An Honest ReadingIQ Review (2023)

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If your kids are anything like mine, getting them to slow down and read every day might be a challenge. Perhaps your current book selection at home has lost its appeal, and you need a fresh, innovative way to get your kids reading regularly. 

ReadingIQ has revived my kids’ interest in reading. A monthly subscription to this website and app gives your youngster access to a vast digital library filled with age-appropriate titles easily categorized by reading level. If you think this sounds interesting, there is a free trial that you might want to check out.

Ready to inspire your child’s love of reading? Check out this ReadingIQ review to find out if it’s a good fit for your family.

Factors to Consider Before Signing Up for ReadingIQ 

A host of educational websites exist, which can make it challenging to determine which one is well suited for your child. As a result, a thorough analysis of your child’s educational needs, paired with a little bit of research about each potential option, can help guide you to an engaging, interactive educational website that they’ll love.

The ReadingIQ Solution

ReadingIQ gives kids access to books in a new, high-tech way. Perhaps your trips to the local library are few and far between, leaving you without an inspiring stack of books for kids to read at home. Maybe your trips to the library are so frequent that your kids feel like they’ve read everything that appeals to them. Or, perhaps your kids just aren’t that into reading right now and prefer other activities instead.

ReadingIQ provides a solution to all of these quandaries. It gives kids access to thousands of digital books in a range of genres, which means there’s certain to be books that kids of all ages and interests will love. Plus, these books are available with the click of the mouse or tap of the screen––no library trips required. Your kids might even find books that they’ve never seen at the library because titles are always being added to this digital library.

The ReadingIQ User

ReadingIQ is well suited for families of children ages 2 to 12. That’s because the book selection caters to pre-readers and elementary schoolers, with reading levels capped at 6th grade. So, once your child graduates elementary school, they’re going to be bored by the ReadingIQ library. Pre-teens and teens will be better suited to use the Libby app, which gives kids access to higher level digital books available at their local library.

Elementary schoolers are the ideal ReadingIQ user. While plenty of books exist for pre-readers, preschoolers are probably going to need their parents’ help to navigate the app or website––at least initially. Plus, not every book has a read aloud option, which means parents will also have to read and navigate the site alongside their kids. Elementary schoolers have more independence and can read, so they’ll be able to navigate this app unassisted.

Factors to Consider

When evaluating ReadingIQ for your family and understanding this ReadingIQ app review, consider these factors:

  • Tech skills – Can your child navigate websites and apps independently?
  • Reading level – ReadingIQ is best for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade.
  • Commitment – Since ReadingIQ requires a monthly subscription, you want to make sure your child is truly committed to using it, or you’re wasting money.

Reading IQ Basics 

ReadingIQ is a digital library, giving students access to thousands of books with the click of the mouse. Rather than stocking up on physical books at the library, your kids don’t have to leave the comfort of home to read a new book. Leveled readers make it easy for children of all reading levels––and even pre-readers––to find books well suited for them. Parents will find ReadingIQ easy to navigate thanks to these levels, which pair kids with books that they can read.

Teachers can receive a free subscription to ReadingIQ, which allows them to give their students access to an expansive digital library in their classroom. Some students may receive access at home through their teachers, but parents can also sign up for a monthly subscription if their school doesn’t provide them with access.

ReadingIQ is comparable to other digital libraries like the Libby app, which can be accessed through the app or website. Unlike ReadingIQ, this app connects you to digital book options through your local library system. While it is free with your library card, your book options are limited to what’s available through your local library. Often, you have to put books on hold and wait until they come available. With the ReadingIQ app, all books are available in just a click––no waiting required.

ReadingIQ Features And Benefits

ReadingIQ offers a host of features that makes books accessible for kids in preschool through 6th grade. Learn more about the features and benefits of ReadingIQ to determine if it’s right for your family.

Expansive Virtual Library

ReadingIQ has an impressive virtual library, offering thousands of books with more than 500 titles for every reading level. It also includes more than a thousand professionally voiced books that make it easy for pre-readers to follow along. This virtual library rivals the offerings of your local public library––offering even more kid-friendly titles than many public libraries can offer. 

