Best Music Player for Kids (2023)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best music player for kids is, I’d recommend the Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids.

Encourage your child’s love of music early in life by investing in a portable, handheld way for them to listen to their favorite tunes. The best music player for kids offers ample music storage, easy playback, and kid-friendly, durable designs. If you live in a noisy house like mine, another important feature is headphones, which allow your youngster to listen to their favorite music without making the entire house listen to them, too.

Here are the music players for kids I will be reviewing:

My Kids’ Music Player Reviews

We’ve scoured the market for music players, and included reviews of our favorite ones below.

eKids Portable Mother Goose Club Bluetooth Sing Along Portable MP3 Player

The eKids Portable Mother Goose Club Bluetooth Sing Along Portable MP3 Player is a fun, easy-to-operate MP3 player perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. If your youngster is a fan of the Mother Goose Club, they’ll be delighted to hear the 24 built-in songs from the kid-favorite Mother Goose Club. Its song library includes some nursery rhyme favorites like If You’re Happy and You Know It, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Bingo.

Parents are equally pleased because this portable MP3 player features a simple interface with colorful buttons that preschoolers can learn to use. It also has a built-in microphone that allows your child to sing alone to favorite tunes. A separate volume control on the microphone means you might end up hearing some seriously loud singing, but you can adjust down with the push of a button.

Although the built-in songs might be your child’s favorite, you can add up to 1 GB of additional music storage. Connect this music player to another device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone using the USB cable to add even more kid-friendly music. It also has a Bluetooth streaming capability, though you might deal with some troubleshooting issues while getting it set up. Another nice feature? The headphone jack that allows your youngster to listen to their music without disturbing the rest of the family.


  • Can store up to 16 hours of music for kids’ enjoyment
  • Built-in microphone allows kids to sing along


  • Sound quality might not be sufficient for adults, but it works for kids
  • Setting up Bluetooth compatibility can be challenging

VTech Rock and Bop Music Player

The VTech Rock and Bop Music Player delivers music, games, and fun for youngsters. This music player is well designed for kids ages 3 to 6, especially those who are willing to wear the included headphones, which will spare Mom and Dad from the extra noise. This handheld music player includes dozens of built-in songs that kids can listen, dance, and sing along to.

However, music isn’t all the Rock and Bop Music Player offers. If you have a curious kid, they’ll love the different ways they can use this player. It also includes 10 games, which are both educational and fun. Kids can practice their letters and numbers, listen to different musical instruments, and work on telling time, all with the help of these games. This music player also includes an Instrument Remix mode that allows kids to change instrument melodies, choosing from piano, saxophone, violin, guitar, and more.

The headphones are designed to fit a preschooler’s head, and they include soft pads for their comfort. They also limit the volume so that your little one isn’t listening to the music too loud. However, they aren’t especially durable, so if you have a child who’s rough on toys, keep a careful eye on the headphones. This music player features colorful, easy-to-push buttons that even youngsters can use. As a result, you can trust that your little one can operate this music player on their own.


  • Educational games built into the music player
  • Can be used with or without the included headphones


  • Headphone noise control makes volume too quiet for some kids
  • Black-and-white screen feels outdated

Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids

The Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids is a handheld device that lets kids enjoy favorite songs in a number of ways. It includes an FM radio, and it can be connected to a computer or smartphone to add MP3 files to it for easy playback. It also includes Bluetooth 5.0 functionality, which means your child can share favorite songs with the family using Bluetooth speakers or your car’s Bluetooth. Be prepared for a bit of troubleshooting when it comes to pairing your devices.

This music player comes with a rechargeable battery, which means you don’t have to spend extra money replacing batteries. Instead, you can charge the battery in just 2 to 3 hours. Then, your child will enjoy a long battery life until the next charge because this MP3 player can last for up to 30 hours. The rest of the family might not always want to hear every song, but fortunately, this MP3 player works well with wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones. 

The Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids features an adorable bunny design that kids will love. As the music plays, the bunny’s LED ears light up. The screen boasts colorful graphics that really engage kids. Plus, it’s crafted of sturdy silicone, which makes it soft yet durable. Kids will quickly be able to manipulate the seven soft-touch buttons so that they can play their music. Finally, this MP3 player is equipped with other functions kids will love, including voice recording, e-book reading, and interactive games.


  • Interactive screen has vibrant graphics that kids will love
  • Built-in wristband makes it easy for kids to carry it around.


