Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best diaper for sensitive skin is, I’d recommend the Honest Gentle and Absorbent Diaper.

It’s not uncommon for babies to have sensitive skin. If your baby is one of the many, you’ve probably wondered which diapers cause the least amount of discomfort.

Before we get to the products, we’ll take a few minutes to talk about sensitive skin and what to look for in diapers.

In this article, I am breaking down the best diapers for sensitive skin, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the diapers for sensitive skin that I will be reviewing:

What Causes Sensitive Skin In Babies?

Young babies are delicate. Newly born, they’re encountering a host of things for the first time. Their immune systems are immature and they’re experiencing exposure to new irritants—both externally and internally—on a daily basis.

Until their systems have matured, you’ll likely see external physical responses when they’re exposed to something new. Food, clothing, and airborne allergens can all cause a skin response we consider as sensitive skin.

Keep an eye out for any physical change in your child’s skin. Red rashes, hives, and scaly eczema patches can all indicate that your child has sensitive skin. Always approach your pediatrician with any health concerns you might have about your baby.

Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Skin In Babies

Looking for some help in dealing with your baby’s sensitive skin? Here are a few things you can do to help your baby be more comfortable:

  • Wash baby clothes before your little one wears them: It’s certainly tempting to pull tags off a new item and pop it on your baby, especially when the laundry bin is overflowing. You just can’t tell what chemicals or irritants the clothes have been exposed to, though. Pre-washing them in fragrance-free laundry detergent can help prevent irritated skin.
  • Skip daily baths: Cleanliness is important, of course, but frequent washing can dry out skin and leave it vulnerable to irritation. Skip scented products and stick with cooler water for even better results.
  • Use a humidifierAdding moisture to the air can help prevent your baby’s skin from drying out.
  • Embrace air time: Notice your little one has a diaper rash? Diapers trap in moisture—that is their job, after all—but in the process can prevent needed air circulation. Letting your child go all-natural can give skin some time to heal.
  • Pay attention to what your baby’s eating: It’s not uncommon for a food intolerance to make its appearance in a skin reaction. Keep a food journal that follows what your baby’s eating (or what you’re eating if you’re nursing) to see if there are any patterns.

What To Look For In A Diaper

Shopping for diapers for your little one with sensitive skin? Here are a few tips to help ensure you bring home the best diapers for sensitive skin:

  • Avoid chlorine processing: Chlorine process is one technique used to get disposable diapers extra white. This can also serve as an irritant to skin. Look for diapers labeled ECF (elemental chlorine free) or TCF (totally chlorine free), which means chlorine exposure has been limited or skipped altogether.
  • Skip additives like lotions and scents: These may seem fine in theory, but they provide the opportunity for sensitive skin to come into contact with more irritants. Diapers are one time where less is definitely more.
  • Latex: This is a common skin irritant and allergen. Choose a diaper without latex if your baby has sensitive skin.

My Top Diaper Reviews For Sensitive Skin

We have scoured the world in order to find and review the best diapers for sensitive skin. While any of these would make a great choice, we have also picked our favorite.

Honest Gentle And Absorbent Diaper

These cute patterned diapers from the Honest Company are a great choice for sensitive skin. An extra soft inner lining quickly wicks away moisture to help keep your child’s skin dry and to avoid irritation. Unfortunately, these diapers don’t have a moisture line indicator that lets you know at a glance if your child needs a new diaper.

The side panels offer plenty of stretch, as does the elastic waistband, while remaining soft and comfortable. The thigh area and side tabs help give you a great custom fit every time, while also preventing any leaks. They’re soft for a disposable diaper and have great give along the edges. If your baby’s in between sizes or close to the maximum weight suggestion, you’ll probably want to move up to the next size.

These diapers are made from eco-friendly materials, including organically-sourced cotton. They are paraben-free and have a biologically-based core, made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp and other plant-derived materials. This core is made to absorb and offers multiple layers—it can actually absorb 17 times its weight in fluid.

If your baby has sensitive skin, you’ll love that these diapers are fragrance and lotion free. They’re also made without chlorine processing or latex. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, for babies and toddlers who weigh 10–35 pounds.

Honest diapers do a great job of preventing leaks. They have a pattern printed on their exterior, though, which will show through lighter colored clothing.


  • The diapers are biodegradable
  • Made to be extra soft
  • Very absorbent
  • TCF and made without latex, fragrance, or lotions


  • No indicator on the diaper to help you identify when your baby’s diaper is wet
  • Sizes are on the small/slim side and may not fit well for a baby with a chunkier middle or thighs

Seventh Generation Free And Clear Diapers

These Seventh Generation diapers offer excellent protection from leaks while keeping your baby’s sensitive skin healthy. No fragrances, chlorine processing, or lotions are used in the manufacturing of these diapers.

Stretchy side panels allow for a good custom fit and the tabs can be refastened if needed. For diapers designed for younger babies, there is an additional quilted cotton liner (made of unbleached cotton) to provide extra comfort.

The core of this diaper is extra absorbent and made from FSC certified wood fluff pulp that’s been sustainably sourced. It’s designed to absorb three times the amount of fluid you’ll find in an average wetting. Top wicking layers help pull the moisture away from your baby’s skin and lock it within the core of the diaper.

These diapers are printed on the exterior with sweet designs. Ink dye has been used during this part of manufacturing to create the prints. There are no synthetic additives and the entire diaper is biodegradable, allowing you to use disposable diapers while still being environmentally conscientious.

