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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best baby scale is, I’d recommend the Health o Meter Grow with Me 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale.

If you’re a new parent, you know the stress and anxiety worrying over your baby’s weight can bring.

Many new parents choose to track their baby’s weight between visits to the pediatrician to provide reassurance and monitor their child’s growth, development, and health.

Having the right equipment on hand will help you get fast, accurate results—but where do you start? With our list of top-quality products and a buying guide, we aim to help you discover the best baby scale for you and your baby.

Here are the baby scales I will be reviewing:

Why Buy a Baby Scale?

Using a scale designed for weighing babies is the most accurate way to track your baby’s weight. Although your baby’s doctor should regularly measure their height and weight, many parents find it reassuring to keep track of their own measurements. 

It certainly helped me with my firstborn. I was stressing over his weight those first few weeks so much that I was tempted to try and balance him on my cooking scales. Thankfully, my husband ran out and bought us a baby scale so we could track his weight safely. 

Newborns lose between five and 10 percent of their body weight on average in the first few days after birth. So it’s particularly important to monitor your baby’s weight in their first few weeks to ensure you’re feeding them enough.

Regular weigh-ins will help you track your little one’s growth and overall health. Sometimes a sudden drop in weight will be the first sign that your baby is sick, and a baby scale can help you detect this.

How to Use a Baby Scale

Weighing your baby using a baby scale is simple. Well, that is, until they turn into wriggle monsters after just a few months.

Before you start, remember what you learned in science class about constants and variables. It’s vital that you keep as many conditions as possible the same when weighing your child to ensure an accurate reading.

So, if you weigh your baby while they’re wearing a diaper or sucking a pacifier, make sure they have a diaper or pacifier the next time you place them on the scales. Similarly, don’t weigh your baby just after you’ve fed them one day and then after they’ve thrown up a week later. 

Similarly to other types of scales, most baby scales will have an ‘on’, ‘start’, or ‘zero’ button to switch on the scale. You’ll know you’ve found it when you hear a beep; this indicates that the scale is ready to go.

Gently lay your baby on the scale and, again, wait for a beep. Voila! Your scales have registered your baby’s weight, and you can record the number that appears on the screen.

You don’t need to weigh your baby every day. Generally, weighing them around once a week until they are three months old is fine. This will give you an accurate idea of their growth without worrying about perfectly normal daily fluctuations.

If you’re feeling concerned about your baby’s weight, give your pediatrician a call.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Baby Scale 

Though they may all seem similar, there are lots of attributes that set the best baby scales apart from the inferior devices. Here are several important factors to consider when searching for the best baby scale for you and your little one.

Weight Limit

The most obvious thing to consider when choosing a baby scale is the maximum weight it can hold. There’s no use getting one that can’t hold more than 15 pounds as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use it for more than a year.

Many manufacturers these days make baby scales that convert to toddler scales. These products will often have a removable tray that your baby can lay or sit on until they’re old enough to stand on their own. They’re a cost-effective option to replacing your scale as your child grows.

Hold and Zero Functions

Babies wriggle. When was the last time your baby lay perfectly still while you were changing him or her? Exactly.

Constant movement can make it hard to get an accurate reading of your baby’s weight when you’re not holding them. 

The best baby scales have a hold feature that will lock-in your baby’s weight no matter how much they’re moving, so you can get an accurate reading.

Similarly, scales with a zero feature are great if you want to know exactly how much your baby weighs without their diaper, clothing, or anything else you weigh them with.

Simply add any ‘extras’ to the tray and press the zero button. This will register the weight of these extras as zero, so you can then weigh your baby and get the most accurate result.

The Tray

The scale’s tray is arguably the most important feature to consider for your baby’s comfort and safety. Look for a tray with a deep curve that will stop your baby rolling off the scale—one of every parent’s worst fears.

You may also want to invest in a tray with padding to make the experience more comfortable for your baby. Padding or foam is a lot nicer to lay on than cold, hard metal or plastic. Plus, if your scale has a zero feature, you won’t have to worry about the extra weight.

My Favorite Baby Scale Reviews

I’ve researched and reviewed the best baby scales on the market to help you find the most suitable one for your needs. Set a budget in mind and opt for a product that fits your lifestyle.

Health o Meter Grow With Me Scale

The Health o Meter Grow With Me scale comes in a stylish design with a teddy-bear shape that your toddler will love. This scale is designed to grow with your child—simply remove the tray to reveal the digital scale underneath! 