  • Bluetooth functionality can be challenging to set up
  • Kids might accidentally hit the lock button, which can inhibit its functionality

Jooki Music and Story Player for Kids

The Jooki Music and Story Player for Kids is an investment, but it’s a music player that your child will love. This music player uses toy touch technology, which gives kids some control over the device and parents control of other elements. This music player comes with four toy characters. Each one is linked to a different playlist. When your child picks up the toy and touches it to the Jooki player, then the appropriate playlist plays. Meanwhile, you control what’s on each playlist, and you control the volume, too.

Creating customizable playlists makes this music player especially useful. You can create certain playlists for playtime and others for bedtime, which can help lull your little one to sleep. You can also upload your kids’ favorite audiobooks, giving them some screen-free quiet time that gives Mom and Dad a break, too. 

The only major drawback of this music player is that it takes a bit to boot up, which might leave little kids frustrated if they want to hear their music quickly. However, once it does start playing, your child will be delighted by the personalized playlists and the oh-so-cute toys that come with––not just to play with, but to also operate the device. Parents can add music from iTunes to the playlists to enhance their child’s music library.


  • Customizable playlists are easy to update, allowing this music player to grow with your kids
  • Included toys allow children as young as around 18 months to be able to choose playlists and change songs


  • Higher price point than other music players in this category
  • Limited built-in storage requires purchase of a memory card

AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

Whether your child wants to listen to a personalized playlist or enjoys listening to a lullaby before bed, the AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids offers these functions and so much more. This MP3 player can connect to wireless headphones or speakers using Bluetooth technology, which allows your child to play music in a variety of ways. You can also connect the music player to your computer to upload songs to your child’s music library. While this functionality certainly works, it may take you some time to figure out how to use it and transfer songs.

The AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids is a durable device well suited for youngsters. It’s small and lightweight, which means that your child will have no trouble transporting it. It comes with a lanyard that you can attach to the music player, which makes it even more portable. Older kids might enjoy wearing it on their wrist. Parents can use the lanyard to attach it to the baby’s crib or stroller, providing soothing tunes while they’re sleeping or strolling. 

This MP3 player has some other child-friendly features as well. Parents can put a limit on the volume, which can minimize any headaches you (or your child) may get by listening to music that’s too loud. This music player is also equipped with an alarm clock, FM radio, and e-book audio recording capability. Its portable design makes it perfect for travel, whether you’re toting your family across town or across the country. They’ll always have music they love on hand.


  • Large storage capacity of 8GB, which allows this music player to store up to 4,000 sounds
  • Bluetooth capability allows it to sync to wireless headphones or speakers


  • Uploading songs can be time consuming
  • Both colors, pink and blue, feature a unicorn, which might deter kids who aren’t unicorn fans

Riptunes CD Player Portable Boombox

The Riptunes CD Player Portable Boombox might look like an old-school style boombox, but it has some modern features that kids and parents alike will love. This sturdy boombox comes in four colors: pink, blue, black, and silver, which makes it easy to find one that your child will love. No matter the color you choose, you and your child will enjoy several key features.

First, your child can play music in a number of different ways. They can pair the boombox to any Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone and stream music from that device. You can also connect it directly to the boombox using a USB cable. It also includes a built-in AM/FM radio. Or, your child can try out some of your favorite CDs on this boombox as well.

Consider this Riptunes boombox a good music option for the child who wants to listen to favorite songs in one place. While it does have a built-in handle, it’s a bit more cumbersome to tote around than other sleeker MP3 players. However, if your child wants access to a standalone music player in their bedroom, this boombox is a good choice. 

Another user-friendly feature is that you can operate this boombox with both battery and AC/DC power. Battery power means that your child can bring the music player outside or even travel with it. On the other hand, using AC/DC power in your child’s bedroom reserves battery life for times when you need it. As a result, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on replacement batteries.


  • Available in four colors that kids will love
  • Plays CDs, which is unique in today’s digital age


  • CDs don’t always play properly and can sometimes cut off and require restarting
  • USB cable isn’t included, so you’ll have to use one you already have

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player

For the kid who is always on the move––and let’s face it, what kid isn’t?––the SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player is a great option. This MP3 player features a super sleek design, making it lightweight and easy for youngsters to tote around. Plus, the clip feature means that your child can clip this player onto their waistband or backpack, which means they can take their favorite tunes with them.

