Best Jogging Strollers

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best jogging stroller is, I’d recommend the Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller.

If running is your thing, becoming a parent is certainly no reason for giving up your passion.

Having a child is life-changing, and most of your energy will already go to raising your children, along with your home and your career. Taking time to look after yourself becomes even more critical. A jogging stroller makes it possible to combine parenting and running easily.

So what is the best jogging stroller on the market? We take a look at the important features and review the top products to choose from.

Here are the jogging strollers I will be reviewing:

Who Needs A Jogging Stroller?

Parents who love running usually go out in daylight. While the other parent is at work, finding and paying for a babysitter may not be easy or affordable. Being able to take your child with you when jogging or running allows you to still go out, without the inconveniences of babysitters and timing.

Both you and your baby get that well-needed fresh air when outside. General recommendations vary by stating you can safely take out your child running using a jogging stroller if your child is six to eight months or older.

Assuming that it is safe to use a non-jogging stroller can be dangerous for your child and yourself, and should, therefore, be avoided. Because the two front wheels can’t be locked in position, the risk for them to suddenly turn is great. Injuries like whiplash can already occur when jogging, even worse if you’re running, not to mention the possibility of your child getting thrown out.

A non-jogging stroller with the standard four wheels is great when walking or shopping, because these are very easy to maneuver. But when jogging, it isn’t steady and comfortable enough for the baby.

Even at normal walking pace, rough terrain is still not suitable for normal strollers, because of the following:

  • Rough terrain makes for an uncomfortable ride.
  • Front wheels may turn suddenly, causing you to turn without notice.
  • Small wheels can easily get stuck.

What Are The Benefits Of A Jogging Stroller?

Knowing the risks and dangers of jogging with a traditional stroller, you may wonder what the actual differences are. The most important features of a jogging stroller compared to an everyday stroller are:

  • Jogging strollers are designed to absorb any bouncing that may come with higher speeds, uneven surfaces, or rough terrain, making for a more comfortable ride. The suspension system will minimize the impact of abrupt or rough shakes on your baby.
  • Unlike four-wheeled traditional strollers, joggers have only three extra-large wheels, with one wheel in the front. This allows them to move smoothly over different surfaces (less pushing force needed).
  • The front wheel of a jogging stroller is either locked or lockable, minimizing the risk of sudden, unexpected turns.
  • Although normal strollers can’t be used for running, there are some jogging strollers that can be used as an everyday stroller too.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Jogging Stroller

If you’re looking for a jogging stroller, you should be sure to take the following features into account. Below are the most important features when it comes to the safety and comfort of your child.

Convenient Lockable Front Wheel

In the earlier stages of jogging strollers the front wheel was fixed into the locked position, which made making turns hard and frustrating. Newer versions allow the wheel to be locked for running, or unlocked when moving at a normal pace or when making turns is to be expected. 

In some models one has to lock the wheel by adjusting a switch under the wheel itself, other versions allow for the wheel to be easily locked and unlocked via a switch on the handlebar.


To prevent the stroller from rolling, putting on a parking brake when coming to a stop is an absolute necessity. Certain models have a handbrake system close to the handlebar, to allow it to slow down when going downhill. You will want to consider your environment and favorite routes when selecting these options. 

Deep Reclining Seat

In order to achieve the most comfortable position for your child, a reclining seat is the best option. This way you can choose between sitting upright comfortably and it allows for nap time as well.

Safety Harness

Your best jogging stroller should have a safety harness, similar to those of a car seat for children. A five-point system provides the most safety and distributes the force of the pull in an emergency event evenly over the entire body of your child.


Weather conditions are never within our scope of control, so opt for the best preparation by choosing a jogger with a large canopy. This way your child is protected from the weather on sunny, windy, and rainy days.

Suspension System

Most commonly you will find jogging strollers with a rear suspension system. This allows for absorption of bumps in the road and stabilizes the effects of running.