Kids will be delighted by the diverse collection of books available. ReadingIQ’s library includes picture books for youngsters and graphic novels and chapter books for elementary-aged kids. Students can expand their knowledge by reading informational books on a variety of topics, including earth and space science, biology, engineering and technology, and even math. Let their imagination run wild as they read mythology, or allow them to learn about history by reading biographies and historical fiction. Simply put, if there’s a genre your kid loves, there’s a book for it in ReadingIQ’s library.

Leveled Books

If your child is reading, you’ve probably heard their teacher refer to their reading level, which can help you find books that are well suited for their unique reading skills. The books in the ReadingIQ library are leveled readers, which means it’s easy to find appropriate books for your child.

If your youngster is already using ReadingIQ at school, you will see what level books they’re reading at school. If ReadingIQ is new to your family, you can always ask your child’s teacher their reading level to ensure you’re giving them age-appropriate books. 

Alternatively, you can explore ReadingIQ’s established levels to determine which one is right for your child. Categories are grouped by age, making it easy to pair your child with appropriate books. You can find books for pre-readers under age 2, emerging readers aged 2 to 4, or growing readers aged 5 to 8. Once your child has taken off reading, consider books categorized for independent readers, aged 9 to 12. You can even find a collection of books designed for Spanish readers of all ages.

Read to Me Option

Part of the appeal of a site and app like ReadingIQ is that it allows your child to choose books and read independently, giving Mom and Dad a much-needed break. For younger readers, you don’t have to sit beside them and read ReadingIQ books to them. A Read to Me option, indicated by a sound icon in the corner of the book cover, is available, which allows your child to be read to––no parent required! This feature can be especially useful for emerging readers who can read along but might need help with some words.

Goal Setting

If you have a child who might need a little motivation to read, then ReadingIQ just might be the right option for them. With your help, your kid can set reading goals for the day or week, aiming to read a certain number of minutes in your established time frame. Kids can earn badges as they continue to rack up their reading minutes. Over time, they’ll see those badges accumulate, starting with ones celebrating just 10 or 20 minutes of reading to other ones noting when they’ve read for a full day–-or more. Badges are one way ReadingIQ motivates reluctant readers. 

Simple Searching

The search function on ReadingIQ is designed with kids in mind. It’s easy to navigate, and even if your child needs a little help typing, you’ll be able to pull up an array of book choices in just seconds. Kids can search for books in a couple of ways.

First, they can search by reading level. When they click the Level icon, kids can choose a grade level, including pre-readers and preschool, all the way up to 6th grade. Or, they can select the Categories icon, which allows them to sort books by category. Categories include books by Disney, Marvel, and Pixar as well as genres like fables and fairytales, adventure and mystery, and poetry.

Finally, if your child is looking for a specific book or author, the search bar makes it easy to narrow those results quickly. Just click the Search icon and type in a keyword or author to pull up books that match your child’s interests.

Friendly Competition

Kids who set and meet goals may also like a bit of friendly competition as they work their way toward a milestone. Your child can compete against other ReadingIQ subscribers to see who did the most reading each week. When your child clicks on their shelf, they can see their weekly stats. In addition to seeing how many minutes they read this week and all time, they can also compare their reading prowess with other youngsters. By clicking on the weekly leaderboard, kids can see who’s reading the most this week, which might even inspire them to read more. This feature can be especially fun if kids use ReadingIQ at school as well and can compete against their peers.


No matter what device your child uses to stay connected, they can enable ReadingIQ on it easily. They can access the website to log into their virtual library, making it a perfect educational option on a laptop or PC. The ReadingIQ app is also easy to navigate and gives your child access to all the same features. As a result, it’s also well suited for use on tablets or even mom or dad’s smartphone.

Expert Curation

If you’re anything like me, you might go to the library with your kids and be overwhelmed by the options. Eventually, you’ll settle on some books worth checking out, but you might wonder whether they’re age appropriate, well written or well suited for your child’s reading level. ReadingIQ takes the guesswork out of choosing books. The library is curated by experts, meaning it’s filled with books that are appropriate for your child. Plus, it even features some original titles that you can’t find anywhere else.