Some music players play only MP3s, but this player supports a variety of audio formats. As a result, you’ll have no trouble loading your kid’s favorite songs to this MP3 player. Choose from MP3, WAV, and even Audible files that your kids can listen to. 

The SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player is designed for on-the-go listening with the included earphones. The good news is that means the rest of the family doesn’t have to listen to your kid’s music. The even better news for your kid? This MP3 player delivers crisp, clear audio that they can play as loud as they want. 

Even though this music player holds plenty of songs––up to 2,000––you can even add more. This MP3 player supports a microSD card, which allows you to add even more storage. However, you’ll have to buy this on your own and slip it in the slot. This MP3 player also includes an FM radio, giving your child even more music options.


  • Available with two storage options: 8GB and 16GB
  • 18-hour battery life


  • Headphones aren’t great quality, so you might want to update with a better style
  • microSD card not included, so you’ll have to purchase your own to upgrade storage

Auna Roadie Kids Portable Boombox

Give your child a musical gift with the Auna Roadie Kids Portable Boombox. Perfect for positioning on your child’s dresser, desk, or nightstand, this music player enhances your child’s room and keeps their favorite songs only within reach. Plus, it’s packed with kid-friendly features that make it easy to operate and enjoy.

This boombox’s unique––and perhaps defining––feature is its LED light features. Kids, especially young ones, will be delighted by the built-in multicolor LED lights that change to the beat of the music, adding a fun element to music playback. Let your child dim the lights and create a dance party in their room.

The Auna Roadie Kids Portable Boombox delivers music in three ways. It has Bluetooth-streaming capability, so your child can pair it with your smartphone or another device to enjoy their favorite tunes. Or, they can switch to FM radio for some live tunes, or pop in a CD. Finally, this boombox also connects to MP3 players via a USB port for even more music-streaming options.

This boombox truly is perfectly portable as well. It has a lightweight design and built-in handle for simple transport. Use batteries when you’re taking it outdoors or when you’re traveling. Then, plug it in when it’s set up in the house. Some users find the boombox works better when it’s plugged in, so choose a style that works best for you.


  • LED lights play along to the music
  • Has a memory list for up to 20 of your kid’s favorite songs


  • Uses 6 C batteries, which are not included
  • You search for radio stations using a dial, not digitally, which can be harder for kids to adapt to

VZ Sport Mate MP3 Music Player

Let your kid take their favorite music anywhere with the super portable VZ Sport Mate MP3 Music Player. This sleek, compact music player weighs just half an ounce, which makes it simple for kids to tote around. But, if you have a child who tends to lose things, this music player’s petite size might be problematic. So, choose it only if your child is responsible enough not to lose this small digital device.

The VZ Sport Mate MP3 Music Player makes listening to music simple. It offers 8GB of music storage. Plus, you can add a 128GB memory card for even more storage, if you need it. For most kids, the 8GB storage will be plenty. This device is simple for elementary-aged kids to navigate. It features three silicone buttons on the front: forward, back, and play/pause. While it doesn’t offer any light-up or singalong features that toddlers and preschoolers might enjoy, this MP3 music player is a good option for an older kid who wants something a bit more mature without making an investment in an iPod.

This music player can clip onto clothes, a backpack, or even your stroller so that you can enjoy some mobile tunes as you walk. It comes in five color combinations. The built-in rechargeable battery saves you money on batteries, and it takes just 2 hours to fully charge. It comes with a pair of headphones, too, which parents are sure to appreciate.


  • Sleek design includes a clip that attaches to clothing or backpacks, which keeps it safe and secure
  • Ample storage space and opportunity to add storage means kids have plenty of music to enjoy


  • Small design isn’t well suited for kids who tend to lose items
  • Included headphones aren’t the best quality, so you might want to upgrade them

RUIZU Ultra Slim Music Player

Apple’s iPod might be considered the ultimate music player, but most parents don’t want to fork over a couple hundred dollars for a music player for their kids. The RUIZU Ultra Slim Music Player offers the sleek look of the Apple model at a much lower price point. This device is perfectly portable, making it well suited for kids who are always on the go.

Overall, the RUIZU Ultra Slim Music Player delivers impressive sound quality for a small, reasonably priced device. It comes with headphones, which gives kids a private listening experience. This device delivers plenty of music storage. Both 8GB and 16GB styles are available. Unless your child is a serious music lover, the 8GB storage should offer plenty of musical variety, offering space for about 2,000 songs. Plus, you can enhance this music player with a 128GB TEF card for even more storage.