Adjustable Handlebar 

If two parents in the family are joggers or runners, opting for a stroller with an adjustable handlebar is best. This ensures the most comfortable running position for each individual. 

Safety Leash

An extra feature some strollers have is a safety leash. It’s a strap tied around your wrist that connects you to the stroller, in case you accidentally let go of the stroller.

My Jogging Stroller Reviews

I dived deep into the world of jogging strollers when selecting a stroller both me and my husband could use when going for a run. Obviously there is a difference in price range selected, as different strollers have different features. Whichever you pick as yours will depend on the features you consider most important and any extras you may like. 

Here are my favorite jogging strollers.

Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller

Being one of the most affordable jogging strollers out there when it comes to price-quality-ratio, the Baby Trend Range definitely has a head start.

It’s made out of high-quality materials and it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The model is lightweight and extremely smooth and easy to push, which is a big plus when you live in an environment where rough terrain and smooth surfaces alternate regularly. It easily fits in the back of most cars, though you do need both hands to fold it.

The canopy allows for your child to be able to look around when on a run, while you can see your child even with the canopy fully down. This has a downside though, as the back of your child’s head will be exposed to rain this way. The seat can sit up and recline—but not to a flat position—and is comfortably padded. 

I consider a five-point harness to be an absolute must, and this stroller has one that’s easy to handle. However, it’s quite slim and doesn’t come with padding, which could be irritating on your child’s neck. It has quick releases for the wheels and a rotating front wheel, when needed. 

The jogger comes with a tray for both parent and child and has a spacious storage space. A downside is that you need to inflate the tires regularly or even daily, according to the manufacturer’s booklet and several reviews.


  • Extremely smooth and easy to push
  • Glides over all sorts of terrain, even soft sand
  • A large canopy with visibility for both parent and child
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Overall high-quality materials
  • Sit up and reclining seat
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Extremely affordable


  • Tires need to be inflated regularly
  • Still a bit bulky when folded
  • No padding on harness

BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

In a different price category altogether, the Bob Revolution PRO made it to the list because of its compatibility with baby car seats. You can still use the stroller as a normal stroller in the early months.

I was happily surprised to see this stroller to have an adjustable suspension system. There are two different shock adjustments, depending on the terrain and size/weight of your baby. 

The first impression when using this stroller will probably be the ease with which it glides over different terrains. Grass, sand, and cobblestones are nowhere near a challenge and pushing it is even easy with one hand, in many cases.

I like that the BOB Revolution PRO has an easy to use handbrake system, as well as a foot-operated parking brake. The handbrake helps to keep your own pace when going downhill and the parking brake is conveniently placed, so it doesn’t come in your way when jogging.

It has an adjustable safety harness with wide, padded straps that are easily adjustable for growing children. The comfortably padded seat can be declined to 70 degrees using only one hand, so naps can be taken at any point in time. Two hands are needed to put the seat in the upright position again, though. 

An extra-large canopy extends almost all the way down and has a window on the top side, so you can always see your child. On bumpier terrains, however, the canopy sometimes jumps up one setting, which can be somewhat annoying.

Convenient extras are an adjustable handlebar with nine different settings and a safety wrist strap. Plus there’s a rather large storage space under the seat and additional pockets inside and on the back of the seat.

Folding isn’t too easy and it’s still quite large and bulky when folded.


  • Compatible with many car seats (adapter is needed)
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Handbrake system as well as foot-operated parking brake
  • Large air-filled wheels provide for bounce-less rides on rough terrains
  • Extra-large canopy with window
  • Reclining seat to 70 degrees


  • Large and heavy when folded
  • No accessories included
  • Canopy can jump up a notch on rough terrains

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

As one of the lightest picks on my list, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight still managed to keep important features included. Again, this is a jogging stroller that smoothly rides over challenging terrain, with a very light and easy push to it. The shock absorption could get your little one to sleep within minutes.

The Joovy Zoom 360 only has a footbrake, but compensates for that by having a safety wrist strap. It may not reduce the speed, but does prevent a runaway stroller. 