This feature makes it easier to weigh babies, infants, and toddlers, so it’s ideal if you have multiple children of different ages. This scale is also exceptional value for money, as you don’t need to purchase a new one as your child grows. With a five-year warranty, this is one that’s going to last.

Although the tray isn’t cushioned, the zero feature enables you to place a blanket on the tray for extra comfort. Simply place the blanket on the tray, set the scale to zero, and lay your baby on the blanket. The hold button ensures you get an accurate reading no matter how much your

A feature that I love is that this scale comes with a book to track your baby’s height and weight against the national average of children up to 36 months. You can even track your child’s teeth and shoe size! This is a real bonus, especially as a new parent when you aren’t sure what ‘normal’ is.

This scale may not be sensitive enough for weighted feedings. If your baby has a weight-related issue you’re trying to monitor, this is something to consider.


  • Can be converted to a toddler scale
  • Stylish design
  • Hold and zero features
  • Large digital display
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Comes with a growth tracking book


  • May not be precise enough for weighted feedings
  • The zero feature doesn’t always work

Salter Baby/Toddler Scale

The Salter scale is similar to the Health o Meter Grow With Me scale, although the biggest difference is the weight capacity. While the Health o Meter scale can hold up to 60 pounds, the Salter scale’s maximum weight is 44 pounds.

However, this scale also doubles as a toddler scale with the same sweet teddy bear design. You should be able to get a lot of use out of this scale, as your kids will be able to use the digital scale until they’re three or four.

This model comes with a curved tray and high walls that will take the anxiety out of weighing your baby. Newborns won’t be able to roll out of this one without serious effort! 

The scale has a handy zero function that makes weighing your baby with a diaper a breeze, and even includes an auto shut-off function to save on battery power.

Unfortunately, the hold function doesn’t seem to lock the weight in as reliably as other scales I looked at. The number only displays when you’ve fully released the button, so finding the right timing can be a real nightmare.

That said, if you can weigh your baby when they’re less restless, you will get an accurate reading within half an ounce. As with the Health o Meter scale, this might not be precise enough if you’re trying to measure how much weight your baby puts on after a feed, but it’s perfect if you want to track their weight weekly.


  • Can be converted to a toddler scale
  • Stylish design
  • Large digital display
  • Zero and auto shut-off functions


  • Hold function not as reliable as other scales
  • May not be precise enough for weighted feedings
  • Lower weight capacity

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

As the name suggests, this Hatch Baby scale doubles as a changing pad. It has a sleek, minimalist design and isn’t as bulky as the previous two scales, which makes storage a breeze.

This scale is one for the tech-lovers as it features a soft foam cradle, built-in technology, and an app that makes tracking weight a whole lot easier. It automatically reads your baby’s weight while you’re changing them, meaning you don’t have to struggle to keep them still or make time for weigh-ins each week.

You’ll need to link your smart device to the Hatch Baby app to see the results. Once you do, the app analyzes the data and displays it in easy-to-read charts, essentially doing all of the hard work for you (except, you know, the parenting). If you want to compare your baby’s growth percentiles, the app provides recent WHO data for this reason.

I like the versatility of this device, though this does come with a hefty price tag. It’s precise, measuring to the 0.25-ounce, and comfortable for your baby. Plus, it’s easy to clean with a wipe down, and is very aesthetically pleasing so will add a nice touch to the nursery.

Relying on an app to get your baby’s measurements can be somewhat inconvenient for some parents, especially if it’s only linked to one phone. This can be frustrating if one parent takes their phone out of the house and you want to check your baby’s weight.

This device also only comes with a one-year warranty which, for the price, is disappointing. The warranty coverage is also much less than other baby scales on the market.

If you have a bigger budget and want the ease of tracking your baby’s growth digitally, this could be a great option for you. But if you’re just after a simple scale to keep an eye on your baby’s development, there are other options out there.


  • Foam padding for extra comfort
  • Doubles as a changing pad
  • App automatically analyzes data
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Neutral, minimalist design will suit any space


  • Pricey
  • Requires a smart app to see results
  • Only a one-year warranty

Beurer Digital Baby Scale

One of the more affordable options on this list, the Beurer Digital Baby Scale, is simple, reliable, and easy to use. The design is vibrant and cheery; I love the yellow accent and the bird design in the corner!

The scale comes with a hold and zero function to make weighing your baby more convenient and less strenuous when they’re wriggling. It measures to a precise 0.2-ounce increment; however, some users reported the scale’s readings aren’t as accurate as some of the other products on this list.

This scale is shallower than the others we’ve reviewed. Although the flatter design makes it lighter, this can also be a safety issue, particularly for restless babies. I recommend setting this scale up on the floor so that your baby is safer if they roll off.