This handheld music player features a digital, color screen that is easy for kids to read. It comes with a rechargeable battery, which can fully charge in just a couple of hours. Once it’s charged, you’ll enjoy up to 70 hours of music playback. So, your child won’t have to worry about charging this music player every day. This music player comes in five colors––black, white, blue, red, and rose gold––giving you plenty of choices when picking the right gift for your child. Consider this style if you’re shopping for an elementary-aged child or older who is capable of safely storing small electronics.


  • Long battery life and rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 30 grams


  • Transferring music files onto the device isn’t always intuitive and might require some troubleshooting
  • Keypad can lock and stop you from changing songs if you aren’t paying attention

What Are the Advantages of Listening to Music?

When you have a toddler running around the house, their version of music might be banging toys together and giving Mom and Dad a headache. Make some better music by introducing your children to music at a young age. The right music can soothe an unhappy child or encourage movement and dancing. Whenever my kids seem a little down, the first place I turn is music. Research also indicates that music can positively impact your child’s brain in a number of ways.

Think about some of the songs that children listen to at a young age. The Hokey Pokey, for example, helps teach them their right and left. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes introduces them to their body parts. Songs encourage kids to clap, jump, and spin. As children engage with the music they’re listening to, they can improve their coordination, learning to dance, sing, and move simultaneously, all while listening to the music. If they have a favorite song, you’ll probably find that they quickly learn the words to it so that they can sing along. This memorization aids their cognitive development. Plus, kids learn to pay attention as they listen to music, follow along to instructions, and sing along.

How to Shop for a Kid-Friendly Music Player

There’s no doubt that music is a beneficial addition to your child’s life, so finding a kid-friendly music player will be a welcome addition to your home. You might be unsure of where to begin your search for the right music player since there are so many on the market. Consider these factors when choosing the best MP3 player for kids.

Child’s Age

Kids’ music players come in an array of styles, with some designed for toddlers and preschoolers and others suitable for older kids. So, shop with your child’s age in mind. Music players for youngsters are usually built of durable plastic, which allows them to tote them around with ease. Some include built-in karaoke microphones so your kid can listen and sing along. In addition to a built-in song library, often featuring nursery rhymes, these music players can also include games or lights for added fun.

Music players for older kids look much like an MP3 player that Mom or Dad might use. They feature sleek designs, ample music storage, and included headphones for a private listening experience. Kids can build their music library even more by adding memory cards to these music players. The music players that are well suited for older kids, elementary school and higher, are more portable since these kids might want to bring them along when they’re playing outside or traveling.

Music Storage

Music libraries vary widely when you compare kids’ music players. Some styles, particularly those for youngsters, include built-in libraries featuring popular kids’ tunes. Some styles include AM/FM radios and even CD players. Others allow you to pair the player to Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones to stream music. You can also add music directly to the MP3 player from your computer or phone using a USB cord. So, when choosing the right music player for your child, consider what type of music you want to listen to.

Power Options

Another key difference between these music players is how they gain power. Some are battery powered, meaning they operate on batteries that you replace when they die. This is going to be your most expensive option because there’s an ongoing cost. Others use rechargeable batteries and come with chargers, which means you’ll never have to invest in new batteries. Larger music players like boomboxes plug into outlets and work on battery power too, giving you multiple options when it comes to using your music player.

Precautions When Listening to Music

Your only concern when purchasing a kids’ music player is that your youngster might listen to the music too loud. Music can have negative effects like tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ear that persists if music is too loud. Fortunately, many of these music players have a volume limit so that the music can’t reach dangerously loud levels. 

If your child is using a music player with speakers, you’ll be able to monitor the volume level––and trust me, you’ll know when it’s too loud. However, you will have more trouble tracking volume if they’re wearing headphones, so set some ground rules for music. Talk to your youngster about what an appropriate volume level is so that they don’t experience any negative side effects––and so that you don’t get a headache, too.

My Music Player for Kids Reviews

We’ve scoured the market for music players, and included reviews of our favorite ones


The Wiwoo Bluetooth MP3 Player for Kids is our choice for the top music player for kids in this category. Its kid-friendly design engages youngsters, with a vibrant screen and LED light accents. You can pair it with different devices to build your music library, and it includes those all-important headphones that parents will appreciate. Plus, it has plenty of additional features like games and e-reading capability, which means it’s the standout music player in this collection.

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