What Is a Diaper Party and How to Throw One

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Moms get all the attention when they’re expecting—and while I can’t argue with that, dads should be shown some love too. After all, they’re a big part of the whole process. 

With that in mind—what is a diaper party and how to throw one should be something every parent-to-be knows about! 

So… What Is a Diaper Party? 

A diaper party is the equivalent of a baby shower, but for the daddy. Fathers deserve fun, friends, and gifts too! Only the gifts are usually… Well, diapers. But let’s be honest—babies can get expensive, and none of us would mind a little help stocking up.

Did you know that parents of a newborn can change up to 10 diapers a day for the first month or so? That’s a poop load of dirty nappies. Do you see why a diaper party is a good idea? 

But really—when it comes to a diaper party, think of a bunch of guys having a beer and a barbecue. It’s not usually as meticulously planned as a baby shower, nor is it as gushy. Still, it’s a chance for the proud dad to relax with his buds and be congratulated (and given many, many diapers). 

Dudes, drinks, and diapers. 

Why Throw a Diaper Party? 

Because dads deserve it! I know, I know—we ladies do all the hard work when it comes to carrying and giving birth to babies. But let’s not forget who’s by our side through all the rough times, as well as the happy ones. 

Whether this is their first baby or their sixth, dads are just as important as moms. Dads have many important jobs

They’re going to be the male role model this little guy or girl looks up to and loves. They’re going to be baby-proofing the house. And they’re going to be dealing with us when we’re hormonal and suffering from morning sickness and feeling like a whale, so in all honesty, they deserve a good party. 

The other great reason to throw a diaper party (especially for a first-time dad) is that his already-dad friends can offer some good advice on what lies ahead. Even for those who may not be first-timers, a bit of chill and advice can never be a bad thing. 

Who Hosts a Diaper Party? 

Just as moms-to-be don’t host their own baby showers, dad-to-be’s friends will host their diaper party. That doesn’t mean it has to be secret, though—if D2B is so inclined, he could get quite involved in it (if his buddies allow it!). 

But usually, it’s the responsibility of his best buds to plan and host a great diaper bash for dad-to-be. Usually, this is a “boy’s night out”/”boy’s BBQ” kind of thing, but if guys and girls like to hang out together, there’s nothing wrong with something bigger and more inclusive.


How to Throw One for a Baby Daddy 

If you have an almost-dad in your midst and he needs a diaper party, here are the areas you should have a look at.

Diaper Party Theme Ideas 

Men aren’t as fluffy as women, generally. While women can get excited about all kinds of cute or offbeat theme ideas, men appreciate more straightforward planning. 

Consider some of the following more manly ideas for diaper party themes: 

  • Baby Ball Game (for the sports buffs). 
  • Call of Doody (for the gamers dads). 
  • Drinks & Diapers (or Huggies & Chuggies). 
  • Survivor (daddy-to-be survival kit). 
  • Baby BBQ (for the BBQ enthusiast!). 

Of course, if your daddy-to-be isn’t into themes or fuss, you can have a simple barbecue and hangout. 

Diaper Party Invitation Ideas 

Every special occasion needs an eye-catching invite. It doesn’t have to be fancy—it just needs to suit the man of the hour and give all the relevant information. 

  • Choose colors that suit your theme and your guy. 
  • A pun is always a good idea. 
  • If you’re short on ideas, check Pinterest or Canva! 

Diaper Party Games Ideas 

Some guys will just want to hang out with their group and relax and chat. There’s nothing wrong with that. Others might be keen for some fun and raucous laughter, and some games may be in order. 

Up first, my favorite: 

Chocolate Diapers 

This is hilarious, and men enjoy it just as much (maybe more) than women do. It will need someone to set it up during the party. You’ll need a packet of diapers and a stash of chocolate bars. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Open a pack of diapers. 
  2. Melt different bars of chocolate into the middle of each diaper
  3. Yes—this looks like poop. 
  4. Each person will smell and taste the chocolate and guess what chocolate it is (pro tip: don’t lick—dip fingers in!). 
  5. Once everyone has been through it, reveal what chocolate it was. 
  6. Those who get it right get a point. 
  7. Most points at the end gets a prize! 

My Water Broke 

This is simple but funny, and all about the luck of the draw (or your body temperature). 