This device has a large LCD display, which helps when you need to take a quick reading while dealing with your little one. It also features a zero and hold feature for more convenient weighing.

The Beurer scale is multifunctional—you can also use it to weigh household pets. Though your Labrador is probably a bit large, it’s ideal for weighing cats and small dogs, as long as you clean it before you put your baby back on!


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Hold and zero functions
  • Multipurpose


  • Often displays inaccurate readings
  • Flat design may compromise safety

AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby and Toddler Scale

The Afendo Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby and Toddler Scale is one of the best baby scales for precise readings and weighted feedings. The scale measures in increments of 5 grams (around 0.17 ounces) and the readings are accurate.

If you’re looking for a scale to measure milk intake before and after feedings, this could be an excellent choice. Parents of premature babies often find they need extremely accurate measurements. This allows them to track their baby’s growth effectively.

You can even get an accurate reading when your baby is moving, thanks to the effective hold function. This locks the number in place from the longest time they were still. It’s surprisingly rare to find a hold function that actually works consistently and accurately. 

The surface isn’t padded, but is ergonomically designed to maximize comfort. You can also add a towel or a blanket without any added weight, thanks to the scale’s accurate tare or zero function.

The tare function means you can weigh any extra items separately, giving you a much more accurate idea of your baby’s actual weight. Therefore, you can weigh your baby while they’re wearing a diaper.

Although this is an affordable baby and toddler scale, the Afendo doesn’t have a removable tray. The curved design means it’s not going to grow with your child in the same way as the Health o Meter or Salter. This scale’s weight capacity is 44 pounds, but toddlers may find it difficult to stand on and may have to sit instead.


  • High level of accuracy
  • Accurate hold and tare functions
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort


  • Curved design will make it harder for toddlers to stand on
  • Babies can roll off

Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale

The Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler Scale seems to do it all. With this product, you can measure your baby’s height and weight at once. It even comes with a tape measure to keep track of the circumference of your baby’s head.

This scale comes with batteries—something of a rarity in the baby-scale world! The device takes four AAA batteries, so they’re easy to replace when they run out. You could even invest in some rechargeable batteries if you plan on using it a lot.

This scale looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and, compared to other baby scales, it performs like that too! The device has a built-in memory that holds data for up to eight children. It can also detect any changes between weigh-ins.

It uses a sliding measurement board to measure your baby’s height as you weigh them. This system is easy to use and super convenient—I wish I’d had something like this when my babies were small. The scale comes with age and gender-specific growth charts from the World Health Organization. This bonus makes it easier to track your child’s development against expected standards.

The Ozeri scale is extremely precise, measuring within 0.1 ounces; however, it does rely on minimal movement from the child. The hold function doesn’t provide as accurate readings as other scales, because it freezes the measurement at the exact moment you press the button.

This could make measuring an active baby or toddler difficult. Even though it measures precisely, the reality of moving kids renders this particular feature for most parents. However, if you have a calm child, this isn’t an issue. Alternatively, try to weigh your kiddo while they sleep!

Measuring your child’s weight, height, and head circumference is a great way to monitor their growth overall. Once your child reaches over 31.5 inches, you’ll have to find a new way to measure their height, as this feature only reaches that amount.


  • Measures height and weight
  • Built-in memory for up to eight children
  • Precise weight measurements
  • Comes with a tape measure to determine the size of your baby’s head


  • Hold function doesn’t provide accurate readings for active children
  • Height measurement tool only goes up to 31.5 inches

HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale

Simplicity is the name of the game for the Homeimage Digital Baby Scale. With a plain, concave design, this scale is lightweight and ideal for tucking away in a drawer or cupboard.

It features a large LCD screen that makes it easy to read your baby’s measurements from all angles. This is ideal when you’re trying to hold your baby still and take their weight at the same time

It also has a decent surface area, measuring 21 inches by 13 inches by 2 inches, which will allow your child to grow with it. The surface is quite cold, however, so you may need to place a blanket underneath your baby before you place them on it. Luckily this scale’s zero function is reliable, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with accuracy when doing this.

This particular scale works best on hard surfaces. If you use it on a carpet or a bed, it won’t be as stable, and you may get inaccurate results. That said, users tend to report varying levels of accuracy with this scale, even when used on a hard surface.

The product promises a half-ounce margin of error, but, like most of the scales on this list, this can vary between devices. If you need particularly precise measurements, there are more reliable models available. It will do the job for standard weigh-ins though.