  • Vast library features more than 500 books per academic level, including original titles
  • Easy to access via your Internet browser or using the app
  • Thousands of books feature Guided Reading and Lexile levels that you can pair with school instruction
  • Kid-friendly titles from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel that appeal to kids
  • Library includes classic titles that have won Caldecott and Newbery Medal awards
  • Safe app for kids to use because all titles have been reviewed as kid-friendly by experts
  • Books are continually added to the library, giving kids new options even after months of use
  • No pop-ups or outside links keeps kids safe


  • Monthly subscription fee might seem high if your kid doesn’t use it much
  • Books only go up to a 6th-grade reading level, so it is limited to preschool and elementary-aged kids
  • Interactivity is limited other than listening to and reading books
  • No games or quizzes like comparable apps
  • Read to Me feature is limited to only select titles
  • Users might experience some technical difficulties with the app occasionally
  • Personalized bookshelf features many titles, which may overwhelm younger readers

Alternatives to ReadingIQ

ReadingIQ is just one of many reading websites and apps that can help bolster your child’s reading skills and interest. Consider other options when choosing the right option for your child.


Epic is the closest competitor to ReadingIQ. Like ReadingIQ, Epic offers an extensive virtual library for your child’s perusal. In fact, Epic has a larger virtual library than ReadingIQ, with more than 40,000 books. The library even includes original books written exclusively for Epic, giving kids access to books that they can’t find anywhere else. When kids log in, they can see age- and level-appropriate recommendations that make navigating this large library easier. 

Like ReadingIQ, Epic also allows you to track your child’s progress to determine how much they’re reading daily, weekly, and more. Videos and audiobooks supplement the reading options, giving kids more interactive ways to engage with the stories they’re reading. Epic’s monthly subscription cost is the same as ReadingIQ’s. Epic also offers a free trial. So, you might want to sign up for both to see which one you like better.


  • 40,000 books
  • Original books
  • Audiobook and video options


  • Thousands of books with more added regularly
  • Read to Me option for lower level books
  • Fewer interactive features

Try Epic if your child’s prefers more interactive reading tools like videos related to books and audiobooks.

If you’re interested, here is our comprehensive Epic review.


Tales2Go is another digital library option for kids. It offers more than 10,000 audiobook options for all age levels. Pre-kindergarteners can find books to listen to, along with high schoolers––and every grade level in between. Spanish language titles are available as well.

The purpose of Tales2Go, like similar sites, is to promote child literacy. Using the audiobook option, this program strives to expose students to enhanced vocabulary––words that they may not yet be able to read but can listen to and understand in context. However, kids can’t read along, so this app focuses more on reading comprehension skills and vocabulary building than just reading skills.


  • 10,000 audiobook options
  • No text to read along with
  • Titles for all ages, from pre-K to high school


  • Some books include a Read to Me option
  • All books have text to read along with
  • Titles limited to pre-K to 6th grade

Give Tales2Go a try if you have a fluent reader who can handle more complicated texts in audiobook format.


FarFaria features more than 1,000 books in its digital library, with new books added every week. It categorizes books by reading level, aligned to Common Core standards. Like ReadingIQ, kids can earn badges to track their progress. Books are sorted by theme, allowing kids to choose a genre they love and read a variety of books in that category.

FarFaira is an app, so your kids won’t be able to access it via a computer if that’s their preference. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices. This app is designed for kids from pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade.


  • 1,000 books with more added weekly
  • Caters to kids ages 4 to 9
  • App compatible with many devices but no website access


  • Thousands of books with more added regularly
  • Caters to kids ages 2 to 12
  • App and website options available

Give FarFaria a try if you have an early elementary schooler who doesn’t want access to an overwhelming number of books.


Reading is an integral component of your child’s education, so you want your child to read early and often. An app and website like ReadingIQ allows your child to develop this love of learning before elementary school and carry it through their primary education and beyond. It offers instant access to thousands of titles that can engage them and bolster their love of reading. Badges and tracking features provide superb motivation for kids who need it. So, give ReadingIQ a try to strengthen your child’s reading skills and interest in reading.

Barbie Carpenter is a writer, editor, and mom of three. When she isn’t writing, she’s enjoying the outdoors, watching her girls dance ballet, or cheering on her son on the soccer field.