It has a lockable front wheel, so it’s easy to maneuver when not locked and safe for running when locked. The lock is positioned down by the wheel, so you do have to kneel down to change its setting.

The seat is in a higher position than most jogging strollers, which is quite comfortable. Though it doesn’t allow sitting up completely straight, it does recline relatively far back. The safety harness isn’t padded.

The Joovy has a canopy with a window stretching out pretty far, providing plenty of shade. The storage space under the seat is large and easy to reach, partly due to the high position of the seat. It can easily store groceries or large diaper bags.

Extras are provided in the form of a parent console with cup holders, key pouch, and reflective tape for runs at night. No rain covers are available for this stroller. Car seat adaptors are available for compatibility with many brands.

Two hands are needed for folding, but it goes quite easy and folds fairly compact. It easily fits in the back of most cars. It doesn’t have a strap to carry it, though, so carrying it long distances may be somewhat challenging.


  • Lightweight and easy to fold and store
  • Very smooth maneuverability
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • High positioned reclining seat
  • Large storage space
  • Compatible with other car seat brands
  • Large canopy with window


  • Handlebar is not adjustable
  • No padding on the harness
  • Only footbrake
  • Raincover is not available

Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog Travel System

This crossover stroller comes with a car seat and still it ranges midrange in price. Basically, it’s a jogging stroller that can be an everyday stroller within minutes, when changing it for the car seat. It makes this stroller very suitable for everyday use, jogging, and traveling.

Another feature that’s extremely useful is the ease with which it folds and that it stands on its own afterward. This makes the whole process of lifting it in and out of the car all the more easy. Unfolding however can be a bit harder, it may take some time to figure out how to get things to safely “click” in place. It’s also relatively small when folded.

The model is easy to push and maneuver, which makes for a smooth ride. The shock absorption may not be the best when going over larger bumps, but off-trail walks and jogs are smooth and comfortable enough due to the large rubber air-filled tires. An adjustable handlebar makes it easy to share the stroller. 

The Evenflo Folio3 has both a parent and child console and a full cover canopy with a window. The seat doesn’t allow to sit up fully, but it does recline and with the recline indicator it’s pretty easy.

The safety harness is comfortably padded and super easy to adjust. The buckle quickly secures without any problem. There is plenty of storage space and it has a snack tray for the little one.


  • Crossover system with car seat
  • Super easy to fold and lift due to stand-alone system
  • Lightweight and compact when folded
  • Easy to push and maneuver with lockable front wheel
  • Fully covering canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Padded and easy to adjust harness


  • Folding out and clicking in place is a bit difficult
  • Less shock absorption with bigger bumps

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

If you have limited space, the compact BOB Rambler is a pretty good choice. Due to the size of its wheels—which are considerably smaller than most other joggers—and the excellent fold-flat design, it easily fits in even smaller trunks.

A downside of the smaller it may tip over in certain situations, though with a bit of adjustment you’ll get used to it. Maneuvering it is pretty smooth and easy and it’s easy to push.

The seat’s reclination can be adjusted with one hand and provides for a near-flat recline. The Rambler is car seat compatible, but only with BOB car seats or Britax when using the BOB Infant car seat adaptor, which is not included.

The BOB Rambler has an amazing brake-pedal with which you can lock the stroller in parking position in a whim. It has a reasonable storage space under the seat, but lacks other pockets and storage spaces. It’s also not easy to reach when your child is in the stroller.

The Rambler provides for plenty of shade with a very generous canopy, but it doesn’t have a peek-a-boo window. I actually prefer being able to see my child while running, as in a previous situation my child slid down in the seat a little and the safety harness was uncomfortably close and tight around her neck.

The safety harness from the Rambler wouldn’t have allowed that to happen, though. It has firm wide straps and an easy adjustment. You never have to rethread the harness, which is comfortably padded.

