Honest Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller Review (2023)

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Let’s be honest. Looking for a stroller as a new parent isn’t easy. There are so many products on the market, so many promises, and new technology. When I began my search for a budget-friendly, lightweight stroller, all I wanted to find were honest reviews.

Fittingly, here is my honest review of the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller.

Things To Consider When Buying A Lightweight Stroller

There are numerous lightweight strollers available today. When shopping for one, you should consider the attributes and benefits that you want your stroller to have. Here are some elements to factor in when buying a stroller.

Lightweight Design

When looking for a lightweight stroller, one of the most critical elements is how heavy the stroller is. Note what material was used to craft the frame. Lightweight doesn’t mean poor quality. The perfect choice needs to be durable and easy to handle. It should be easy to maneuver in whatever environment that you plan to use it.

lightweight stroller should be compact and fold up easily. It should also be simple to unfold while balancing an infant or toddler in your hands. We all know what this scenario feels like! You may be juggling more than one child.


Another essential characteristic of a lightweight stroller is safety. It may be lightweight, but manufacturers should construct it with safety in mind. Is the brand well-known and reliable? Does it have a quality safety harness system?

You should feel safe pushing your baby in the stroller and never have to worry whether the safety features are working. Parents want to look for a stroller that has a canopy to protect their child from UVB and UVA rays as well as sturdy construction.

Bonus Features

Bonuses like cup holders, storage baskets, and wheel locking features aren’t necessarily standard on all strollers but offer convenience and safety benefits.

What Is The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller?

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is the standard style of this model. It also comes in an upgraded version that offers a premium feel and appearance.

This umbrella stroller is popular with many parents on the go who need something durable, but lightweight and easy to use while multi-tasking. Instead of having two strollers; one that is portable and one that is sturdy, this stroller satisfies the need for a well-built, yet lightweight umbrella stroller. Parents who frequently travel or take the stairs regularly would love this stroller.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Features And Benefits

Here’s a quick look at the benefits and characteristics.

  • Stylish, light frame (13 pounds)
  • Five point safety harness
  • Large seat
  • 4-Position recline
  • Rear wheels that lock with anti-shock front wheels
  • Open design for easy access to the large storage basket
  • Removable and adjustable canopy with sun visor that flips out
  • Compact, easy to fold with a carry strap and auto lock

Stylish, Lightweight Design

After this review, we can honestly say that this one of the top-rated, most popular light strollers on the market. Lightweight aluminum was used to build the frame but it’s extremely durable. Its sturdy but not too heavy to carry around with you. This feature is what makes it a popular umbrella stroller.

The umbrella stroller’s carrying strap makes it easy to lift into your vehicle or carry downstairs. The fold is three steps. First, you lift the rear handle. Then, using your foot, push the lever on the bottom, and then you fold the stroller down, and you’re ready to go.

It’s thick and sturdy. Its quality construction leaves the impression that it will last longer than one year making it cost-effective.

Safety And Seat Design

This stroller is unique because it has a seat back that reclines easily and an open design. The seat is roomy and lays nearly flat for diaper changes on-the-go or napping.

The five point harness adjusts to 3 different height positions, so it grows with your child. This ability to adjust the harness is a significant score because it means you won’t have to keep buying strollers as their baby matures.

It also offers additional padding for a comfy ride for your infant. Simply press the red buttons at the same time and lower the seat’s position.

The seat also provides plenty of support for an infant as it has extra, removable shoulder and head padding. Summer Infant also sells additional padding.


The 3D Lite stroller’s storage basket is very large providing additional room for your purse, diaper bag and anything else that you’re carrying. There is also a rear storage pocket that’s the perfect size for your keys and cellphone. The included beverage holder is excellent for your baby’s bottle or your drink.

The cupholder is detachable which is fantastic for traveling. Fountain drinks may be difficult to store, but bottles fit easily.

Some mothers thought that the storage basket wasn’t large enough. It’s not large enough to hold a large purse or diaper bag.

Adjustable Canopy

The adjustable canopy is large to block your baby from UVB and UVA rays. A sun visor pops out to provide added protection on summer days. It blocks up to 99.9% of the harmful rays. However, this canopy isn’t very big and doesn’t reach down very far. It may not offer enough protection for a small infant.

Suspension And Wheels

The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller comes with four dual wheels. These wheels are small and constructed from EVA foam. They aren’t built for cruising off-road or on uneven terrain. EVA foam wheels work best on hard, flat surfaces such as sidewalks or asphalt.

They’ll ride on bricks, but the stroller may jiggle or shift from side to side. These wheels could also get stuck in grass or on gravel.

You can lock the front wheels in place for riding over uneven surfaces such as cobblestone or position them to swivel for smooth walking terrains. The steering is excellent.

The front wheels also come with an anti-shock suspension that cushions your baby’s ride. Don’t expect a super smooth ride though. This umbrella stroller is excellent for running errands and quick trips but not for long journeys.


  • Easy to use 5-point harness system
  • Front wheel suspension offers a smooth ride
  • Adjustable, padded handlebars
  • Multi-positional reclining system
  • Lightweight, compact design


  • It can be difficult to reach the storage when you’re pushing it
  • The canopy doesn’t have a peekaboo window
  • Doesn’t have the stand-when-folded feature
  • Some parents said that the storage compartment isn’t as large as they expected

Alternative Stroller Comparison

This Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller review has shown you how popular the umbrella stroller is, but here are some alternatives if you want to look at other lightweight strollers.

GB Pockit Stroller

This reliable option folds up easy and is super compact. It’s unique because of how light it is (9.5 pounds). gb Pockit’s stroller is even lighter than the 3D Lite. It offers comfort and has a durable design. 

However, some parents complained that it was shaky on uneven ground and somewhat bulky. It also has a secure, comfortable safety belt. This stroller represents the premium version in the lightweight category.

How it Compares to the Honest Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

  • The gB Pocket is lighter at 9.5 pounds
  • Compact, sturdy, and a little less cumbersome

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

This exceptional option is perfect for everyday use or travel. This Kolcraft stroller is easy to steer one-handed and opens and folds quickly. Maneuverability is a significant benefit of this stroller.  Parents love the storage basket on this one because when closed it stands on its own. 

The seat reclines to maximize your infant’s comfort. However, the seating positions are limited. It only reclines a little, but you can change it to recline more. This stroller does not provide an entirely laying down or upright position.

How it Compares to the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

  • Larger storage capacity
  • Both of these strollers have excellent steering and maneuverability
  • The Cloud Plus and the 3D Lite stroller are easy to unfold and open

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

This lightweight umbrella stroller is a great choice for parents seeking a multi-purpose product. It lasts a long time because you can adjust it as your baby grows. Its also compatible with Graco Click Connect child car seats or can be used by itself for toddlers. The fact that it is a multi-purpose umbrella stroller is what makes it unique.

It also turns smoothly and rides comfortably. Breaze Click Connect also closes with one hand which makes it a popular lightweight option.

How it Compares to the Honest Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

  • Both of these strollers are built to last
  • The Graco Breaze is also compatible with other Graco products such as their Click Connect car seats
  • These strollers both turn and steer smoothly
  • The storage basket in the Graco Breaze is harder to reach than the Summer Infant 3D Lite

Should I Buy A Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller?

The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller is one of the best strollers for parents looking for a light yet durable stroller for every day trips around town. Its budget-friendly and has great features that make it convenient and easy to maneuver on flat surfaces.

You can even purchase the upgraded version that offers a premium feel and appearance. If you’d like to learn more about this lightweight umbrella stroller, click here to learn more.

So, is this the best stroller for you?

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