30 Fun Activities For Girls

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Little ladies love to be involved in creating things that are both useful and pretty to look at.

These fun activities for girls offer great ways to bring enjoyment back into your day! You may even already have some of the materials at home and can start right away!

#1 Sidewalk Foam Paint

Your girls will love using this unique twist on sidewalk art!

This foam paint is best used in a squirt bottle, which makes it extra entertaining for your girls to use as they make flowers, castles, or polka dots all over your driveway. They will feel as if they are frosting a gigantic asphalt cake.

The foam mixture is very easy to make, and your girls will be able to help with no trouble. The trickiest part is dividing the foam into separate bags in order to mix in the food coloring. 

Once playtime is over, the foam paint is very easy to wash off skin, and if you use waterproof glue, then it will come out of clothing well too. 

#2 Clothespin Mermaids

Mermaids are delightful to play with, and your girls will enjoy creating them to look like their favorite princess! If you have time to make several, make each mermaid look different so when they are ready to use, they can all go on grand adventures together. 

With some clothespins, paint, yard, and foam, your girls will have no trouble making these clothespin mermaids.

You will need a glue gun to attach the foam fins to the bottom of the clothespin and the yard to the top of the head. Keep the hot glue gun away from curious little hands!

#3 Vinyl Tube Glitter Bracelets

If you are looking for an easy summertime craft for your girls, these glitter bracelets will give them a chance to express themselves and feel fashionable!

You will need clear vinyl tubing, glue, a small funnel, and a variety of glitter colors. Once you have measured and cut the tubing to bracelet length, tape one end shut and fill the tube full of glitter wonder!

If your daughter enjoys this craft, then encourage her to also make bracelets for her close friends and perhaps a grandparent or two! And make sure you make a matching one for yourself!

bath bombs

#4 DIY Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a bath full of colorful bubbles and enticing smells? If your daughter has taken on your love for a good soak, consider stocking up on supplies to make your own bath bombs!

Many recipes have added essential oils, so please take care to only use ones that are age-appropriate or omit them altogether. 

The best part of this recipe is that you can layer different colors into your bath bomb molds! Feel free to get crazy with bright yellows and pinks, and even throw some glitter in there!

Once your bath bombs are set, carefully remove them and admire your works of art!

#5 Paper Flower Crowns

This activity has no age limit! Flower crowns are loved by all and will always make you feel like a princess!

To begin, measure your daughter’s head and cut a strip of construction paper to match that length. Lay it flat and move on to cutting out the flowers.

If your daughter uses scissors well, allow her to join you in cutting out the petals and leaves for her crown. If you are not comfortable with your daughter cutting out the shapes needed, you can have her use crayons to color on the paper petals to make them look even more colorful!

Once the flowers are ready, glue or tape them onto the strip of construction paper. When the flower crown is ready to be worn, encourage your daughter to slip into her favorite dress and have a fancy photoshoot together! 

#6 Fairy Dough

Kids love working with their hands, especially if it’s a material that they made and can be proud of!

This fairy dough is light and fluffy and very easy to whip together. Hair conditioner, corn starch, and food coloring are the only magical ingredients needed!

Have your daughter pour one cup of sweet-smelling hair conditioner into a large mixing bowl and have her enjoy swirling it around with a spoon or spatula. When it comes time to add the cornstarch, take precautions to make sure your little one doesn’t inhale the dust particles that occur from pouring it in the bowl and from the initial mix. 

#7 DIY Pencil Pouch

Whether going back to school means attending in the physical building or learning from home, kids need a few special things to get them excited about the new school year. And what is better than a pencil pouch that you can make together with your kids?

These pencil pouches are no-sew and fairly quick to assemble. The sides are closed together by threading embroidery floss through holes made from a hole punch.

 The best part is that the surface of the pencil pouch can be decorated any way your girls like! Glitter glue, buttons, adhesive foam shapes, or stickers are great options. If you want the pencil pouches to be extra eye-catching, have your girls use markers to draw designs, and then use the hot glue gun to adhere jewels to the surface along the drawn designs.

