Best Twin Bed for Toddlers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best twin bed for toddlers is, I’d recommend the Max and Lily Twin Bed.

Is your child ready to move out of their crib and into a twin bed of their own? If you find you’re in the market for a new bed, start here. We’ve searched through to find the best twin bed for toddlers and we’re ready to share our favorites with you.

In this article, I am breaking down the best twin beds for toddlers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the toddler twin beds I will be reviewing:

When Is The Right Time To Move Your Child To A Twin Bed?

It’s true that time flies when you have a little one. Before you know it, they’re ready to move out of the crib and into a bed of their own. You’ll know it’s time to consider a twin bed for your little one when:

  • Your child is trying to climb out of their crib: It can be scary to leave the confines of the crib, but at some point, it becomes the safest option. If your child is regularly trying (or succeeding!) to leave the crib, you should consider additional toddler-proofing and an actual bed. 
  • Someone else is moving in: Many families have children close together and plan on using the same crib. If you have a new bundle of joy on the way, you may want to consider moving your current crib-sleeper to a bed.
  • Your child expresses interest in a bed: If you have a child who is excited about the opportunity to move into a real bed, you may want to capitalize on it. If you wait until the moment is right for you, you may miss the window for a cooperative toddler. 

How To Make The Transition To A Twin Bed

Moving into a twin bed is a big deal. You can help make the transition a little easier with these tips:

  • Remove the crib and replace with the twin bed: Leaving the crib in place can make the transition more difficult. Putting the twin bed directly where the crib had been can have your child make an easy sleep-time association with the new bed.
  • Consider bedding carefully: If your child is younger, you may have the best results with using their current favorite bedding. For instance, do they have a toddler pillow or sleeping bag that they love? If your child is a little older, have them help pick out their bedding or choose some with their favorite themes. This can be a great way to build excitement about the transition.

My Top Toddler Twin Bed Reviews

I have reviewed my top twin beds for toddlers below. I’ve also picked my personal favorite. However, any one of these beds would make a great choice. So, if one of the others on the list suits you tastes better, by all means go with it!

Max And Lily Twin Bed

If you’re looking for a sweet and unobtrusive twin bed that sits close to the ground, this may be what you’re looking for. This bed is available in natural, white, grey, and espresso to suit your child’s room.

This bed sits just 20 inches from the floor. Though there are no bed rails included, you could add separately purchased ones for additional safety. This bed is also designed to be compatible with a top bunk option. If you’re looking for a bed your child (or children) can grow into, this one can be a great option.

In addition to the possibility of adding a top bunk, this bed also features a trundle mattress. The mattress slides out from under the bed when needed. Then, it can simply be pushed back in when it’s no longer needed. The pulls for the trundle are wide set, making it difficult for a child to pull out alone. The slots for pulling are designed to avoid finger pinching as well.

This bed is made out of New Zealand pine. It’s sturdy and durable and finished with low-VOC paint. Wooden slats and a metal support bar allow this bed to support up to 400 pounds of weight.

This unit does not require a box spring and accommodates a standard twin mattress. The overall measurements of this bed are 80 inches long by 43 inches wide by 37 inches tall (at the tallest point of the headboard).

This product does require assembly. All required hardware is included. As this is a heavy piece made of solid wood, plan on having two people move and assemble it after delivery.


  • Sits low to the floor
  • Offers room for an additional sleeper with a second trundle mattress
  • Can be outfitted with a top bed to create a bunk bed when needed
  • Does not require the use of a box spring


  • The finish on this bed has a strong odor—plan on letting it air out for a few days before assembly and out of your child’s sleeping space
  • Assembly is time-consuming

Sauder Shoal Creek Mate’s Twin Bed

This twin bed is one that offers storage. If you’re working with limited space or you’re looking to keep tipping hazards to a minimum, this may work for you. Two large drawers pull out from the base along the length of the bed. Dividers inside each drawer help keep clothing or linens neat and organized.

This bed is available in three different colors—soft white, jamocha wood, and diamond ash wood—to suit your nursery set up. A 5-year limited warranty is included with purchase. This bed sits low to the ground, so even if your child rolls off the bed they won’t be falling far. Though a toddler bed rail is not included with this bed, a separately purchased bed rail can easily be added.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a twin bed that will grow with your child. While it’s a great choice for a young child, it can easily be dressed up with different bedding as your child ages. With the right accessories, this bed can prove to be a good fit for your little one throughout their childhood—and into their teenage years.

This unit measures approximately 40 inches deep, 77 inches long, and 15.5 inches tall. No box spring is required and this bed is mattress-ready. Assembly is required with this bed. This is a heavy piece, with the shipping weight coming in at 139 pounds. You’ll need to plan on having two people to move and assemble the bed once it arrives.


