All Terrain Double Stroller Reviews (2020 Reviews)

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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best all terrain double stroller is, I’d recommend the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller.

For whatever reason, I never really got into hiking until I had kids. However, after I did get into hiking and had a few misadventures with a regular stroller, I quickly saw the importance of getting something designed for off road travel. Now, with two young kids in tow, an all terrain double stroller is pretty much a must have item.

In this article, I am breaking down the best all terrain double strollers, and in the end, I’ll choose the winner.

Here are the all terrain double strollers I will be reviewing:

Biggest Benefits Of All Terrain Strollers

All terrain strollers work perfectly well on smooth pavement, but they really shine when you go off road. Whether you’re on a sandy beach, a dirt path, gravel, or some other rough surface, a good all terrain stroller will provide a smooth ride.

As it happens, a lot of all terrain strollers are also great for jogging. This has a lot of do with the fact that large, air filled tires help tremendously for going off road or for a run.

How To Choose An All Terrain Double Stroller

There are a number of different things to consider when looking at all terrain double strollers. I have narrowed down the universe of all option to the five below. All of these are great, but some might be better suited to you than others.

One of the biggest factors is price. The most expensive options below are the best performing ones in my opinion. The question though is how much do you really want to spend? If you are the type of person that goes on a different adventure hiking through the wilderness every weekend, it might be worth splurging. On the other hand, if you only hike once every couple of months, one of the more affordable options might be perfectly fine.

Beyond price, a few of the factors that you should consider are below.

Wheels And Tires

One of the hallmark features of a good all terrain stroller is large wheels and air filled tires. All of the strollers on our list check this box. However, if you decide to go with a stroller that we haven’t listed below, make sure the wheels are large and the tires are filled with air. If you only going to look at one feature, this would be the one.

How Bulky And Heavy Is It?

Here’s the thing. All terrain strollers tend to be bigger and bulkier than regular strollers. Double strollers also tend to be bigger than single strollers. Put those two things together and it’s no surprise that all terrain double strollers are going to be pretty large and heavy.

While that’s somewhat unavoidable, there are still varying degrees. Some of these are tough to fit through a doorway, and others are designed to be as sleek as possible.

You will also want to think about how easily these will fit into your car. If you have a huge SUV, it might be less of an issue. If you drive a compact car though, this will be a really important consideration.

Car Seat Compatibility

If your kids are still infants, this one might be pretty important to you. If they’re toddlers, it’s probably not. Either way, I wanted to call it out so you would remember to check it if it is an important consideration to you.

Bells And Whistles

For your everyday stroller, small features like cup holders have a huge impact on your overall user experience. I simply couldn’t imagine carting my kids through the mall without a good place to put my coffee!

For all terrain strollers, I would say cup holders are slightly less important. That said, I would still rather have them included.

Storage space is also really important. If you’re going on a long hike, the less stuff you need to carry around the better. So, a stroller that helps lighten the load is highly desirable.

My All Terrain Double Stroller Reviews

The universe of all terrain double strollers is somewhat limited. There just aren’t all that many good options. Nevertheless, we narrowed the list down to our top five, all of which we would thoroughly recommend. Then, we analyzed these strollers to come up with our favorite.

Thule is known for producing super high quality products, and the Urban Glide 2.0 Double Jogging Stroller is no exception.

This stroller handles exceptionally well and offers a really smooth ride in part due to its suspension system. So, your little ones will enjoy themselves. It also has a hand brake to help you keep control in hilly terrains or when jogging.

It’s well designed, and offers both a one handed recline and one handed fold. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that with two kids, I only have one hand free most of the time.

All terrain strollers tend to be on the larger side, and when it’s a double, that is even more true. However, this stroller actually feels sleek and small. This is a breath of fresh air compared to most.

The storage space below is quite large, which can be really helpful with all of the things you need to carry around to keep two kids happy.

The biggest negative in my mind is that the seats are a bit shallow. So, your kids will outgrow this one sooner than they would with some of the others.

It doesn’t come with a parent tray or cup holder, which is a bit disappointing considering it’s rather expensive.

  • Handles exceptionally well and offers a super smooth ride
  • Easy one handed fold and seat recline
  • Integrated twist hand brake provides extra control
  • Seats aren't that deep
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't include a parent try or cup holders

The BOB brand has built its reputation on handling rough terrains, and they have nailed it with the Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller.

This stroller handles like a dream on all terrains. It’s state of the art suspension system provides a smooth ride for kids, and an easy walk or run for parents.

The hand brake ensures that you can keep control whether you’re going down a steep hill or jogging at a rapid clip.

