Best Nap Mats

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best nap mat is, I’d recommend the Urban Infant Tot Cot.

Most toddlers still take naps. Getting them down for a nap is a totally different story. Especially on days when you have things to do or places to be, you may not be anywhere convenient for nap-taking. The best nap mats are great for parents who need a portable solution for napping.

Because quality sleep is so important, you might want to consider having a nap mat on hand for daycare, a picnic in the park, or a family vacation.

Here are the nap mats I will be reviewing:

How to Choose the Best Nap Mat For Your Child

If you’re anything like me, you didn’t know the first thing about nap mats until after you already had a kid or two. Boy, what a time to realize that would have been pretty handy!

A nap mat is a soft place for your child to lay when they don’t have access to a bed. The best nap mats are comfortable, but portable. They don’t take up a lot of space, so you can roll them up and take them with you, or put them out of the way when they’re not in use.

They come in a few different styles including mats that roll up, stackable mats, cots, or cushions that fold. They’re convenient for busy families or for daycare facilities that are limited on space.

The great thing about nap mats is that you can put them anywhere, and they keep your child safe from whatever germs might be on the ground. Because they’re easy to wipe down and wash, they stay clean, and so does your child.

Safety and health

The most important consideration should always be safety. After evaluating everything else on the list, ensure that the product you’re using will be safe for your child.

Studies have shown that a child who naps every day is more likely to sleep well at night and has better memory recollection throughout the day. You will have a happier, healthier child, even when you’re constantly on the run, if you provide a safe place for them to nap.


Size is an important consideration when it comes to nap mats for a couple of reasons. First, your child needs to fit comfortably on the mat if you want them to take anything resembling a nap. Choose a nap mat that’s big enough for them now, and that they can grow into.

Second, if you’re carrying your nap mat with you everywhere you go, you need to make sure it collapses to a reasonable size for transportation. While it seems counter intuitive, there are large nap mats that fold up very small, for this very reason.


Once again, if you need your nap mat to be portable, consider the style before you purchase. Unless you’re running a home daycare (and maybe you are), you’ll want your nap mat to be easy to transport whenever you need it.

While a cot, a foldable mat, or a stackable mat might be a great solution if you plan on keeping it at home, you might want to consider something that rolls or collapses easier. That way you can put it in the backseat or the trunk, and you won’t have too much trouble lugging it around.


One of the best things about a nap mat is that it keeps your child safe from germs. It provides a barrier between your child and the ground. That means it should be easy to wash after every use.

There are other reasons why you want your nap mat to be easy to clean, too. If you’re struggling through potty training, you may have a few accidents to clean up after naptime. You may also be required by law to sanitize the mats after every use, like in a daycare situation.

Consider the mat’s absorbency, as well. If you’re placing it directly onto carpet, you want to make sure the nap mat will absorb any accidents rather than having to clean the nap mat and the carpet after a nap.


For some, comfort may be the most important factor when choosing a nap mat. If you’re past the potty training stage and your child is a little bit older, consider something that is softer or has more padding.

This is especially important if you’re frequently placing the nap mat on a hard surface like a bare floor. That extra padding will make a big difference when sleeping on the floor for naptime every day.


Storage is always an important consideration when shopping for anything for your child. A nap mat might be convenient when you need to go somewhere, but if you don’t travel often, it might not be worth taking up room in the closet.

Nap mats that roll up tightly can be tucked away and never given a thought until they’re needed. Others don’t roll or fold at all, so you’re left stacking them against the wall where they may be in the way.

Included pillow

You may find with some nap mats that the pillow isn’t actually included. This is definitely something to watch out for. If providing your own pillow isn’t something that concerns you, then it might not be at the top of your list.

However, consider all of the things you’ll have to carry with you when you leave, pillow included. If the nap mat has a pocket at the top to insert a pillow, you might be able to tuck your pillow inside.

But also pay attention to how it folds up for storage. Will the pillow be in the way? Does it fold down as compactly with the pillow in it? If it’s not going to work for you, choose one that includes a pillow so you don’t have to mess with it.

My Nap Mat Reviews

We’ve taken a look at the best nap mats on the market, and reviewed our favorites below.

Urban Infant Tot Cot

Urban Infant manufactures the overall winner in this review of the best nap mats for many reasons. One of the most exciting things your toddler will find is that it comes in plenty of designs, so you can choose the one your child likes the best to encourage a more compliant nap time.

It comes with a removable pillow, making it easier to transport, wash, or replace if your child has a pillow they like better. The pillow coordinates with included sheets – also 100% washable – so everything matches and everything is clean.

A cold water wash and low tumble dry cycle will ensure the entire set is germ-free after every use. The quilted base provides soft padding and some absorbency to ensure that your little one can nap comfortably.