Unfortunately, the battery life only lasts around two months with regular weigh-ins. The batteries are also button batteries, which are known to be extremely dangerous if swallowed. Ensure the device is kept out of reach of children when you’re not using it.


  • Large surface area
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reliable zero function


  • Isn’t reliable on carpet
  • Poor battery life
  • Uses button batteries, which are dangerous if swallowed

My Weigh Ultra Baby Precision Digital Baby Scale

The My Weigh Ultra Baby Precision Digital Baby Scale is designed as a multi-purpose scale. It’s equipped with multiple attachments, including a cradle, letter holder, tube holder, and a detachable display screen.

With so many pieces and unclear instructions, it’s no surprise that many parents find this one hard to set up. One design flaw is that the battery department is hidden behind the first panel, and you have to screw it on. Although this is safer, it can be a hassle every time you need to change the batteries.

Even the power adapter—which you have to buy separately—seems like an afterthought. The device doesn’t come with batteries. Therefore, make sure you order some spares if you do buy this one, so you don’t get caught out. It does have an auto-off feature, though, which will save on battery time if you forget to switch the device off.

I believe that anything designed for new parents should be straightforward—we’ve got way too much going on and are totally sleep deprived. We don’t have time to figure out how to put a baby scale together. If we wanted that, we’d order something from Ikea!

I’m pleased to see that the tray on this scale seems to be a decent size. It has a similar depth to the Health o Meter and Salter scales. I love this for peace of mind when weighing newborns.

The scale is extremely accurate for small weights. But as soon as you hit two pounds, the measurements only go up in half-ounce increments. There was some confusion about this when My Weigh released the scale. Therefore, it’s something to keep in mind if you need exact measurements.


  • Large, deep tray for safety and security
  • Comes with multiple attachments for other uses
  • Auto-off function to save battery
  • Hold function


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not as accurate weighing more than two pounds

MOMMED Baby Scale

The Mommed product is the best baby scale on this list for versatility.

With a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds, the whole family can use it. There’s no need for a separate scale for adults—this one will serve your family through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The tray is easily removed to reveal a fully functional digital scale, so you can see your readings clearly.

The product is lightweight and compact to store when not in use. It has a large, backlit LCD display that makes reading the numbers easy even in low light. This could be handy if you’re weighing your baby just as they’re drifting off to sleep.

This scale comes with a hold feature for added accuracy. If your baby is particularly active or wriggly, this could be just what you need. It’s ready to go out of the box—this model even comes with two AAA batteries to get you started.

The tray is a simple, curved design with a ruler printed down the center, so you can measure your baby’s length as you weigh them. We love how easy this makes measuring your baby; it’s such a simple design feature, but it makes a world of difference for busy parents. In just a couple of minutes, you can have your baby’s measurements noted down.

One thing to consider with this tray is that it’s made of two separate pieces of plastic that snap together in the middle. This material makes it more susceptible to damage when moved or with a heavy baby on top. The last thing you want is for it to separate while you’re weighing your child!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Ruler printed on the tray so you can measure your baby’s height
  • Display screen can be read in low light


  • Tray is made of two pieces that could potentially be separated during use
  • Not an accurate reading on carpet

Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

The Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale is a straightforward, reliable scale designed with babies and parents in mind. It features a large, deep tray for ease and comfort. The product also comes with an easy-to-read display to make weighing your baby as stress-free as possible.

This one can only hold up to 44 pounds, which may limit how much use you get out of it. This could be a suitable purchase if you only want to weigh your baby in their first couple of years. Alternatively, if you already own an adult scale, this is an excellent addition while your baby is small.

Unlike some of the other baby scales out there, the Tanita 1584 is extremely easy to operate, as it only has one button to turn it on and off. It also has a simple switch to change between pounds and kilograms.

This simplicity does mean the scale comes with fewer features, though. While it does have a zero function to weigh your baby accurately, it doesn’t have a hold function. Therefore, you won’t be able to measure your baby if they’re squirming or moving a lot.

There are other models in this brand’s line that do this. If you’re looking for a few more features, it might be worth looking into Tanita’s other products.


  • Easy to operate
  • Large, deep tray for comfort and safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Batteries included


  • No hold function
  • Only holds up to 44 pounds, so your baby will outgrow it

Time for a Weigh-In

The baby scale you end up purchasing will depend on your baby, budget, lifestyle, and priorities. 

For me, the best baby scale is the Health o Meter Grow with Me 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale. It’s a great option if you want something that’s affordable, reliable, and packed with features like a security lock and removable tray. It will grow with your child and is ideal if you have multiple children as you can weigh everyone using only one device!

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.