Sarah Poirier

Sarah Poirier is an elementary school teacher, freelance writer, and busy mom who is seeking a simpler lifestyle away from the everyday "rat race". Having recently completed a cross-country move, she now lives on her rural oceanfront paradise with her husband and two beautiful, energetic children. As a writer, she is passionate about finding ways to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle, and she loves sharing helpful tips and tricks she's learned along the way on this parenting adventure!

stem toys

What Are STEM Toys?

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on toys that actually provide some educational benefit for children, exposing them to new ways of playing and learning. But, what makes a toy a STEM toy? There are a variety of features that contribute to a toy falling under this category. Here is a breakdown …

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girl sitting next to toy bear

20 Chores for 5-Year Olds

Chores provide so much benefit to the family household; not only are you getting some much-needed help around the house, but your children are also learning the importance of pitching in and helping out. Everyone wants to feel needed in life, and that they are making a contribution, even children.  By having your child do …

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toddler sleeping

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

As parents, we tend to worry about many different aspects of our children’s well-being. We worry about whether they’re eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise and fresh air, hanging out with the right friends, handling life’s emotional roller coasters in a positive way, and whether they’re getting enough sleep. Sleep is a big concern for …

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