One of the best extra features is the included pocket so you can tuck a lovey right into the mat for storage. Your child will always have a napping buddy in his mat so that cuddles are never lacking.

Write your child’s name on the name tag so it never gets confused. Roll it up easily and transport it back and forth from day care, picnics, family vacations, and more. The handles make it easy to carry.

This is one of the only nap mats that comes with elastic straps to ensure the sheets stay in place while napping. If you’re placing your nap mat on a cot, the elastic straps wrap around the cot corners. If the nap mat is on the floor, the elastic straps can tuck around the corners of the quilted base.

The oversized fleece blanket will keep your child warm and give them a soft way to cover up. The entire mat is 52 inches long, so it will grow with your child up to five years old.


  • Comes in a variety of cute designs to appeal to many children
  • Lightweight with handles for easy transportation
  • Removable pillow, included fleece blanket, and 100% washable


  • Thin padding may not be ideal for all surfaces
  • Polyester material may be itchy
  • Some complain that the pillow is too stiff

Wildkin Nap Mat

This nap mat is made of a plush blend of cotton and polyester, so it’s soft and snuggly. Your child can enjoy the pattern they love for a comfortable nap time. The blanket is attached, so you won’t have to worry about losing it, and it’s made of 100% flannel to keep them nice and warm.

The Wildkin nap mat is 50 inches long, and with easy velcro closures, the sheets will stay securely in place while your child is napping. There are no zippers to snag your skin on, and the removable pillow makes it easy to fold up more tightly or replace with their favorite.

The pillow is large and stretches all the way across the width of the nap mat, unlike other nap mats that have a smaller pillow. However, the pillow is not machine washable like the rest of the mat.

While it’s machine washable, it must be done on a gentle cycle, and then hung to dry rather than dried in the dryer.

When rolled, you can secure it tightly with the elastic straps and carry it with the convenient handle. This makes it perfect for campouts in the living room, sleepovers at a friend’s house, or every day at daycare.

This is the best nap mat if you’re looking for a variety of different designs for boys and girls. They’re affordable and long lasting. Plus, they were given the Mom’s Choice Award for one of the best family friendly designs available.

Your child will also enjoy coordinating Wildkins lunch boxes, backpacks, and duffel bags. Buy any of these other items separately for a matched set of things they can take everywhere.


  • Plenty of designs
  • Velcro closures to keep the sheets in place
  • Large, removable pillow


  • Machine washable on gentle only, must be hung to dry
  • No pocket for a lovey
  • Velcro can wear out over time

Hi Sprout Nap Mat

The Hi Sprout nap mat features some of the most soothing designs and softest colors to evoke feelings of rest at nap time. The designs are less busy and more calming. This one is made of 100% cotton, so you can guarantee it’s the one of the softest nap mats you’ll find.

It includes a removable pillow and an attached blanket, so you can roll it up and take it anywhere. With convenient attached buckles, it rolls up and secures tightly. The pillow is soft enough for a comfy nap time and compresses small enough to roll into the nap mat for travel.

At 46.5 inches long, it’s one of the shorter nap mats, so it may not fit a larger child like some of the other options. 

This nap mat has some of the most plush and comfortable padding on the bottom that you may find your child won’t fight you to sleep on it, and may actually ask to sleep on it at bedtime.

It has snaps rather than velcro or zippers, so you’ll find that it snaps securely without wearing out much over time.

Rolling this nap mat up is easy, with snaps to secure it. However it also comes with a tote so you can protect it during transport. This is a safe and convenient way to travel without worrying about setting the nap mat down on something dirty.

This one is a bit more pricey than other brands, but it’s well worth the price when considering all of its features and its superior comfort. All in all, it’s a purchase that will last and be well-loved.


  • Machine washable
  • Plush and soft for a comfortable nap time
  • Soothing, calming, attractive designs


  • Must be air dried
  • Snaps can come unsewn and may need repair
  • More pricey than other nap mats

My First Nap Mat

This nap mat is fairly simple, and the price reflects its simplicity. It’s made of memory foam for extra comfort, but it doesn’t come with any extra accessories. The pillow is easily removable from its dedicated pocket without any zippers or snaps.

There isn’t a blanket, so if your child needs more than just a mat, this may not be the best option. However, the memory foam is much more comfortable than a lot of other mats stuffed with polyester or cotton. Memory foam gently conforms to your child’s body for superior comfort.

The name tag makes it easy to keep yours separated from others. It rolls up into a compact package with velcro straps to secure it and a convenient carrying handle.

Both the mat and the removable pillow are machine washable to keep your child safe and healthy. The cooling gel foam on the inside absorbs pressure for even more comfort and channels heat away from the body to keep your child comfortable throughout nap time.