#9 Beaded Pipe Cleaner Butterflies

This activity will allow your daughters to work on their fine motor skills as they thread beads onto pipe cleaners. Who knew that a clothespin, pipe cleaners and beads could yield such a beautiful butterfly? 

First, let your girls choose which color beads they would like to see on their butterflies wings. Once they are satisfied with their choices, lead them in the next steps to complete their craft. 

To make the butterfly extra special, spread glue onto the top of the clothespin and sprinkle glitter on the surface. 

My favorite part about this activity is that there is no end to how many creations you can make with pipe cleaners and beads! Once the butterflies are finished, see if your kids can come up with some neat creations on their own!

#10 Cupcake Lip Balm

This activity is not only pretty to look at, it is useful, and can make a sweet gift for a friend, no pun intended!

Your daughter will be removing the lip balm from inside its container and mixing up her own wonderful concoction complete with vanilla extract and sprinkles! If your girls are too young to measure the components, let them use pre-measured ingredients and do all the mixing.

The results are delicious and so perfectly colorful! Your girls will be asking you to remake this again once they have used theirs up. So consider stocking up on the ingredients!

#11 Dollhouse Food Accessories

Every dollhouse needs a well-stocked kitchen! Your girls will be delighted when you tell them they get to make pastries and lunch items out of clay for their dollhouse!

You can choose to make the food accessories from clay that needs to be oven baked, or use an air dry model clay. The oven baked clay will last longer than the air dry, but ultimately, there are pros to both.

Encourage your girls to also make some plates to serve the food on!

#12 Word Rocks

It’s never too early to start teaching your daughters the value of acts of kindness. And painting word rocks together is a great way to start.

Head to a creek or river bed and collect a basketful of smooth-surfaced rocks of all shapes and sizes. 

Paint a layer of acrylic paint on the top, and when it has dried, you can write encouraging words or phrases on them! If your girls are too young to write neatly, you can be the scribe and let them decorate around the words with stamp markers. 

Leave your rocks by playgrounds, stop signs, under trees, picnic tables, or swing sets. And who knows, maybe you’ll set a trend, and soon you will be finding word rocks created by others!

#13 Model Clay Jewelry Charms

Let your girls’ imaginations go wild as they create sweet little creatures or lovely blobs of color to be used as charms on their bracelets or necklaces.

Once your daughter has finished her charm piece, stick the end of the wire eye pin into the top of the charm and remove it promptly. When the clay has hardened in the oven, you can stick the wire hook back in and secure it with glue.

Depending on the age of your daughters, you can have them follow along with step by step instructions on how to create animal face charms!

#14 Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint

Want to turn bath time into activity time? This activity will be quite messy, but in the end your girls will giggle with delight when they see how silly they look before the real bath begins!

To set this activity up, grab your shaving cream and put a generous amount into each well of a muffin tin. Dye the cream with food coloring and give each kid a paintbrush to use! The rest is self explanatory.

When your girls are finished with the paint, rinse them off with water before starting their soapy bath.

#15 Book Character Dress-up

Kids love reading! Why not take their favorite book, set it before them, and ask if they are ready to act it out!

Search around the house for creative ways to make costumes. You can glue cotton balls to paper or felt for a white beard or make crowns from construction paper and glitter glue.

Once everything is ready, prop up your phone to  record a video of your daughter acting out scenes with you! 

#16 Edible Marshmallow Playdough

If your girls love to help you in the kitchen, pull out this quick and easy recipe for homemade playdough. You can work together to add the cornstarch, oil, and marshmallows in a bowl, and once it has melted in the microwave, you can mix it into a fabulous kneadable dough! 

If you want to make several different colors, separate the mixture into a few bowls, and add food coloring to each portion. 

Make sure to use the playdough on a nonstick surface such as a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

#17 Craft Stick And Yarn Ballerinas

Calling all ballerina enthusiasts! If your girls are all about the dancing life, then this activity will be right up their alley! 

One of my favorite parts of this craft is the muffin liner skirt! It is such a simple step to the ballerina, but it adds color, depth, and beauty.

