Best Diapers for Blowouts [2023]

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best diaper for blowouts is, I’d recommend the Huggies Snug and Dry.

Every parent has been there. You pick up your little one from their favorite toy, ready to enjoy the cuddles. Then, you feel it. There was a diaper explosion, and it’s everywhere. Whether it’s on you, the floor, or the toy, you now have a mess to deal with. Although this is almost a rite of passage for every parent, it’s also something you can avoid. By using the best diapers for blowouts, you can prevent the mess that comes from a diaper explosion. We’ve picked some of the best diapers to protect you and your furniture.

Here are the Diapers for Blowouts I will be reviewing:

Can You Prevent a Blowout?

Not to burst your bubble, but there’s no diaper that completely stops blowouts from happening. Even worse, there’s nothing you can do as a parent to guarantee you’ll never experience a blowout. There are, however, a few things you can do to prevent diaper leaks, and that includes buying the best diapers for blowouts.

Get the Right Size

If you use a diaper that’s too small or too large for your baby, you should have the cleaning wipes ready. As much as the brand of diaper matters, so does the sizing. Resist the temptation to use those size ones until you use up the package, and switch to the appropriate size

Typically, newborn diapers are only useful for two or three weeks. Before the baby is born, arm yourself with plenty of size one diapers. You can always return unopened diaper boxes or sell your unused newborn diapers to a local mom. 

Keep in mind that the sizing varies based on the diaper brand and your baby’s body. If you adhere to the weight limits and the diaper still doesn’t fit, swap to a different size or brand. 

Use the Proper Clothing

As strange as it might sound, clothing can affect the likelihood of a blowout. If your baby is in tight clothing, the outfit could put pressure on the diaper and cause a blowout. When you dress your baby, remember that a full diaper makes your kiddo larger than they actually are. 

Likewise, loose clothing is also an issue. Instead of catching what leaks out of your diaper, the clothing will let it seep out. No matter how many 6-9 month hand-me-downs you have, wait until your baby fits into the clothes to use them. 

Change Diapers Frequently

When a diaper becomes saturated, it can’t take any more. If your little one has a bowel movement in a soaked diaper, you can be sure it will leak out. You can avoid this by changing your baby’s diaper before it absorbs too much liquid. Once you get in the habit of frequent changes, it’s easy to follow this tip. 

Are you wondering what to do at night? While you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby, you can practice and master the art of a no-wake diaper change. Only change your baby’s nighttime diaper during the first half of their sleep cycle, or you’re likely to disrupt their sleep. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use wipes. The cold and moistness is almost sure to wake up your little one, no matter how deeply they’re sleeping. 

Adjust Your Hold

Sometimes, blowouts happen as you carry your baby to the changing station. If you hold your child a certain way, you might be the one responsible for the mess. Avoid this by keeping your hand off the diaper as much as possible. It also helps to have wipes and diapers located in a few areas of your home. 

Truthfully, there’s no right or wrong way to carry your baby when they have a full diaper. If you don’t have to travel far to get to the wipes, you can hold your baby under their armpits. But that’s not feasible with an older baby or for walking across a house. The football carry is another option but it is hard to do with an active baby. Experiment with different holds, and do your best to avoid squeezing their diaper as you hold them. 

Use the Right Brand

Depending on the brand, your diapers may not stand a chance against blowouts. Some diapers are just better than others at stopping messes. When shopping for the best diapers for blowouts, consider the brand you use. 

In addition to checking out our picks for the best diapers for blowouts, you should also know that every baby is unique. What works for one baby might not work for another. If you have a particularly active baby, you need a diaper that offers extra protection. 

When shopping for diapers, consider the following details:

  • How they handle mobility
  • The amount they hold
  • How the sizing works
  • The fit on your baby
  • The strength of the fastener

Try Diaper Extenders

When all else fails, you can use diaper extenders. This product stops a blowout from doing damage by catching the leakage as it comes out of the diaper. Although it doesn’t work well for side leaks, an extender works great for the explosions that send a mess up your baby’s back. 

Of course, a diaper extender is just one other detail to worry about. It’s probably best to use this as a last resort.