The entire mat is covered with a velour microfiber material to make it soft. This nap mat is also approved by the CertiPUR-US organization that regulates durability and safety regarding chemicals and hazardous materials.

The durability of this nap mat will prove itself after years of washing. You will be able to wash this nap mat weekly for a long time without it showing any signs of wear and tear. It’s only 41 inches long, so it’s an ideal solution for smaller children rather than larger kindergarten ages.

In fact, this is perfect for newborns and infants because it doesn’t include any accessories. There are no unsafe blankets or pillows, so your baby can have a safe and comfortable place to nap without worrying about falls or suffocation.


  • Cooling gel memory foam for extra comfort
  • Affordable price
  • Removable pillow for easy washing


  • May be too short for larger children
  • No blanket included

Ozark Mountain Kids Minky Nap Mat

This plush nap mat comes in more designs than I can count. While they’re mostly outdoor designs like bears, pine trees, and fish (hence the Ozark Mountain name), there are a few other generic designs and solid colors from which to choose.

The Minky name is also very descriptive of how soft and cozy this nap mat is. It’s thick and plush, so it provides a more comfortable place to lay than a lot of the other nap mats that feature thin padding.

While this product is pricey, it’s well worth it if you want something that’s a little bit bigger for your child. The blanket and the pillow are included, so you don’t have to worry about using accessories off of your child’s bed or losing them when you roll it up.

The carrying strap is large enough to wear across the body for easy carrying, unlike handheld handles on other mats. While this mat is a bit heavier, it’s still light enough to carry.

This nap mat is machine washable on the gentle cycle. Line dry to keep the microfiber material soft. The only problem with this nap mat that you may find you don’t like is that the blanket included isn’t as big as the mat.

Another common complaint is that the fun pattern is only on the outside. If your child is excited about sleeping on a nap mat that has his favorite colors or designs on it, you may be disappointed. However, it may also eliminate the stimulation caused from a fun design that prevents sleep.


  • More plush than other nap mats
  • Lots of cute, outdoorsy designs
  • Long carrying strap


  • Expensive
  • Must be washed on gentle cycle
  • Patten is only on the backside

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

This cot is the perfect solution for keeping your child off of the floor. It features a sturdy steel frame for extra durability and it’s collapsible, so it’s easy to fold and go whenever you need. While it doesn’t come with a pillow or a blanket, it is an easy way to provide your child with a safe and comfortable bed away from home.

It’s 48 inches long, so it’s a great size for even some larger kids. Plus, when sitting up, it can hold two children for a safe and comfortable place to sit. It doubles as a portable chair for evenings on the lawn at a friend’s house.

It features a lightweight design and the canvas material has excellent breathability to keep your child cool. The included fitted sheet is the perfect size for the bed so all you need is to give your child their favorite pillow or blanket.

While many other nap mats that lay on the floor are great for very young children, perhaps even infants, this cot is designed for older children who are already used to sleeping in a bed. Because it’s elevated, a small child would fall off without very close supervision.

The affordable price makes this a great solution for a lot of people. Some have complained that the center strap that provides extra support is a bit too high to be comfortable for sleeping. However, others say their kids love it and have no trouble.

It comes in four different solid colors, so if you’re looking for something that has a lot of patterns and designs, you won’t find it here. However, if you’re looking for something simple that won’t be distracting during nap time, you’ll get what you need out of this one.


  • Affordable
  • Keeps kids off the ground
  • Doubles as a portable chair


  • Center strap may be too high for some
  • Not ideal for small children
  • Only comes in solid colors

Sprogs Stackable Daycare Cot

This set of stackable daycare cots is the best solution for people who have multiple children or those who are running an in home daycare business. The set of four includes blue, green, red, and yellow cots.

They don’t collapse, but they do stack, so you can stack them out of the way when you’re not using them. They’re harder to take with you wherever you go because they don’t fold up, and they do take up quite a bit of room.

However, they feature a heavy duty design that keeps kids safe and up off of the floor during nap time. The easy lift corners make it simple to separate the stack when it’s time to set them out for sleeping.

The waterfall corner design prevents the cots from sticking together when you stack them, so you can get them apart quickly when needed. The steel frame makes them extra durable so they’ll last a long time, even with everyday use.

The mesh fabric enables breathability so your kids are comfortable and the vinyl coating is easy to clean in case of spills or accidents. Some people even rave about how great these are for dogs and how easy it is to keep them clean after having a pet use it.

One problem people complain about is how some children like to view these cots as trampolines and will jump on them, which could end in disaster if you’re not watching closely.

The low profile keeps them close to the ground, so even though they’re elevated, you can still feel comfortable using them for smaller children. This also makes them easy to stack in a corner or turn upright against the wall to save space. They may even slide nicely into a hall closet out of the way.