Add the finishing touches of googly eyes, a smile, and yarn to resemble a bun! If you want to take this activity a step further, make a stage for the ballerinas to dance in by using a shoe box and markers.

#18 Journal Covers

You don’t have to be a teenager or an adult to enjoy using a journal! Kids of all ages benefit from journaling, whether it is page after page of colorful scribbles or full of doodles from their hearts!

A layer of mod podge on the journal is all you need before placing the decorations on top. You can help her cut out fancy patterns like zig-zags or hearts for her to place on the mod podge surface. Feel free to use stickers, construction paper, and paint as you personalize her journal together.

Once the cover of the book is exactly how she likes it, paint another thin layer of mod podge over the entire surface to seal in the beauty! Once it has dried, it will be ready to fill with memories! 

#19 Sidewalk Chalk Pops

Sunshine in the forecast? If so and you are looking for an outdoor activity for your creative little ones, then mix up this recipe for homemade sidewalk chalk!

When choosing which colors to make your chalk, see if you can find neon-colored paint as this will make the chalk vibrant against the dark asphalt. 

If your daughter is young, let her help you pour pre-measured ingredients into the cups and stick the popsicle sticks into the mixture once it is partially set. I would recommend making this outdoors as the ingredients tend to splatter when mixed together. 

The sticks make wonderful handles for young hands since they keep the driveway from scratching fingers and knuckles. 

#20 Tie Fleece Blanket

This no-sew fleece blanket makes such a great gift and is super easy to make! 

All you need are scissors and fleece which you can pick out together at a craft store. Plan to take on the fabric cutting yourself, but tell your daughter to get ready, because there will be a lot of knots to tie. 

This is a great way to practice a double knot if your daughter needs practice with that skill. If she is already a pro, consider putting on some music or a movie for you to watch together while your fingers go to work. 

#21 Rainbow Salt Tray

This fun activity is a wonderful way to practice those fine motor skills! In fact, even if your daughter is pretty confident when it comes to forming her letters, this activity can still be used as a game to test her skills and knowledge. 

Use the bottom of a clothing box or any container that is flat and shallow. On the bottom glue construction paper in whatever colors you like. Plain black makes letters easy to see, but taping pieces together in strips so it makes a rainbow will increase the pleasantness of this activity.

Once you have the salt in the tray, place cards with shapes or patterns in front of your daughter and ask her to copy them. If your daughter is up for a challenge, ask her to write letters in random order and see how many she can get right!

#22 Homemade Earrings

For this fashionable activity, you will need to have perler or pony beads on hand, a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and a strong glue adhesive.

Begin by having your girls line up the bead style of their preference in rows on the cookie sheet. Because perler and pony beads melt at different temperatures, you will not want to combine both styles on the same cookie tray. Keep the kitchen windows open to increase ventilation as the melting plastic may cause strong fumes to enter the room.

Once the beads have melted into perfect shiny domes and cooled, you can attach earring studs to the back of your new beads with glue. 

If you are hoping to gift your cousin or good friend with these lovely creations, poke holes into some pretty cardstock and display the earrings in pairs!

#23 Confetti Fish Craft

Sparkly confetti fish on a rainy afternoon? Yes please!  

Use a fast drying glue to attach the fish body pieces together. Once the fish is glued together, cover the fish with glue and let your daughter press on confetti pieces or anything that you have on hand to make her fish beautiful. Buttons, small pieces of construction paper, or stickers work too!

Once she is satisfied with her fish, place glue dots in any white spaces and let her sprinkle glitter on liberally. Tip the fish over to shake off any excess glitter. 

Once the confetti fish is finished, attach magnets to the back and let it be a fridge friend. Or, simply allow your daughter to enjoy swimming it around the house.

glitter slime

#24 Glitter Slime

Glitter slime is easy for your girls to make and results in hours of play! With only two ingredients and plenty of stirring, you will have perfectly stretchy and mess-free slime.

If you use Elmers glitter glue for the recipe, then you won’t need to add any more messy glitter to the batch. You can pick from a variety of fun glue colors, or use several colors to make a swirl effect in your glitter slime. The only other ingredient is liquid starch, which is cost-effective and will last for several batches of homemade glitter slime!

