barbie pink, because who doesn’t want a pink baby grand piano? Your little one will cherish this beautiful grand piano, and you can sit together with them and play for hours (that is, if you are musically inclined).  

Whether for your toddler or your older children (up to 7 years), this piano will grow with them and bring them years of music and joy. I would place it in my living room as a piece of cute art, plus my little one could entertain guests with new tunes.


  • Beautiful and realistic design just like a grand piano
  • Sturdy construction and made with real wood
  • No tuning required
  • Safe, non-toxic paint
  • Lasts from toddlerhood up to 7 years


  • Has a bell toy sound and not a real piano sound
  • Can be out of tune at times

Amy & Benton Toy Piano

A wonderful baby and toddler piano, you’ll be really impressed with the sound quality.  This model from Amy & Benton has an excellent tone for a very affordable price.

This toy piano has so many features packed in its small frame; you’ll wonder how it’s possible. One of the best things about it is that it’s completely portable and sturdy so your baby or toddler can drag it all around the house, and play it anywhere. 

The piano comes equipped with 24 keys. The small size of the keys makes it perfect for your toddler’s tiny fingers, and will help them to learn proper finger placement. 

The piano is loaded with eight percussion instruments which include cymbal, high note, snare drum, bass drum, and four other sounds, which can be accessed through the “drum change” button. In addition, there are four rhythms, which include Piano, Music Box, Disco, and Tango, as well as an MP3 player. 

This battery-powered, energy-saving piano is pre-loaded with 22 songs to practice with. The multi-angle adjustable microphone has great sound, and there is a record function as well. One of the best things about this piano is the “considerate mode” for babies and toddlers, which corrects the mistakes of a child playing the keys.  

I also love the table-legs, which make it suitable to put on any flat surface. The fact that it’s raised is perfect in case your child is drinking anything while playing, and the piano will not get damaged because of spilled liquids.  

Overall this small little piano is a wonderful toy to teach your child about music and hand coordination. The included microphone may encourage them to be a fabulous singer one day.


  • Small and portable for easy storage
  • Realistic sound quality
  • Small keys perfect for small hands
  • “Considerate Mode” makes learning easy


  • Does not come with a stool
  • On the small side of the scale so best for toddlers, older children might find it too small

Bringing Home The Right Toddler Piano For Your Child

A good toddler piano can make all the difference when it comes to getting your toddler interested in playing the piano. If I had to choose only one piano from our list, it would be the Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand.

The number of keys means it will be used for a longer length of time, so you won’t need to replace it for a while. It can also help your child feel more invested in learning how to play their instrument. After all, they’ll be playing a piano that looks just like the real thing.

If you want a product with more features, the Best Choice Products Kids Piano is a close runner-up and will also provide many hours of fun and entertainment.

Although all these products have a recommended minimum age of 3 years, this is due to small internal parts. Most of these great musical toys can be enjoyed from a much earlier age, with adult supervision.

Howard is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice. When he isn't spending time with his wife, Kristin, or his two children, he can often be found running around on the tennis court.