The Rambler promises to fit children from birth up to 75 pounds.


  • Very compact, flat fold design
  • Easy brake-pedal
  • Near-flat, one-hand seat reclination
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and easy to push and maneuver


  • Less stability and shock absorption
  • No peeking through the canopy

Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller

Being another extremely affordable stroller on the list, the Baby Trend Xcel is a rather spacious stroller. It allows for children taller than average to still travel in the stroller, up to a maximum of 43 inches. The stroller isn’t suitable for children under six months old, but it is car seat compatible with all Baby Trend car seats.

The stroller has two larger wheels in the back and a smaller one in the front, which is lockable. Like its Range brother from the same brand, it deals with different terrains very well, though sand may be a bit more challenging.

The seat can recline and sit up far enough for comfortable positions. A strap on the back allows you to adjust to any position desired, while using your other hand to push. The seat has padding, but the safety harness does not and it has fairly narrow straps.

A canopy with peek-a-boo window stretches all the way down to the child’s tray, allowing ample shading. There’s a cup holder for parents added to the handlebar, which is always a bonus. The handlebar isn’t adjustable, but its average height is quite convenient.

The stroller isn’t super heavy, but it’s definitely bulky when folded. To compensate for this, it’s possible to easily remove the back wheels without needing tools, but it’s an extra step in the transportation process.

The storage space of this stroller is quite small and can carry limited weight. It may affect the performance if more weight is placed into it. Folding it needs two hands, but it’s easy to lift.


  • Super affordable
  • Wide range of recline options in seat
  • Good maneuverability
  • Suitable for tall children
  • Baby Trend car seat compatible
  • Removable back wheels


  • Bulky when folded
  • Not the best shock absorption
  • No adjustable handlebar

Jeep Deluxe Patriot Open Trails Jogger By Delta Children

This stroller looks high quality and is smooth to jog with. The front wheel is easily lockable with just a gentle push of a button, which makes adjustments from a walking pace to running very simple. It easily glides over a range of terrains and limits bouncing quite steadily.

The seat is comfortably padded and it reclines all the way, which is a plus. It has a five-point safety harness with soft padding and the air-filled tires provide for a smooth and easy journey for your baby when running, even on rough terrain.

It is car seat compatible and allows a number of popular car seats to create your own travel system. The Jeep Deluxe Patriot folds easily and is relatively lightweight and compact when folded, so it’s convenient when traveling. A comfortable foam handlebar and a safety strap make for extra security.

A definite downside is the canopy, though. It doesn’t go down very far, so it provides little to no shade. On top of that, it doesn’t have a window to see your child. The next edition of this stroller should consider fixing this flaw, that has been pointed out by many owners.

It does have a big storage area and extras like a parent cup holder and valuables pouch.


  • Easily lockable front wheel (gentle push of a button)
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Compatible with multiple popular car seat brands
  • Safety wrist strap
  • Easy fold and compact
  • Abundant storage space


  • Canopy is quite short
  • Canopy doesn’t have a window

Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller, Q Collection

One of the first things you noticed are the smaller rear wheels on the Chicco Activ3. Usually joggers have larger back wheels, but smaller wheels provide for easier storage. This way you can enjoy the versatility when it comes to doing everyday strolls and shopping, light jogs, and runs.

There are four positions for the recline, which are adjustable by using only one hand. The recline of the seat is not completely flat, making the stroller suitable for children six months and older. However, due to the car seat compatibility, the stroller can still be used for normal walks in the earlier months.

This stroller has a great canopy. It’s already large in itself, but can even be extended with a zip-on extension to reach all the way to the handlebar of your child, blocking any unwanted sun completely. It features a peek-a-boo window so you can check on them.

The storage space is enough for essentials, but not remarkably large. It is, however, very easy to reach from the back or the sides, even if the seat is completely reclined. It has a soft padded safety harness and the handlebar will adjust easily. There’s a padded bumper bar for your child that also functions as the car seat adapter.

