An Honest Baby Shusher Review (2023)

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Oh man, some days, getting your baby to calm down can be a nightmare.

With my eldest, the crying honestly never stopped until we looked for some innovative solutions. When the Baby Shusher reviews came up, I didn’t believe it could work.

But thank goodness we saw them, as these magical devices really can help. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baby Shusher

As new parents, one of the greatest difficulties we face is to keep our babies calm at the best of times. Not to mention getting them into a healthy sleep schedule. 

We’ve read enough Baby Shusher reviews, but what actually is the point?

The focus of the Baby Shusher is to ease the sleepless nights and help keep your baby calm when they’re agitated. It’s designed for both parents who are struggling with a sleep schedule, and those who have fussy babies. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t experienced fussy spells from their baby?

This device fits perfectly into the family routine to help soothe your baby with the magic of sound. Yes, we love the special moments with our bundles of joy, rocking them to sleep in a nursery glider. But there are times we could use a little help. 

Let’s take a look at some important things to consider before purchasing a Baby Shusher.

Is the Baby Shusher for You?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that babies do cry for a reason—more often than not. 

The reason they are crying could be anything from hunger or gassiness to health issues or sleep deprivation. The Baby Shusher shouldn’t be used as a remedy for all crying, all the time. You’ll want to ensure your baby isn’t hungry or needs burping first. 

If your little one does seem to be fussy and crying excessively, it might be worth taking a trip to the pediatrician first.

Is It Age Appropriate?

The Baby Shusher can be a magic tool for many parents and their babies; however, it does work better for some rather than others. It’s suggested for use on babies in their first four months after birth, but it can be very effective for children up to nine months of age.

Is It Really Worth the Hype?

Well, the Baby Shusher is branded as “the sleep miracle.” This little product was created by husband and wife team, Chad and Katie Zunker, after their struggles with their own children. 

As it’s created by parents, with parents in mind, we can be sure that they know what they’re talking about when it comes to babies’ needs. 

Gentle human shushing is an ancient sound known to calm babies, but let’s look into the nitty-gritty details of the product to find out how it works.

Presenting the Baby Shusher

What better way to introduce the Baby Shusher than with its award-winning titles? The shusher was the 2018 Gold Award Winner from the “OHbaby!” awards. It was also voted the winner for BabyList’s Best Product Award in 2019.

The orange, rounded rocket-shaped Baby Shusher is classed as a sleep aid. It plays soothing sounds to send your baby into a peaceful night’s sleep—for you both. Likewise, it can help to calm your crying, agitated baby when nothing else seems to work. This can be an excellent tool to leave with the babysitter as many Baby Shusher reviews have suggested.

Its key function is to play soothing, shushing noises that mimic a human voice. This can relax your baby and help them feel as if their mother is quieting them. It can also create similar noises that your baby would have heard inside the womb. 

As long as your little one isn’t hungry or has an undiagnosed health problem or symptoms of colic, a Baby Shusher might be just what you need to help calm them down to sleep. 

If your baby is excessively crying, it might be worth taking a quick trip to your pediatrician to ensure there is nothing sinister wrong. If you have the OK, then a Baby Shusher is likely to be a huge help.

It’s ideal for the times when you have tried absolutely everything to get a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s also excellent for journeys with your little one with it’s portable, bag-friendly design.

Bring this little piece of magic on your airplane, train, or car journey to take a little level of stress away. It’s also excellent to bring along to your baby-friendly yoga or fitness class thanks to the timer settings.

Baby Shusher Review: Features and Benefits

Now you’ve heard about some of the uses and reasons for buying a Baby Shusher, we can get into a little more detail about this particular model. 

Timer Settings

The whole point of a Baby Shusher is to calm your baby and, hopefully, stop them from crying. This is especially useful at night. 

However, after they fall asleep you won’t want the shusher to possibly wake them up during the night. You’ll also not be too keen to have to wake yourself up to switch the shusher off. This would defeat the whole purpose. 

With this in mind, this shusher comes with timer settings so that it can switch off whenever you’d like it to. This model comes with both 30-minute and 15-minute timers. It takes people around 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep, and babies aren’t much different, so these timers should work perfectly for your little one!

Natural Shushing

All babies have known for the first nine months before birth are the soothing sounds inside their mother’s womb. It has been suggested that the baby would hear a “sing-song of muffled speech” inside the womb. These noises could include a gentle muffled voice, as well as the movement of amniotic fluid.

The natural shushing sound produced by this Baby Shusher can help synthesize the mood and sounds that your baby would have heard inside the womb. The real human “shush” sound can be extremely soothing and calming for your baby, helping them to relax and quieten down.

Won’t Keep Everyone Awake 

Getting your baby to fall asleep with the shusher is great, but what about everyone else in the house? This Baby Shusher includes volume control to tackle this issue. It can be set to the perfect volume near your baby, but not loud enough to wake up anyone else in the house.

Easy to Transport

Using the Baby Shusher inside your home is great, but it’s inevitable that you’ll have to travel with your little one from time to time. Whether it’s a quick stroll around the park, a girl’s brunch, or an overnight flight, it’s important you pack the essentials to keep your baby calm and comfortable.