  1. Buy a packet of small, plastic baby-shaped toys. 
  2. Freeze each one into an ice block. 
  3. Ask each guest to take one. 
  4. When the ice melts and the baby is free, they should shout, “My water broke.” 
  5. The first one gets a prize.

Diaper Notes 

Another simple but fun one that will keep giving for months to come! 

  1. Open the packs of diapers. 
  2. Give everyone a Sharpie. 
  3. Let them loose to write messages on the diapers. 
  4. These can be silly, sweet, or encouraging! 
  5. Pack the diapers back into packs. 
  6. The messages will be appreciated when in the midst of a nasty nappy-changing incident.

If your guy’s a more chilled, less gamey person, he can simply spend some time playing pool, darts, foosball, or whatever he would usually do with his buds. 

Diaper Party Food Ideas 

A diaper party menu usually differs from a baby shower’s food stash. Ladies find baby-shaped cupcakes adorable, but men probably just find them tasty. Choose some solid man-food to keep everyone well-fed and content:

  • Crisps. 
  • Beef jerky. 
  • Mixed nuts. 
  • Cookies.

I’d recommend a meal like a BBQ rather than finger-foods, but again, you know him best—go with something he likes! 

Diaper Party Decor Ideas 

Will a group of men hanging out, eating, drinking, and being merry even notice decorations? Most likely not. If your man’s one who’s unusually attentive in that regard, some classy, neutral-colored, baby-related decor would do the trick. 

If he’s a bit of a joker, it may be fun to deck the house/yard/venue out in full-on baby decor! 

Diaper Party Gift Ideas 

This is an easy one:

  • Diapers. 
  • Diapers. 
  • Bigger diapers. 
  • Maybe another brand of diapers. 
  • Smaller diapers. 
  • Swim diapers.
  • Cloth diapers.
  • More diapers! 

There’s no need for baby bottles, clothes, or anything of that sort. Those types of things will be stocked up at mom’s baby shower! But, if you’re so inclined, a small, thoughtful gift for dad is always appreciated.

cloth diapers

Diaper Party FAQs 

Are you thinking of having a diaper party? Here are some questions you may not know you have yet about how to throw one.

What Size Diapers Do I Ask For?

I’d recommend asking for a variety—if everyone brings newborn diapers, you might not be able to use them all before your little one outgrows them.

An online checklist is a good idea. Your guests can check off the size they’ve bought, so you make sure you’re getting a well-rounded stash. 

What About Cloth Diapers? 

Cloth diapers may sound weird to some, but they’re not as bad as you may think. In fact, they’re vastly more environmentally-friendly than disposable ones. 

If you’ve made a choice to use cloth diapers, you may wonder how to do this diaper party thing. But a cloth diaper is still a diaper! If everyone could buy a cloth diaper instead of a pack of disposables, that’s a bonus. 

Can I Host a Joint Diaper Party/Baby Shower? 

Sure, you can. Some couples may prefer having a joint celebration anyway, especially if they share many friends. This is a totally personal thing.

Is It a Good Idea to Have a Surprise Diaper Party? 

This also depends. If you’re planning a joint party, it could be a little more complicated, but if you can get both of the parents-to-be in the same place for a few hours without the chance of cancellation, it could work. 

It does help, though, if you have one of the couple on your side. You can still surprise the other person—and you’ll get some insight into their likes, dislikes, and interests if you aren’t sure.

Personally, I believe a diaper party shouldn’t be a secret! Nobody wants to be surprised while they’re feeling stressed and looking forward to a quiet afternoon of nothing. Having the expectant dad in on the party from the start is helpful and can help build the excitement as party time gets closer. 

dad and baby

Last Tips and Tricks 

  • If you don’t have space for all those diapers, you could have a “Diaper Fundraiser,” where each friend donates enough money to cover a pack or a few. 
  • Make a baby-related playlist for background music.
  • Create a “Daddy Survival Kit,” including things like aspirin, energy drinks, midnight snacks, and emergency earplugs. 
  • If it would work, give your guy a boy’s weekend away. Whether he’s into fishing, camping, or skiing, if you can swing it, a weekend would be a great way to appreciate him in advance. 


If your man is a soon-to-be daddy, congratulations to both of you. Pass along these tips and tricks to his buddies so they can throw him an epic diaper party that he won’t soon forget. 

Dads don’t get as much credit as they deserve, but let’s be honest—none of this would be the same without them, and they deserve all the diapers and love in the world.

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.