Your kids will thoroughly enjoy squeezing the glue bottles until they are empty and watching it turn into a solid slime when mixed with the liquid starch. 

#25 Unicorn Dream Catcher

Dream catchers were first used in a Narive American tribe called the Ojibwe. The dream catchers were hung on cradles and over beds in hopes that the webbing in the catcher would give the child good luck. 

The dream catcher is a beautiful piece of artwork! If you are looking for an easy and meaningful craft to do with your daughter, this will certainly make her eyes sparkle with joy!

The ribbons or yarn you hang down from the craft hoop can be your daughter’s favorite color or you can make it rainbow themed! Depending on the time of year, you can glue flowers, hearts, leaves or even snowflakes to the top of the dreamcatcher.

The finishing touches are the ears and horn of the unicorn, which adds such a whimsical touch to the dreamcatcher! 

#26 Confetti Pencils

If you are looking for a way to spice up your daughter’s homework, plan to spend time together by decorating her pencils and pens!

Depending on her age, you can use a paint brush or spray paint to apply a base coat on the writing utensil. 

The next step will be her favorite! Decorate each pencil or pen with themed stickers, painted polka dots, or stripes. 

Find a cute pencil holder in her favorite color to complement her new writing tools! They will look fabulous on her desk and hopefully will make school more enjoyable. 

#27 Pom Pom Monogram Art

Your girls will go gaga for these brightly colored and fluffy monograms! 

The instructions are simple! All you need to do is draw out your daughter’s first initial on a canvas and let her place pom poms of all sizes along the lines. You can follow along behind her and use hot glue to adhere them to the canvas.

Once you have glued down each of the pom poms, fill in the gaps with small pom poms, and you are finished! Hot glue dries quickly, and her work of art will be ready to be displayed!

If your daughter would like a challenge with this activity, have her spell out her entire name instead of just one letter. The results will be eye-catchingly beautiful!

#28 Q-Tip Painting

This activity is one of my favorites as it requires very few items and is a ton of fun for kids of all ages!

Set a small pile of q-tips in front of each child as well as some card stock (or a canvas if you are feeling fancy). Squeeze a little bit of each paint color onto a sturdy paper plate.

If your girls are old enough to follow instructions, you can ask them to create flowers, animals or cupcakes with their q-tips. If your daughters are young, then let them just enjoy the project and help them along as needed. 

One positive of painting on the surface of a canvas is that you can display their dot art in their bedrooms or living room!

#29 Koolaid Lip Balm

If you are looking for a kid-friendly lip balm recipe for your girls to make, then this is one of my favorites! You only need koolaid packets, coconut oil, sugar, water, and small containers to put the finished lip balm mixture in. 

Your girls will enjoy slowly mixing in each ingredient as the brightly colored lip balm comes together. However, please keep in mind that the koolaid will dye your girl’s fingers if they aren’t cleaned off quickly!

Once it has set and cooled, the finished lip balm is vibrant, pretty to look at, and edible! Now, do I recommend eating it with a spoon? Probably not. But a few licks of the lips surely won’t hurt anybody. 

#30 Yarn Dolls

Yarn dolls date back to the 1900s, and in my opinion, are still a wonderful way to get crafty and have an adorable toy in the end!

All you will need is yarn in the colors of your choice and a thick book to wrap the yarn around. Once you have your yarn doll created, you can begin to dress it by wrapping yarn around the doll’s torso and adding braids to her hair or a skirt around her waist. There is no limit to how far you can go with your creations!

If you have brothers in the mix, braid the legs and arms to make them extra sturdy, and they can have fun using them in their battle scenes!

Which Activity Will Your Girls Want To Complete First?

I hope you found several activities to keep your girls busy and smiling! 

Leave us a comment on your thoughts and feel free to share this list with your friends. Perhaps you can even invite them over to complete your favorite activity together!

Carolyn finds immense joy in being a full-time momma to her three wonderful children. In her free time, she can be found painting or working on creative projects alongside her loving husband.