You can easily transport the Baby Shusher thanks to its compact size. It easily fits inside the pram or in a diaper bag or rucksack for your outings and traveling. Weighing in at 8 pounds, it weighs about the same as a newborn; you can imagine how easy it is to transport now.

It also comes with a wrist carrying strap so you’re able to easily keep hold of the shusher while getting your baby to sleep. This is also excellent for traveling through airports where it’s easy to lose things.

Comes Ready to Use

It’s beyond annoying when a product arrives, and you open it only to find you’ll now need to go out to buy some batteries. Luckily, the Baby Shusher comes with two AA batteries included to save you all this trouble. You can get your baby right to sleep.

Benefits of the Baby Shusher

We know that the Baby Shusher can help to calm an agitated baby, but what else is it beneficial for?

Won’t Keep You up All Night

As parents of newborns, we know too much about the lack of sleep associated with our babies. In this case, the discovery of the miraculous Baby Shusher could be life-changing for you. 

Sleep deprivation holds a whole host of short and long term consequences. With a Baby Shusher, you’ll hopefully be able to calm your baby down for a long night of sleep. This will also allow you to have some adequate rest to look after yourself and baby.

Make Sleep Time Easier 

Bedtime can begin to feel like a very stressful time for parents and babies alike. The mix of crying, restlessness, and repetitive getting up to calm your stressed baby is undesirable. It can lead many parents to feel totally out of control with no idea what to do.

A Baby Shusher can help to calm you down by calming your baby down. It can help them to get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer—allowing you to have some peaceful and stress-free nights with your baby.

Creates a Good Sleep Time Routine

Getting into a good nighttime routine is beneficial for both your baby and yourself. Initiating a bedtime routine conditions your baby into understanding what’s happening and eliminating any separation stress they may feel when going to sleep. 

Sleep routines help to reinforce the difference between day and night. This can be aided by a specific routine that happens with your baby every night. Your baby might benefit from a routine similar to this one: 

  1. A warm bath
  2. Quiet time and feeding time
  3. Swaddling and setting them down to sleep
  4. Switching on the Baby Shusher


  • Calms your baby and lessens crying
  • Can help you and your baby sleep better
  • Handbag-friendly size
  • Great tool for keeping your baby calm at home and when traveling
  • Features a timer and adjustable volume


  • Can disguise genuine reasons for crying; such as health issues
  • Is not guaranteed to work for every baby
  • Battery charged rather than easy USB charging


If the Baby Shusher isn’t quite right for you, take a look at these three different options.

Baby Sleep Soother Shusher

The Baby Sleep Soother comes in a super sweet owl design which can sit perfectly among your baby’s toys, rather than looking out of place. It can also be something entertaining for you to hold for your baby, while getting them to calm down. 

Rather than only one sound, the sleep soother plays a variety of eight sounds. The sounds include heartbeat, shusher, white noise, fan, Hush Little Baby, Cradle song, Rock-a-bye, and Twinkle Twinkle. The variety of soothing sounds and songs create a multi-functional tool to please your baby. You can also sample a few of them to see which one your baby drifts off to the best. 

Travel is easy with this baby shusher as it comfortably fits inside a rucksack or inside the stroller storage compartment. It also includes a 7-inch strap that can be attached to a cot or to your wrist. Attaching it to the side of the cot or bassinet can place it perfectly within hearing distance for your baby.

Shusher for Baby Sleep

The Shusher For Baby Sleep uses a real human voice for repetitive shushing sounds. It holds both 15-minute and 30-minute minute timers, much like the Baby Shusher. The design itself is created from a durable PC with a rubber non-slip underside. This can help the device to stay in place wherever you position it around your baby. 

It’s easy to travel with thanks to the handy design that fits into your palm. This makes an excellent tool to pop in the stroller or into your carry-on for an airplane. It also comes with a strap that can be attached to a car seat for long journeys. The shusher charges through a USB cord and has a built-in lithium battery.

Hatch Baby Sound Machine

The multi-functional Hatch Baby Sound Machine is far more than just a shusher. It combines a nightlight, a “time-to-rise” alert, and a sound machine in one. This can help save the need to buy all three and creates a useful device to use for many years with your little one.

It can be controlled via the Hatch Baby Rest app that you download to your smart device. The app allows you to switch it on, adjust the light, and adjust the sound without being in the room and possibly waking your baby up. This is perfect for parents looking for new and innovative technology for helping their baby.

It also allows you to adjust the nightlight color to please your toddler when they can choose themselves. The alarm setting is suggested for older children as they begin preschool.

Final Thoughts

At last, the Baby Shusher has been summed up in an honest Baby Shusher review. Without a doubt, it has been a huge lifesaver for my family at times when nothing else worked. It relieves both your stress and your baby’s for a calmer day-to-day life. 

The three alternatives included are equally as perfect for others. 

Calm, and some sleep, at last.

Howard is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice. When he isn't spending time with his wife, Kristin, or his two children, he can often be found running around on the tennis court.