Seventh Generation diapers are made in the United States. The fit of these diapers works well for babies with chunkier thighs yet still allows flexibility through the waist for trimmer bellies. Sizes go up to 35+ pounds.

Though these diapers are very absorbent, you may find they won’t be sufficient for overnight stretches, once you move beyond middle-of-the-night changes. If that’s the case and you like these for day time, you may want to consider using Seventh Generation’s overnight diapers.


  • Sustainably sourced materials and its ability to biodegrade make this diaper an eco-friendly choice
  • Double cuffs through the thigh help prevent any leaking
  • Free from chemicals found in conventional disposable diapers
  • Cute design


  • These diapers may leak their absorbent wood fluff pulp and be found during changes if allowed to become too full
  • On the small side compared to other diapers that are marked the same size

Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers

These Babyganics diapers are a great natural option for a disposable diaper. They’re free from latex and chlorine processing. They’re also made with no petroleum-based products, like fragrances and lotions, but they do contain NeoNourish seed oil blend.

This NeoNourish oil blend contains sunflower, tomato, cranberry, black cumin, and raspberry seed oil. This oil blend can help soothe sensitive skin. If you know your little one has a sensitivity to any of those edibles, though, you may want to look to a different diaper brand.

If you’re looking for a sensitive skin-friendly diaper that also has a wetness indicator, this is a good one to try. For sizes newborn through 2, the printed design on the wet zone will disappear when compromised by wetness.

These diapers are made without chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, they aren’t entirely biodegradable, but care has been taken during production to be environmentally responsible.

The stretchy side panels help give a custom fit to every baby and work to prevent dreaded blowouts. The tabs on the sides are sturdy and not prone to tearing.

These diapers are highly absorbent and should provide dry protection even during long periods of time like at night. It’s great to have one less piece to keep track of and know that your daytime diaper will get you through the night as well.

You’ll notice these diapers aren’t prone to sagging, even when they’re saturated. This can help you avoid pressure leaks and thigh leaking.



  • These diapers are not biodegradable
  • Sizes run small—consider ordering up a size if your baby’s toward the upper range of weight

Earth And Eden Baby Diapers

These Earth and Eden diapers are free from harsh chemicals. They’re absorbent and have cotton-enhanced dryness layers to help keep your baby’s skin dry and to prevent any contact irritation.

This company has pulled out all the stops when it comes to being environmentally friendly. The fluff pulp used in the diapers is SFI certified sustainable. No products are ever tested on animals and these diapers are produced in zero waste to landfill facilities.

These diapers have designs printed on them and the ink used for those is water-based and non-toxic. They’re made in the United States with both domestic and imported components. No parabens, latexes, fragrances, or lotions are used during manufacturing and these diapers are ECF.

The inner lining of these diapers is made from cotton and hypoallergenic—which works to keep your baby’s skin dry and protect it from irritation. The outer portion of the diaper is breathable and allows for great air circulation. This helps prevent diaper rashes and keeps moisture from being trapped against your baby’s skin.

These diapers follow standard sizing and run true to size. They are available in sizes that will work for babies through children who weigh up to 45 pounds.

If you’ve ever needed larger sized diapers, you know they can be tricky to find. It’s great to have the option to diaper older or larger kids with the same sensitive skin-friendly diapers you used when they were younger. Newborn and Size 1 diapers also offer a cutout to accommodate for the umbilical cord.


  • Available in larger sizes
  • Made in the United States
  • Wetness indicators are available, even on larger sizes
  • Lightweight and soft


  • These may not hold enough liquid to get you through the night without leaking
  • The diapers have a tendency to sag once wet, which can create additional leaking

Mama Bear Diapers

If you have diapers stashed throughout the house you hate to use, you’ll appreciate that these diapers come with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, your money will be refunded to you.

You’re unlikely to need the guarantee, though. These diapers have been designed to address a lot of the common complaints people have about their sensitive skin-friendly diapers.

A pocketed waistband through the back helps prevent blowouts. They’re also incredibly absorbent and suitable for even long stretches of use. In fact, they’re advertised as offering 12 hours’ worth of protection.

These diapers are made from hypoallergenic, breathable materials that are specifically chosen to be gentle on your baby’s skin. The leg cuffs are flexible and provide a secure fit that helps you avoid leaks. The sides of these diapers are stretchy and provide a lot of give for your baby, allowing a comfortable and effective fit.

A wetness indicator along the front of the diaper lets you know at a glance if your baby’s diaper needs to be changed. In between changes, a quilted liner helps wick liquids away from the skin.

If your baby is close to the top of the weight range for the size you’re in, you’ll probably want to move up to the next size. This can help you avoid unnecessary leaks, and provides you with extra absorbency.

These diapers are made without fragrances. They are hypoallergenic and free from rubber latex and elemental chlorine.


  • Suitable for long periods of time, like overnight use
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great money-back guarantee on the product
  • Back pocketed waistband works to prevent blowouts


  • Difficult to readjust without damaging the diaper
  • The diapers have a tendency to sag when wet

Bringing Home The Best Diapers For Sensitive Skin

One of these diapers might be the answer to your child’s sensitive skin needs. If I were shopping for the best diapers for sensitive skin for my own child, I would choose to go with the Honest Gentle and Absorbent Diaper.

I like that the diapers are totally chlorine free and entirely biodegradable. They’re also extremely absorbent, which can sometimes be compromised in more natural-leaning diapers. 

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.