My Diapers for Blowouts Reviews

Here are our picks for the best diapers for your kiddo’s massive blowouts:

Huggies Snug and Dry

These popular diapers have a few features that make them ideal for protecting you from blowouts. As far as absorption goes, these diapers excel. They give you 12 hours or protection, which should be enough to get you through the night. With a patented Leak Lock System, these Huggies diapers manage to hold in substantial amounts of wetness.

Blowouts don’t just happen on newborns. When your little one starts crawling or walking, these diapers move with them. They contour to your baby’s body and don’t leave gaps for blowouts to sneak out. More importantly, Huggies didn’t sacrifice comfort for contouring. These diapers don’t have any rough materials and are softer than some of the other competition. Even the velcro is soft and manages to stay taught as your baby moves around.

In addition to those features, these diapers have a few traits that most parents will appreciate. For one, each diaper has a wetness indicator. When the stripe turns blue, you know it’s time to put on a new diaper. Another desirable quality is the hypoallergenic nature of the material. Even if you have a sensitive baby, these diapers shouldn’t cause a rash. Of course, you can never tell when a diaper will cause a skin reaction in a baby. You should test out a small pack of diapers before buying these in bulk. 

The only real downfall to these diapers is the fact that they aren’t eco-friendly. The company isn’t transparent about the materials they use to make the diaper, and doesn’t seem to make attempts to create a product that’s less harsh in the environment. But that aside, it’s hard to overlook how effective these diapers are at preventing blowouts.


  • Contour to baby’s body
  • Last for up to 12 hours, during the day or night
  • Use a patented Leak Lock System
  • Comfortable for baby and don’t chafe


  • Not eco-friendly at all
  • No transparency about production materials

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

As you might guess from the name of this diaper line, these diapers have built-in leakguards to give an added layer of protection against blowouts. Rather than have one extra leakguard, these diapers have three. With extra absorption and protection, Luvs Ultra Leakguards are highly effective at stopping blowouts in their tracks.

During the rare periods at night when your little one sleeps, these diapers soak up the wetness. They use Nightlock Technology to keep moisture and any other issues inside the diaper and out of the crib. Typically, these diapers deliver up to 12 hours of protection. Even when the diaper gets full, it isn’t prone to leading to blowouts. 

The elastic on these diapers is very secure. If you have a little one who likes to fiddle with the elastic, you’re less likely to experience them loosening the diaper and having a blowout. As crazy as it sounds, this is a common occurrence with some active babies. The stretchy sides and leak barrier cuffs also give added protection without compromising on comfort. 

When these diapers are full, the wetness indicator turns blue. This feature makes it easy to avoid oversaturation, which is one way to avoid a blowout. If you do let the diaper get full, you don’t have to worry about its weight. The diaper doesn’t get very heavy and is always comfortable for your bundle of joy. 

Equipped with a wide fastening area, these diapers confirm to your baby. They’re also easy to change. However, you need to be careful of how you fasten the diaper. If you don’t angle it properly, the diaper could leak. Another downside to this product is the fact that it’s not eco-friendly.


  • Wide fastening area for easy use
  • Triple layer of leakguard protection
  • Night or day, 12 hour protection
  • Strong elastic that remains on


  • Not good for the environment
  • The leak protection only works if the diaper isn’t at an angle
  • Has some irritants that could affect a baby with sensitive skin

Bambo Nature

Although these diapers haven’t been around for long, they’re becoming more and more popular. And while many people seek out Bambo diapers for the sustainable production process of the company, there’s another reason to switch to Bambo – the protection from leaks.

Bambo diapers are extremely absorbent. Because of this absorbency, these diapers are unlikely to result in blowouts. You can get away with changing your baby a little less frequently when you use these diapers. Additionally, they’re rated for day or nighttime use. If nighttime diaper changes scare you as much as they scare me, you’ll appreciate these diapers. 

This diaper doesn’t have as many protections against blowouts as some of the other contenders on this list, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out. If you have a baby with sensitive skin, this is diaper of the best options. The Bambo Natures are free of chemicals and perfumes and have several allergen-free certifications. Babies with sensitive skin can be almost blowout-free, or at least a little bit less messy. 

As far as comfort goes, it’s hard to beat these diapers. They’re surprisingly soft and great for newborns. As you know by now, the fit makes a huge difference when it comes to blowouts. And these diapers fit well on babies of all shapes and sizes. While there’s no guarantee it will fit your baby, the diaper’s soft material makes it likely to work. The elastic is equally soft and helps give the diaper a tight fit. 