This stroller’s handlebar can be adjusted and set in 9 different positions. This is really useful when parents are different heights. Actually, I find that I like to adjust the handle depending on whether I am walking or jogging and also depending on whether I am going up or down a hill or on a flat surface.

The canopy is huge and blocks out the sun well. This is actually kind of important, and something that a lot of other strollers don’t do all that well.

On the downside, the stroller does not come with a parent tray or cup holders. In addition, the underneath storage basket is a bit small. This stroller does have little mesh pockets to hold sippy cups or snacks. So, at least the kids will be happy.

  • Handles like a dream
  • Hand brake helps you to stay in control
  • High quality design and well built
  • Expensive
  • Doesn't include a parent tray or cup holders
  • Underneath storage space is on the small side

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller is a much more affordable option relative to the ones listed above. It also comes with a lot of great features that make it a great value.

This stroller has a parent tray and two cup holders, which is hugely convenient whenever you’re out hiking. Believe me, when you’re out and about with your better half, it’s nice if you both have a place to hold a drink.

There are also small mesh pockets beside each seat. So, your kids will have drinks, snacks and toys within reach. And if that’s not enough, there are built in speakers so you can play their favorite tunes.

This stroller boasts TONS of storage space. There is a large storage basket down below and a huge parent compartment in the back.

Moms and dads also really like the adjustable canopy. This allows you to block the sun as it moves through the sky.

Some parents have reported issues with the wheels, including squeaking shaking and locking up.

Another minor issue is that the brakes that are used to lock the stroller in place can be a bit annoying to use. This is hardly a deal breaker though.

  • Parent tray with two cup holders, and tons of storage space
  • Adjustable canopy is great for blocking the sun
  • Excellent value
  • Some parents have reported issues with the wheels
  • Brakes are a bit difficult to use

The Baby Trend Navigator offers another great affordable stroller.

Unlike the strollers above this one has two wheels up front instead of one. Two wheels means the stroller is a bit more stable, but also a little harder to maneuver when jogging. Having said that, these front wheels are able to swivel or lock in place so they are still well suited to walking and jogging.

This stroller is built with convenience in mind. The parent tray has two cup holders and a covered cubby. Finally, a perfect place to put your keys and mobile phone.

It also comes with trays for each child, as well as built in speakers. So, your kids should be pretty happy passengers.

Another fairly unique feature is that this stroller can accommodate two infant car seats, as long as they are made by Baby Trend. This is fantastic for parents with babies and a non-factor once they become toddlers.

This stroller does have a few potential issues. For one, it’s fairly big and heavy.

In addition, some parents have experienced issues with the front wheels and noted that the front tires are a bit small. The result is that the ride is not quite as smooth, particularly on rougher terrains.

  • Excellent value
  • Parent tray with two cup holders and a covered cubby
  • Accommodates Baby Trend infant car seats
  • On the larger/heavier side
  • Potential issues with the front wheels
  • Not as smooth on rough terrains due to small front tires

The Mountain Buggy Duet is an interesting option with a few compelling features.

This stroller comes with lots of different seating options. It can be configured to accommodate two infant car seats or two bassinets. Of course, the regular seats work just fine as well. This versatility means that it will be quite functional for infants as well as toddlers.

The design is rather remarkable as well. Yes, this is a double stroller, but it’s not much wider than a lot of the single all terrain strollers on the market. So, you won’t run into challenges fitting it through doorways or other tight spaces.

There is storage space below as well as two zippered pockets in the back. So, you will have plenty of space to put large and small items.

This stroller includes a hand brake and wrist strap, so you’ll have plenty of control and security going down steep hills.

It does have a cup holder as well. However, the cup holder is not perfect. Some parents report that drinks often tilt or fall out altogether. So, you will mainly want to use this for water bottles or other beverage containers that are sealed.

There are also reports that the tires deflate easily, and need to be refilled often. If you use this stroller every day that probably gets annoying. If you only use it once every couple of months, it’s not as big of an issue.

  • Narrow design makes it easy to get through doorways and tight spaces
  • Hand brake with wrist strap
  • Accommodates car seats and bassinets
  • Lots of storage
  • Cup holder has some issues, and is most useful for sealed beverages
  • There are reports that the tires deflate easily

Bringing Home The Best Off Road Double Stroller

These all terrain double strollers come with different benefits and features. I recommend each and every one on the list, depending on your particular tastes and needs.

Having said that, my favorite one is the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller. While it’s on the pricier end, I believe the ultra high level of quality makes it well worth it.

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