  • A great option for a long term bed
  • Space-saving design that provides storage
  • A high weight limit your child won’t outgrow


  • Assembly is involved and time-consuming
  • This unit may have a strong odor initially due to the finishing process—expect to have it air out before using it

Donco Kids Twin Tent Bed

This lofted bed features a built-in ladder and a slide. It also has a guard rail along all four sides with openings near the ladder and slide. You’ll be able to position the bed in your child’s room how it best fits without worrying about your child falling.

To add more fun to this bed, an included tent ties on to the frame. This creates a play space beneath the lofted portion of the bed. If your child is still too young to sleep on the loft, you can always opt to place the mattress on the floor instead. This gives your child a great, secret hideaway within the tent. 

You may opt to remove the slide if your child isn’t ready to climb the ladder or sleep on the top bunk. If this is the case, you can choose to assemble the bed so the openings face a wall in your room. Until your child is ready to use the loft space, you may choose to use this space for additional storage. You can also use one mattress on the lofted portion and one underneath to sleep two children.

This bed comes with slats and is mattress-ready. Assembly is required and the product is quite heavy, weighing in at 81 pounds, so you’ll want to make sure there are two people to move it to its final location and to complete assembly. The final dimensions of this bed are 43 inches tall, 78 inches long, and 42 inches wide.


  • A great choice for multiple children
  • Can be set up in a variety of ways to suit your child and your space best
  • Can support up to 250 pounds


  • Assembly is complicated and time-consuming
  • The tent attaches to the bed with velcro—you may need to add additional velcro strips to keep the tent in place during rough play

Delta Upholstered Twin Bed

If you’ve been looking for a great bed for your superhero-loving child, this may be the perfect bed for you. This unit sits low to the ground, which helps prevent injury if your new bed-sleeper should roll off. It’s also upholstered and has a little bit of cushioning to protect restless sleepers.

Batman, The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all featured prominently on both the headboard and footboard. Blue, black, red, and yellow round out the color scheme—and make your child feel like they’re one of the Justice League members.

The bed is made out of wood and faux leather. The leatherette used is vibrantly colored and easy to clean by just wiping it down with water. The detailed footboard has raised applique and high-quality images of your little one’s favorite superhero.

This unit is designed to fit a standard twin mattress and measures 80 inches long, 42 inches wide, and is 33.4 inches tall. With a wood slat piece included, this bed is mattress-ready and does not require a box spring for use. In addition, this bed can support up to 350 pounds of weight, so your bedtime story ritual doesn’t need to change.

Assembly is required, but it’s straightforward and simple. Hardware and some tools are included for assembly with purchase. You may need additional tools, like a drill, to complete assembly. A bed rail isn’t included with this bed. However, a separately purchased one could be added to help prevent your little one from rolling out of bed.


  • The images on the headboard and footboard are high-quality
  • Upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
  • Sits low to the floor
  • Has a high weight limit


  • The included slats may need to be reinforced
  • You may need to use a thinner mattress with this bed for the best fit

DHP Carriage Bed

Have a child who lives for fairy tales and princesses? If you’re looking for a glamorous way to indulge the whimsy of childhood, this bed is a great option to consider.

Made of metal, this bed is designed to look like the sweet horse-drawn carriage of fairy tale fame. Four wheels decorate each corner of the bed and an arched canopy provides a great backdrop for the fabric of your choice. This bed is designed for a standard twin-sized mattress.

A scrolled designs along the length and width of the bed frame completes the look. The canopy piece is not integral to the bed and can be removed if needed. With the canopy attached, this bed is just over 80 inches tall, so make sure you have the ceiling height you need. Don’t forget to factor in any low-hanging light fixtures or ceiling fans when measuring.

This bed is not mattress-ready and does require a separately purchased box spring for use. If you don’t wish to use a box spring, it’s possible to modify the bed by creating a wooden base. In this case, the mattress will sit closer to the floor, but the decorative scrollwork may make making the bed difficult. When using a box spring, the mattress is raised above the scrollwork and allows for easy bed-making and sheet-changing.

While the shape of the canopy is endearing, it does make attaching a bed rail difficult. That being said, the canopy arches offer multiple points of intersection with the frame. These intersections do make it more difficult for your child to roll out of the bed.


  • Though this bed is made of metal, it’s lightweight and the pieces are easy to move
  • Fun, whimsical design that’s perfect for a child’s room
  • Can support up to 225 pounds


  • Will likely require the purchase of a box spring
  • Cannot be easily outfitted with a bed rail

Choosing The Best Twin Bed For Your Toddler

Your toddler’s bedroom can be their sanctuary—and yours. Creating a happy place where they like to sleep and play can start with the perfect bed. Any one of these beds could be a great option for your child’s room, but I love the Max and Lily Twin Bed. The extra trundle mattress and the ability to add on a bunk later help create longevity.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.