  • Great for home daycare use
  • Easy to stack and unstack thanks to the waterfall edge design
  • Very low profile


  • Take up more space than folding or rolling mats
  • Bright colors may be distracting

Angeles Rest Nap Mat

This is a four section folding mat. It features waterproof seals separating each section to resist bacterial growth and keep your little napper safe and healthy. The durable vinyl construction makes it easy to clean with soap and water.

The unfortunate thing about the vinyl is that it’s not very comfortable to sleep on by itself. Without an included sheet, you’ll find that you may need to put a fitted sheet over the top to make it a bit more comfortable for sleeping.

It also doesn’t come with any accessories like a pillow or a blanket. This leaves you to make sure your child has their favorite pillow or blanket for nap time.

It folds up for easy transport or stacking, but it doesn’t have a handle or an elastic strap. However, it is ideal for nap time at home or at a daycare facility. They also come with name tags so no one gets confused.

The red and blue colors mean your child can choose which color they want to sleep on. Or you can designate one side the sleeping side and one side the floor side to keep everyone clean and germ-free.

It’s 48 inches long, so it’ll fit taller children with no problems. The mat is 2 inches thick, so it has plenty of padding to give it cushion, and the thick vinyl and durable stitching make for a long lasting nap mat.

Unlike other vinyl mats, users of this mat don’t report any vinyl smell, making it much easier for your child to sleep.


  • Two-inch thickness makes it more comfortable
  • Different colors on each side make it easy to tell the floor side and sleeping side
  • Durable vinyl construction is easy to clean


  • No built-in pillow or blanket
  • Vinyl isn’t soft

Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat

This nap mat features an easy rolling design with velcro closures and a convenient carry handle. The fun patterns are appealing to kids and with 100% polyester, they’re easy to clean in the washing machine.

The pillow is attached, making it hard to lose and the oversized blanket ensures that your child is warm and cozy. The padding is thinner, so this nap mat may work best on something other than a bare floor.

The affordable price is reflected in the quality of this nap mat, but if you’re going to be using it sparingly, it’s a great option to save money.

While some users claim their product held up great, even after a year and a half, they do say that the velcro wears out after a while, which is to be expected.

At 45 inches long, it falls in between nap mats that are incredibly long and others that are too short. It’s a good size for a daycare aged child, but wouldn’t last much longer than toddlerhood.

Despite the padding being thin, the fabric is very soft, unlike a lot of other polyester nap mats that are rough and scratchy. This provides a much better value than other similarly priced items.


  • Easy to clean and affordable
  • Fun, colorful designs
  • Oversized blanket to stay warm


  • Pillow isn’t removable
  • Not as high quality as others

Butterfly Craze Floor Lounger Cover

This cool cover is an ideal solution for young and slightly older kids alike. It’s a large cover that has five pockets, each one large enough to put a pillow. It’s almost like five pillow cases in one. Inserting pillows into this cover creates a plush place to sit or lay comfortably.

The design and the patterns available will likely appeal to older kids, but this idea could work for anyone. It’s like a big bean bag sleeping mat. Watch your child curl up in the corner and read during quiet time.

It’s also a great solution for sleepovers with friends or campouts in the living room. It could make a great seating area in a teenager’s room, as well.

While this isn’t exactly a nap mat, it’s an awesome idea that could be used for napping or as a body pillow in bed at night.

It is 75 inches long, so it’s perfect for all kids as they grow. Taking the pillows out makes it easy to wash. The price is also very affordable, especially when redecorating your child’s room to make it a bit more ‘grown up.’

It’s great for traveling because you can remove the pillows and pack it away easily. It’s also a great way to reuse the extra pillows you no longer use. The fabric is soft and plush, giving your child a comfortable place to lay or relax.

The fabric is thick and durable, so it will hold up well under rough boys or lots of playful pillow fights with friends. While each compartment is large enough to fit one king sized pillow, you can stuff it with two standard pillows or throw pillows if desired.

The only downfall is that the zippers tend to be fragile, so many users express the need for care with inserting pillows and zipping up.


  • Very large size for bigger children as they grow
  • Strong, durable, and soft
  • Affordable price


  • Zippers are fragile and may break
  • Doesn’t come with pillows

The Verdict

The type of nap mat you buy will depend on your specific needs. While there are thick and thin, short and tall, accessories and plain, the overall best nap mat is the Urban Infant Tot Cot. It’s a great value and comes with all of the accessories you need.

It rolls up great for travel, it’s soft, it’s washable, and it even comes with a little hidden pocket for your child’s lovey.

If you need a durable nap mat that you can take with you anywhere, this is the best for most people. However, if there’s something else specific you’re looking for, something else may work better for you. You can decide based on your needs what might be best for your child at nap time.

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