The Chicco Activ3 is designed for heavy off-road usage. The tires aren’t air-filled, but foam-filled, so no inflation is needed. The tires are durable that way, even when using it on rough terrain, and the adjustable suspension with two settings provides for extra shock absorption.

A definite plus compared to other jogging strollers is the control console, which provides for extreme convenience in locking and releasing the swivel wheel and brakes. A down side would be the bulkiness and weight, though it’s still very easy to fold by pushing a button.


  • Control console with hand-operated swivel and brake controls
  • XL canopy, extendable until handlebar of child
  • Car seat compatible, but only with Chicco KeyFit and Fit 2
  • Foam-filled tires, so no inflation needed and long durability
  • Remarkable adjustable suspension system
  • Folds on its own after pushing a button
  • Safety wrist strap


  • Hefty and bulky
  • No snack tray for child
  • Smaller storage capacity

Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller

The Jeep Classic is an affordable jogging stroller. Owners of this model praise the maneuverability and the ease with which it glides over multiple surfaces, from gravel to forest paths and grass, and everything in between.

The backrest of the seat feels quite firm—it could have done with some more padding for comfort. The reclination range is also not very large. It comes with a safety harness with padding and is easy to adjust. The snack tray provided comes off easily to put baby in and take them out.

You can create your own travel system with a car seat of multiple brands, using a Jeep car seat adapter that is sold separately. The front swivel wheel is relatively easy to lock and unlock and the frame is shock absorbing.

As for storage, I’m not so impressed. Even though it does provide for a storage space under the seat, it’s rather small and not so easily accessible. Also, the provided parent tray is merely a cup holder the size of a can. It doesn’t fit a regular cup or water bottle, which you’ll have when jogging.

The handlebar isn’t adjustable, but is equipped with levers that when pulled easily help to fold the stroller.


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Easy to push and maneuver
  • Suits a large range of terrains
  • Easy to fold
  • Car seat compatible
  • Affordable


  • No adjustable handlebar
  • Storage space and parent’s tray too small
  • Seat isn’t well-padded
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Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

The final pick for this list is another Chicco. It has a high-quality look and feel to it and allows for most functions to be used right from the handlebar. With this feature most other jogging strollers lack, convenience and ease of use are obvious. No need to bend over or kneel to make any adjustments.

The stroller has air-filled tires and pneumatic wheels as well as an adjustable suspension system. In general, Chicco has thought of comfort for the baby really well. However, when it comes to running on bumpy surfaces with it, it doesn’t live up to all its promises.

It’s not easy to make the stroller go straight when running, especially when going onto rougher terrain. It can veer, and if it veers too much, you may kick or hit the wheel when running. Jogging and running on smoother surfaces should go relatively well without problems, but you may want to consider your environment when selecting this stroller.

Although it features a handbrake system, it disappoints somewhat. The system isn’t easy to use with a two-step process and is inconveniently placed.

The seat and harness are comfortable and easy to adjust, and the large canopy has a generous window stretched out all the way to the handlebar. It stands alone when folded and the back wheels have a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy storage. Adjustable handlebar, reasonable storage space, and an easy-to-use folding system make for a very comfortable stroller, just maybe not for the most avid runner.


  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Adjustable suspension system
  • Handbrake system
  • Easy to fold
  • Quick-release back wheels for easier storage
  • Car seat compatible with Chicco car seats
  • Most functionalities can be used from handlebar


  • Veering off on rougher terrain, hard to keep straight
  • Complicated handbrake system
  • Not the lightest and most compact

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller is the best jogging stroller available. It comes with the best price-quality ratio while hardly sacrificing in quality and features such as the five-point harness and large canopy.

However, personal preferences and specific conditions may require more or less of certain features, and all of these strollers have their own advantages. Pick whichever suits your needs!

Cristin is a co-founder of Smart Parent Advice, and the loving mother of two wonderful children. In her free time, she can often be found in a yoga studio or catching up on her favorite shows.