Perhaps the biggest downfall of these diapers is the fact that they’re not quite as absorbent as a few other diapers. That said, they’re absorbent enough to give you extra protection.


  • Everything is soft, including the elastic
  • Free of chemicals and great for babies with sensitive skin
  • Absorb liquid well to prevent blowouts from happening
  • Has a tight fit for fewer gaps


  • Not as many safeguards as other products to prevent blowouts
  • More expensive than some of the other popular brands

Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers

These days, Amazon seems to dabble in everything. And the Mama Bear diapers are proof of that, because it’s an Amazon brand. Although there are two types of Mama Bear diapers available, the Gentle Touch offers the best combination of blowout prevention along with comfort.

These disposable diapers are made for sensitive babies and don’t have as many harmful chemicals as many of the other leading brands. During production, the company doesn’t use any fragrances, latex, or chlorine. These hypoallergenic diapers also come with the benefit of being very soft. The outer cover of these diapers is breathable, which increases your baby’s comfort. 

To prevent blowouts, these diapers are soft and stretchy. They manage to move well with your little one and reduce gaps that cause blowouts. With up to 12 hours of leak protection, the Gentle Touch diapers work day and night. They have an easy-to-read wetness indicator.

Another feature that prevents blowouts is the leg cuff. Around each leg, there’s a cough that catches any leakage. After a long night, these diapers tend to hold up. Despite being thin, this diaper can still absorb enough liquid to keep your baby dry

If you plan on ordering these diapers, you should know that they run small. Order a size up, or you might be unhappy with the fit. Fortunately, you can always return the diapers and order one size up. The Gentle Touch diapers don’t have much to prevent back blowouts, but they are effective enough to earn a spot as one of the best diapers for blowouts. Like some of the other choices on this list, these diapers aren’t biodegradable. But, while they don’t help the environment, they could help you stop blowouts.


  • Have leg cuffs to catch leaks
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Have a mesh outer-layer for more breathability
  • 12 hours of leak protection
  • Made of a soft material for more comfort


  • Not biodegradable, so they sit in a landfill
  • Sizes tend to run small
  • Thin diapers, compared to other brands

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper

I’m the first person to admit that cloth diapers aren’t for everyone. If you’re not used to cloth diapers, they seem intimidating and maybe even a little gross. But, if you’re averse to the thought of cleaning your diapers, you’re probably even more averse to cleaning up the aftermath of a blowout. And one of the best ways to avoid a blowout is to use a cloth diaper.

Although most cloth diapers tend to be effective at reducing the amount of blowouts a baby has, Rumparooz are one of the best diapers for blowouts. Because they’re thick, these diapers don’t leak. Even if your baby tried, they’d need quite a significant amount of force to cause a blowout. 

Because this cloth diaper works for babies between 6 and 35 pounds, they’re extremely adjustable. You can use the snaps to make the diaper fit tightly to your baby. Whether they have chubby or skinny legs, this diaper will fit. 

The fabric inserts that come with this diaper are well-made. As with most cloth diapers, these are easy to wash and don’t really stain or hold smells. What makes this diaper unique is the dual inner gusset technology. With two liners to keep messes from leaking out, the Rumparooz has exceptional protection. 

If you order this diaper, you get a 6r soaker that allows you to customize absorbency. Once again, this minimizes the risk of a blowout. Whether you use this diaper during the day or night, it’s reliable. As an added, unrelated benefit, this diaper has an adorable pattern. For those who are new to cloth diapers, this is an excellent option. It has everything a good diaper should have, along with extra protection against blowouts.


  • Fits babies up to 35 pounds
  • Features double gussets for maximum protection
  • Easy to use snaps to adjust the size
  • Customize the insert absorption for extra leak protection
  • Reusable because it’s a cloth diaper


  • Not everyone likes cloth diapers
  • Has a small learning curve if you’re new to cloth diapers

Final Thoughts

Every diaper we looked at has something special to offer in the way of blowout prevention. In the end, the Huggies Snug and Dry are the champion. They live up to their name because they maintain a snug fit, even as your baby moves around. When your baby wears this diaper, you can expect to have at least one less mess to clean up.

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