How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

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It is an honor to be invited to a baby shower! But often we can let the pressure of not knowing how much to spend on a baby shower gift, steal our joy of attending. 

Before you stress about what to give the expectant momma, grab your phone and take a peek at her baby registry. She has already done all the work choosing which gifts she wants to receive at her shower. All you need to do is decide which gift is right for your budget.

Spend what you are comfortable with on a baby shower gift. If your heart is feeling generous, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing a glider or crib for your friend. But if you aren’t sure how appropriate that would be, you can base your gift budget on how close you and the expectant momma are.

How Much Do I Spend?

Here are some examples of how much to spend based on your relationship with the expectant mom.

Would you consider yourself an acquaintance or co-worker?

If you fall into this category, a gift ranging from $15-20 is perfectly acceptable. There is no gift too small when it comes to showering a new mom with presents. She will be utilizing those burp cloths and onesies faster than she might care to admit. 

Some examples of gifts that fall into this budget include pacifiers, teething toys, stuffed animals, a sound machine, nursing cover, sippy cup, and a diaper changing pad.

Hygiene items such as nail clippers, nose bulbs, food syringes, and washcloths are excellent options as well. 

If there is nothing left on the registry that aligns with your budget, consider splitting the cost of a larger item with a co-worker or friend. Or consider asking the party host if there is any way you can help with the shower, such as baking a batch of cookies or preparing a veggie tray. 

Close friend/Relative

If you are a close friend of the new mom, you might want to spend $30-50 on her baby shower gift.

This is a price range that is easy to work with and offers you the ability to choose a larger gift or put together a themed bundle of smaller priced items. 

An example of a themed bundle would be to purchase the baby shampoo and lotion along with a hooded towel and tub toys. Or, depending on the cost of the items on the registry, you might be able to give her the baby tub as well. 

A bedding bundle would also fit into your budget by combining crib sheets, a mattress protector, and a crib bumper into your gift. 

If you are more comfortable with sticking to a single item, search the registry for a baby bottle set, diaper bag, baby play mat, diaper pal, nursing pillow, or crib mobile.

Close family member

As the mother of the new mom, close sibling, or mother in law, it is acceptable to give a gift between the $50-100 range. This may seem like a large amount of money, but if your family is large, consider splitting the cost of some of the larger items between yourselves. This will ensure that she will have everything she needs before her little one makes their grand entrance.

Some examples of large ticketed items would be the crib, car seat, stroller, or nursery glider. Every single one of these items is essential, and the new mom will feel so grateful to have them ready to use before the big day.

Things To Consider About The Expectant Mother

baby girl clothes

Is she a first-time mom?

If the answer is yes, this means she will need absolutely everything. I can guarantee that she has put in a lot of time and effort into creating her baby registry and has made it as perfect as can be. 

My advice to you would be to only purchase gifts seen on her registry. She didn’t spend hours researching which muslin swaddle blankets are her favorite, only to be gifted with a set that you thought was cuter. 

If you see an outfit that the new baby just has to have, it’s acceptable to include it with your gift as long as you take care to respect her wishes for the specific items she has listed. 

Is this her second or third baby?

If your friend is already a seasoned baby mama, then you want to take care to only give her items listed on her registry. 

At this point in her parenting journey, it is likely that she knows exactly which new baby gear she will need.

If you are itching to crochet a blanket for the new baby, go ahead and ask your expectant friend if this would be a welcomed gift. If the answer is yes, you can still make it exciting by keeping the colors and design a secret until the shower. 

A well-appreciated gesture would be to also bring something small for the expectant mom’s other children. Keep it simple and something that will not clutter up her home. A variety of storybooks would be a wonderful option as mom might be able to read them aloud while the baby is busy eating. 

If you are searching for a present for the kids that doesn’t require mom’s full attention, some new washable crayons and crisp coloring books make a great option. 

How To Keep It Personal

If you are feeling the need to emphasize how much you care for your friend and her new bundle of joy, here are some meaningful ways you can add to your baby shower gift without overbuying items that she likely doesn’t need. 

A special card

There is nothing wrong with buying a store-bought card, however, instead of grabbing an adorable baby shower card off the rack, dust off your craft supplies, fold up a piece of card stock, and create a meaningful card that she will want to cherish forever.

You may want to consider adding a few note cards inside that share some sacred baby advice or write down a few tried and true freezer meal recipes. 

A letter for the new mom

If you don’t have the time or artistic ability to make a card, writing out a meaningful letter to your friend is a perfect way to demonstrate how much you care about her. Let her know that you will stand by her, cry with her, laugh with her, and love on her no matter how hard her day with her little one has been. 

Most importantly, reassure her heart on what a wonderful mom she is, and that her baby is going to have the best momma in the entire world.

Self-care items for mom

Baby showers are really just for the baby. The decor is baby themed, the gifts are wrapped in pastel paper covered in tiny footprints, and each gift is for the little one.

I can remember that when I was attending my baby shower, that an acquaintance of mine presented me with a gift that was actually for me! It was a simple gift of hand lotion, moisturizer, and chapstick. I can not describe how much her thoughtfulness touched my heart. 

Be the guest who remembers to honor the mom so that she feels special and doesn’t feel so lost in the sea of baby things.

baby shower cake

Gift card for food delivery services

When I was a new mom, eating a real meal was the hardest task to accomplish. There just wasn’t the time or energy to grocery shop, cook, or clean dishes.

Presenting the new mom with a gift that allows meals to be delivered to her door is priceless. Nutrition is a huge necessity during the postpartum period, and you will be fulfilling a huge need for her new family by providing them with some free meals. If you’re interested, here are a few food delivery gift card ideas.

Gift Certificate to a salon that specializes in prenatal massages.

Your friend may be all smiles about her new bundle of joy, but pregnancy is very hard on the body. Chances are good, that given the opportunity, she would be signed up for a weekly prenatal massage. 

Giving her the chance to go relax for an hour, on the day of her choice, will make her speechless with delight. 

Date Night

If relevant, give the expectant couple an evening out to enjoy each other’s company before they are joined by their mini-me. Some ideas would include a gift card to the movie theatre, gift certificate to an ice cream parlor, or tickets to a local event such as a concert or festival.

Nursing-friendly clothing

Not all new moms remember to stock up on clothes that allow for easy nursing at home or in public. If you are looking for the perfect item to add on to your registry gift, present your friend with a nursing-friendly shirt or a gift card to a store that is dedicated to providing nursing moms with fashionable and functional outfits. 

No Registry Items Left?

If there is nothing left on the registry that is affordable, some options would be to give a box of diapers or a stash of wipes. Those items are crucial to newborn life, and the new mom will be so grateful to know that she won’t have to worry about buying diapering products for a while. 

Another idea would be to give a gift card to the store where her baby registry is located. This will give her the ability to shop for anything she may have accidentally left off her original registry list. 

It’s More Than Just An Invitation

Your baby shower invitation doesn’t need to cause you stress. Simply stick to a budget you feel comfortable with and give your gift with love. 

But keep in mind that by inviting you to her baby shower, your friend is doing more than just asking you for gifts. She is requesting your friendship. There is nothing a new mom needs more than to know you have her back. Her life is about to change drastically, and to be perfectly honest, she will remember your kind words and warm embrace more than the exact gift you gave her at her baby shower.

And from my heart to yours, never underestimate the power of the gift receipt!

Carolyn finds immense joy in being a full-time momma to her three wonderful children. In her free time, she can be found painting or working on creative projects alongside her loving husband.